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JUICE: cmon cmon cmon

TEN: This is first contact with humanity we are talking about. Far too much responsibility to just throw away on a dumb joke. No. Absolutely not.

JUICE: itll be funny


kiss meme based on this 
the first two are kinda angsty but the rest are happy stuff!

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I'm sorry may I ask for Keith voltron headcanons ur hcs are so Good

  • when he enters a room he automatically assesses his chances of beating the people inside in a fight
    • this is kinda horrifying but also. really funny
    • keith: *looks at shiro* *makes a mental note to add more push ups to his workout*
    • keith: *looks at lance* *nods because all is right in the world*
  • someone explained the “i say vol you say tron” thing to him a while back but he keeps messing it up because he thinks lance’s reactions are funny
  • *pidge drops down from the ceiling* keith, without looking up from his cereal: “hey”
  • has a weird stockholm syndrome-y relationship with country music since it was the only stuff on the radio out in the desert
    • he hates it. but. it was there for him when no one else was
  • is confused 72% of the time
  • the living embodiment of the words “fuck it”
  • refuses to refer to his hairstyle as a mullet. it’s just long lance. go away lance
  • keith: “why are you squeezing me with your body” hunk: “…it’s a hug, keith. i’m hugging you.”
    • alternatively: *literally anyone goes to hug keith* “…is…… is that a knife in your pocket”
  • “i just slept seven hours, which is twice as long as i usually sleep, so i’m a little disoriented”
Do That Again And I Might Just Forgive You (Tom Holland!Peter Parker x reader)(Slight smut)

Hey guys! Fourth imagine here on Tumblr! Yay! I had a lot of ideas for this one so I hope you enjoy my top pick. Don’t forget to leave prompts, questions, suggestions, and ideas in my inbox! Requests are always welcome! Love you guys! Hollanders for the win <3

- Xoxo K

Warnings: More that slight smut but not full blown. Mostly just heavy make out sessions, mentions of sex, and the beginning to a smut. (I might write the smutty ending to this prompt but idk yet. Tell me if you want me to.)

He ditched you once again, but this time it wasn’t just another date, it was Homecoming. You knew your boyfriend Peter was Spider-Man and you knew he had to save the city and all, so it didn’t really bother you all that much. However, Peter didn’t know that. He felt really bad every time he ditched and this time, he felt even worse. You were walking down the hallway trying to get to your locker when you heard your name being called. “Y/N!” That voice belonged to none other than Peter Parker. You turned around and saw the boy trying to get to you as fast as he could without bumping into anyone. So far he was doing a really bad job of that, mumbling a quiet “sorry” every now and then until he finally reached you. “Y/N” he said, slightly out of breath. “Yes, Peter?” You asked, giggling slightly. “I-I brought you these,” Peter said, pulling out a bag of Skittles, your favorite (If you don’t like Skittles I’m sorry, but I’m a taste the rainbow kinda girl… I encourage everyone to taste the rainbow). “Awww. Pete, you didn’t have to do this.” You sighed, happily. “I did though… I feel really bad.” Peter said, sadness in his eyes. You looked down at the skittles and then back up at Peter wondering if you could get something more intimate as apology from Peter, so you pulled out the guilt trip just to mess with him. “Peter, I’m sure we can make it up some how…” you trailed off. “I mean, nothing will be as unforgettable as Homecoming but…” Peter’s eyes locked with yours and he suddenly got an idea. “Unforgettable?” Peter spoke. “Alright.” Peter leaned in and kissed you with so much fire and passion, it would make anyone envious. His lips moved on yours like they had only one other time, the night he came to your window all battered and bruised and told you he was Spider-Man. Emotion was running wild in the kiss and in the midst of it all, you dropped the skittles to move your hands to his hair. Neither of you cared that you were in the hallway. In fact, it wasn’t until the morning announcements started, that you two even realized where you still were. You both pulled apart, your lips slightly pinker from the kiss. “Will you forgive me, Y/N?” Peter asked hopefully, hands still around your waist. Still in a sort of daze from the kiss, you looked up at him. He chuckled at your slight confusion, bringing you back from “Planet Peter” as your friends called it. “What?” You asked Peter. “I said,” Peter said, chuckling again. “Will you forgive me?” You looked smirked slightly, looking to the ground before turning your eyes up to meet his. Leaning into his ear, you whispered, “Do that again and I might just forgive you.” Peter’s jaw clenched as soon as the words left your mouth. When you pulled away from his ear, he looked into your eyes and was about to lean in, but you pulled away from him quickly causing him to shoot you a confused look. You leaned down, not breaking eye contact, to pick up your bag of Skittles off the ground. When you came back up, the words that left your mouth were like silk. Running your hand down Peter’s chest to his abs, you felt him tense. “If you want it Parker,” you say smirking seductively, moving your hand to place your finger under his chin. “You’ll have to come and catch me” You say, wiggling the bag of Skittles in your hand before taking off down the hall. Peter wasted no time in taking off after you. Oh boy… were you going to forgive him alright ;)

