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A person on G+ (because where else would they be) called Why™ is taking and reposting people’s (like @marielgum, @lum1natrix, @markired, @dork-iplier, @floatingmegane-san etc. There’s too many to list, honestly) gifs and art without permission and thinks that simply linking to SOME of the accounts is enough. (ps. its not lol)

In fact, they put the credit in a place where barely any people look. (It’s like the YouTube description. A small percentage of people go there.)

Then they claim that I need to look for it. (ps i dont ha should be visible)

And even then, they never got permission in the first place. 

Go report them please. Reblogs are very much appreciated.

Yours and Mine.

Gladio smut was promised, and thus Gladio smut has been delivered. Enjoy! 

Bit of rough sex, angst, jealous Gladio, etc.

Gladio x f!reader

3300 words.


It was only supposed to be one night. One night of meaningless sex, one night of letting out every frustration that the goddamned World of Ruin had invoked with a friend who needed it as much as you did, one night of lust and roughness, and nothing more.

Then one night turned into two.

Then three.

Then four.

Before you knew it, both you and Gladio had lost count.

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America started really badly. Our first ever show was at Popscene in San Francisco, loads of UK bands do their first shows there. The night before we’d played Benicàssim (in Spain) and I’d lost my voice completely…We got to San Francisco, I had no voice I couldn’t talk, couldn’t sing… our label were there, first time we met the team - everyone expecting everything. This quack doctor came along with a Starbucks bag full of drugs. He gave me a steroid injection in my bum, my left bum cheek. I was like, ‘Dude it’s my throat!’ My whole leg went into spasm, so not only couldn’t sing, I couldn’t walk. I just saw my manager’s face drop from the side of the stage, it was like - welcome to America guys… 

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Uhhh I've never really requested anything sexual before haha/////;; sorry if it's shit. Um maybe everyone (Rfa,V, Unknown and Vanderwood) react to MC being a horrendous tease in public??


Ps. i literally just wrote this at 3 am, there’s no proofreading here…


  • Oh god
  • He wasn’t expecting you to be like this tbh
  • he’s not complaining tho
  • keeps his cool, he’s a gentleman after all
  • he tries his best not to be affected by your teasing
  • fails
  • the beast is too strong for him lmao
  • when you get to a private place the beast is UNLEASHED
  • “Princess… it isn’t good to play with the beast like that~”
  • not that you’re complaining, this is what you wanted after all


  • surprised at first
  • acts unfazed although he’s loosing his shit
  • why are you doing this now where he can’t take you?
  • considers leaving and taking you ANYWERE that’s private
  • almost does it
  • welp
  • keeps his poker face until you’re finally somewhere private
  • “You’ve been a naughty kitten, Mc… Naughty kittens get punished~”


  • shook
  • baby wasn’t expecting this when you two had gone for coffee
  • tries to keep calm but you just keep teasing
  • she honestly just wants to go home and do you
  • starts saying that she doesn’t feel too good and that you should head back
  • Once you get home she pins you to the wall and kisses you
  • “I can’t believe you did that.” she says between kisses
  • it doesn’t take long until your clothes are on the floor and you’re pinned under her in your bed
  • Jaehee is def a Dom fite me


  • He’s so flustered
  • why would you do this to him he can’t take it!!!
  • he tries so hard to seem unfazed
  • fails horribly
  • poor bean
  • once you get somewhere private he won’t take the initiative
  • so you go and “play” with him
  • and a rope
  • asdfdfgdhhgjfd


  • EH? MC!!!
  • he’s as red as his hair at first
  • but he gets used to it
  • sometimes he’ll tease you back
  • it turns into a teasing battle
  • everyone around you regrets being there lmao
  • when you finally get somewhere private he deosn’t really do anything
  • he’ll either wait for you to act or act when he gets tired of waiting
  • when you get to do the do he teases you for the longest time
  • remember he’s a sadist yo~
  • that side comes out 


  • Ah…
  • wasn’t expecting that
  • at first he laughs it off and you’re just like????
  • as it keeps going he just kisses your cheek
  • it really frustrates you cause HE’S BEING TOO SWEET GDI
  • you stop teasing him for a while
  • So he starts teasing
  • fuck just imagine V actually being a tease
  • i’m deceased
  • he keeps teasing you until you’re somewhere private
  • he’ll just kiss you and lad you to the bedroom
  • fuckin finally ayy


  • oh so this is happening?
  • ok
  • a bit flustered first but then he’s okay with it
  • he can deal with the teasing
  • he’ll tease you back for a while 
  • if he can’t take the teasing anymore he’ll tell you to stop or you’ll have to pay later
  • you don’t stop
  • he loses his patience and just takes you anywhere that counts as semi-private
  • takes you then and there
  • good luck walking dear


fucking tumblr posted my draft :) without him asasdsf

  • No
  • not okay with the teasing
  • doesn’t pay attention to your teasing
  • he’s not a pervert
  • seems unfazed
  • he won’t do anything until you’re either home or a 100% private place
  • then he’ll make you pay for the teasing

i’m sorry idk if i know enough about Vanderbabe to write him TT-TT

it was very OTL
  • <p> <b>Mingyu:</b> I love guys.<p/><b>Joshua:</b> wtf<p/><b>Seungkwan:</b> wtf<p/><b>Hoshi:</b> wtf<p/><b>Seokmin:</b> wtf<p/><b>Chan:</b> wtf<p/><b>Jun:</b> wtf *waggles eyebrows @ Mingyu tho*<p/><b>Jihoon:</b> wtf<p/><b>Minghao:</b> wtf<p/><b>Vernon:</b> wtf<p/><b>Mingyu's mind:</b> wt-- it's true tho<p/><b>Jeonghan:</b> wtf *opens hand*<p/><b>S. Coups:</b> wtf ... *hands Jeonghan a 50* dammit..<p/><b>Wonwoo:</b> *winks*<p/><b>Mingyu:</b> *winks back*<p/></p>
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{{  We’re leaving for California soon and it’s been nothing but a nightmare. Our hotel arrangements have changed 4 times in the last 24 hours and I’ve no idea what’s going on any longer because those I can contact are offline sleeping. So, I’ve no idea where we’ll be staying, and I kinda need to know because I already paid Person A about $400 but Person B said they found a different hotel and it sounded like Person A wasn’t going. So, I’m kind of…overwhelmed.

So, all that aside, this is my post to inform you all of my hiatus!

I’ll be gone from now until October 24th. I know I’ve been a little MIA due to my mom being in the hospital, which I apologize for. I planned on being more active prior to all this, but it was unexpected. She’s been in the ICU for about a week now, but it sounds like she’ll be going down to her group at the Mayo for surgery next week, so that’s good.  }}