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hey! this is a kind of random question, but what made you get into critical analysis of literature? (i think you mentioned it in a post sometime, my memory's a bit shaky though so this may be wrong. after reading sticks and stones, i kind of want to see if it's the kind of thing i'd like- i was the one who left the Super Long Comment lol) hope you're having a great day, and hope this doesn't come off as too weird/creepy! *T

Ohhh hello!! Welcome to my little cyber corner of the world <3

My interest in critical theory started with a passion for reading. When I went to college, there was only one thing I knew I wanted to study.

I was very young when I learned to read, and I did so voraciously. I was always reading above my grade level and my parents encouraged me in almost every possible way: sending me to book fairs (I had to get at least one thing every time and it was never a chore), taking me to the public library (I had my own library card at age 6 or 7 I believe), reading me chapter books at bedtime (I have very fond memories of my father narrating this copy of The Hobbit). When I was younger, it was just all about how much I loved stories. I was captivated by that one good line in a book that hits you like a punch to the chest and stays with you. I’m actually a poetry specialist - what attracted me to poetry was the brevity, the sheer mastery of language you have to have to be able to arrange five ordinary words into an unforgettable line. How do they do that? Why do I feel like this when I read it? I just really admired poets because of how they made me feel.

My interest in critical theory itself actually came later. The more I read, the more I noticed that other people were also reading. Libraries exist everywhere. Whenever I return a book, someone else will pick it up. And then I wondered: if the stuff that I read sticks with me, then the stuff that other people read probably sticks with them.

But what if the wrong stuff sticks?

Words are vital. They’re the lifeblood of our world. Word choice is paramount to communication: words matter because different words with different contexts change how we feel when we hear them. The way we use language changes how we relate to other people. Words are internalized, and when a select few words are spread to so many we have to be responsible with them.

This undoubtedly has social and political implications. The stories that we choose to tell - how we frame them, what words we use when we tell them - communicate more than just the words themselves ever can. They serve purposes. It’s just an undeniable truth about writing: the way you tell a story affects the lesson your audience gets from it. And those lessons have far-reaching sociopolitical consequences, from empowering a single reader to teaching children how to relate to others

Stories are tools. They’re a part of our history. And when we acknowledge what stories can do for us because of the ways that they are written, we can start to write new stories, better stories, for a new world we want to live in. We can start to teach new lessons. We can relate to other people better.

Critical analysis is a way to reclaim that power of change. It can be radical. It can be fun. It is always challenging, and I love a good challenge.

I will just never be as passionate about anything more than I am passionate about people and language and I just want to learn everything that I can about it. I want to write papers and give talks and shout in the streets about What This Essay Can Mean and Why It Might Be Dangerous and What Can We Learn From This and Where Do We Go From Here. It’s all I want to do all day long.

I think that’s why I’m in fandom. Because fan fiction is political and it’s also creative. It’s a connective medium and it makes me feel.

"The Types Based on my Experience" - an ENFP

- Has too many extra curricular
- Low- key brags about achievements
- Will and won’t hesitate to roast someone.
- They type of person to read during lunch
- Books.
- Just a little bit clingy, but in the best way
- “Let me sleep— I only slept an hour last night.”

- Talks to them-self sometimes
- Likes to make random google searchers
- Master at BSing
- Why do they know so much about obscure concepts and theories?
- My random facts buddy
- “Have you heard of cerebropathy?”

- Tries to control me (for the greater good I guess)
- Great at logic puzzles
- If there was an apocalypse— I would want to paired with them.
- Seems like they got their life together
- A bit of a neat freak
- Will not deal with your shit, but will still help you?
- “I need more coffee to deal with all of you people.”

- Is super intimidating at first glance
- Secretly a softy
- will not hesitate to start a debate
- loves politics
- If you tell them a fact they ask where you got it
- Likes to read Edgar Allen Poe and romance novels
- “ Are you sure? Where did you read that?”

- Nice friend
- Poker face
- Everyone thinks that they have chill
- has no chill
- Loves cats and babies
- Great listener
- Has too many feelings and bottles them up

- Easily flustered
- Will hate you and you will never know
- Once you know them— they’ll argue with you about their opinions.
- Anime nerd
- Wears over-sized glasses
- Gestures a lot when talking
- Roasts me about everything
- Has an unhealthy obsession for cats
- Self deprecation 101
- “ I don’t know what your tal- *gestures and hits someone with arm*- OMG!!! I am so sorry.”

- Identity crisis all day everyday
- Likes to do power poses
- Will do random acts of kindness
- Knits
- Soft
- Really imaginative
- Will do stupid stuff to make a sad friend happy again
- You can’t not like them
- “A toast to spongebob and Bob Marley.”