~ Extended Ending ~

“So you got detention…” You heard the voice of Captain America on the TV set. Peter was sitting next to you and you shot him a look of complete and utter boredom. Yeah… maybe making Peter that horny wasn’t a good idea because now you’re both in detention. “Sorry.” Peter whispered to you. You smirked slightly. “It’s fine. Don’t sweat it.” You smirked even wider. “I think we’ve both done enough of that today.” He blushed slightly and looked down at his desk. He looked back up at you with a smirk now. “Hey, Y/N?” You looked towards Peter. “Yeah?” You replied, still in a whisper. Peter nudged his head towards the teachers desk where the gym teacher was now asleep. “You thinking what I’m thinking?” Peter smirked. You have him a look back. “No. Peter! We already got caught! Do you want to risk it again?!” You whisper yelled to Peter. You couldn’t deny the way you still wanted him though and you gave in to the mischief. “Let’s go!” You said quickly. Peter’s smirk got impossibly miser and you got up first. When you reached the bathroom, you shot Peter a text to let him know you were waiting. Not even a second later, Peter was out the door, running down the hall as fast as he could. As soon as he was through the door, his lips were on yours. The excitement at thought of what was about to happen, reaching your core before his fingers even did.

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((hey all sorry to say mod aint doing too hot mentally and im gunna be taking a week off from guyslikeus. ill be back i have so many ideas im just kinda a hot mess right now and need to stop putting so much pressure on myself aaaahaha. ill be drawing for some other random askblogs so keep ur eyes peeled but other than that ill see u next friday! love you all!))

((EDIT: mod is back now but i like this doodle so im keeping it up lol look at them shruggy boys))

What Angers the Mars Signs the Most

Mars in Aries:      When someone stops them from getting what they want

Mars in Taurus:    When you threaten their control

Mars in Gemini:    When they are not validated for their admirable qualities

Mars in Cancer:    When you don’t acknowledge their feelings and concerns

Mars in Leo:          When you don’t ensure they know you love and respect them

Mars in Virgo:        When you don’t meet their standards

Mars in Libra:         When you act unfairly or seem biased to them

Mars in Scorpio:     When you make them look weak

Mars in Sagittarius: When you don’t respect their opinions

Mars in Capricorn:  When you mess up their plans

Mars in Aquarius:    When you belittle them and tell them what to do

Mars in Pisces:        When you threaten their ideals

911 / mr. lonely - peter parker x reader

fandom: the avengers/peter parker

word count: 1335

character pairing: tom holland’s peter parker x reader

warnings: none ion think

prompt: Hey dude I read that cuddling helps you sleep better, you wanna try it out? (taken from this prompt list)

notes: i watched spider-man yesterday and i busted a fat nut bc it was everything i expected and more. the fucking rubble scene fucked me up so bad omg. tom holland has been, is and always WILL be my unproblematic fave. anyways enjoy i’ve been gone for like a week. (again, gif isn’t mine. idk whose it is. props 2 them n stuff. u guys rock) UHHHHH ALSO i wrote these all in microsoft word instead of wattpad (lmao) so everything is capitalized now???? weird. 

Hey dude I read that cuddling helps you sleep better, you wanna try it out?


Sleep has never been a close friend of yours.

You often lay awake at night, staring at your ceiling until sun shone through your windows, and you were forced to get out of bed and start your day. Of course, the rest of the team wasn’t aware of your sleeping habits, until one day, you collapsed during training before even getting hit.

“I’m worried about you, kid,” Tony explained, sliding you a cup of coffee. “you might be a superhero, but you need sleep just as much as the rest of the world.” You raised an eyebrow as you took a sip of the bitter drink.

“I could say the same to you,” you drawled, placing your mug on it’s coaster. “I’m not sure what exactly it is you expect me to do, Tony. Try sleeping? Trust me, I’ve tried. I just… can’t.”

“Maybe you need a cuddle buddy,” Tony joked, placing his cup in the sink and leaning against the counter. “if you’re ever down for a bit of a cuddle, you know where to find me.”

“No thanks, old man,” you grinned at his glare. “I think what I need is a drug to knock me out for 8 hours.” Due to your enhancement, there was no over-the-counter drug that could bring you the sleep you desperately needed.

Tony snorted. “A horse tranquilizer, you mean?” you felt a lot better after flipping the bird to his back.

That night, you were preparing for another sleepless 8 hours when a knock on the door made you get out of bed earlier than you expected.

“Peter?” the last person you expected at your door was Peter Parker, yet there he was, standing in his pyjamas with a pillow in his hands. “What are you doing here? Is everything alright?”

He nodded quickly, and you caught the way his fingers tapped against his thighs nervously. “Yeah, yeah, everything’s cool,” he said easily. “Um, Mr. Stark mentioned that you’ve been having trouble sleeping?”

You raised an eyebrow at him. “He did?” Peter only nodded in response. “Well, I hope you’re here with a couple of lines of ketamine, because that’s probably my only cure at this point.” You laughed when Peter’s eyes widened. “I’m kidding. Relax. Come in.” He walked in, allowing you to close the door behind him. You walked ahead of him, taking a seat at the edge of your bed. “So what’s up?”

Peter cleared his throat, and took a seat next to you, holding his pillow to his chest. “Well, I read that cuddling helps you sleep better. Wanna try it out?” Your jaw dropped, and Peter began to panic. “W-Well- Uh, I only meant- Like, you know what? I’m just gonna-.”

“Wait!” you grabbed his wrist to stop him from leaving, pulling him back. “wait, uh. I think that might work, actually.” Truthfully, you had no faith in this plan and wherever Peter read this, was probably not a reliable source. But Peter was hot and you’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t have the slightest of crushes on him.

