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So imagine that at one point in time Nate was really insecure about his smile and dimples. To the point that Nate tried not to smile at all for fear of his really obvious dimples showing.

So cut to when he met Hunter and they were just starting nateanddookie and Hunter was just watching Nate as they played a game and watching Nate cover his face anytime he smiled and also trying to smile very small smiles that didn’t show his dimples (it wasn’t working all the well Because Nate’s dimples are HUGE.)

Eventually Hunter told Nate that his smile and dimples were one of his best features and that he should never be embarrassed of his smile ever. No matter how much Nate protested.

“Dude, you have no idea how adorable you are when you smile.”

And there was the one time Hunter literally pinned Nate down and tickled him until he was a laughing/wheezing mess under him. But more importantly, Nate was smiling.

He was smiling his now common dimpled grin that we’ve all come to know and love. Well, that was with the help of Hunter.

Every now and then Nate thanks Hunter for his help for overcoming his insecurity even though Hunter insists that there’s no need to thank him at all!


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He continued to listen to her story with half-lidded eyes, and as he did, he nearly drifted back to sleep. Not necessarily because he was tired, but because her voice was so soft and soothing, and the Fade was so close to them in these forests, that- even just being comfortable was but a thought away from being in the Fade.

He opened his eyes fully when he felt her kiss, and smiled. 

“An inspiring tale, vhenan. And with a happy ending. Thank you for telling it.” 

RWBY Art Challenge
Day 5 “CFVY team member”: Coco Adel

Leonardo DiCaprio as Malfoy :

Harry, however, had never been less interested in Quidditch; he was rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy. Still checking the Marauder’s Map whenever he got a chance, he sometimes made detours to wherever Malfoy happened to be.


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Hi! Can I request reactions of Sebastian, Ciel, Soma, Agni and Snake to their s/o pinning them against the wall acting all cool and flirty but then failing miserably because they start blushing? Sorry if it's too specific, I really really REALLY love your writing ;_;

//You may :) It’s not too specific at all, dear. Thank you so much for the compliment! I hope you enjoy//

Sebastian was quite surprised at his s/o’s actions. They thought they were going to get a reaction out of him? That was cute.

He’d let his partner pin him against the wall, smirking all the while. His partner had a sly smile of their own, however it faltered as soon as the two made eye contact. Losing their confidence, they struggled to get words out of their mouth, but ended up simply stumbling over a butchered sentence.

Sebastian was reveling in their flustered appearance. He tilted his head to the side, never breaking eye contact. “Yes?”

No reply.

Partially to save his partner from their current position, and partially to have the last word, Sebastian flipped their roles around, pushing his partner to the wall. He had been maintaining eye contact, though he closed his eyes and placed a brief, hard kiss on his s/o’s lips. Letting go of their wrists, he took a step back, sparing a quick look over his flustered partner. He then walked off in the direction he’d been heading, not giving his s/o another glance. However, before he was out of earshot, he heard a small groan of frustration from his partner.

They were cute.


Ciel was a blushing, stammering mess whenever he felt his partner push him against the wall. He’d immediately looked for a way to escape his position, but his s/o’s arms were on either side of him, locking him in and forcing him to confront the situation.

Doing anything he could to avoid eye contact, he asked, “Wh-What in the world do you think you’re doing?”

Not getting a response, he broke his gaze from the floor and was met with an interesting sight. His partner was blushing like mad, yet continued their intense stare in his direction, determined to push through their nervousness. Seeing an opportunity in their display of anxiousness, a smile made it’s way onto his face, and he let out a small laugh. “You’re nervous. Did you really think I’d get worked up over that?”

His s/o rolled their eyes, all the while trying to hide their embarrassment. “You did.”

Ciel gave them a peck on the cheek before grabbing their arm to move out from under them. “Whatever you say.” Although, as soon as he was out of sight, his face was in flames, flustered by the event that had just taken place.


Soma was shocked, to say the least. What had come over them? They usually weren’t like this. But more importantly, when did they get in his house?

Nonetheless, he didn’t interrupt as his partner gave him what he assumed to be an attempt at a smirk. “Hey there, s-sexy.”

