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Otp moments to think about

~ A jumping onto the sleeping form of B and screaming ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ before showering them with kisses and presents

~ A taking the hand of nervous B to calm them in public and whispering encouraging words

~ A taking care of B when B has been working too hard and neglecting their basic human needs

~ Adopting a pet!

~ Sharing their favorite music with each other

~ Introducing each other to movies and TV shows that mean a lot to them!

~ Babysitting

~ Playing video games

~ Reuniting after a long time away from each other

~ Coming up with and discussing theories at 2 AM

~ Knowing each others triggers and having well thought out plans for when those moments happen

~ Helping each other get over bad habits

~ Helping each other maintain good habits

~ Having inside jokes in public and sharing looks and smothered laughs

~ Laying on the hood of a car, looking up at the stars and talking about childhood memories

~ The calm before the storm, a small, precious moment that they have, not knowing if they’ll see each other alive again

~ A admitting a hard-hitting truth to B

~ Shopping!

~ Reading and cuddling on a sunny day

~ Trying out glasses

~ Whispering sassy comments to each other and ‘staring into the camera like their in the office’ looks but their each others cameras

~ Trying to outsmart each other in front of a teacher / boss / high rank

~ you say TWISTER and I raise with MESSY TWISTER (paint!)

~ Finals week and coping mechanisms

~ A lost their baggage and needs to borrow basically everything from B

~ Late night phone calls

~ Napping

~ Jamming in the car

~ Introducing each other to their families

~ Tired monday mornings

~ Stealing food and hauling ass from a party neither of them want to be at

~ Reenacting the Dirty Dancing dance move and messing up

~ Lost in the woods 


BTS || Namjoon 

your boyfriend wanted to make you cookies but accidentally ruined them • 


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title: “Contagious” (Peter Parker Imagine)

characters: reader x peter parker, daughter x tony stark

word count:1,263

warnings: fluff&stuff, fatherly shit, swearing.

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One night // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: you’re in a relationship but you’re in love with Shawn- the only reason you’re not with him is because you’re scared of being hurt. One night things get heated between you and Shawn and feelings are confessed.

Requested: YASSS

Authors note: sooooo this is new

“So how’s Jeff?” his eyes glint mischievously as he turns to look at me, our attention quickly focusing on the other rather then the movie.

“Jeff?” I hum, raising an eyebrow at him.

“You know, your boyfriend?” the way he says it makes shivers crawl up my spine.

“He’s good,” I murmur, turning away from him.

“Just good?” he prods, nudging my side with his elbow making me squirm.

“He’s amazing,” I sigh, looking back a him. “He’s so kind and patient, never rushes me into anything I don’t want to do.” I pause, my eyes locked onto Shawn’s, his face blank of emotions.

“He listens to me, I listen to him. We work well together,” 

“Do you think he might be the one?” Shawn questions just above a whisper.

No words come out my mouth as I stare at him. Was my relationship with Jeff endgame? I had no clue.

“Why would you ask me that?” Instead comes out my mouth.

“Curious,” he whispers and in that moment it felt like the room heated up. It felt like the skin of my thigh that was resting against Shawn’s was on fire.

“I don’t know, its too soon,” I whisper back, unaware that I was moving closer to him.

“You’ve been dating for 7 months,” Shawn states, reciprocating my movement.

“Does that mean I have to know now?” I asks sarcastically and Shawn smirks.

“Its usually a good clue for a relationship,” Shawn looks like he wants to say something else.

“Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t,” I shrug. There was tension in the room, something that was unsaid between our friendship that was bound to come out soon. That time seemed to be now.

“Do you love him?” Shawn’s eyes blaze at the question, passion glowing in them.

“I don’t know,” I breathe the words, my face inches from his. I hadn’t even realize we’d gotten this close. The last time I’d been in a position like this with him was 9 months ago- before Jeff- where Shawn and I had kissed.

Deep in my soul, I knew I wanted to kiss him again. I wanted to feel his heated lips pressed against my own as my hands trailed up his back to tangle in his hair. I shouldn’t want this- crave this, especially when I had Jeff.

“Why did you run away from me last time?” Shawn asks me quietly, immediately I know he’s thinking about the same thing I am.

“I..” I can’t find the words again. “I was scared,” 

He freezes, his nose brushing the tip of mine and my cheeks burn at the contact, his presence did things to my body that never occurred when I was with Jeff. 

“Of me?” his eyes drop to my lips before flicking back up.

“I don’t think I could ever be scared of you Shawn,” the thought making a smile appear on my face at the absurd question.

“Then what?” His tone is soft, weary. This is the most we’ve ever talked about it. After our moment of passion I had fled- not wanting to see Shawn. After that searing kiss I had buried my emotions in fear of being hurt by him. 

“I didn’t want you to break my heart,” I gulp, the truth finally out in the open.

“Y/n, I would never dream of breaking your heart,” Shawn whispers, his hands reaching up to cup my face.

“I know,” For some weird reason I’m crying. Shawn however, simply wipes away the fallen tears.

“The last thing I want is to see you hurt because of me,” he whispers. Jeff doesn’t even cross my mind as my best friend inches closer to me until his lips are about to brush mine.

“I wish that what I knew now, I knew ages ago,” he says and its like time has frozen, its just me and him.

“I’m sorry,” I mumble and he smiles but it looks fake.

“I wish you were mine, I know I’m selfish to want this when you have a boyfriend but you do crazy things to me,” His words pull me in until its like I’m drowning in them.

“There’s nothing wrong-” I don’t even bother finishing my sentence, my breathing rugged as his hands crawl to hold my waist, my skin feeling hot where his thumb lazily rubs the exposed area.

“One night,” he mutters, to himself or me I’m unsure. “I want you for one night, all mine,” 

Then his lips are upon mine and its everything I’ve imagined from last time. He tastes the same, minty with a slight hint of the tea he always seems to be drinking.

My hands are in his hair as he’s pulling me closer, his lips feverishly pressing into mine and I’m shaking from the feeling of his body against mine. 

Not once do I think of my boyfriend as Shawn picks me up, carrying me to his bedroom to place me on the bed. 

I don’t think about how he’s at home right now, trusting me, as my shirt is being discarded on the floor. 

I don’t think about how he’s been perfect in every aspect that a boyfriend could be as my jeans are peeled off my legs and Shawn crawls between them, his skin flush against mine.

All that crosses my mind is how Shawn is here, right now, kissing me, holding me, touching me. Friends don’t do this. Friends don’t feel this way about each other. A girlfriend doesn’t feel this way when she’s in a relationship with someone else.