ENFP (not me— another ENFP)
- Loves to art
- Procrastinates kinda(?). It just takes them a long time to do their work
- Is very smol
- Low-key manipulative
- Great at fake accents
- Has the voice of an angel
- Awesome dancer
- “ Oh look, it’s a birb. *makes chicken noises*”

- Is in all my advanced classes
- Gets annoyed with me really easily
- Likes to bake
- Has ten sources to back up one fact
- Will binge watch Crash Course
- Secretly loves bird memes
- Determined
- “Baking is a science. It isn’t just measuring and mixing— it’s watching the chemical re- *rants about for ten minutes*”

- Literally a cinnamon roll
- Are too caring
- Seriously they are going to get hurt one day
- Mom friend
- When they get mad everyone freaks out
- Will fight you if you hurt their loved one
- “Are you okay? Do you need a band- aid? I have a first aid kit in my backpack.”

- Law and order
- Is practically the teacher
- Strong moral base
- Does not tolerate lying
- Can see your soul
- Loves dark chocolate and hot chocolate
- Eats the same thing for lunch everyday
- Will lay down the law
- “I just told them to kindly leave me alone because their fake personalities were annoying me.”

- Will appear out of no-where
- Social Butterfly
- EVERYONE knows them
- Loves to sing, but is sadly tone deaf
- Can do really intricate pranks and succeed
- Teachers pet, but not nerdy in any way
- “Hi! My name’s ESTJ. What’s your weight— I mean, name?”

- Loves workshop
- Is great at video games
- Everyone thinks they listen to punk rock, but they actually listen to Country music
- Can be bossy
- Likes to wear flannel
- Is really chill
- “I had one job, to finish my homework. Did I do it? Nope.”

- Can’t art
- Can write like there is not tomorrow
- Can also play piano really well, but they never took lessons
- Have eyes filled with wonder
- Great at makeup
- Has good fashion sense
- Thinks shoes are a social construct.
- They have a bucket list written
- Has great stories
- “I once went to an upscale hotel and hijacked the penthouse level with my friends.”

- Loves to play pranks and do stupid stuff
- Is flexible af
- Laughs weirdly
- Has the best ideas
- Smart, but really lazy
- p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n
- “Move I’m gay.”

- Acts like they had five cups of coffee
- Really likes unicorns
- Is a theatre kid
- Wait for it…. they never stop quoting Hamilton
- Great at lying
- Really, really funny
- Loves everything smol
- Everyone loves them
- “Bill Nye the science guy– history has its eyeesss ON YOOOOUUUUUU.”

the first three snk openings layered on top of each other
surprisingly they're all by linked horizon
the first three snk openings layered on top of each other

i saw an edit of the 1st snk op playing along with the visuals for the 3rd op and i swore there was something about the chord progressions that meant conspiracy.

conclusion: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hey! I have a kind of random question: what korean beauty products do u use?? I am really curious bc I need recommendations? Sorry; it's a weird question.

It’s a great question, don’t worry! I can understand that, I love finding something new (and if that something new fits me perfectly then I’m super happy so!)

Sweats, I have a lot of stuff though so it might be a bit long-ish…

I’ll just start with skincare because it’s always what I’m looking for first:

The Face Shop Rice water bright rich cleansing oil (from normal to dry skin). The first cleansing oil I actually tried. It’s a pleasure using it, the smell is amazing, I will definitely buy it again. Removes make-up well for me, but I’ve read people saying it has a bit of a trouble re-moving very strong make-up, but since I don’t use it I’ll give it an A+.

• I have a few foams; one from The Face Shop as well - Rice water bright cleansing foam. Smells amazing as well, I nearly finished it. I have one stored I want to try, so not yet sure if I buy it again, but I love this one too. Also I have one from Skinfood Egg white pore foam - I think I’ll buy this one. These two might be a bit drying to your skin if using without a uh..bubble maker? Not sure how that thing called in english. It dried me out, I made that thing that helps making richer foam, now I don’t have any dryness so! Skinfood will probably be great for oilier skin.

• Theeen I have The Secret key’s Milk brightening toner. Still not sure about it, I broke out a lot when I was using it, but I am not sure if it was from it or from..period, I’m sorry, Still haven’t retried it, so don’t have an opinion except that I think the smell is pretty good.

• UUH i bought a lot of creams in the search for the perfect one. I have Tony Moly Pure eco snail moisture gel (smells fantastic, used it for the face a lot, didn’t break out, nothing really changed nor for the worst nor for the better, now use it mostly on my hands); I also recently bought Mizon’s All in one Snail repair cream (because I REALLY REALLY want a few marks to fade); comparing to Tony Moly’s it does make skin very soft to the touch. But I’ve been using it for like, six days, so other than that I can’t say how effective it’s going to be. Doesn’t quite smell, pleasant to use. Depending on how it goes next, I think I’ll re-buy it. I also use Aloe Soothing Gel by Nature Republic. used it all the time before i bought Mizon’s, never broke out. for now uh.. I kind of use it after shaving. HUGE container. I wonder if I will be able to finish it before it expires. Next (GOd, there are so many) Skinfood Fresh Apple sparkling water cream. Use it before make-up. It’s supposed to keep your skin matte, I love the smell of it, nice to use. My skin is pretty normal, so I don’t know how much it actually does what it’s supposed to. I’ll try it in summer and find out:”D

