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theatre people as john mulaney quotes
  • Actors: You have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair.
  • Director: In terms of, like, instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin.
  • Sound techs: The more you do stuff, the better you get at dealing with how you still fail at it a lot of the time.
  • Light techs: No one knows what you're talking about, you idiot!
  • Stage manager: You ever have those days where something happens and you're like... whatever, this may as well happen?
  • Assistant stage manager: I like when things are crazy. Something good comes out of exhaustion.
  • Stage crew: I am very small, and I have no money. You can imagine the kind of stress I'm under.
  • Set builders: This is an on-fire garbage can. ...Could be a nursery.
  • Props department: Because it's the one thing you can't replace.
  • Costume department: Hi, I'm very gay, and I'd like a few dollars.
  • Makeup people: I don't look older. I just look worse.
  • Publicity team: You know how you lie to your parents?
  • Budget board: Eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs.
  • Audience: I'm really sorry about last night, it's just that I'm mean and loud.
The Tight Knit Family as John Mulaney Quotes
  • marvin: I'm really sorry about last night, it's just that I'm mean and loud. it probably will happen again.
  • whizzer: it's just... I've never had money before, and I want some
  • trina: I'll keep all my emotions right here, and then I'll die.
  • jason: I'm very small. and I have no money. so you can imagine the kind of stress i am under.
  • mendel: AND THAT'S MY WIFE!
  • charlotte: I think Emily Dickinson is a lesbian
  • cordelia: hey, you could pour soup in my lap and I'd probably apologize to you

Have you ever had a show or video game grip you so thoroughly that the mere thought of that world and those characters makes you teary any time you get to think on it for just a moment?

That’s how I feel about The Last Guardian.

This piece is called: “The season two sneak preview has messed us all up and it’s one in the morning but I feel the need to draw angst beCAUSE WHAT IS HAPPENING?!”


SMA Stills || Chapter 16 - Stefan’s favorite movie.

“You’re Lawyer Dangerous-ing me, aren’t you?”

He snorted at the term, stare flicking back to hers. “What?”

“You’re pretending I remind you of a character so that I’ll watch enough to find out who and then get sucked in and watch the whole thing.”

He burst out laughing. “Wow, I ruined you.”

“Am I right?”

“No, but that’s a great example of Lawyer… what was it?”



Suddenly Seymour
Brian d'Arcy James, Megan Hilty

*This is actually my audio*

Suddenly Seymour - The New York Pops with Megan Hilty & Brian d’Arcy James at Tilles Center, October 22nd, 2016

Another one of my favorite songs from the concert, a GLORIOUS rendition of Suddenly Seymour by Megan Hilty and Brian d’Arcy James. You’re welcome ;)

Isak watching the nipple twist video later that day: “Like half a year ago or something?? Even?”

(the boy went from singing to punching in 0.1 seconds bc he was jealous  … just saying be careful how cool you play it in front of the boys Evi)