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Response to "being lonely"

Im sorry for this post its late at night and it probably doesnt make any sense so im gonna delete it soon.

Warning: no hate towards the person who wrote the post im responding to, i just wanna make a couple of things clear, and if ur that person and ur reading this, pls dont come for me i dont have bad intentions i think ur great and have amazing writing and creative skills and ya.

“However, some individuals make themselves be lonely. They keep telling themselves “I’m forever alone. I have no friends.” - what a lovely peer of mine said that is a good person i just dont like their recent post ok. That person is basically saying that im lonely bc i say so. And oh honey if words could put as much impact life wouldnt make sense. I might as well say i have friends and i just did that and, SUPRISE guess what friends didnt magically appear for me, so if i say i have no friends that wont magically make my nonexistent friends disappear bc it doesnt work that way.

On a more personal note, im not in any way saying the post that person made is about me or other people, bc i cant read that persons mind but i assume so and im not trying to be self-centred, its just pretty direct especially since me and that person had a little beef about the ‘friends’ topic. Its all good now between us. That person also appeared to be SLIGHTLY irritated when some other people and i were saying phrases like ” i have no friends" “im lonely”.

So that fellow human also said something along the lines “you shouldnt wait for others to come to you, you should come to them” and/or “you shouldnt close yourself” and/or “you should explore your environment” and if ur reading thsi and ur the one who wrote it then honey if u only knew how much “hey"s i sent to people and got no reply. And its especially extremely hard for me to reach out to people like that due to my social anxiety which that person wont understand bc they called me 'CRAZY’ for having a mental disorder, but thats an example of a story for a different post. So i put my heart and soul into reaching out to people yet IM STILL LONELY and have no friends.

PS if constantly say i have no friends but then say i have friends its because people change and if i have any friendships, theyre not stable.