• nooow MASKS. oh, my love. sweet, sweet masks. I think my AAABsolute favourite is Skinfood’s Black sugar wash off mask. A present from my friend. Basically a scrub that you let to stay on your skin after you scrubbed. Smells amazing, leaves skin suuuper soft afterwards, will definitely 100% buy it again. Theeen I have Volcanic ash pore pack by secret nature. After using it the skin seems a bit brighter, a bit softer. Nothing too outstanding, but it’s fairly pleasant overall. I wanted to try Holika Holika’s Soda Pore Cleansing Bubble mask BECAUSE O MY GOD. BUBBLES. ON. MY FACE. BUBBLES. I swear I’m a child. I WAS REALLY CURIOUS OKAY. Pretty much the same effect as with Volcanic ash pore. Probably one time fun for me. (I mean. one bottle time, ahah). Theeen I wanted to try Elizavecca’s Hell Pore Clay mask, I think it was the first mask I bought. Wasn’t painful for me, skin is pretty soft afterwards, but I don’t think it does much for my skin? Probably because I don’t quite have that much to push out. It doesn’t quite catch it. Can remove dead skincells though, I’m sure. God. IS this all? No. I recently bought Holika Holika Honey Sleeping pack (I have canola); I’m still not sure, I had quite a big zit when I went to bed with it, in the morning it was, like, much paler and didn’t feel on my skin. Was it the mask’s doing? was the zit supposed to fade away? Not yet sure, since I bought it very recently with mizon. For masks I think that’s all. Kinda sticky because of the honey, but smells nice.

• I have one emulsion by The Saem Urban Eco Harakeke. Moisturising, smells good, make-up goes smoothly on it.

• the last for skincare: Ciracle pore control blackhead off sheet. I only used it twice, and it’s quite tricky and I guess takes some used to. basically does the job of steaming the face without steam and probably works a bit better. Pushes out everything from your nose, you just have to remove it. Didn’t push out as much as I’ve seen on pictures and in reviews for me, but it does it’s job. Nose is as smooth as a jellyfish. SO SMOOTH afterwards.

FINALLY I THINK WE ARE DONE WITH SKINCARE. OH DEAR GOD, not a million of products have passed.

Nooooow up to Make-uuuup~~ 

• BB CREAMS. I swear on those. I. am. a nerd. Before I tried any bb or cc creams that are sold in our stores they never fit me ever. They always felt so greasy and dark for me. I don’t know, I had the curse of bb creams and now i think it’s finally gone. The first korean one I tried was Aritaum Full Cover. The coverage IS nice, can be a bit shiny in a certain lighting, and feels pretty heavy on the skin. I think my problem with it was mostly my dislike for powders, so it felt sticky, but I think with people who DO use powders it’s going to work better. After that I tried Holika Holika Petit BB (Moisturizing). MY LOVE STARTED. I love how it feels, in certain lighting it makes the skin seem absolutely perfect, pleasant on daylight, doesn’t fell like a mask on a skin. Has universal tone. The Last one is CC, actually, but not less amazing. I’ve been using mostly it recently, CC Color change blemish balm. This one is MAAGIC because it’s like greenish-white, and then you put it on the face, and it turns into your face and it’s MAGIC i swear I love how it feels(doesn’t) on the skin, the coverage is decent for me, Baaaarely noticeable on the skin. I’ll definitely buy holika holika and this one again.

• as for concealers I have Aritaum Full cover liquid concealer for undereye (the tube is huge for concealer, I’m not sure if I will ever finish it since it takes such a minimum for me); and Facetone Creamy Tip concealer for any spots. Good coverage, most likely I’ll buy it as well.

• I have Sweet Cotton pore cover base by Holika Holika, still not sure about it, doesn’t quite hide pores much, at least for me, but the make up does seem to stay longer with it. I’ve read the reviews for people to whom it really worked in regard of hiding pores, so! Might just be me, striving for absolute perfection.

• I have A’pieu Cheek Chok blush. Overall nice, but I think it’s a bit too pigmented for me and it seems to be a bit hard to blend. Creamy texture, but not quite as creamy as I wanted.

• last but not least… tints. Fresh cherry tint, pleasant texture, but I think I picked a bit of a wrong shade for me, though if I use it with The Saem’s Saemmul Real Tint (it’s orangish) it gives a fantastic effect. I also have the latter in dark purple. Love those tints, stay forever (especially the dark one - which is also quite hard to wash off) surprise, tint leaves a tint! :”D Love these, gotta buy again most likely. If I ever finish those, ahah.

I’ve been writing this message for so long. I’m sorry it’s huge. I’m sorry I’m a nerd when it comes to makeup and skincare. Goodbye, money, GOODBUY. ;)

i downloaded Sam Winchester saying,
“No, we have guns and we’ll find you ” and then put it as my alarm in the morning. so im woken up every morning by a deep male voice threatening me and it’s honestly alarming and refreshing at the same time

So, because of the usual thing that happens when Spyro content gets relevant - as in, shitting on Skylanders with fake rumors and false information - it’s time for me to dig up the good old wall of text to tell you most of the reasoning to hate Skyro is bullshit.