Shawn’s damp forehead presses against mine as he raises his arms to press my hands against the mattress, entwining our fingers together as I cry out softly at the feeling of Shawn.

“I’m in love with you,” My eyes snap to meet his in the dimly lit room, his eyes filled with adoration and love. Just like Jeff’s.

“I love you,” I can’t help but whimper back at him. He murmurs it again, repeating it over and over as the night slowly fades away and the morning approaches.

When I wake up, he’s not next to me. I sit up, my stomach a mess of emotions. I slept with Shawn. That same sentence on loop inside my head.

Chucking a shirt over my head I make my way to the kitchen where I hear Shawn’s voice.

“Yeah no sorry she’s still here, she fell asleep and it was late,” his tone is impassive and I feel my stomach drop to the floor.

“Yeah I’ll tell her you called, bye,” He puts his phone on the bench, running his hands through his hair and tugging on the ends in a stressful manor.

“Shawn?” I ask softly. He turns around at my voice.

“Hey,” He smiles at me.

“Who was that?” My voice tremors, both of us knowing that I already knew the answer.

“Jeff,” I still take a sharp intake of breath at the name.

“Y/n,” Shawn breaks the silence. “I want you to know that not for one second last night that anything I said was a lie, I meant every word,” he’s searching my face, looking for a sign that I feel the same.

“Shawn,” I whisper, I’m scared I’ve stuffed everything up.

“Y/n please, no, don’t tell me last night was a mistake,” He’s tearing up quickly and it makes my heart clench. “You told me you loved me,” His voice wobbles and it tips me over the edge.

“I’m sorry,” I sob, my hand wiping my watery eyes. “I’m so sorry,”

“No, no,” I’ve never seen Shawn cry until now. “Please don’t tell me you’re going back to him,”

“I never lied last night Shawn,” He tries to smile but fails miserably. “But I cheated Shawn, Jeff never deserved that.”

“I should have stopped it when I could have,” He turns away from me, his shoulders shaking slightly.

“Hey,” I walk over to him, placing a hand on his bare shoulder.

He turns slightly to me and I wipe away one of his tears and he sniffles, smiling, doing the same to me.

“Last night wasn’t a mistake for me, it was a mistake in a sense that we shouldn’t have done that when I was in a relationship but our feelings couldn’t stay hidden forever,” he pulls me into his chest as I comfort him with my words.

“I’m sorry about how it happened,” He mutters into my hair.

“I’m going to go home and talk to Jeff about everything, I just hope I haven’t ruined his trust in relationships,” I trail off, the guilt simmering in my stomach.

“We all make mistakes,” Shawn leans back to look at me, holding my face in hands. “You’re human and it happens, we can’t take it back,” A silence fills the room.

“I’m going to come back here tomorrow, we’re going to talk about us,” I tell him softly.

“There’s an us?” Shawn asks, shock written across his features.

“I love you, remember?”

Dating Peter Parker would include

A/N: some cute follower requested this!! It made me so happy adsljskdj :) hope it’s good enough!! This ended up being pretty long, but I have so many more things that I wanted to add in here :( So probs at some point I’ll make a part two, if you guys want it :)

Dating Peter Parker would include:

Him being extremely awkward around you before you two started dating

  • Like you’d see him walking across the hallway 
  • And you’d give him a sweet smile and say hi to him
  • And he’d just stop walking, completely shocked
  • Because you were talking to him
  • And he’d try to act like he didn’t have a huge crush on you
  • Oh, h-hi… Hi, (Y/N)
  • And he’d try to look cool by leaning on the locker next to him
  • But it’d turn out to be not as close as he thought
  • So he’d probably fall over
  • And you’d help him get back up, slightly laughing
  • I’m s-sorry, oh my God I must look ridiculous right now. You must think I’m so dumb, oh my God-
  • And you’d just put your hand on your shoulder, which made him shut up and look at you in shock
  • It’s okay, Peter. I’m really clumsy, too.
  • He’d just laugh, relieved because you didn’t think he was dumb, or made fun of him.

One of these times he’d actually gain enough courage to ask you out

  • You’d happily accept, secretly nervous because you’d have a tiny little crush on him
  • And he’d be literally exploding with happiness
  • Because he got a date with the girl of his dreams
  • So you two would be having dinner when his phone went off
  • I’m so sorry, (Y/N), but I have to go. I promise I’ll make it up to you.
  • And he’d give you a kiss on the cheek before running off

So the next day at school, he approaches you, with a worried look on his face

  • I’m so sorry about last night. I hope you’re not mad. Although i would understand that. Are you mad? Oh my God, you totally are. I’m so sorry, I messed up, I-
  • I’m not mad, Pete.”
  • He’d stop his rant and give you the most surprised look ever.
  • You’re not?
  • Nah, I’m just worried. What happened? Is everything okay?
  • And he’d be still shocked because he stood you up on your first date and you weren’t angry at him, but asking is everything was okay.
  • So he quickly made something up, because he just couldn’t tell you that he was spider-man
  • Uh… Yeah, it’s just… Uh… My aunt got sick? Yeah, yeah, she got sick.
  • Okay… sounds fake but I’ll let it go, only because I actually like you and I would like to go out with you again.

Fast forward to like your third fourth date and he’s walking you home, the two of you holding hands

  • Hey, (Y/N)? I have to tell you something.
  • I have to tell you something too. On three?
  • So you’d count to three
  • I’m spider-man.” “I really like you.
  • YOU’RE WHAT?!” “You like me?
  • So you’d make him come to your room and tell you everything about being the spider-man
  • And after that there’d be this super awkward silence
  • So he’d just go “So… you like me?” with a cocky little smirk on his face
  • Oh, as if you hadn’t noticed, Parker.” 
  • You’d try to hide your embarrassment and your blushing cheeks
  • Which didn’t work
  • You’re cute when you blush.
  • So you’d blush even more
  • And Peter would just softly kiss you
  • And once he pulled back he’d have the most loving look on his eyes.
  • Will you be my girlfriend?
  • About damn time that you asked, Parker.
  • And you would just kiss him
  • Happy that you could finally call him your boyfriend
  • And he’d be over the moon as well, because he finally got to date the girl of his dreams
Friends and Lovers

See my friends to lovers tag. Based on various prompt requests.

1)“I just don’t think they’re good enough for you.”
“Yeah, you’re the only one good enough for me, right?” Their friend was joking, but it still made their stomach skip a few beats. Their friend’s head tilted, watching them closely, curiously even. They quickly looked away in panic.

