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I’m sorry I haven’t been posting too much. I’m having a monstrous creativity block where I can’t write or think about nothing. I don’t know what happened lol. I’ve been trying to write a scenario request for four days but I can’t. And honestly, it’s pissing me off cause I sit down to write but I can’t think of anything. But even with all of that, I will try to write and I hope this block go away soon. Hope u understand. X.


Another AU no one asked for lol!!

I wanted to finish this before Moana came out, BUT I am glad I waited because now I have a story to my AU based off of one of my favorite songs from the movie ( x )

So now this exists! And I took what I knew from my Samoan heritage, and the rest the beautiful islands to make it! I made it very general, so I used a few different Islands and languages to do it, so in speaking, this is generally polynesian, but more Samoan based, since I am more familiar with that.

Since Komugis name wouldn’t work in the language, I did some research and came across Komaki! So here we have our little blind Island girl, Komaki. 

Meruems name was hard to find a match that sounded close to his original name and held an important meaning.. but I did it!  In this AU he is Chief Mārama! Which is translated from Maori to the word light, which.. meruem apparently means the light that illuminates all or something so.. Yup!! we good!

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mendel: if you feel alright for ten minutes, feel alright for twenty minutes! feel alright for forty minutes! drop it and smile!!! why don’t you feel alright for the rest of your life?


Basic HUD circles in After Effects

I’ll be showing how to make simple HUD (heads-up display) circles (aka futuristic circle things) in After Effects (and without using keyframes) like these:

This tutorial is designed for people with little experience with After Effects, so theres a lot of extra explanations

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with every step and jump, with every twist and dip, and with every sway and swirl, you’ve expressed yourself without uttering even a single word and to be honest, i don’t think words are enough for you to let everyone know how much you want it, how no one wants it more than you do and that’s what makes your dance the most beautiful of them all. you’ve waltzed into everyone’s hearts with your powerful moves and graceful twirls but you’ve snugged yourself in when you showed how genuine you are. your laughs that are distinctively louder than everyone else, your smiles that are brighter than the sun, even your tears that tug at every heartstrings and then you turn and spin everyone on their axis by curving your lips into a sinful smirk, moving your body in an almost illegal way, and looking like you know something that nobody else does. but that’s what makes you so endearing and special. you’re always so grateful to every one but the only one you should be the most grateful to is yourself. 

never stop standing on stage like you were meant to be there and continue the dream you have been longing for since the start. it’s only right for you to claim everything you deserve because you’ve earned it and there’s only more for you in this world and nothing less. I love you so much, my two left feet could almost dance. happy birthday to the one and only dancing machine, our precious Kim Jongin. #HappyJonginDay #종인아생일축하해

how does one draw snow in SAI again…

anyhow, here’s a fanart for @pemprika‘s werewolf!yuu AU! >w< i haven’t done any proper colouring in a while so this was sort of a challenge for me as well TwT

i hope you like this!~ ;v;


Nothing but an excuse to draw Takao and Midorima lol

Drew this post from @incorrectknb. The lucky item for Cancer when I drew this was a film classic, so he has a VHS copy of Gone with the Wind, nanodayo. (hope that counts lol)

To the person who asked about Allura’s staff

(sorry, I lost you in the notes and I’m too lazy to scroll all the way back through again lol @ tag yourself)

It’s harder to get meaningful stuff from Allura’s staff since

a) we don’t see her with it much, and
b) as far as I know it’s a regular staff, not a bayard (she doesn’t choose its form)

but off the top of my head I’d say that like Allura, the staff is:

Telescoping: like Allura, the staff can change its size/appearance.
Peaceful: though it can be used for defense, it’s not an aggressive weapon (it’s much more difficult to kill with a staff compared to a blade or gun; it’s mostly a tool to defend or incapacitate). This belies Allura’s claim that Alteans are a diplomatic, peaceful people (though it also brings to mind the saying walk softly but carry a big stick, which Allura definitely embodies).

