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I don’t know how old I was, not very old, 7 or 8 or something. And I remember, if I got sweaty hands, I could push against the frame of a door, like in the doorway, and climb up it. I remember thinking: “I might actually be Spider-Man. I’m not sure.” It turns out, I wasn’t. I didn’t know, you know. It was touch and go for a while there.Charlie Cox

Headcanon on Ability Users (AU’s) in Yokohama
  • Segregation between Ability users vs Non Ability Users is huge
  • ADA gets trashed daily
  • Forced to do long complicated interviews and tests to remain legal and operational
  • Dazai is in charge of background checks being good and keeps the government off ADA’s back
  • Dazai works in the shadows of the company compared to Kuni and Fuku who are the faces of the company bc he’s still not quite legal and everyone in the government hates him
  • Ranpo helps him hide public records from gov agents and the public eye and together the make sure to dorm together in a safe neighbourhood
  • It’s a strict rule to never use your ability outside the company bc repercussions can be harmful to the point of death and convictions for ability users are always in the years if not life
  • Port Mafia takes utmost care to hide their ability users and most sleep at hq bc it’s easier and safer
  • Before mori a lot of AU’s had places outside hq and were often attacked, with houses burned, sacked, threats by cults and groups (think KKK)
  • AU’s are not allowed outside after dark (1. Because of a curfew) but bc they were often killed in the dark
  • PM partners people up for safety reasons, and no AU is allowed out alone, and so no person was without a partner for missions(or group) (see Black Lizard)
  • As kids Chuu and Dazai were attacked while running errands for Mori and Kouyou (with the old boss still in rule) and they were found hours later tied by wires on the borders of the city
  • They had been beaten and sexually abused
  • The group that had done it were caught in an “accident” a few days later by courtesy of Mori and Kouyou
  • The two didn’t dare venture outside alone for almost a year, and never left each other’s side
  • Soukoku still never uses their abilities in public if it’s not on a mission and they stress to their underlings to do the same
  • Chuuya, rather than go home at 3 AM, chooses his couch in the office or one of the spare beds in the dorms
  • Dazai walks home with his workmates to the dorms and give them all orders to never go out alone, and if they do they need a partner and to tell someone (Kuni, Fuku, Yosano, Ranpo, or Dazai) where they are going and how long they’ll be
  • Slurs and anti AU graffiti on bridges and etc are typical, especially schools and churches, and other social places
  • Police look the other way when they see people being beaten in certain neighbourhoods bc it holds more AU’s
  • Police are also brutal when it comes to AU’s and often beat them for reasons that don’t exist (trespassing, armed assault, assault, not paying fines, curfews, being in the “wrong neighbourhood”, etc)
  • ADA sends messages out through Dazai to AU’s in need of hiding, places to stay, education, food, financial supports, but they keep it very low so nobody else knows
  • They fund schools for AU’s that are protected from the greater population with the floor above the ADA being used as a school
  • ADA doesn’t get a lot of cases because most of the public is trying to shut them down, and the cafe below them in threatened a lot into closing but private donations (PM supports them because they are a needed AU centre in the city and despite the conflicts, they play off each other a lot and help each other out with the public hate) keep both open, also Dazai uses his funds from the mafia to support them
  • Non AU’s that work at ADA and PM are protected and are given all the same securities as the AU’s, with exceptions being like the partner rule, going out, schools, etc because they can prove they have no ability and their positions as helping/working with AU’s is hidden from everyone, but both companies strongly advise that they take the safer routes and remain very careful

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