2)  “We can’t keep doing this.” 
“What do you mean?” their friend paused halfway to picking up their clothes, confused. “Am I really bad?”
“What? No - no -” I’m in love with you. This wrecking my heart. “I just mean - well - I don’t want to mess up our friendship with fooling around that means nothing, you know? No strings attached. No point letting it get messy.”
“I - right - nothing. Obviously.”
Why did they suddenly feel like the worst person in the world?

3) They jumped as the phone buzzed, and didn’t quite dare pick up. 
‘You stood me up. That’s kinda shit.’
They hesitated over replying - it was tempting just to vanish. Their stomach squeezed and they picked up their phone with trembling hands. ‘I panicked,’ they texted. ‘I’m sorry.’
‘Am I that scary?’
‘Meeting you is. I’m not good face to face.’ 
‘Don’t worry, I’ll only chop you up for pate.’ 
Despite themselves, they found themselves smiling. Then the smile froze.

4) “I mean you’re…you,” they waved a hand at the general splendour of them. “You could have anyone you want.”
A soft, if slightly incredulous, smile crossed their friends lips. They caught their gesturing hands, bringing them to their lips, drawing them closer. “I want you. If I can have anyone I want, don’t you think I should get to have you, hm?”
They managed to nod dumbly.

5) “Hey stranger.” Their best friend slid next to them at the bar, raising their brows as they took in the drink and properly ordered two more. “Bit too pretty to be sitting to be at the bar on your own, aren’t you?”
They snorted, at that line. “Ah, well, thank god I’ve got you to rescue me.”
Their friend’s expression turned slightly more serious. “What happened?”
“[X] just broke up with me.” 
“Always said they were a nutter.” 

Title // Protect You (Montgomery)

Title: Protect You

Pairing: Montgomery x Reader

Request: Overprotective Monty when Tyler takes pictures of her in her underwear

Word Count: 323

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: Nobody messes with his girl.

Author’s Note: Thank you for anyone who requests anything or simply likes/reblogs, I love to write and it means a lot to me! Sorry that this one is so short, I had the idea for it once I was already in bed and had to type it up on my phone really quickly.

           You stared in horror at your phone, unable to put it down or shut it off. You stared at it, almost as if willing it to disappear on its own, until the screen slowly faded to black. With shaking hands, you set your phone in your backpack.

           You swallowed, hard, as you heard the pinging of phones around you, knowing what they were being sent – It was a picture of you in your underwear, but taken in such a way that it wasn’t apparent that you hadn’t been in on the fact that it was being taken. The worst part? You knew who had done it – and he was sitting right next to you.

           The entire day, you could hear the whispers and feel the stares, until it all became too much. You abruptly stood up in the middle of class, saying that you had to go to the bathroom, that it was urgent. You maintained your composure until you entered the hallway – That’s when you burst into tears.

           Seconds later, Monty was by your side, his arms around you, pulling you close to him while you sobbed.

           “It’s okay. It’ll be okay,” he whispered into your ear, rubbing your back until you were able to calm down. “This was Tyler, wasn’t it? I swear to God, I’ll kill that little son of a-”

           You shook your head, silencing him.

           “It’s whatever,” you mumbled, even though it was anything but – It was a big deal to you.

           “No, it isn’t,” Monty insisted. “Nobody does that to my girl and gets away with it. I love you,” he said, kissing you before saying, “I should probably get back to class before they get suspicious, but take your time, kay? I’ll bring you cookies later, and teach Tyler a lesson after school.” A flash of anger passed over his face as he said it. “I love you baby,” he called out as he walked away.

anonymous asked:

prompt: set in the evening of june 13th's clip, the balloon boys are filming a hei briskeby video and yousef takes his phone out mid-video to check his notifications since he didn't have the time to during work and he had it on silent as well, and sees sana's text and forgets how to breathe and doesn't know how to react but is trying to act chill anyways because they're filming but is too shocked to answer back etc etc


I wrote this pretty quick and I don’t know if it’s what you wanted but I really hope you like it :D ♥


“You know what we should do?” Mikael said as Elias let the boys into his house

“What? asked Elias

“A live video!!” Mikael answered excited “I’ve seen lots of youtubers doing that, I bet people would watch that!”

“But do we have to do that today?” Yousef asked not really excited about it “Today is being a hard day at work, I haven’t had a break”

“Come Yousef, stop complaining! Mikael’s idea is great” Adam said

“Of course you’re on his side…” Yousef muted.

“Huh?” Adam asked


“Okay what do you guys think?” Mikael asked Mutta and Elias

“I think it’d be cool” Mutta said “People could ask us questions”

“I’m sorry Yousef but I’m with them, I think it’d be cool. It’d be like the last Hei Briskeby video before you go, it has to be special” Elias said

“Okaaaay, fine. Let’s do it” Yousef said walking to the living room “By the way Elias can you lend me a charger? My phone is dead”



Sana checked her phone once again, he still hadn’t seen it. She sighed and as she laid on Noora’s bed.

After deciding that they were ditching school, which they were already doing without even noticing, they went to the Kollektiv and they had been there during the whole afternoon. Noora had told Sana everything that had been going on with William while Sana told Noora about her conversation with Yousef, even the throwing grass leaves part.

“Still no answer?” Noora, who was lying by her side asked

“Nope” Sana said “At least he hasn’t seen it yet, that’s good right? That means he’s not just ignoring me…I guess”

“Sana he would never ignore you, believe me the boy is so gone for you”

“He wasn’t really warm towards me on Sunday…he was nice but…you know, not like other times”

“He thinks you don’t like him, the boy is probably just trying not to get his hopes up”

“Ugh, why is everything so complicated?” Sana sighed covering her face with her hands

“Love is complicated but it’s worth the pain” Noora said with a soft voice

“Seriously Noora, you’re starting to get on my nerves with all this positivity” Sana said making her friend laugh

“Ah, Sana life is beautiful”

Sana shook her head but laughed. That’s when her phone beeped. Her heart started to pound fast on her chest as she grabbed her phone with trembling hands, only to be disappointed when she realized that the notification didn’t belonged to facebook but to youtube.

“Is it him?” Noora asked

“Uh…yes and no”


“It’s a notification from Youtube, apparently Elias and the boys are making a live video right now”

“And what are you waiting for?” Noora said sitting on the bed “Go watch it! Yousef will be there”

“So what? It won’t make him answer”

“I know, but aren’t you curious? I mean you’re subscribed to their channel for a reason”

“Okay, you have a point” Sana said rolling her eyes

She opened the youtube app and pressed play.