A staff also evokes the image of a shepherd, which is fitting for Allura both as a royal leader and as someone who guides the paladins through their journey to complete and control voltron. If you take that metaphor even further, shepherds are often seen as messiah figures in literature, in which case Allura appearing from another world (even seemingly rising from the dead) in a time of strife to rescue people from death and instead grant them salvation is very inline with that (even more so if Allura ends up dying to protect everyone else; ‘returning to her father’ in a sense). Her communication with and guidance by her father (who isn’t in this world) backs that up, as well.

I mean, the girl’s name literally means “divine messenger”, so…

Sorry, I haven’t thought about this one much since she mostly only has the staff at the end lol but I hope it’s interesting anyway.

120716 Sunny10 Behind The Scenes

honestly i’ve never thought i’d be making a post like this but i’ve been wondering for months WHY NOBODY TALKS ABOUT THIS MOMENT ANYMORE

at around 0:24 kaisoo are seen together (for a very short moment, i know) and JI was crouching down in front of KS (ft. fetus OSH lol-ing in the background)

idk about you but if you’ve been shipping them since early MAMA era you’d know that this moment was among the best ones during that time (or was it just me?). it’s not just them sitting together but if you watch the video further you’ll see KS sitting with a staff fanning him most probably because he was exhausted from the summer heat (it’s roughly what the caption implies anyway). btw JI is seen nearby too, on the left side of the frame.

even though the pic above was shown after the moment where they were seen sitting together, what i got from the video (and my extreme delulu-ness ofc) was that KS was feeling tired from filming in the heat so JI probably went to crouch down in front of him probably to check on him and make sure he was alright. (i still find this extremely cute regardless of whatever the purpose was because JI fcking crouched down to look at and talk to KS properly. when will your OTP ever? oh and look at the intimacy)

yeah i mean it’s nothing much but this is one of my all time fav kaisoo moments and i feel like it’s not talked about enough lol. it’s been 4 years+ and i’m still mad at Mnet for giving us only 1 sec of that moment when they probably filmed a whole conversation/interview with kaisoo sitting together like that and that 1 sec they showed just had to be when JI just turned his gaze away from KS. bruh.

bonus: when Sunny10 shipped kaisoo

Twice Reaction To You Saying You’re Not Enough For Them

Hi, thank you for requesting and sorry if there’s some typing error, its really late here and i need to sleep lol. Anyway, hope you like it. x

Mina: She would be really sad that you thought that of yourself. She loved you so much in the way you were, and wanted you to love yourself too. But she wouldn’t give you up because you were more than enough for her even of you think otherwise.

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Momo: She would do everything she could to make you feel better and love yourself. It made her sad that you wanted to pull her away because of that.

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Dahyun: She would probably think it was a joke until you almost cried in front of her. Then she would sit down with you to talk to you. She would try her best to understand why you felt like that.

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Jeongyeon: She would be so sad and angry that you thought like that of yourself. You were more than enough for her and she wouldn’t accept that you didn’t felt it. She would go through some long conversation with you, that would end up in both of you hugging and crying in your bed.

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Tzuyu: Once you told her that you weren’t good enough for her and that you wanted a break she immediately replied by holding your hand. Even though she didn’t really know what to do she would try everything she could to change her mind.

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Chaeyoung: She would be so heartbroken. Listening to you saying something like that made her feel bad and sad. She would be more heartbroken when she saw that you were trying really hard to hold back your tears.

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Sana: “Jagiya please don’t say that I love you and you’re so good to me and I don’t want you to say things like that cause you’re important to me and it hurts me to see that you think you’re not enough. And I’m not going to let you break up cause I can’t be without anymore so please dont say that again.”

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Jihyo: She would have some serious conversation with you. She didn’t liked to hear you saying those kind of things. And she would somehow convince you to not let the beautiful relationship you had because of some things that weren’t true.

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Nayeon: “Y/n ah, i love you more than anything. Don’t believe when some fans say that you’re not pretty enough or good enough for me because only I can decide that and I decide that you are more than enough for me. I love you so much and listening to you saying that really hurt me. Please never say that you want to break up again or that you’re not good enough for me.”