While Soma had been dearly trying to humor his s/o’s attempts at flirting, he simply couldn’t contain the smile that had been tugging at his lips.

His partner, who was struggling in the first place, lost some of their confidence at Soma’s action. They pulled their arm from it’s position on the wall and shifted their gaze downward.

Soma felt a small pang of guilt at this–he hadn’t meant to crush his partner’s nerve. “No, no,” he said hurriedly, grabbing his partner’s arm and placing it back on the wall. “Keep going. I like it.”

Determination coming across their face, his s/o took a deep breath and leaned back in. Unfortunately, the poor thing didn’t know where to go from there, and Soma saw a flash of panic in their widened eyes. Desperately trying to save his partner from another awkward situation, he simply pulled them close and roughly kissed them. Pulling back, he excused, “Sorry. I just couldn’t help myself.”


Agni thought he must’ve been hallucinating when he was pushed against the wall by his s/o. They were too shy to make eye contact with him half of the time–what were they doing? Fearing something may have been wrong, he asked his partner if they were feeling alright.

As usual, a light blush spread across their cheeks whenever they made eye contact with Agni. However, they pushed through their discomfort, and assured him that they were feeling better than alright.

They attempted to get out a pickup line, however it seemed they’d gotten it twisted, and it just came out an awkward sentence with no meaning. At their failure, their face continued to heat up more and more.

Hating to see his s/o so uncomfortable, Agni simply gave them a smile, cupping their cheek. “You didn’t have to go this far out of your comfort zone to make me happy, you know.” 

His partner tilted their head up and gave him a kiss on the cheek, looking somewhat better at his words. “Thank you,” they said.


Boy, was Snake surprised at his s/o’s actions. What in the world were they doing?

His partner’s body was almost flush against his, and he felt his face heat up at the close proximity. He opened his mouth to speak, but unfortunately for the two of them, nothing came out. He felt extremely awkward in this position, and was just waiting for the silence to be broken.

Unfortunately, those awaited words never came. Figuring he had to, he took a look at his partner, hoping to get a clue as to what was going on. Oh. Their face was beet red, and it looked as if they were trying to regain their control.

10 seconds. 20 seconds. No words ever came. The atmosphere was awkward and tense, and Snake figured they would stay in that position all day unless he took action.

Acting upon his first thought, he made a big gesture of looking at the clock. “Would you look at that? I’ve got to get going,” he said in an over-the-top tone. He gave his partner a kiss not the cheek, avoiding eye contact. As soon as he was away from the wall, he bolted out of the room. Closing the door behind him, he took a giant breath once he was alone–and silently cursed himself for his awkwardness.

Hopefully they never tried that again.

being kind of good at many things but not exceedingly good at anything is exhausting.

like, yeah, I suppose I can kinda draw a little bit, I’m not terrible, but I’m never going to paint a masterpiece, or even draw anything that breaks a thousand notes overnight and has people swooning in the tags. Sometimes I go months without even thinking about picking up a pen, or I try, and spend half an hour staring at an empty canvas.

yeah, I guess I can put words together in a way that makes some semblance of sense, but I’ll never write a groundbreaking book, or even have people screaming at me for an update to a fic, because I just have nothing of importance to say.

I have pretty good grades and I like my field of study just fine, but I know I’m never going to make a career out of it, because I’m just not good enough at any of the skills it would require, and frankly, I don’t care enough to dedicate my whole life to it.

Sometimes it feels like I’m just coasting through life as an insignificant, nondescript entity with no real presence in the universe, and while in the micro sense I know there are people who care about my existence, I also know that on the macro scale, I make absolutely zero difference to the rest of humanity. I might make a person or two smile on a good day, and that’s nice, that should be enough, but it’s just… not.

I have many interests, but they are all lukewarm at best. I dabble with hobbies, but none of them keeps my attention for long.

I have no dreams, no desires, no driving passion in my life, and that’s somehow really exhausting.

After having been told that I can be anything I want my whole life, that I can do anything I set my mind to and I can achieve all my dreams if I just work hard enough, it’s exceedingly hard to come to terms with my own mediocrity.