Peter looked hopeful. “Really?”

“Yeah,” you shrugged and took his pillow from him. “wouldn’t hurt to try, right?” Peter’s heart was racing as he nodded, watching you place his pillow next to yours and climb into bed. “You coming?”

“H-Huh? Oh yeah, yeah, of course,” he said, walking over to the opposite side of the bed and climbing under the covers. He turned onto his side to face you, raising an eyebrow at your stiff figure. “Is this your first time cuddling someone?” You nodded bashfully, and he grinned. “Well, come closer, first of all.”

You shuffled closer to him, swallowing thickly. “Like this?”

He covered up his laughter with a cough, reaching over to take your hand. “Is this okay?” he asked, looping an arm over your waist and tugging your body closer to his, chests pressed together. He waited for you to nod and curl your hands up on his chest before continuing. “Relax,” he said, one of his hands coming up to brush the wisps of hair away from your face. “you know I’m not gonna hurt you.”

That wasn’t your issue. You knew Peter would never hurt you; he was too gentle of a soul for that. But you weren’t kidding when you told Peter this was your first time cuddling. You didn’t know how to do this- what if you messed up? Could you mess up? You weren’t sure how these things worked.

“I know,” you said quietly, feeling yourself relax against Peter’s body. “this is just-,”

“New?” He guessed. You nodded. “Don’t worry. Cuddling comes naturally. You’ll get it.”

And eventually, you did. You weren’t sure how long the two of you were lying there, just talking, but eventually, you’d stopped, feeling yourself become less and less cognitive and sleepier. This was a new sensation to you, seeing as you were actually ready to fall asleep before 7:00am. You remember pushing your face into the crook where Peter’s shoulder and neck met, letting out a content sigh. That’s how you fell asleep, you think, with Peter’s hand splayed across your back, breathing quietly into your hair.

So of course, you woke up half on top of him, one of your legs slotted between his. Peter had an arm around your waist, holding you steady atop of him. One of your arms was crossed over his chest, your thumb pressed to his cheek. This was the most peaceful state you’d been in, in a long time.

“Holy shit, he did it!”

Peter cracked open a bleary eye to see four of the earth’s mightiest heroes peaking their head through your bedroom door, which was hardly cracked open. His eyes shot open once he realized the position the two of you were in, glancing down at your sleeping body then back up at Tony, who had his eyes narrowed and teeth gritted.

“Fuck, he’s awake.”

“Hands to yourself, Parker.”

Sorry, Mr. Stark! Peter mouthed as you somehow managed to move closer onto Peter, nose brushing his neck. He remained helpless as you breathed slowly, obviously still asleep- so he thought.

“Are you guys seriously spying on them?” Peter could detect Steve’s voice and silently thanked the heavens for his sudden appearance. “Come on, let the kids sleep. They deserve it.” As Steve escorted everyone away, and re-closed the bedroom door, Peter relaxed, squeezing you lightly and resting his cheek on top of your head. He knew there was no way he was going to get back to sleep, but he was willing to lay there and hold you until you woke up, if that’s what you needed.

“Are they gone?” you hummed, your voice still scratchy from sleep. You stretched, arching your back as you yawned. “God, that was an invasion of privacy. Sorry for this, by the way. I’m kinda all over you.”

“I don’t- I don’t mind,” Peter stuttered, suddenly very aware of all the ways your body pressed against his. “Really. I’m glad you found a way to sleep.”

You propped yourself up on your elbow, staring down at Peter with a sort of fondness you couldn’t identify. He looked really good, for someone who just woke up. His hair was a fluffy mess that stuck up instead of combed to the side, and you couldn’t deny that he suited it. And you never really cared for brown eyes until you saw them on Peter’s face.

“Thanks, Parker,” you said, leaning down to press your lips to his cheek. “I appreciate it.” You rolled out of bed, and you could feel Peter’s eyes on you as you stretched. Holding back your laughter, you made your way to your washroom. “I’ll see you around.”

“Y-Yeah, no problem! Anytime,” he stuttered, watching the bathroom door close behind you. He touched his hand to his cheek, and grinned. “anytime.”

No Pressure

Steve x reader

Summary: you just needed someone to act as a barrier between you and an unwanted encounter with an ex.

Warnings: someone gets a little grabby, for just a sec.

Word Count: 1472

A/N: I suck at naming things. Also, this is my first time writing something that involves someone being slightly rough with the reader, as in, they grab the reader’s arm. It’s very brief, and the reader retaliates. But you get to see Steve fumbling over his words in front of a lady, so at least there’s that.

Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

Steve was having one of those days where the fact that he couldn’t get drunk on ordinary alcohol was a real drag. The mission he’d just returned from had been kind of rough; their lead on a HYDRA base was incomplete and they’d essentially walked into a trap.

The good news was that everyone came home. The flip side was that most of them were pretty banged up. Sam ended up with some bruised ribs, Wanda sprained an ankle and had a terrible migraine, a bullet grazed Clint’s calf. Everyone had a generous coating of bruises and scrapes. Even Steve left with a sore wrist and a limp, though he was lucky; he’d be fine by morning.

There was an aggravating mix of opposing thoughts floating through his head. He didn’t want to hover around his injured teammates like a mother hen, even though he cared for their well-being more than his own. He also didn’t want them to blame him for the mission’s problems, so he figured he’d get out of the tower. But even that came with the feeling that he was running from the reality of how the day unfolded.