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“Vincent saved you” and “Vincent let you go” endings

Mmmmmmmmkay so i’ll just keep this short and simple. This is only two of his survivor endings so im more or less glad i didnt lose my shit and quit. just follow these choices and you should be good to go.

Just remember, the idea is to not piss him off too much and get his heart to red before Farz interrupts yall.

1.) Sorry, I didn’t mean to

2.) Thank him (some color heart i think it was purple or blue lol)

3.) -Introduce yourself-

4.) What does that mean?

5.) MATTE (wait in english, non weeb language)

((here we have a nice lewd scene. btw, his heart should be purple right now))

6.) “Be careful…”

7.) What do you want to do with me?

8.) Let the timer run out

9.) Beg, because you love your toes 

10.) Agree to let him watch you pee. what a weirdo

((he gets so turned on he even fucks you. smh. at least his heart is like deep orange))

11.) Pull the handcuffs x3

12.) Investigate the table. Not sure if this really makes a difference, but I just took the bag of jerky and looked at the photo. 

13.) Go to sleep. 

14.) What is that?!

15.) Lick it (Pink heart)

16.) Open your legs. (Red heart)

Farz interrupts us. The boy wants to fighto daiyo

17.) Take the knife, end his laifu 

18.) Defend yourself

19.) Forgive him

20.) “Pet his ears anyways” or “Catch his tail”. The choice doesn’t really matter.

21.) “Why take someone down here?”, “Can’t you let me go”, and “You can’t control yourself?” are your options. 1st and 3rd lead towards the same while the 2nd leads to a different one. 

(1st/3rd Option only)

22.) “Catch him” or “You don’t have to be alone”. Picking the first will lead to a lewd scene then continue as if you picked the second option.

23.) “Reach out for him” or “Back away”. First choice will give you an extra scene.

Reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notes! tagged by @renza15 (GO FOLLOW HER!! DO IT!!! PRESS THAT BUTTON!)

  1. Ah man, the thought of possibly going to UCSD for college. I never dreamed of it and applied on a whim, but yeah, it seems nice now that I got in. I think I will go there. It’s by the ocean and not too far from home. Plus, today I got a pretty neat scholarship from them. Not sure if they give it to all of their students because a friend of mine got it too, but idk. It was a lot of money.
  2. Argentinian Spanish is like… my new favorite thing. (I’m watching this telenovela called ½ Falta - or “Media Falta” - for my class and it’s pretty good for a 2005 show for teenagers. Go watch it on YouTube if you want! It can get a little cheesy, but it does try to bring good messages.)
  3. Egg tarts. Eggs in general.
  4. Loads of art supplies. I don’t care what quality they are; I love them all. Even if I find a ruddy pencil left behind, I love it. Scratch paper? Useful. Who cares if I have 3 unfinished sketchbooks and 50 pens. 
  5. All of you guys. You rock, and I mean it. Shout out to @takeabreathandsmile / @chiscribbles4smiles. She is a meadow of flowers and a ball of sunshine.

If I follow the rules: @fakingsmilesallround @throwaninkpot @fair-and-finn @aceofstars16 @takeabreathandsmile @pinkkittehisajediknight @homeqrown @fillyreports @teabeflying @jupiterlandings AND YOU YES YOU THERE WITH THE EYES ON THE SCREEN

“… The End.” William finished, closing the book.

“Read another one! Another one, Will!” the youngest boy pleaded eagerly.

His brother frowned, “Nigel, time for bed… Will needs some rest too, you know.”


“Why don’t I tuck you in, little Nigel?” Will smiled gently.

“B-but I’m not ti-tired…” he said, stifling a yawn.
William raised a brow.
“Fine… I guess I’m a little sleepy,” the child admitted as he snuggled into his blanket.

Soon enough the young Bottom was fast asleep. Nick gave his friend a grateful smile.
“Thanks Will.”

The young writer smiled in return.
“Anything for my Bottom brothers,” he said, planting a small kiss on Nigel’s forehead before leaving the room.