I’m in no way telling you to like Skylanders - high price for small fun, dumbed down for children, gameplay is nothing special, weird artstyle between cartoon and high fantasy, all legitimate reasons! But on Skyro specifically? C’mere, I’ll tell you all about it.

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It's kind of random but I was wondering, do you have any thoughts about an Avatar AU for Voltron?

I have so many thoughts?? Wow, okay. Sorry this took so long, but, well… Apparently I have a lot to say on this topic.

  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Alfor was the Avatar
  • He and Zarkon grew up together a la Roku and Sozin–they were best friends and rivals, and Zarkon was lowkey jealous that Alfor was the Avatar, never mind he was in line to be Fire Lord and would’ve been pissed if he’d had to step down to travel the world and promote peace.
  • They grew up and grew apart, and they both got married–Zarkon to Honerva, a non-bender living in the Fire Nation, Alfor to an Air Nomad he met while learning airbending.
  • Alfor met Coran in the Earth Kingdom–Coran is a non-bender scholar exploring the world and spending more time picking fights with thieves and stumbling into booby-trapped ruins than engaging in actual scholarship.
  • Allura is born and lives with her mom at the Eastern Air Temple while Coran and Alfor continue exploring, eventually reconnecting with Zarkon. When Allura is a little bit older, she starts exploring with her dad and learning the foundations of bending–she’s an airbender, but she wants to be able to teach people from all nations.
  • Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked…
  • (sorry)
  • Alfor and Zarkon fought–no one knows what about except Allura and Coran, who were present at the start of the conflict but disappeared in its wake. Alfor’s last act was a feat of energybending (bending the spirit itself). Allura assumed he meant to strip Zarkon of his firebending, but instead he sealed Allura and Coran in a pocket off the spirit world, trapping them in a kind of stasis for a hundred years.
  • Zarkon, of course, was quick to brag about his victory–not only did he kill Avatar Alfor… he killed the Avatar while he was in the Avatar State, severing the Avatar Cycle.
  • (Zarkon was trying to steal the Avatar Spirit from Avatar in order to become the Avatar himself. Honerva’s experiments led to her venturing into the spirit world, where she came into contact with a spirit that gave her something very like energybending, and she thought she could snatch the dying Avatar Spirit and transplant it at the moment of Alfor’s death–but it failed.)
  • Zarkon ended up (forcibly) taking in a spirit of his own, much as Honerva did, so they both survived a hundred years, building up the Fire Nation to what it is today.
  • Present Day
  • Keith lives in a remote region of the Fire Nation. He’s a guard at a military prison, but he’s never actually seen combat, and he works with a group of Fire Nation rebels (led by Kolivan, a firebender.) Keith wants to play a more active role in the rebellion, but as a non-bender he’s not entrusted with difficult missions.
  • Lance’s family is part of the Northern Water Tribe, where his father and older brother are powerful waterbenders. Lance tries to live up to their reputation, but he has no bending and most people figure he’ll never amount to much.
  • Hunk works at a popular restaurant in the Earth Kingdom. He has a quiet life, and he tries not to stick his nose into war business–easy enough, since he has no bending or military training. The biggest problem in his life is the fact that his boss doesn’t seem to want to give him a chance to prove himself, even though he knows he could do so much more.
  • The Holts are part of a small band of Air Nomads–the last remnants of the culture Zarkon tried to stamp out. The airbenders were all killed in the years following Avatar Alfor’s death, but some civilians managed to escape. Most fled to the Earth Kingdom or found refuge with the Southern Water Tribe (leading to intense retaliation from the Fire Nation and the near total extermination of the Southern Water Tribe), but a small percentage stubbornly held onto their heritage, moving around the world and keeping their culture alive. Sam Holt is the leader of their band, and Matt is their historian–tasked with remembering the past and passing it on to the next generation. Pidge builds things–all kinds of things–in an attempt to revive the airbending her people have lost.
  • Shiro was born in the Fire Nation but when he came of age and received a summons from the army, he went on the run. He never agreed with Zarkon’s rule, and he learned from his parents what the other peoples of the world have to offer. So he runs, surviving however he can, until he stumbles across the Holts and their band of Air Nomads, who take him in and help him disappear.
  • Zarkon tracks Shiro down and takes not only him, but Sam Holt–as “justice” for “sheltering a war criminal.” Matt fights back, and Zarkon takes him, too, leaving the rest of the nomads to spread the story so others know not to defy him.
  • Pidge sneaks off after her family and Shiro, tracking them to the prison where Shiro is being kept–not realizing that Ulaz had discovered Shiro in one of Haggar’s experiments and arranged a transfer to the remote prison where Keith is a guard (the plan being to help him escape from there as soon as they can arrange it.) Pidge nearly takes Keith’s head off before he convinces her he’s not her enemy, and by that point the prison knows there’s an intruder and are mounting their defenses. Together Keith and Pidge break Shiro out and go on the run.
  • But Shiro’s been changed by his time in Haggar’s hands. He’s a bender now–and energybender. His memory is in shambles, so he doesn’t know what Haggar did to him to give him the most ancient form of bending, but it worries him.
  • Meanwhile, in the Northern Water Tribe…
  • Lance is a little shit who takes a lot of risks in an attempt to prove himself, one of which involves venturing into the forest at the North Pole where the Northern spirit portal is located. There, he accidentally opens the gate, releasing Allura and Coran.
  • Allura, scared and confused, demands an explanation, advancing on Lance when he doesn’t have answers for her. He panics, thinking she’s one of the dangerous wild spirits he heard stories about growing up, and–somehow–reflexively bends a barrier of ice around himself.
  • (At the same moment, elsewhere:
  • Hunk, biting into a rock hard cookie he was trying to bake, yelps in pain and bangs his fist on the wall to try to ride out the pain. A fist-sized chunk of rock tears up through the floorboards of his house and narrowly misses the back of his head. It punches a hole clean through his wall and embeds itself in the garden wall out back.
  • Keith, Pidge, and Shiro are fleeing a small force of Fire Nation soldiers. With Shiro in bad shape and Pidge not trained in combat, Keith is their primary line of defense. It’s not going well–his sword against half a dozen soldiers, one of whom is a firebender? Yeah. But he’s not giving up. Injured, exhausted, and beginning to despair, he forces himself to launch one final attack, screaming as he charges–and releasing a wave of fire with the next swing of his sword.
  • Keith’s sudden bending startles the enemy, but they still outnumber him, and he obviously doesn’t have any training–his bending is wild and unfocused, and the soldiers back the trio into a dead end surrounded by cliffs on all sides. At the last second, Pidge panics and bends a tremendous gust of wind that carries them all to the top of the cliff.)
  • Alfor fractured the Avatar Spirit
  • After sealing Allura and Coran in the spirit world, Alfor tried one last time to reason with Zarkon, but he knew it was useless. Zarkon wanted to be the Avatar and would not stop until Alfor was dead. Fearing for the fate of the world, Alfor entered the Avatar State, then turned his energybending on himself, excising the Avatar Spirit and splitting it into five pieces. The Avatar Cycle ended, but the strength of the Avatar lived on, free from Zarkon’s influence.
  • It takes Allura some time to realize what happened, but the fact that Lance wasn’t a bender before and now suddenly has the ability to waterbend–and far more strongly than any other bender at the North Pole–is a compelling argument. Allura can sense the other pieces of the Avatar out there, and though Lance is unsure about leaving his home, Allura and Coran convince him that he’s part of the team that could actually take down Zarkon once and for all.
  • They set out, Allura using what she learned from her father to train Lance in waterbending. They find Hunk and then the other three, who are still scouring the Fire Nation in search of Sam and Matt Holt.
  • It’s Allura who tells Shiro that his energybending comes from a fragment of the Avatar Spirit. Haggar didn’t give it to him, she just wanted to study it after she realized he possessed a power long lost to the world–one that she and Zarkon reclaimed for themselves, but that no one else should have access to. Shiro, as a point of fact, holds the core of the Avatar Spirit–though he cannot access any of the elements, he has the potential to remove or restore someone’s bending, to enter the spirit world through meditation, and (in theory) to connect with the spirits of the past Avatars.