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Come Clean - Part 3 (Final)

Summary: The reader catches Jensen snooping through her phone. 

Pairing: Jensen x Reader 

Word Count: 3,262

Part 1 Part 2

“What the hell was that, Jensen? Tell me now.” Danneel demands angrily narrowing her eyes.

“Um…she…well…I’ll be right back, ok?”


“Just give me a minute! I have to talk to Jared.” Jensen bolts to his costar’s trailer without waiting for a reply.

“What’s up?” Jared asks when Jensen bursts through his door like a mad man.

“What did Y/N say?”

“About what?”

“Don’t fuck with me right now, Padalecki.” Jensen growls surprising them both.

“I really don’t wanna be in the middle of this, man.” Jared sighs running a hand through his long chestnut hair.

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Monsta X As Things My Friends Have Said

Shownu: “I don’t want to deal with your drama, okay? The only reason I came to this thing is because I heard there was going to be food, which there isn’t, so now I’m going to kindly get the f*ck out and go get some Taco Bell. Peace.” 

Wonho: “I would just like to make it clear that you guys are forcing me onto this roller coaster against my will, and if I fall off and die, I have a perfectly plausible reason to come back from my lovely home in heaven and haunt your asses.”

Minhyuk: “Why is the #2 pencil called a #2 pencil? Isn’t it the most popular of pencils? Shouldn’t it be the #1 pencil? This world is so messed up, not giving credit where it belogs.”

Kihyun: ‘I’m sorry, I’m going to have to go check my receipt. I’m pretty sure I didn’t buy any of the bullsh*t you just gave me.” 

Hyungwon: “I’m literally the best looking person in this school, and I mean that in the most humble and down to earth way as possible. Kinda.”

Jooheon: “I hate hanging out with you! Whenever I do it’s like I’m a constant 3rd wheel even though there’s only the two of us!”

I.M: “My highlight is brighter than my future. No, wait, scratch that. It’s brighter than ALL of our futures.”

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I Really Really Missed You (Suggestive)

Originally posted by infinitblaq

A/N: sorry this isn’t the best and also that it took 27835 years lmao @choco-seventeen

It wasn’t easy to be in love with a boy that was never home, especially tonight. You hummed quietly to yourself while you mixed a dollop of honey into your tea. Your feet stood idly on the cold tile floor making your skin prickle and a chill jolting up your back. Only a big white tank top hung over your frame, Jun’s T-shirt to be exact. It was an old T-shirt he left behind while he went on tour three weeks ago, a small red stain of what you hoped was ketchup on the collar of the shirt making you understand why Jun left it behind.

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Chamber of Secrets - Part 23

Originally posted by robertsdowneystark

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: Sorry for the wait! This was a long and difficult one to write, phew! 

Series Masterlist

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Life of the Party

Warnings: Alcohol use and some naughty things are implied but it’s not bad!! (I don’t write smut pls don’t ask me to)

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker

Genre: Angst ?? Maybe?

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: Wowee I’m trying to whip these out buT I hope you guys are liking them so far, I’m making a masterlist as we speak :) Also don’t be afraid to send me requests because I love them!!

You knew taking Peter to a house party was a bad idea. Recently he’d been getting more and more physically fit (you had no idea how, exercise was that boy’s worst enemy) but he was still pretty small. You had never seen Peter drink before and you were fairly sure this would be his first time so you insisted that he started off slow.

“Dude trust me, you’re a lightweight,” you laughed as he grabbed another red cup filled with God knows what. “Take it easy, I don’t want to have to drag you home.”

“Don’t worry, I can handle it,” he insisted and downed the contents immediately. “Listen, I’m gonna go try to find the bathroom. I’ll be back in a minute.” You nodded and watched him leave, rolling your eyes as soon as he turned away. There was absolutely no way this night was going to end up well for him. Peter wasn’t really the partying type since he was painfully awkward and nerdy. You loved him to death but socializing really wasn’t his thing. It was your own fault that he had even gone in the first place. The party was being thrown by your best friend Emma who you knew had a massive crush on Peter.

“Hey Y/N!” Speak of the devil, Emma appeared in front of you with a huge grin on her face. You could tell she was a little tipsy herself by her rosy cheeks and the smell of alcohol that was coming off of her.

“Em, this is such a great party!” you examined. “I’m glad I finally found you, I got ditched by Peter so I’m flying solo at the moment.”

“He’s here?!” she asked incredulously. You nodded, laughing at the shock on her face.

“He left a few minutes ago to find the bathroom. I don’t know if he’ll ever come back,” you giggled.

“Oh my god, I didn’t think you’d be able to get him to come. I need to change, will you help me pick out an outfit that’ll impress him? I think tonight is the night.” You agreed to help her against your better judgement. You knew that Emma had been crushing on him for a while, but it suddenly became way too real. Don’t get me wrong, you loved her dearly, but she had a bad habit of sleeping with guys and then losing interest almost immediately afterwards. You really didn’t want Peter to get hurt and you knew that you would probably feel super awkward about it for the rest of your life. That and the fact that you had some feelings for him as well. Not that you’d ever tell anyone that though.