The boys were at her house, as always. Elias was in the middle with Adam and Mikael on one side and Mutta and Yousef in the other one.

“Okay, okay, okay we’ve waited a few minutes so everyone gets settled but I think it’s time to start” Elias said looking at the camera “Hei Briskeby! We’re here today with a live video, we want you to ask us questions and we’ll answer them”

Sana rolled her eyes, did they think they were famous or something?

“Sana, look at Yousef” Noora said pointing at him in the corner of the image


“He has his phone in his hands and it’s plugged, maybe he didn’t have battery?”

“Uh…could be” Sana said checking her phone once again “he still hasn’t seen it though”


Elias was answering some question he had received from a viewer when he finally turned on his phone. Yousef had been without his phone the whole day, and only now he was able to check it, not like he would usually receive many texts anyway. He waited a few seconds for it to be completely loaded to unlock it. Meanwhile he tried to act as if he was interested in the video but being honest, he really wasn’t, he didn’t feel like filming that video. Lost in his thoughts, he felt his phone buzz in his hands. He looked down and saw a notification from facebook.

Sana Bakkoush has sent you a friend request

He widened his eyes and before he could tap on the request a message bubble appeared.

Do you want to hang out with me?”

His heart skipped a beat after reading that simple question, because it wasn’t simple, not at all, not when it came from not other than Sana, the girl he was so gone for. His hands were shaking and before he could do anything about it his phone fell to the floor startling everyone in the room

“Yousef bro, what are you doing?” Elias asked him


“Oh my god have you seen that?!!?” Noora asked excited “Check your phone, see if he has read your text, come on!!”

Sana opened the facebook app once more and clicked in her conversation with Yousef

“He has, Noora, he has, he has!! What does that mean?”

“It means that the boy completely freaked out when he saw your text and dropped his phone. Oh my god that boy is so in love!!”

“Maybe he just didn’t expect it” Sana said

“Are you kidding? Look at him! He’s blushing”

“Because Elias is yelling at him”

And he was, as Sana and Noora talked the video kept playing

“Yousef bro, what are you doing?”

“I’m sorry, I just dropped my phone” Yousef said blushing

“Well, leave your phone now, we’re making a video” Elias said

“But I need to…”

“You can answer later, just leave it”

Elias stood up and took the phone away from Yousef.

“Are you being serious Elias?”

“Yes, our public is waiting for us”

All Yousef could do was roll his eyes. The girl of his dreams had finally texted him and her brother had taken away his phone from him as if he was 12 years old. A thought suddenly hit Yousef. He had opened the message, he had seen it. Now Sana would think that he was ignoring her


“Look at him! He’s panicking!” Noora said laughing “Oh poor boy”

“He’s not…”

“Sana Bakkoush can you stop pretending like you’re not over the moon right now because you’re seeing the boy you like completely freaking out because you asked him out?” Noora said

“Okay, fine, it’s kind of funny” Sana said biting her lip

“He’s probably so worried because he left you on seen”

Sana looked at the screen and laughed, he definitely looked worried

“Ah, poor boy we have to find a way to contact him” Noora said thinking “I got it!!”


“Okay next question” Mikael said as he read the chat they had added to the live video so people could ask their questions “It’s from SB and it says: ‘Yousef are you going to answer me or what?’ dude what the hell?”

Mikael looked at his friend confused, actually all of the boys turned to him confused. But the most confused of all of them? That was definitely Yousef.

“What does that mean?” Elias asked

“Another message!” Adam said taking the phone from Mikael “It’s also from SB and it says ‘it’s not cool to leave a girl on seen, Acar’ Yousef who is that girl?”

“I can’t believe this” Yousef chuckled, then he looked at the camera and added “Elias took my phone, I can’t answer you”

“Who are you talking to?” Mutta asked

“Another message from SB: ‘Then answer me now, look at the camera and answer’” Mikael read.

“Okay, you asked for it” Yousef said laughing and getting a little closer to the camera “Yes, Sana Bakkoush, I’d love to hang out with you”

“Wait, Sana Bakkoush? As in my sister Sana Bakkoush?” Elias asked “What is going on?”

“Well, it seems like our video is over now” Yousef said still looking at the camera “We’ll see you in the next Hei Briskeby video, goodbye!!”

He then stood up and stopped the filming. He had an explanation to give to his friend and a girl to set a date with.


Ahh I’m sorry if this is bad and short. Also I hope it’s not confusing with the texts and everything

And also I’m sorry I didn’t put a screenshot of the fb messages but my phone is dead now and I use the app there so…basically I’m sorry if this is a mess haha

I hope you’ve liked it though

Thanks for the prompt and thank you all for reading!!♥

Personal Trainer  Jungkook

Pairing: JungkookxReader 

Warning: Cursing, Smut, Slight Angst?

Excerpt: He had never seen you this exposed since middle school at pool parties, your body was a shock to him. The way the leggings hugged every curve and made your ass looked perked up not leaving much for the imagination. As well as your sports bra which left your mid-drift completely exposed and your breasts slightly shoved up. “Um hi uh yeah let’s not waste time, get down and give me thirty push up and then a thirty second plank.” “Wow Jungkokie is bossy when he’s at work.”

Word Count: 2,887

Note: I was actually working out (shocking) when I thought of this bc holy shit imagine Jungkook big ass arms picking you up like a fucking rag doll and his veins just omg yes please bias wrecker!   

Originally posted by taelatte

Lately you’ve been in a rut, you weren’t happy with how things have been going since you’ve started university. Being so caught up in school work and actual work at the coffee shop you started to notice yourself drifting away from your friends. Those friends being the seven hyungs you’ve known since middle school. Picking your phone up from the picnic table you were studying at for the moment, desperately trying to get out of this rut you decided to reach out to them in the group chat to meet and catch up on life. 

To Hyungies: “I miss you fuckers, lets chill at the campus fire pit around 8?”

Jiminnie: “Awe guys she misses us, how sweet.”

Me: “I miss you the least Jiminnie.”

Jiminnie: “The lies you tell Y/N ;)”

TaeTae: “I’m down”


Me: “So I guess I’ll go ahead and reserve it so it can just be us.”

Kookie: “I might be there a bit late but for sure, and Hobi don’t bring that wine cooler shit.”

As the rest of the texts came spilling in you couldn’t help but get excited, you haven’t seen the little shits in almost three weeks and last you checked that’s the longest you’ve gone without seeing them yet. 

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Help Me Get The Girl Part 7 (Grayson Mini-Series)

Description: Grayson seeks out your help to get your friend to fall for him.  In exchange for your help, Grayson promises to take care of your freshman brother when it comes to being bullied.  What you two didn’t know is that even though helping each other would ideally be beneficial, there would be a series of events that would make you two question whether this was a good deal or a disaster in the making.