From there, the team trains together under Allura–first learning how to bend, then learning how to work as a single unit. Together they are as effective as the Avatar. They are the Avatar. But if they can’t work together, then they’re just as likely to get in each other’s way. Things get better after Shiro learns to enter the Avatar State–he’s the only one who can do it spontaneously, though the others can use him as a sort of bridge to access that same power and knowledge (it doesn’t grant them elements other than their own, but it does unite them in mind and purpose with anyone else currently in the Avatar State, making them the perfect team.)

Random ficlet post: Donald made my heart hurt his episode, and Louie is going to feel some kind of guilt for taking part in Donald’s heart.

It was about time for him to say sorry. Louie knew this was what you were supposed to say when you did something wrong. 

As the others boarded the Sun Chaser, ready to leave behind The House of the Lucky Gander and its eponymous gander, Louie found his apology stuck in the middle of his throat.

Apologizing wasn’t the problem. He apologized in the past when he had accidentally ripped Huey’s favorite cap. He apologized when he lost Dewey’s favorite baseball bat during a game of houseboat baseball. 

He immediately apologized to Uncle Donald after shattering the deck window before the aforementioned bat was devoured by one hungry pelican. 

He could apologize and readily do so when he was in the wrong. This time was different. 

His memory wasn’t the best. His memory could be cruel and mean at times, and it was no crueler in the moments after The House of the Lucky Gander had been returned to its supernatural realm.