You followed Emma up to her room and watched as she pulled out different articles of clothing from her closet. You felt a tiny bit nauseous as you noticed how little fabric each of them was made of. It’s not that you didn’t want her to be happy, it’s just that you knew how this always went. Emma was stunningly beautiful, smart, and funny so she never had any trouble getting what she wanted.

“Y/N, do you think Peter would prefer a hot pink or black thong?” she asked with a wink.

“I-I don’t know,” you stuttered. “I don’t think he cares all that much.”

“You’re probably right,” she said, sighing. “I think I’m gonna go with pink. It’ll look cuter and match my bra. So, I was thinking maybe I should wear either the bodycon dress or this crop top. Opinions?” You were growing more anxious by the second, your breath caught in your throat.

“I like the dress,” you finally managed to say. Emma’s face lit up.

“I thought the same thing!” she exclaimed. “Alright, before I get changed I have to make sure you’re good with this. I know you and Peter are really close so if this is weird at all please let me know.” This was your chance. It was the perfect opportunity to tell her how you felt about him. Your brain was screaming at you to tell her the truth, to stop this whole thing.

“Nope,” you said with the best fake smile you could muster. “Go get him, tiger.” She laughed and punched your arm, disappearing to change her clothes. You let out the breath you didn’t realize you had been holding. The air was stifling and you decided it was time for you to head home. You stepped into the hallway and dialed Peter’s number. He picked up on the third ring.

“Y/N!” he shouted. “Where are you? I just did like three shots of something and I feel great! This dude gave me a brownie earlier and, let me tell you, that wasn’t a normal brownie. You gotta come here, we’re playing truth or dare!”

“Pete, I’m not feeling that great,” you said, which was true. “I think I’m gonna head home. I don’t want to ruin your night so Emma offered to make sure you get home safe.”

“What?” he asked loudly. “No way, you have to stay! This is so fun!”

“Sorry, my ride’s here,” you said.

“But you drove us-” he started to argue but you hung up. You shoved your phone in your pocket and made your way back downstairs. You felt super lightheaded and dizzy and quickly found a bathroom where you threw up all the alcohol you had drank. You sat on the floor in front of the toilet for a while feeling absolutely miserable. When you felt well enough, you stood up and went to leave. You were halfway out the door before you realized you didn’t have your keys. They must have been up in Emma’s room still. You groaned, trudging back up to retrieve them. When you got to her room, you saw that the door was closed and probably locked.  

“Fantastic,” you grumbled. “I wonder what could possibly be happening in there…” You started pacing as you considered your options but went completely still as you heard Peter’s voice from inside.

“H-hey Emma, I don’t know about this,” he said. She said something back that you couldn’t quite make out. She obviously wasn’t as wasted as he was and could actually control the volume of her voice.

“What are you doing?” he asked, the panic in his voice making you a million times more anxious. “Ok hold on don’t take this the wrong way, you’re really hot and… girl-ish, but uh I don’t think we should…”

“Why not?” you heard Emma ask, sounding hurt. “Is there somebody else? Are you just not ready? Because in that case I’ll totally wait!”

“Um yeah there’s someone else,” he said. “I’m really really sorry.” This puzzled you a little. Peter had been pretty open about his crushes in the past, but he hadn’t said anything to you recently about anyone. Apparently Emma had the same thought.

“Who is it?” she asked. There was a long pause. “Oh my god, I knew it! She doesn’t know, does she?”

“No,” Peter replied, “and I don’t know if she should… Promise you won’t tell her?”

“How could I not?” Emma exclaimed. “Y/N is my best friend!” Your heart stopped. They were talking about you? You backed away from the door, processing this information. Tonight obviously was a bad time to confront him about it since you were fairly confident he wouldn’t remember anything in the morning. How would you bring it up though? You were super overwhelmed and at that point you just wanted to go to bed. Summoning all of your courage, you knocked on the door. The voices went silent, and after a moment Emma opened the door.

“Uh hi,” you said awkwardly. “I didn’t mean to interrupt, I think I left my keys here earlier and I kinda need them…” You glanced behind your friend and your eyes met with Peter’s. He looked away almost immediately. His shirt was on inside out and his hair was messed up, and you tried to ignore the dark purple spot on his neck.

“Oh! Hang on, I’ll grab them,” Emma said with a noticeably forced smile.

“Thanks,” you said. “Um hey Pete. Sorry I’m leaving early, I-”

“I’ll go with you,” he said quickly. “I drank a lot and I can barely see straight, I think I’m done for the night.”

“O-Okay,” you said. Emma handed you your keys and you smiled sympathetically.

“I guess I’ll see you guys later,” she said. “Drive safe!”

“Thanks,” you said. “It was fun, enjoy the rest of the party!” You turned and quickly left, Peter trailing behind you. You intended to just ignore him on the way home, but he was stumbling so much that you had to help him walk. With his arm around your shoulder, the two of you walked outside to look for your car.

“So,” Peter said after a while. “You were right. I should have taken it easy with the drinks.” You laughed softly, unlocking your car as you approached.

“It’s all good,” you said. “Although, you might regret it a lot more in the morning.”

“I have something I have to tell you,” he blurted. “Emma was there and we were kissing and stuff but like it wasn’t right and basically what I’m trying to say is that IreallylikeyouandIwannadateyou.”

“Peter you’re drunk, just get in the car,” you laughed.

