sorry if my elvish is wrong

Tattoos The Signs Get When Drunk
  • Aries: they shaved half their head, and got a skull done on the bald part
  • Taurus: turns stomach into a giant bagel
  • Gemini: two stick figures banging on their wrist
  • Cancer: their ex's name on the back of their neck
  • Leo: a tattoo of their own face, as a tramp stamp
  • Virgo: something surprisingly motivational written in chinese, but on their armpit
  • Libra: fucking huge angel wings across their back
  • Scorpio: "suck my massive dick" very nicely written on their wrist
  • Sagittarius: "this is my swamp" written in elvish across their ass
  • Capricorn: a middle finger in the center of their chest
  • Aquarius: some quote they made up themselves about how the world is bad, very wrong grammar and bad writing
  • Pisces: attempted to do their own tattoo, ends up being a really shitty drawing of weed on their hip

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Inquisitor, I took your advice and came to Skyhold, thank you, for being so honest with me. I was wrong and too comfortable with my life- and- Anyways, I guess I just wanted to tell you that I've been helping some of the other mages here about dalish magic, since I'm already outcast might as well jump in with both feet right? I've been trying to make a book of elvish translations too but that's just in my spare time. Thank you- again sorry, Mesalla


Your knowledge of written Elvhen will serve us well. This is a craft reserved only to the Keepers, Firsts and Seconds of any clan I know, and they often do not even extend such knowledge to the non-mages of the clan.  I trust the Eastern tower we’ve outfitted for our mages has much of what you need?

If any conflicts arise with the other mages, notify Cassandra Pentaghast. We’ll deal with it. There will be no infighting in our ranks, no matter how small the scale.

Inquisitor Spiridon A. Lavellan

[attached are charcoal rubbings of texts carved into the walls of the Temple of Dirthamen]

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Where do you think the Solavellan arc is going (Speculation from the inner thoughts- wise)? Just wondering!!! :)

EDIT: Here’s [Part 2]! Why is there a part 2? I DON’T KNOW.

Haha I’ll never escape Dragon Age. COOL so here we go. Don’t mind me taking some creative liberties. This is loosely what I think will happen.

WOLF HUNT by …well, Me
Characters: Solas, sarcastic Inquisitor Lavellan, 3 companions, 1 NPC
Location: Three eluvians on one side. The Void draws on the other.

Solas: You found me.

Inquisitor Lavellan: It wasn’t hard. Found the bread crumbs you left behind. Took me here.

Solas: I suppose you are right. And I suppose I owe you an explanation.

IL: This chase across Thedas has answered all my questions, really. Save one.

Solas: I’d be willing to answer it.

IL (sternly): Why didn’t you tell me? All this. Flemeth. Everything. Why couldn’t you trust me with the truth?

Solas: Would you have believed me? The man called god, the trickster…the fraud who sacrificed everything in order to save the people from themselves? Or would you have done what our people did? Called me a madman. A liar. Or worse, a fool.

IL: Well, when you put it that way.

Solas: Inquisitor, I am no longer that man. And after you, I became so much more. That is why I am here.

Solas turns to the Void.

Solas: This is my path. You know what this is. And you know why I must face it alone.

IL: I don’t. You do not have to sacrifice yourself again for them.

Solas: Wrong. For us. For all of us.

Non-Elf Companion/NPC: Enough, this is foolish. He will kill us all! We must stop him!

Solas (In Elvish): You know nothing. And you will be nothing.

Solas casts a protective spell on himself and summons two large spiritual figures.

IL: [Companion/NPC] Get back!

Solas: You are my heart. There is no other. But this is my task. Not even you can stop what has been in motion for more than a millennia.

IL: Solas, no! Stop this before it’s too late!

Solas (closes eyes): I am sorry, vhenan.

Fight against Solas begins.