Word Count: 2,694

Warnings: Language.  Mentions of sex.

A/N: This chapter is dedicated to my girl @vincentvangrayson because she has been amazing with supporting me and my writing.

This part has been about 2 weeks in the world.  It has been scrapped at least 5 times and right now I feel that I got what I wanted accomplished.  Honestly, I hope you like it because this is where the real shit happens.

This in no way reflects Grayson’s true reactions in a situation like this, it’s a work of fiction.

Thank you and happy reading!

Your POV:

I was nervous as hell.

The ball was something that I had successfully avoided attending year after year. Each year I would help Grace’s family set up a few things, but I always managed to get of there about a half hour before it began.  This year, not only was I being forced to attend, but I was being forced to dance!   The positive was that I wouldn’t be dancing with Ethan.  I don’t know how Grace has managed to get him prepared for the performance in time; the kid has no rhythm.

            I had just arrived to Grace’s home where for the first time ever I would be getting dolled up for the ball rather than setting tables and making sure all the décor was lined up correctly.  A part of me was thankful that I wouldn’t have to light all the candles on each center piece on the tables or sweep up the already clean floors.  This time I got to wear a dress that made me feel like a million bucks and get my hair done by a professional hair stylist.

           “Could you get in here, please?  I need to know if my makeup looks like a 4 year old soccer player applied it with the mud from their cleats.” Grace’s voice rang from her beauty room to where I was standing.  I tossed my cellphone onto her bed, secretly rolling my eyes because I knew that her makeup would look fine.  The real question was, why did she hire a professional hair stylist, but not a makeup artist.

           When I entered the beauty room I wasn’t surprised to find that she looked absolutely gorgeous.  Her makeup brought out the blue in her eyes.  It was a soft look yet it wasn’t one that would go unnoticed.

           I smiled at her, “You look great.”

           My comment didn’t cause her worry to subside.  With a sliver of fear still on her face she asked, “Do you think Grayson will think I look nice?”

           I swallowed the growing lump in my throat and knew that my face was probably paling.  This question wasn’t a hard one to answer, it was just hard to say it out loud.  “Of course he will.  He’ll think you look absolutely beautiful.”

           She took a deep breath and looked back to the mirror, “Okay, good.  Thanks, Y/n, I don’t know what’d I’d do without you.”

           I let out an unsure giggle, “Yeah, same, Grace.”

           She reached forward, grabbing her setting spray, misting it across her face.  “Are you okay?  You’ve been quiet in there, starting at your phone.  Then, I tell you how great you are and you hardly give me an answer.”

           “Sorry,” I faked a smile “I’m just really nervous about the dance.  Grayson did a good job teaching me, but I’m afraid I’ll mess up still.”

           “Oh I forgot to ask, how was learning the dance, was Grayson a good teacher?” she stood up, walking over to her dress that was hanging on the mobile rack.

           Walking to the mirror, I leaned forward and messed with my hair, wondering how the hairstylist was going to work their magic on the bird’s nest on top of my head.  I thought back to when Grayson and I were practicing together.  The way he was patient with me, how his hand felt holding mine as we waltzed—the way he held me close as we swayed with each other to a different song.

           After the final song ended, he continued to hold me and I didn’t object to it.  But, when we pulled away it felt almost as if we were saying goodbye to each other. Like that moment was supposed to be some sort of closure for us.  He had walked me to the front door and the last words he spoke to me were, “Please don’t forget tonight and what we were.”

           That sentence hasn’t left my mind since he said it. ‘And what we were’ past tense… were. But what were we really?  Were we friends learning a dance together or were we two people wrapped up in something we weren’t willing to admit was real.  Either way, I felt like that was his way of telling me that what we shared under the moonlight would never happen again, and that caused my heart to ache in a way I never knew it could.

           “It was fine.  He taught me the steps, we ran through it with the music, and we were done.” I left out the last part because if she was truly starting to have feelings for Gray, I didn’t want to make her second guess those feelings.  It wouldn’t be fair to her.  

           “I’m sure you’ll do just fabulous tonight.  Thanks again for stepping in.” she said as she pulled her dress off the rack, “Now, let’s get these dresses on and fix that hair of yours.”


           Both Grace and I were stood by the front door waiting for Grayson and Ethan to come pick us up.  Right as we saw their truck, yes truck, pull up… I realized that I left my clutch up in Grace’s room.  I tried my best to hurry up the stairs, but I kept tripping over my dress with each step. I quickly grabbed my clutch off of her desk, my feet legitimately shuffling me out of the room and down the stairs to avoid crashing and burning.

           As I approached the final few stairs I found Grayson waiting at the bottom step with a black box in his hand.  He was wearing a fitted tux with a silk black tie, a white button up under the suit jacket.  A warm smile stretched across his perfectly crafted face, as he held his hand out to me.

           I placed my hand in his as he helped me down the last steps, “What are you doing in here?”

           “Well, we are dance partners, so I guess that makes you my date, right?” he gently squeezed my hand.  

           “I don’t know.  I just thought we were all going as a group.” I explained, only wanting to get closer to him.

           “Well, I took it as you being my date so that’s what we’re going to go with.  You look absolutely beautiful by the way.” I smiled, heat rushing to my cheeks. He chuckled in response and opened the box in his hand to reveal a set up silver hairpins with leaves on them.  My eyes shifted up to him in confusion, “I knew that you didn’t like jewelry, but I wanted to get you something so I had Cameron help me pick them out for you.  You don’t have to wear them if you don’t want to.”

           “I will.” The words escaped my lips without thinking.  “I mean… I’d love to wear them.” My voice was shaking along with my hands.  I’ve never been this nervous in front of Grayson before.

           “Okay, turn around.” He instructed.  “I’m glad your hair is up so that I can do this.” I could feel his breath on the back of my neck as he pushed the pins into my hair. His fingers trickled down my neck to my shoulders causing goosebumps to form on my skin.  His palms moved over the strap of my dress, pulling it out of its place a bit.

           I leaned into his touch, craving more of him, knowing that it would never happen.  “We should go.  We need to be ready for the dance soon.” I turned to face him, “Thank you for the gift, Grayson.  It was really sweet of you.”

           He leaned in, placing a quick kiss on my forehead before grabbing onto my hand and guided me out to the car.  As we got closer to the truck, both Grayson and I could see Grace turning to look at us.  Right before she caught sight of us, Grayson let go of my hand so abruptly it hit my leg with a loud thud.  Shocked at his action, my feet caused me to stumble momentarily before I gained my balance back.

