sorry if its hella bad

@chocobaes a sneak peak of something for you <3 


Just in case you weren’t aware of the comic book Harley Quinn and Joker relationship


okay so @slytherin-bookworm-guy​ is trying to raise money for his transition and imma help him as much as i can 

and to do that imma sell the bracelets i make!! basically at least half of whatever i earn goes to him 

so with that here are the designs and the prices:

(also sorry for the bad photos they are the only ones i had) 

Bracelet #1: this one is £1.50 for thin ones £2-3 for the thicker ones if you want one just tell me the colours and how many colours you want and which type of pattern you want and boom ill do i t

Bracelet #2: Smiley Faces - okay this one the only photo i have is for when i made it for someone else who wanted these colours but usually the faces are yellow the outline is black and the background is a colour of your choice 

again just tell me what colours you want and ill do whatever colours 

price: £7 

Bracelet #3: Zebra sorry for the bad photo its hella blurry but again tell me the colours and ill do it 

price: £4

Bracelet #4: The Tardis ah my tardis i am proud of this and bc this one takes a lil while to make and uses a lot of string it will be slightly more expensive than the others 

price: £20

Bracelet #5: Finn and Jake this is a terrible photo but yeah you can see the design thats all that really matters 

price: £6


Bracelet #6: Names: Okay i dont actually have a picture for this but i can do one that says your name again tell me the colours you want for backgroung and letters and ill do it and also tell you how much it would be based off of that

bracelet #7: custom made 

basically if you want one tell me what you want and ill do it ive done aun octopus one a panda one and loads of others and some have been like:

these prices will depend on the design but once i find or make one ill tell you the price based off of that 

Shipping: okay so shipping is going to be £1 at the moment 

it may vary depending on if you are in the UK or abroad 

everything will be paid via paypal


if you would like to order one message me as well!!  


also shout out to @infernalherondale for making the banner