sorry if it look bad


EB: i’m not too late for the new years… am i?

The left arm and leg of a giant alien robot 

[the right side] [the head]

asking-tokyo-ghoul  asked:

I'm sorry you're having a bad day, I hope things look up for you soon and thank you for telling Elizabeth hello for me, and translating her reply. She's much more polite than my cat. -Dee

Heh. She is pretty polite.

mod ouma doesnt have their submit box open on their person blog so i hope you dont mind me submitting this here!! ive heard theyve been having a hard time and are close to a breakdown bc a social anxiety + possibly kin guilt?? so i wanted to make an aesthetic for them to try and cheer them up!! its my first one so im sorry if it looks bad!! just know that everything will be fine, mod ouma, and you dont have to feel bad about anything!!

  I got messages telling me to check Tumblr and?? I’m crying, Cam, you’re so sweet. Your aesthetic looks amazing, I absolutely love it. You even made it blue, when I’m in a Tsumugi kinshift,, ehe, and constellations! Macarons! Flowers! Neon lights! Books! It’s everything I love in one aesthetic and I,, I’m so happy. These are tears of joy. This definitely boosted my mood, I can’t thank you enough. ♡

  Though, admittedly, I don’t deserve this aesthetic. .

  - Mod Ouma, stuck in a Tsumugi kinshift and is literally crying