           As we got in the car, Grayson offered his hand to help me up into the seat, but I ignored him.  If he was going to act like I was nothing, I was going to act like he was nothing.  The ride consisted of Ethan talking about all the stupid stunts he pulls and Grace talking herself up.  Both Grayson and I offered few words to them and even fewer words to each other.

           We arrived at the ball, allowing the valet to take the truck and park it.  Instead of joining Grayson, I hooked my arm with Ethan’s.  “Y/n, I’m not your date. Aren’t you supposed to be with Gray?” Ethan asked, confusion written all over his face.

           “Please, just walk me in Ethan.” I said without looking at him.

           As he started walking he leaned down and whispered in my ear. “I didn’t know it was possible for you to look even more gorgeous than you already are.  You look stunning tonight.”

           The ball was in full swing when we entered the room. The cream walls with gold painted designs.  The dome ceiling was painted with angels flying in the heavens above.  Large chandeliers lit up the room along with candles hung on the walls. The people were sharing stories of past times and laughs to last a lifetime.

           Everyone was so happy.

           So why wasn’t I?

           I glanced over my shoulder to see Grace linked up with Gray.  His eyes were trained on her, a genuine smile spread across his face.  He leaned down and pressed his lips on top of her head like he had mine earlier tonight.  Right before I could look away, he lifted his eyes to lock onto mine.

           He held eye-contact as he pulled away so that he was no longer as close to her.  My hold on Ethan tightened as I turned back around.  We only had a few minutes before we were supposed to be ready to participate in the dance.  We made our way over to the area where we were supposed to line up.  Letting go of Ethan, I waited for Grayson to line up across from me.

           He tried to get me to look at him, but I kept my eyes focused on the floor.  The leaders started to move us out onto the dance floor as Grace’s dad began to announce our performance.

           “As you all know, each year the charity ball has a classical dance performed for our entertainment.  This year my own two daughters are participating in the dance along with a couple of their friends.  So tonight, they will be performing to a song selected by my daughter, Grace.  Here they are performing the dance to Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran!”  The clapping of the crowd filled the room as we took our positions.

           I followed every movement that Grayson had taught me. I managed to connect with him through the dance as if nothing was wrong between the two of us, but with each passing second my heart broke more.  As we waltzed his hand was rested on my lower back, this time with a bit more pressure than when we practiced together.  It was almost as if he was holding me to him protectively.  Every once in a while I could see him give a side-eye to Ethan. Each time Ethan looked back, Grayson would instinctively pull me closer to him, but Ethan would just look the other direction.

           Somehow, both Ethan and I made it through the dance successfully without any mistakes.  If you didn’t pay close attention you probably would have thought that we were part of the company.  The music came to an end and immediately I pulled away from Grayson. Hurt flashed through his eyes for a quick second before he masked his emotions and gave me a small nod.

           Without looking at anyone else, I walked off the dance floor and headed toward the restrooms to get away from all of it.  I was beginning to experience sensory overload. Before I could enter the room, someone grabbed onto my hand and yanked me around the corner into another hall.

           “Talk to me.” Grayson demanded, his lips only a couple inches from mine.

           “Talk to you about what?” I asked breathlessly, my chest rising and falling at a rapid rate due to the shock coursing through my veins.

           He rolled his eyes, “You’re mad at me, but you have no reason to be.” He grunted, his hand moving to be placed right next to my head against the wall.

           “I’m not mad.”

           “Bullshit.” His voice was low and only loud enough for me to hear.

           “I’m not mad, Grayson.” I gulped.  “I just don’t know what you’re thinking and it frustrates me. You get close to me one second and the next you back away.”

           “We’re friends, Y/n.  You and Ethan have been much closer than we ever have.  At school, when we hang out, and even in bed.” He stretched out those last three words just to hit me where it hurts.

           “Who do you think you are?” I growled, pushing him away. “It’s my life, my body, and my decisions.  I can do what I want with myself.  I have not given you a reason to judge me.”

           “I’m not judging you.” He said condescendingly.  “I’m stating facts and the fact is, you slept with my brother and now you’re upset that you can’t sleep with his twin.  You’re jealous that I’m focused on Grace and not you.”

           My hand rose and struck him across the face with a harsh smack.  He rubbed where I had slapped him, massaging it to work the pain away.  He didn’t look surprised at my actions at all.  Instead he looked at me with regret.  And for the first time, I let him see me cry out every emotion that I was feeling.

           “Do not slut shame me, Grayson Dolan.  You know who I am.  Do not destroy my character.  I won’t allow you to treat me like this; not now, not ever!” I shouted, not worried about who would hear me.


           “No!  I’m done, Grayson.  One second your kissing me, the next your acting like it’s a mistake.  Once second you’re holding me close, dancing with me like I’m the only girl in the world and next your dropping my hand because you don’t want to be caught by Grace.  You’re messing with my emotions and you know it!”


           “No!” I cut him off.  “You don’t get it!  You don’t care and you never will because it’s always about Grace isn’t it?  That’s what this deal was for, right?  You protect my brother in exchange for me helping you get Grace?”  I rambled, pushing him further back after each sentence.

           “I do care!  I’m sorry!  I didn’t mean those things!  I’m wasn’t thinking.  You know I would never want to hurt you!” he tried to grab my hands to hold them still.

           I ripped them out of his grasp, “You care about yourself and you care about Grace.  That’s all.” I calmed myself as much as I could, bringing my voice level to nearly a whisper.  “The deal is over, okay?  You don’t have to worry about Theo, I’ll figure something out.”


           “Hey,” I shrugged, tears still running down my cheeks, staining them with mascara.  “You kept up your end of the deal, and I held up my end.  You got the girl, right?”

           And with that I left him standing there, not looking back.  Finding Ethan, not worried about who saw me in my emotional state, I asked him to take me home.  Taking off his jacket and draping it over my shoulders, he led me out to the truck, whispering words of comfort into my ears.

           In the passenger seat of the truck, Ethan’s hand resting on my thigh and rubbing circles on it with his thumb, I looked up at the stars in the sky and asked myself why I allowed it to get this far.


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Power Down

Often, when traveling alone, Michael would move through handheld devices to save time and gas money.

After the particular incident regarding entering a computer playing hardcore porn, he preferred to move through phones.

He had left his headphones at Jeremy’s an hour earlier and only noticed now.

It was half past one, but Jeremy had drunk a cup of coffee that morning and even a small amount of caffeine could keep him going for over fifteen hours, so the odds were in Michael’s favor that he would still be awake.