“I’m being serious!” he exclaimed as he sat down in the passenger seat.

“I know you are,” you said. “Let’s talk about it tomorrow, ok? That way you can ask me out properly and you’ll actually remember when I say yes.”

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Hey gorgeous!! 142 please!

Harry’s standing next to you, casually sipping his drink and scanning the room presumably looking for a woman to catch his interest. Because, you, of course, would never catch his interest. It didn’t matter, tonight wasn’t the night for moping about your unrequited crush on Harry. No, because another guy held your attention right now as he walked into the bar, with his familiar stature and clothes.

“Harry,” You lightly hit his arm repeatedly to get his attention, “Harry, look.”

He follows your eyes until he sees him, your ex boyfriend in all his glory, patting another man on the back in greeting.

“Do you wanna leave?” He asks, turning his eyes back to yours and you can see the concern in them. “We can go.”

But you don’t have time to think it over because you can see him behind Harry, getting closer and closer to the both of you. Panicking, you say quickly “Hold my hand so he gets jealous.” and grab Harry’s hand before he can argue with you.

“Y/N?” You turn around at the sound of your ex boyfriend’s voice.

“Derek?” You act surprised to see him, “Oh my gosh, how are you?”

Harry settles into his role as your fake boyfriend, gently tugging your hand and then tucking you under his arm protectively, “Babe, who’s this?” You have to remind yourself he’s just playing along as the pet name makes your heart flutter.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Harry this is… An old friend.” You say awkwardly, “Derek, this is my boyfriend, Harry.”

Derek looks almost confused as he shakes Harry’s hand, “Boyfriend, huh?”

“Yeah,” Harry looks at you and smiles and you can almost fool yourself into thinking he really is in love with you, “I’m really lucky.” Harry leans in to kiss your temple and with his lips on your skin you dissolve into a giggly mess.

“I’m so sorry.” You say to Derek through your giggles, pressing your hands against Harry’s chest as his forehead still leans against your head, “He get’s kinda affectionate when he’s drunk.”

Derek’s stare goes right through you and he looks almost… sad. You didn’t think you’d actually get him jealous, but he forces a smile and steps away from you, “It was nice seeing you.” And then he disappears into the crowd.

Harry doesn’t immediately disentangle himself from you. “Can I ask you something?” He says, face still very close to yours.

You swallow, “Sure.”

“Why did your heart speed up so quickly when I touched you?”

Ah. His fingers against your wrist made sense now.

You shrug, “Normal, human response. Can’t help it.”

He nods, “So what’s your explanation for your pupils dilating when we’re outside in the sun?”

He’s caught you and he knows it.

Fuck it, right? You don’t know where the sudden burst of bravery comes from but you turn to him and say, “I’m in love with you.”

His eyes widen, “I didn’t think you’d admit it.”

You shrug, “How long have you known?”

“About a month or so.”

“And you don’t feel the same.” It wasn’t a question.

“I was so afraid to screw it up I didn’t say anything.”

“I know, don’t worry, I won’t let this get in the way of our friend— What did you just say?”

He smiles, “I feel the same way about you, I’m just afraid to mess it up.”

A smile spreads across your face and you start giggling again, conscious of the adoration in his eyes as he stares at your mouth and before you can stop yourself, you’re kissing him.

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BTS Reactions #3- Love at First Sight

NAMJOON-  Life as a flight attendant could be pretty exhausting.  You were constantly dealing with irritable passengers and long hours stuck trailing up and down the aisles in the cramped plane.  It didn’t help that the dress code required you to be in heels and a uniform that did nothing to relax your posture.  Your face was also so heavy in overly colorful makeup, you couldn’t wait to get home and wipe it all of and put on some sweatpants.  

  Currently, you were bending over the small space between to rows of seats in an effort to capture the empty soda cans the most recent passengers left behind.  You really couldn’t understand why they felt the need to shove it into the seats.  Suddenly, you felt a tap on your shoulder.  You turned around to be met with a fellow co-worker of yours.  

  “Hey (Y/n), Ally got sick last minute so do you mind taking her spot up in first class for the next flight?”  Inwardly, you groaned.  First class passengers were the worst.  They were just so entitled and saw flight attendants as personal slaves.  You were half way done with declining the offer when you suddenly stopped.  Ally had worked your shift that one time you had a family emergency on that flight to Germany.  You guessed it was time to repay the favor. 

  The next set of passengers were way less rowdier than ones on the last flight.  For that, you silently thanked god. However, now was the time you were dreading.  It has been 15 minutes since take off, and now officially time to go out and offer drinks and snacks.  You dreaded dragging that huge cart around to serve arrogant rich people.  

  You had just begun going down the aisles when you heard a loud boom at the end of your cart.  You gasped.  Uh-oh.  your worst fear came true, you hit someone with the cart.  Scared at being yelled at, you ran up to the person who you hit.  He was currently rubbing the back of his head, telling you he probably poked his head out at the same time you were pushing the heavy cart forward.   To add insult to injury, you spotted a huge stain on his shirt.  Great, you even spilled a drink on him too.

  “Oh my god, I’m so sorry.”  You said while padding away at the mess that was on his shirt.  

  “Oh, it’s okay.  I’m kinda clumsy t-” Suddenly he cut off as he stared up at you.  Prepared to get chewed out in front of everyone, you rushed to explain yourself.  

