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So it’s @octoking ‘s birthday! Prince, you’re an amazing artist and friend ^^ I love talking to you, our talks about cute girls are A+ x,D You deserve the sun *pun activated*

So I did a small thingy! I know this isn’t much but I wanted to do something nice for you;; So I made your wife with pixels~ eheh
I hope you like it! And I hope you’re enjoying your day, you deserve great things <:

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Can you write "Levihan is love!" in chinese please?

of course anon! here ya go



是爱=is love <3

Just so you can check: here’s the chinese copy of a snk volume I have

levi is translated as 里维 (li wei) and hanji as 汉吉 (han ji) which is just super cute if you ask me.

okay a few more phrases for any chinese levihan shipper needs:

我爱里维汉!!= i love levihan!

为什么是里维汉不真的?= why is levihan not canon? :((

里维汉是真的 = levihan is canon!

里维和汉吉是婚姻的!= levi and hanji are married!

里维和汉吉是婚姻和有四个孩子!= levi and hanji are married with four kids!

我觉得里维喜欢汉吉= i think levi likes hanji

为什么他们没有亲吻?=why haven’t they kissed yet?

anyway that’s all i have for now, much love to you anon for making me combine my ancestry and who i am- with some levihan! 谢谢!(thank you)

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i wish you wouldve put the lesbian pride flag in that gif as well but i love the idea of it!

i read the first half and thought you were going to attack me, but then i read the other half and i’m really relieved you like it hahahahah <3

thanks for being so nice about this, ily and happy pride <3333

made this really quick to all my great lesbian followers:

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Hello :)! Could you maybe do a head cannon on how Evan would take care of his s/o if they got sick? Thank you so so much ❤!

hello! c: oh heck yeah dude !!!! Evan taking care of people is <3 !!!!! No problem, thanks for sending an ask !!! <333

-The moment you get the slightest bit warm, Evan is already wrapping you in blankets.

-He totally knows how to help, and will make you the BEST soup !!!! ever !!!! Its really nice, warm, and very homey. You will never beat Evan’s soup, sorry.

-speaking of  soup, if you just want some ramen, you’ll get it! If not, he will make you the soup from scratch !! Don’t have the ingredients?

-’Babe, Evan, don’t worry, you don’t have to- Come back, you don’t have to go the store because I don’t have that small thing!’

-Yes, he does.

-Evan will take your temperature every other hour, and make sure you take the proper medication!!! He also makes sure that there a cold, wet rag on your forehead!!

-When you have your soup, are all snuggled in your blankets, and have your rag, Evan will set up a movie/Youtube video for you to watch! And if you fall asleep, he’ll be sure to turn down the volume and leave the room.

-If you really, really want him to, Evan will snuggle with you!!! He would be on his back, your head on his chest. He’d wrap his arms around gently so you don’t feel trapped.

-Will play video games with you (but a limited amount because you are still sick and need your rest!!!) and Pokehunt if you are into that!!

-Evan would give you like… the lightest and smallest smooches… You’ll be half asleep, and you might barely feel the small pressure against your nose or forehead

-He’ll be as quiet as he can, all of the time! He just wants you to rest so you can get better and enjoy yourself <3

I like drawing this cute little scrappy boy, and I felt like drawing those rare sweet moments every Rick has with their Morty when he can be a little endearing through the mild annoyance of the regular days.

Guard Rick and Morty are @beta-19‘s and I hope you are having a good week m’dear <3

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WHAT WHY ARE YOU STOPPING YOUR BLOG? sorry i just really love it. It's so cute and nice luv you

oh man thank you sm <333 i wanna archive the blog once it reaches 1000 prompts because 1. 1000 is a nice number to end off on and 2. its pretty hard to come up with prompts man!! like when i first started this blog i had SOOO many ideas, it wasn’t till around #500 that i really started relying on submissions. maybe i’ll keep with the blog after 1000 prompts, who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ for now, the game plan is 1000 prompts and then bam im done.

(maybe i’ll make this into a different kind of blog after 1000 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

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woah wait a minute. u ship yoonmin too? I thought your only jimin ship was jikook? (sorry im just happy cause they are my otp so its nice knowing that one of my fav blogs likes them as well)

Sorry I am a trash for interactions … I ship BTS with BTS. Somehow in this blog all ships cohabitate peacefully lol.
Speaking of yoonmin, you may like this post HERE <3 

Originally posted by eyesmiletrash

And thank youuuu for calling @mimibtsghost​ one your favorite blogs. I am sooooo happy & honored  

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I love you blog so much. Thank you for always writing. Your opinions are so educated. Do you think RC is here to stay? Do you think they can coexist?

Thank you so much for your nice words Anon! <3

Since the twin’s appearance is such a big plot point which the story has built up to for a long, long time I don’t really think that he’ll disappear that quickly again. However, coexistence may be difficult, too. Especially since the twin seems to have some bad intentions. For now it’s hard to tell, honestly. We still don’t know how the twin can even be alive, what he really wants or who supported him and why. Maybe the twin is even under the control of the sect. He may be dependent on regular blood transfusions.

And if he really wants to harm our Ciel, who would fight him? There are many personal feelings involved. Our Ciel surely doesn’t want to kill him (again?) (Not saying that he caused his death the first time but he surely feels guilty.) Also, it seems like the twin has some supernatural assistance so fighting him could be difficult even if someone would want to fight him.