He said those things to Uncle Donald. He hadn’t meant anything mean by them, had meant them as factual truths, but he said them. He had hurt his Uncle Donald, the one person who succeeded in caring for them despite his terrible luck.

Guilt and shame tied trapped his apology. He knew it couldn’t stay, and standing on the plane, watching as the bright lights fade beyond the clouds, he didn’t know how he would go about it.

“Don’t you want to sit with the others?” 

“What, with them? Dewey snores, and Huey always hits me in the face. You’re not as bad as they are.”

Donald shrugged and leaned back, eyes closing for a quick nap

Wasn’t he going to say something? Shouldn’t he say something?

Louie was awful to him, pushing him down when he deserved to be pulled up, and it had taken the others to add their opinions to make him realize how awful he was. He idolized Gladstone where it had always been Donald who cared most for them, who had accomplished the impossible just for them. 

Donald’s anger would’ve been easier to accept. 

Louie rested his head on his uncle’s side. If the others saw it, he hoped none of them commented on it. 

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled into his shirt, and he hoped he would pretend he didn’t hear the sniffles or feel the tears, “I really am.”

An arm wrapped around him, pulling him closer. Louie took a chance to open one water-stained eye and saw that his uncle’s neck reclined on the seat. His closed eyes couldn’t hide the uplifted curves at the corners of his mouth.

Donald snored softly, hand rubbing the back of Louie’s hoodie, and he decided to follow suit until they reached their destination.

Dating Alex Standall would include:

okay so ive. never actually posted one of these before but i had a bunch of ideas this morning and i couldnt stop writing and this happened adljbaljsd i hope you guys like it 

this is rly rly long so i put most of it under the cut alsjdas sorry its so long i just couldnt stop writing once i started! 

Originally posted by hellomadzstuff

  • you had always seen each other at school and even shared a class before but the two of you had never actually talked
  • you officially meet your junior year at a party

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Okay, so random idea that crossed my mind

I don’t know if someone already came up with this idea, but today when I was working I just came up with something.
I was thinking about Big Fun and Halloween parities being some sort of joint-party (Somehow connected or at least two parties in one)

Martha Dunstock, after embarrassing herself in front of Ram, just runs off to the bathroom, shuts the door, and just lets it all out. She cries for at least 5 minutes before another figure in the bathtub coughs, and lets her know that someone else was in there. That person was just hidden due to the shower curtain there.
She’s embarrassed. And at this point ready to disappear at any moment. Before she can leave, the figure frantically apologizes for not saying anything while she was just dumping all her emotions out. She introduces herself, and he introduces himself as Michael, a junior who came in here just to wait everything out. (I’m pretty sure Jeremy and Michael are juniors)
While things were a little awkward at first, they eventually talk, and find out they they were in similar problems. Their best friend leaving them for popularity. Michael decides to leave out the Squip, and Martha rants about the Heathers. And they just going on talking about that, and other things about themselves until the party ends. Martha thinks that some of the stuff he likes was cool, and Michael likes that there was someone else who he could talk to about these kinds of stuff. They awkwardly thank the other for listening, and not being too weird, exchange phone numbers, and go their separate ways, hoping the other’s situation gets better.

It was just a random thought I came up with, and I like the idea.

random-thoughts-and-fangirling  asked:

Random question sorry So in my country we don't quite celebrate Halloween. We kind of started to celebrate it a few years ago but it's mostly a commercial holiday.So could you maybe recommend some movies/books/whatever to get into the spirit? Thanks!

You have come to the right place, my friend! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I am very happy to hear that you have begun celebrating it in your country!

Some of my favorite movies that I enjoy include:

The Addams Family, Addams Family Values, Beetlejuice, What We Do in the Shadows, the Nightmare Before Christmas all of the old Universal Monster movies (Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, the Invisible Man, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, etc.) There are obviously many, many more, but these are some of the simpler, less truly frightening ones that really embody the overall spirit of Halloween to me!

As for books:

I would suggest basically anything by Edgar Allan Poe (especially his poem, the Raven), the entire Harry Potter series (I feel that it really embodies the Autumn aesthetic), Washington Irving’s short story Sleep Hollow (also incidentally, there is a TV series called Sleepy Hollow that is very good; at least the first season or so).

And to close, I would impart a final bit of advise to you. The traditions of Halloween that we still practice today were created by the folk of older and darker times to protect us. Halloween is a liminal time, which means the barriers that separate our world from other worlds are at their weakest. Thingsfrom those other worlds can pass into our realm with relative ease. Dark spirits, ghosts, poltergeist, and…others. So beware and take care and remember these simple rules:

1. Hand out treats, if you are able, to those who approach your household. It will entertain the children and, more importantly, appease the others.

2. Wear a costume. It will help you blend in and prevent drawing unwanted attention to yourself on this dark night.

3. Carve a jack-o-lantern and let it burn through the night. It is an old form of magic, called apotropaic magic, and it is meant to divert dark and malevolent spirits who would cause your household harm.

4. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, respect all you encounter. Respect cost you nothing, but a lack of respect may cost you everything. Sound advise for all days.

Oh, and Happy Halloween!

tahciram  asked:

GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR ART BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME! if you are still taking requests what about..... ML best friend swap? it's part of my "inverse AU" and I want to see what your thoughts about Mari-Nino Alya-Adrien interactions would be :D

THIS AU IS SUPER COOL and i have a few thoughts on it, if you don’t mind me sharing! (also sorry about it being just sketches, i’ll be back in school soon and i really wanted to at least do something with this before i go back ;u;;)

I think nino and mari would be inseparable buds tbh, the kind that (tries) to study together and end up talking about random things. Like they have been friends since they were really young so they know everything about eachother and Mari tries to hide being lb from him but he knows when she’s lying so he finds out her secret pretty fast.

And Alya and Adrien would bond mostly about how cool ladybug is at fist (because lbr, even if he had a crush on mari, he would still admire ladybug a lot) and Alya tries to be a wingwoman and get mari to go out with adrien. I think she would be the Mom Friend and like, protective of adrien when she finds out abt his mom and how his dad treats him

ALSO THANK YOU, you two are too kind!!

Robin Hood

Summary: Everyone calls Y/N Ro and Bucky wants to know why…

A/N: This was kind of a hard request but I put the name Ro in there but used it as a nickname, I did this as a short drabble thing so sorry its not very lengthy

Y/N was sitting on the breakfast bar stool and crunching toast in between her teeth. Bucky sat and the oak table reading a book on the kindle Y/N had brought him last month, sipping tea. The silence was a comfortable one until Clint bounded into the kitchen, leaning towards the tired eyed girl “hey Ro, fancy coming done to the training room and shooting a few?” Bucky’s eye fumbled to Y/N who’s body and vocals responded to the name, with creased eyebrows Bucky watched Y/N nod and throw her toast waving a quick exit to Bucky.

He sat contemplating the name ‘Ro’ and what the hell it could stand for, eventually driving him to distraction he heads down to the training room to ask her. He pushed open the sliding door and heard arrows being sprung off of multiple objects in the room. He stood in amazement at the sight in front of him. Y/N hung from a pull up bar by her now bare legs, bow and arrow delicately situated on her arm, one eye closed. She let go of the arrow tight on the string, it shot through the air and planted itself straight into the red bullseye. Clint and Bucky clapped but Bucky’s loud and thunderous clap frightened Y/N and sent her collapsing into a heap on the foamed mats bellow. He cursed under his breath and made a B-line for her, pulling her up as she rolls her shoulder.

“Sorry, that was amazing though Y/N!” Bucky spluttered,

“Aww Thanks Buck,” she said with a slight tint of pink admiring her cheeks. Bucky’s pure amazement and accidental collapsing of Y/N  threw him of his game and therefore left without another word. Later all gathered in the common room Y/N had squashed herself in the middle of Steve and Sam, cuddling a square pillow between her thighs.

“Oi Robin move over!” Sam nudges Y/N arm and Bucky is brought back to his earlier thought.

“Sorry but Ro? Robin! What is this name?” Everyone shares a laugh and Y/N smiles and explains,

“My abilities range from fighting skills to weaponry but I pride myself on how well I shot a bow and arrow. When I came here I saved Nat’s life with a bow and she called me Robin Hood. Its been kind of a running joke I guess…”

She looked shy about it but the next morning Bucky bumped her hip and said “Moring Mrs Hood.”

This was random and I didn’t know how to incorporate the name so I might delete sorry whoever requested it xx

anonymous asked:

hey hypaa this probably is kind of a weird ask but do you ever get sad being black in fandom? i am & whenever i read fic for.. idk ffxv w readers and such, there will always be a throwaway line that lets me know the author didnt really have black or brown girls in mind. and i can't really fault them for that? but i wish i could write well enough (or was at least brave enough to try?) to do something like that for black girls. ik this is random (sorry!!) but it's been on my mind a lot lately

Honestly, thanks for bringing this up, and don’t apologize for doing so, because it’s a major problem not only in this fandom, but in society in general. If we’re not being fetishized, then we’re forgotten in a sea of lighter, brighter faces that are coined as being the default, the epitome of beauty and all that matters.

It’s something that I try to avoid in my own reader inserts, and most of the reason why I love writing reader inserts anyway because I honestly want the reader to be immersed in what’s going on. I want them to be able to put themselves in the story without having to change intrinsically in order to do so. This is also why I like being relatable in my works, have the reader be more like we all are in everyday life in thoughts and actions rather than some persona that people may be in awe of but can’t really connect to.

This is also the reason why, unless I have a vested interest in the character itself, I do not vibe with OC centered fics. I mean, they’re not black or brown so how can I really connect with the vast majority of them, when as a black woman, I am constantly bombarded with imagery and media and the societal expectation that I should revere and emphasize with Eurocentric beauty standards and mindsets? I may be getting a bit too woke for Tumblr rn (everyone on FB already knows how much of an unapologetic black feminist I can be and I’ve lost many “friends” because of my stances), but like… our struggle is real, fam. There’s improvements every day, but in the words of Maxine Waters:

POC, especially in fandoms, gotta reclaim time. Otherwise, we will be effortlessly erased and no one will think anything of it.