  “I’m sorry, I swear I didn’t see you.  If it helps I can offer you anything from this menu for free.”  You looked up from the huge stain, to see him staring at you.  

  You noticed that he was quite handsome however his eyes looked glossy as his overall expression became dazed.  Then, you heard him whisper in that deep voice of his, “So pretty.”

  Your heart dropped, you gave him a concussion!  

  “Oh my god, I’m gonna loose my job.”  And to your confusion he just laughed.

  this was the story of how you met your boyfriend, Namjoon.

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JIN-  The brisk spring air hit your body in a rush as you sped down the street.  To your calculations, all you had was two more houses to go and then your shift would be done.  And just in time for your favorite K-drama too!  

  Being a student was hard.  Although you loved focusing all your attention to getting your degree in health in order to help people, bills were pilling up and you could only apply for so much financial aid.  Eventually you got off the couch and applied for some part time jobs.  Although it was annoying to have to begin work right after you get off class, the running electricity and food in your fridge thanked you.  

  Eventually you reached you destination, and got off your bike.  You took off your helmet and switched it for the box of steaming chicken.  Quickly, you took out your phone and double checked the address. You were at the right place.

  As you stalked up the the home, you couldn’t help but notice how big it was.  Perhaps today was your lucky day and you would actually be delivering some chicken to a celebrity.  You chuckled at the thought.  

  You rang the doorbell and patiently waited.  It took only a few moments for the door to open to reveal a very tall, broad-shouldered and angel-faced man.  He didn’t spare you a look and instead dug around in his pockets for his wallet.  

  Somewhere in the back of your mind, you realized he looked oddly familiar.  You could’ve sworn that you saw him on television or something.  But, you decided to leave it as he probably wouldn’t like being asked about his social status.  

  “How much do I owe you?” he asked quietly.

   “14.50 please.”  you answered shortly.  

  Out of nowhere, you heard a fast intake of breath.  Concerned, you looked up to find he had dropped his wallet and was staring at you with his jaw dropped. 

  “Sir, are you okay?”  

  He just continued staring at you as though he had never seen a girl before.  it took him 15 minutes to fork over the money and let you leave.  

  Three weeks later, Jin would still call up the chicken place demanding that YOU deliver.  

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   Yoongi-  So you weren’t the smartest.  You weren’t the prettiest.  And you weren’t necessarily charming at all.  But there was something you were extremely passionate about…and that was music.  

  You were a college dropout and a starving artist.  Although you weren’t making your parents extremely proud, you were living life the way you wanted to and focused all of your attention on music.  

  Music helped you through so much in life, you dedicated your life to it.  However, the world wasn’t as understanding as you wished it to be.  This explained why you were playing your violin at the city corner playing for tips in hopes of paying your rent on time.

  Some kind people watched for a while and dropped a few crumpled ones into your jar.  But other than that, people continued to pass you, too caught up in their lives to care about yours.  

  Unknown to you, a man who was sitting on a bench nearby couldn’t help but notice the interesting tune that was floating through the city.  As he sipped on his coffee, his eyes began to search for the source of such a gorgeous sound.  Like a moth to flame, his sight landed on yours as you continued to play your violin.  

  He almost choked on his drink when he saw you.  For a few minutes he continued to stare, wondering if he was dreaming or not.

  Subtly, he passed by your jar just to quietly deposit a $50 dollar tip.

  In the next few days, you couldn’t help but notice that your tips got higher.  For some reason, you always ended up with at least one 50 dollar bill.  You thought about this on the bus ride over to your usual city spot.  Perhaps your music just go better?  The thought made you smile.

  You had only been at you spot for 5 minutes when rain suddenly began pouring down on you and your violin.  your groaned loudly as you witnessed potential tippers run off to nearby shops for protection from the weather.  You were about ready to head off home, when you felt a tap on your shoulder.  You turned around to see a man whom you’ve never seen before.

  All he did was smirk and ask, “You know after all those fifty dollar bills, I think I at least deserve your company for getting coffee.”

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dating jughead jones would include

a/n: this was a fun time love my dramaqueen baby jughead jones

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» i feel like you would have to ask jughead out.  like archie or betty or even ronnie would be all like “Y/N, jughead likes you more than anything in the world and you’d be silly to not ask him out.”

» just hinting the idea that you do so bc he’d be too uncomfortable to.  

» not to continue the trope that jughead is confused about relationship stuff bc i don’t necessarily think that’s true.

» but i think he’s the type to question his own skill in the area and while he’s actually good at it… just not be able to convince himself he’s capable so he never makes the first move.

» but once you’re together i feel like he’d still be u know pulling out chairs and opening doors.

» he’d probably like… only take you to pop’s though.  because it’s familiar.  it works.  a sort of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” sort of mindset.

» you wouldn’t mind.

» “i can’t believe you’re one of those people who dips fries in their milkshakes.”

  “jughead, you’re only saying that because you hate nice things.”

  “i don’t hate you”

» *rolls eyes at your boyfriend who is so smart but … so dumb*

» he’s a reader and a writer so while he my act like hes not a romantic we all know he is.

» it’s not like he’d want a perfect relationship picnic in the park but… he’d kind of expect it.

» so when you have your first fight and it’s not in the rain he gets a little confused.

» always thinking he’s right.

» nobody talks about the fact that he really knows how smart he is.  he’d act on that, too.