Michael clicked his phone on and the device dropped to the bed as the boy vanished with a fading crackle of electricity.


Jeremy’s mouth stretched open in a wide yawn, exposing all his teeth, wondering why he felt so out of it though he had done little more that evening than eat snacks and play monopoly.

He had lost his phone charger in the cluttered wreck of his room and was going to need to use his phone tomorrow, so he made the decision to power it down so it wouldnt use up battery life as he slept.

As he pressed the option to completely cut off, and watched the screen go dark.

He could have sworn the phone jerked in his hand the moment it clicked off.

Jeremy shrugged and let the phone clatter to the bedside table under the lamp, which was quickly turned off.


Michael was so fucked.

The terror of the digital world going dark around him made his hands shake.

He moved to one of the now dark walls, and pressed his body weight against it, hoping to find some give in the darkness.

Now knowing that the shadows were not going to give him up that easily, he began to panic slightly, still holding that small light of hope.

He threw himself  against the wall, yelling for help though he was sure that Jeremy couldn’t hear him.

He continued to attempt his escape until a strange feeling raced through the veins, as if someone had broken into Michael’s hospital room and poured pop rocks into his IV bag as some sort of strange prank.

He looked down, gasping in horror at the sight.

He was disappearing.

Dissolving like kool-aid dust in a bottle of water.

And it was spreading.

Up his arms and legs, nearly reaching his knees and elbows.

He slammed himself back into the wall that seemed to have no give, the panic in his chest toying with him like a rat in a cage, attempting the impossible.

Attempting to survive.

With his dwindling strength and ability to stand, he prayed that the blood pact they had taken in fifth grade would be enough to get Jeremy to figure out where he was and safe him.

He felt the unconsciousness begin to rise up, choking him, and began whispering every prayer he knew under his breath.

“Uh… hail mary full of grace, pray to God my soul to keep? Will that work-”

His mumbles were cut off by a sudden weakness that left him shaking and unable to speak

A sudden flood of light overtook his vision and he wondered whether he was saved or it was the gates of heaven.


Jeremy was at his wits end.

His blood was practically boiling with some sort of weird anxiety that, no matter how hard he tried, couldn’t find the root of.

He had no real reason to feel so tightly strung, but he knew he would never fall asleep.

He sighed, resigned to his fate of a sleepless night and reached for his phone.

He picked it up and held down the power button for a moment, waiting for the screen to light up.

The moment it did lead to complete chaos.

Suddenly the room was filled with screams and the very is distinct smell of wet blood.

Michael  was lying on Jeremy’s carpet, arms and legs seemingly falling apart into 8-bit pixels, dripping blood now that he was back in the physical world.

Jeremy dropped to his knees next to his injured friend.

“Holy shit! Oh my god! Uh- can you talk? Can you hear me?”

Michael  moaned in pain, tears coming to his eyes.

“O-okay you’re conscious so that’s good. Should I staunch the bleeding? Oh jesus.”

Michael grabbed onto Jeremy pajama shirt and attempted to pull himself to a sitting position, but Jeremy gently pushed him back down.

“No, no, no. Stay down until the pixelating stops. Then I’m calling an ambulance.”

Michael  let out a high pitched  whine and allowed himself to be pressed into the ground again.

Jeremy shoved a throw pillow shaped like a bear under Michael’s head so that he wouldn’t come by any damage to the neck, just in case.

He got out a towel and wrapped it around the places where the blood seemed most thick, but found that there was no wound.

I guess the blood was just from the flesh moving in a way that no human should have to experience.

They sat, Jeremy  clutching Michael’s still bloody and uneven hand until the odd and terrifying dissolving had ended.


The next morning Jeremy was wandering around the hospital, which, while there were no physical wounds, Jeremy still insisted upon, because honestly, if your best friend crashes into your bedroom a bloody mess, you’re going to make them go to a hospital whether they want to or not.

He bought a phone charger in the hospital gift shop.

((hello!! Its me!! sorry if there are any mistakes!! I wrote this while I pretended to study so it was rushed !! love your blog <3))


Hey you might never see this but I wanted to draw your character ‘cause he’s p cool. This took 2 hours I kept on messing up heh. Anyways I’m a fan of your au and characters and I hope you like this ówò. (Sorry for the bad quality, I’m using my phone and sorry that this is long >^<.></.>

——– ——– ✏️Dude Pockeyyyy This is an AMAZING bust, GOSH I love your thorough ✨attention to detail✨ and that expressive face!!😌 The way the hood envelopes his head is so cool; everything’s so flowing and your style has such a charming appeal to it! Your art would be AMAZING in a comic I’d bet- the expression is just so big!! Characters would be so easy to read from afar!!!! On another note, Pockey:: I’m SO sorry this took me a million years to get back to. It’s an honest to goodness shame this had to sit in my inbox for so long! 😰💦

I just thought of something MIND BLOWING!
In the episode when allora said that she and Coran have been asleep for 1000 years I think, Lance said that’s like 100+10! At fist I was like haha he’s a bit slow, but then it hit me!
There’s no way he wouldn’t know such simple math, they wouldn’t of let him in the carrisson if he was that dumb. So I was lost, why did he say that, he likes to impress people so he wouldn’t mess up on purpose.
So q answer I came up with was this, he still hasn’t mastered English a 1000%, he knows it’s 100 x 10 and he was going to say that, but he messed up times and plus.

He was just a confuse Cuban boy and now Keith thinks he’s an idiot, when intact he would have to be pretty darn smart to get into a good school.

(Sorry for spelling mistakes, its the middle of the night and im typing on my phone)

BTS react to picking you up drugged

Lately my work hasn’t been doing well because i’ve been so inactive, i really apologise in advance. 
But my last final exams are in 2 weeks so i’ll be completely active to make up for it~


Originally posted by jayfatuasian

Jungkook would be pissed. When picking up your call and hearing your drunken/drugged voice his emotions would immediately run all over the place as the only thing he could think of was whether you were safe. After picking you up he would still be fuming, both at you for being careless as well as whoever had the intention of drugging you. Nevertheless Jungkook would still take good care of you tucking you into bed and slipping in next to you embracing you in a hug.

You could’ve been in danger you idiot” he sighed in frustration kissing the top of your head.


Originally posted by histonguetaechnology

Taehyung would be emotionally frustrated. After picking you up and bringing you home rather calmly, he would tuck you in and watch you sleep as he got lost in his own thoughts. His thoughts began to sadden as he wondered why anyone would want to do something like that to someone like you. 