And is it really the real twin? I mean, does he have his soul? He should have died that day in the cult, right? So is he some sort of Bizarre Doll now? He seems to have his Cinematic Records and his body. But is a person really himself without a soul? Or is it just a clone with the same memories who can be manipulated? In that case coexistence may be even more unlikely but it may be easier to get rid of the twin since the ‘real twin’ (aka his soul) already died.

The only thing I’m sure of is that our Ciel’s life will be quite difficult for a while and he may need some assistance other than Sebastian’s.

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Hey sorry to bother you but I kinda need cheering up cos my cats gone missing and I'm worried eeeugh I know it stupid but u cheer me up with your art and how nice you are and bleaugh I'm rambling nm

I hope things get better, m’dude! Here’s a Sakura cheering you on <3

Destiel because hey it’s time

So because I’m being brave and someone very nice ( @seenashwrite, looking at you) complimented my writing even when it was at its worst and most heartbreak-induced, I am posting a Destiel fanfic of mine- the first ever to be seen by other human eyes. I don’t, uh…I don’t have a beta, so this is just my weird brain I’m sorry. Okay, long explanation over, here you go <3 :) 

Let Me Fix You 

The wind battered against the taped-up window, nearly tearing the makeshift pane Dean had made out of cardboard. Come on, Cas, where are you? He downed the last of the whiskey Sam had left him, and tugged his jacket tighter around him. Stupid storm. Stupid cold. Stupid abandoned house with no heat and gross blankets. Sam had taken Baby and the sleeping bags along with, and there was no way in Hell he was going to touch the pile of sodden refuse left by previous owners. He glared out the window at the dark rain beating down, and tried not to think of Castiel out in that weather.

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Happy Birthday (this is late ughhh) to the wonderful amazing and supremely talented @taecup I can’t even describe how much I love u and ur eveik snekness <3 thank you for putting up with my constant spam of messages and general annoying behavior, thank u for being my hype man and giving me so much courage to post shit I would never post otherwise. Thank you for patiently listening to me ranting about my shit plotlines. ILYSM DEEEE

Sorry my dumb tumblr messed up and this is late.

ok enough sappiness, bye u snek, u can block me again now



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Thank you @johntenismyotp for tagging me in this <3

(sorry for the long post :$ )

Five things you’ll find in my bag:

1. my wallet
2. my tiny sketchpad/diary that i always lug around
3. my keys and phone
4. my laptop (and its charger)
5. gum, always

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

1. Teddy, my teddy bear
2. over 500 books and comic books, and yes i’ve read them all
3.  a hundred sketches and things i’ve written that i always say i’ll work on but never do lol
4. the fort i always keep for watching movies (YES IT IS AMAZING)
5. millions of art supplies

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:

1. travel the world with a close friend/group of friends
2. overcome my stage fright
3. master the violin
4. have a quiet place in the mountains or forest away from cities and civilization
5. accept myself

Five things that make me happy:

1. music and my mutuals and followers, kpop included
2. animals, my favorites are owls because they’re just so majestic and beautiful
3. binging on my favorite shows and youtube videos
4. being in nature when no one else is around
5. reading while it rains outside with a mug of something warm, preferably hot chocolate

Five things I’m currently into:

1. dramas
2. kpop and music in general
3. dancing (always)
4. writing and composing music 
5. anime and manga

Five things on my to-do list:

1. get a tattoo while traveling the world
2. become a surgeon (i’m a med student!) 
3. make people happy for as long as i can
4. meet my mutuals (especially you, Berra <3)
5. to live until i start feeling like i’m living and not just surviving

everyone else has already been tagged??? idk man

i tag!! @taeyongbelviso@sellmysoulpls, @elegantjungkook, @makkeuga, @haedreamers, @pop2143@mokuxyobi​, @jaestheticbeom​, @rgnrmld

have fun!! <3

MEME •w•

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•Name: Andrés
•Nicknames: Andrew, Andrex (pls, no), William, “Viejo”, Yee, Gabu, and i cant remember more.
Zodiac: Leo
Height: 1.81m
Ethnicity: chilean
Favorite Fruit: Pear
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite Book Series: neither, but if i should have to choose a book, it could be the martian, its a nice book for summer beach days
Favorite Fictional Characters: Bowser maybe? idk maybe Yoshi or Marth
Favorite Flower: Tulips
Favorite Scent: wet dirt
Favorite Color: i cant choose between green and blue
Favorite Animal: Lemon shark :3
Favorite Bands/Artists: nope, i am really tired from ed sheeran so for now just random music on spotify
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: water, cold water
Average Sleep Hours: 7-8 hours
Number of Blankets used to sleep with: a sheet and a blanket
Last thing I Googled: leptons & Quarqs
Blog Created: maybe december? i cant really remember
Number of blogs followed: 409
Follower Count: 65
Usual Content Posted: Shit posting and memes, in my other blog i should post random pokemon stuff but lately it was mostly garchomp stuff xD
Asked Stuff Regularly?: nah :3

I tag: @everysinglepheel @lugiaxawesome @jerinaso01 @mxazteca @kasutamasabisu @thewisederg and eveyone who wants to do this too :D

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Hi! I was wondering where I can find the hair from your tutorial? This one?>>>post/161250825547/how-i-edit-my-pictures-reqeuested-by-anon-its (Pretty please and thank you! Your posts are so pretty!!)

Hiii!!! First of all, thank you so much!!! You’re super sweet!! <333 Second, sorry for the late reply!!! And third here you are: [hair] ;) have a nice day!!