» so he’d need somebody to tell him that what he did wasn’t the best move.  probably unintentionally making you feel stupid.  it would be a learning curve.

» “jughead i love you but…”

  “I messed up.  i know, now.”

» i feel like he’s the type to just not say sorry and that’s something you’d need to understand.  like he’d really never understand that he’s wholly wrong in a certain situation and never be able to take blame.  idk is this just me?

» but when he realizes he kinda messed up like someone tells him he did he’d be really sweet.

» he’s a cuddler.  but not a big spoon little spoon type.  he’d like to look at you while you guys are together, facing one another.  

» i wouldn’t say he thinks you’re like… the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.  he’d think you’re beautiful, sure.  but he’d be much more in-tune to the things that make you interesting.  scars, freckles, stretch marks… that sort of stuff.

» i think it’s bc he’s really into the human element of people and things that make you .. well..  not a god are what he find beautiful.

» another kinda quirky thing you’d have to get used to.

» dating jughead i think would be a 100% unique experience.  like literally nothing else.  and not always in good ways but in kinda strange ways.

» he wouldn’t be into intense pda but he’d like little things like playing with your fingers while you two sat next to each other or making little braids in your hair.  the pda would be because he wants to be near you, touching you, not because he needs everyone else to know you guys are a thing.

» he’d get so smushy.  he acts all intense but you know if you make a joke he’s always laughing.  

» “jughead, you’re being a drama queen.”

» just thinking you have this incredible mind in your head that he loves so much.  anything that comes out of it he’d find interesting and beautiful.

» your intellectual teasing fights would be so confusing to everyone around you all the time.  

» *cue your friends googling words and then mouths agape at the word you just used against one another*

» you guys would probably argue about the best meter in which to write or some shit nd have competitions to make up the best words

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Spidey-Suit Screw Up (Peter Parker x Reader)

Prompt Request: From Anon: 

1 + 30 from Darcy’s prompt list? With Tom Holland!/Spiderman Homecoming Peter Parker ♡ (The prompts are in Bold)

Warnings: Fluffy!!!!!! 

Word Count: 1,100

I was at Peter’s house for a sleepover, Aunt May didn’t mind at all and she loved me a lot - which I was extremely grateful for that; Pete would be coming back from school anytime soon, as for me, I was lucky and got a scholarship at some fancy academy and we finished early on Fridays.

“I’m going out, Pete should be back soon… And no funny stuff even though I know you’re not that dumb” She chuckled, babbling on before she left. 

What should I do… I’ll clean up around here.

I cleaned a lot of stuff up in a short amount of time, such as Pete’s whole room and the kitchen, May deserved this, she worked hard and I’m sure Peter didn’t cook very much.

Now I was bored again… I know what I’ll do, I’ll try on his Spidey suit… It looked so hot on him, so why not give it a try - I mean, it was worth it, I had been working out a lot lately.

The suit wasn’t exactly hidden very well, so I could find it in no time, I made a mental note to put it somewhere better.

I started to put on the rubbery, latex-like material and it felt funny, luckily, I had shaved, otherwise that would’ve killed like a bitch.

It framed my body perfectly when I pressed that weird little spidery thing in the middle of the suit – don’t worry though, I still had my undergarments on, I didn’t feel like flashing anyone today… especially not Pete.

I tried getting the suit off after a while so I resorted to locking myself in the bathroom, that’s the rational thing to do in this situation, right? What if I accidently ruined the house, that wouldn’t be good, so I think I’m fine.

Pfft, I’m lying; I’m totally freaked out right now.

That’s when I heard a noise, it was the door unlocking and Peter was on the phone “yeah dude, I can’t believe I got her, I’m so lucky man… She’s so hot and beautiful and smart- honestly I could go on for days”.

“… Yeah… Oh shit dude, I need to go, see ya Ned!” he said carefully, presumably hanging up the phone

“whoever you are, show yourselves!” he said trying to sound manly, but it failed.

I let out a squeak in response “uh, s- sorry Pete it’s just me- uh, don’t come in – I’m – uh” I stuttered.

I had to come up with a response – and fast “yeah I uh, I’ve bled everywhere, I’m on my period- huge mess… you wouldn’t want to see me like this, I look like I’ve murdered a whole village, yeah- it’s that bad- but you can’t come in- I’m uh fine” I lied.

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Waving Goodbye (Part 3)

Series Includes: Steve x reader, Friend!Sam x reader and lots of angst.

Brief Synopsis: You are tired of sharing Steve with the world, but he refuses to stop dedicating his life to helping people, even if it means losing you. Based on the song “Waving Goodbye” by Sia.

Word Count: 770

A/N: It’s finally here! I’m sorry I take forever to write. My brain likes to switch between all of the drafts and ideas I have constantly, so it’s just mess. Anyway, this is going to end up having more parts than I expected because what I originally planned for part three is too long and I had to split it up. I know it’s kinda moving slow, but I hope you guys enjoy.

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After Sam returned from his run, you made him help you start searching for apartments to look at, deciding to take the first step toward a life without Steve. If you didn’t start soon, you might change your mind again, and you couldn’t afford to keep your life on hold any longer.

With a few days of research, you had found a good selection of places to consider. Since you were making some progress, you determined that it was time to return Steve’s sweatshirt, but every time you mustered the courage to go to his apartment, he was never there.

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