Originally posted by mintsugakookies

Similar to Jungkook, Jimin would be absolutely infuriated. Except he wasn’t mad at you, but more at the person who had the audacity to drug your drink. When he picked you up at the party he would keep pushing to see if you knew what the person looked like so that he could give them a piece of his mind but when you kept whining to just go home he would give up and drive the both of you home.

After that, Jimin would still be pretty protective over you and probably wouldn’t let you go to parties alone for quite some time.

I’m sorry Jagi, I’m just scared, your safety and happiness is my number one priority


Originally posted by ksjknj

Namjoon would be the most calm and collected in this situation out of all the boys, he would understand that (even though it’s messed up) things like this sometimes happen. When he took you home he would not let his eyes leave you for a second, making sure that nothing serious had happened, vowing to take better care of you from then on as you fell asleep next to him.


Originally posted by jjilljj

Hoseok’s face would drop immediately when he picked up your phone call, his jaw clenched and his heart felt uneasy on the way to the party. When he found you, relief filled into his entire body as he engulfed you into a hug asking if you were okay. Hose would even ask to take you to the hospital just in safe measures, when the both of you came home he would not let  his sight off of you for just once. 


Originally posted by yeogibwa

his face would seem unfazed but his heart would say otherwise, Yoongi would genuinely be worried for your health and safety. It would have been pretty late and he was having late night practice with the rest of the group when you called him, he would drop his things and quickly dash to his car, leaving the boys confused as to his sudden exit.


Originally posted by foreveryoongz

Seokjin would be worried more than anything, the whole car ride to the party his nerves would get the best of him and he’d probably arrive teary eyed trying to find you. When he found you a bit drunken or drugged, he would engulf you in a hug rubbing the back of your head as a way to sooth himself (more than to sooth you tbh) before taking you home and tucking you into bed. 

anonymous asked:

Doing their s/o make up?

This is a really good one! Thank you!! Sorry for any mistakes! I’m typing this on my phone~

- He’d be weirdly precise with it
- Everything would need to be perfect
- Until he messes up
- Tears
- Then may the Lord save your face
- You’ll have blue on your nose and somehow your ear’s purple now
- Your face looks like it just went on a color run
- But it’d be so much fun, and he’d always be all kinds of down to help

- You’d have to bug for quite a bit before he did it
- He’d be surprisingly good
- Nothing too complicated, but simple looks he could do well
- You actually went out with makeup he did once and got so many compliments
- He was way too proud of himself honestly

- Being the son of a fashion designer, he knew his fair share about makeup
- He knew what looks good on who and all that
- But when it comes to application
- No
- Just no
- He probably could do it of we’re being honest here, but he doesn’t take it seriously enough
- But when it comes to your makeup, it’s better to not let him have the brush
- He put liquid lipstick on your eyelids
- ( Surprisingly, he does really good Drag makeup though)

- It’s beautiful
- He can do anything, no matter how intricate
- You hate him just a little for it if we’re being honest
- Sometimes, if you’re feeling lazy, you can just ask him to do your makeup
- He’s so down every time
- He loves doing your makeup sooooo much

- This poor child
- He can’t do it
- He just can’t
- He tries and tries and tries, but it just never comes out right
- One time, he did a wing perfectly, and you had never seen so much excitement on this boys face
- He want to, but it just doesn’t click
- You blame his hands

- Don’t do it
- It won’t end well for your face
- He has too much fun trying out everything he can, he doesn’t pay attention to where he’s putting anything
- He puts as many bright colors as he can on your face at once
- He enjoys himself though
- But, it always takes you forever to finally get all the color off your face

I hope you enjoyed!!

Prompt from here!

Summary: Keith gets stranded in an unknown city on a cold day with no way to get home. He calls Lance to come pick him up, not knowing that Lance is already sick and should be resting instead.

Last bus: 10:45PM

Next bus: 6:15AM

Keith stares at the sign. His shoulders sag, his breath leaving him in a cloud of white.

He’s doomed. He’s stuck in a city miles away from his own house, and he’s just missed the last bus of the night.

Shivering, he brushes the snow off of a bench and sets his bags down on top of it. His fingers feel like they’re turning to ice, so he shoves his hands into his jacket pockets, trying to keep his body from shaking too badly.

This is all his fault. He’d been the one who had been insistent on coming all the way here. He’d taken a bus after lunch, travelling miles and miles from home just to reach this obscure city–it was the only one that happened to have motorbike parts he needed, and he’d planned his trip so he could navigate using his phone and get back before it got dark.

As it turned out, he’d ended up getting miserably lost in the city, and his phone had died on him due to the cold weather. After spending hours wandering around, he’d finally found his way back to a train station on the other side of the town.

And the last bus left half an hour ago. Just his luck.

He doesn’t know anything about this city, doesn’t have anywhere to stay for the night. It’s too far to walk back, and it’s too cold to sleep out here.

He glances up. The snow slants as it falls from the gaping sky, snowflakes turning gold in the sparse light of nearby streetlights. Shivering, he pulls his jacket closer around him, the spare change in his pocket rattling from the movement.

Change. There’s a payphone across the street.

Keith hates bothering people, especially when it’s this late at night. There are not that many people that he trusts enough to bother in the first place, and most of them are unavailable. Hunk is out of town, Shiro and Allura live too far away, Pidge doesn’t have her own car yet. But maybe if he asks nicely enough, he can convince Lance to drive him back.

He picks up his bags, wincing as his fingertips brush against the frigid bench railings, and starts off to cross the street. This is a bad idea, he’s sure, but he’s tired and cold and he can think of nothing better.

He just really, really wants to be home.

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promise [connor m. x reader]

uh hi im not good at reader inserts i swear. i’ve never written connor (or anything deh-related) before so uh, my apologies if he (and zoe, since she pops up for like, 5 seconds) is ooc. also i wrote this on google docs and then tumblr messed it up so i fixed it :’D

warnings; swearing, mainly? lots of swearing.

    connor: you up

    connor: y/n

    connor: fuck

    y/n: wtf connor i was almost asleep

    connor: sorry

    y/n: what is it

    connor: come outside

    y/n: connor

    y/n: what

    y/n: oh my god

    y/n: connor i s2g

    connor: just get out here

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Happy (Not) Valentines Day

Originally posted by buckypupbarnes

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

A/N: Something fun for Valentines day, for those of you who are celebrating, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! For those who don’t, HAPPY TUESDAY!

→ A Lavender rose, like its color conveys enchantment. It also expresses “love at first sight”, while purple lilac symbolizes first love.

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