That being said, I wanna write a lil black!reader series with all the bros. I just gotta wait till my muse comes up with something extra asf as set up to make them so great. :D
random mafia au idea?

have y’all seen that post where its like “all the crime front restaurants ive been to have had really good food”? well.

au where the boys are all brothers and theyre the kids in a crime organisation. virgil, logan, and roman are all their own kinds of ruthless. patton just wants to bake, doesn’t really want much to do with more unpleasant side of the family business

the solution?

patton gets his bakery, but it’s also the mafia’s front

anonymous asked:

Hello, the same anon about the missing request :D I hope it will work this time~ so.. how about some headcanons of the guys as protective parents and the reader (or Candy in other words) comes home with a hickey on their neck but later on after the freak out turns out that it's just a random bruise they (reader) got and didn't even notice it. Sorry if that's too specific and please make this gender-neutral ^^ thanks

(i feel like these aren’t that great im sorry fam)

Nathaniel would flip on the inside. He just kind of stares at you for a second before calmly, but intimidatingly asking “What is that y/n? Please don’t tell me that’s what I think it is.” He’ll sit there and wait for you to explain, and even though you’re totally and honestly confused he think you’re just trying to play dumb.. “Y/N, I’m trusting you enough to allow you to date but this is not acceptable! You can say goodbye to whoever it is you’re seeing because I will not put up with it. I know exactly how teens are, your mother and I were once teens too and if you think you can get away with-“

“Wait, dad, calm down! It’s not a hickey, it’s just a bruise from gym class. I got hit in the neck with a jump rope, I swear!”

He’d stop talking, and stare at you, disbelieving at first but once he sees the sincerity in your eyes he backs off.“Oh… W-well I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions but you should really find some cover up for that.”


Cas wouldn’t even give you an opportunity to explain yourself. As soon as he sees it he’s plotting your death, if you have one then your partner’s death too. “I know exactly how you teens are, there isn’t a single excuse that I haven’t used already!” He’s ranting on and on about how he’s going to kill whoever gave it to you, boy or girl but if he thinks it’s a boy that you’re dating he’s definitely even more pissed off because we all know teen Cassy is a little naughty, so he knows exactly what’s going through his head. So while you’re there trying to get your words in, he just keeps cutting you off until you finally just scream is name.


He stands there, in doubt for a few seconds before inspecting the “hickey” closer. “….You’re probably telling the truth, that’s too red to be a hickey anyways.” *carries on like he didn’t just yell at you for 5 full minutes*


Lysander is lowkey PISSED AS F***. An outsider wouldn’t be able to tell, with his calm and somewhat emotionless exterior but you as his child can tell by the way he raises his eyebrows, and he has this way of kind of passive aggressively speaking to you. When he sees it he just calmly approaches it. “Y/N, what exactly is on your neck?” He lets you explain but when you don’t know what he’s talking about he’s silently seething even more, he just doesn’t want to turn it into a huge deal so he stays chill. He does indirectly threaten your partner if you have one though. “I do like S/O very much but if I need to speak with them then I will…”

“Dad don’t freak out, I just burned myself with a curling iron this morning.”

He breathes an almost unnoticeable sigh of relief when you say that. He has enough trust in you to take your word for it so he won’t question further. “Well even still… You should make it clear to s/o in the future that I will step in if need-be.”


“What the hell’s on your neck???” He’s immediately interrogating you, already talking about killing your s/o and questioning whether or not you’re sexually active. “Wait, don’t answer that. You can talk to mom about that but ANYWAYS.” He honestly doesn’t even know how to handle it, he just knows he’s pissed asf and seriously wants to hit someone. “I will ruin your s/o’s life, don’t test me!” *immediately begins to plan ways to cause your s/o to live in misery* (But also like lowkey proud of you??? He’s horrible)

“Dad, chill out. It’s just paint from art class today.” He watches you smudge the paint, and then sighs in relief.

“Well then…. This is awkward.”

He silently retreats back to whatever he’s doing and kind of drops the subject all together.


Kentin automatically goes into overprotective dad mode. He’s the “I have a shot gun and an alibi” kind of parent. “WHO GAVE YOU A HICKEY” is the first thing he says to you. He doesn’t even bother to ask if that’s what it actually is, and is instead absolutely losing his shit over this strange marking. He’s picturing beating this person’s face in when he sees them. Overreacting and he knows it but he’s just upset because noooo his sweet child has a hickeyyyyyy He’s also lowkey on the verge of tears because he does not want yo growing up just yet.

“What?? Oh wait, you mean the fake tattoo on my neck???”

“You are too young for- Wait what…?”

Apologizes over and over and promises not to kill anyone.