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Why Remus Lupin was better than Severus Snape

Remus wasn’t dealt the best hand in life as he was bitten and turned into a werewolf around the age of five and grew up without friends until he reached Hogwarts. His friends died around the same time (well he thought Peter was dead) and his other friend Sirius had betrayed them all (at least that’s what he and everyone thought. Of course he didn’t really but he didn’t know that). He struggled to find work and didn’t have a lot of money. Some people were mean towards him.

Remus could have easily become a very cruel and bitter. He could have given up and not even tried to help Harry or stop Voldemort. Yes, he did try and kill Peter with Sirius and I’m sure there were other things he did that were questionable or not the best decision anyway. But mostly he was a good person. And yet, despite all these things Remus didn’t do that. He dealt with the life he had, not by taking it out on others or being a bully. He tried to help Harry. He remained a good person. In the end he got the life he wanted, though briefly. He married and had a son, although life was cruel again and he didn’t get much time with him.

Snape on the other hand was rejected by a woman he loved who didn’t love him in that way in the end and also didn’t approve of him associating with the dark arts and death eaters etc and he hated James (understandable because James was mean though) so decided to bully the students he taught particularly Harry.

And that’s why Remus is one of my favourite characters.

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Hi, may I ask why you tagged the portrait of the italian count #blackmanswear whereas you tagged the previous post about the robe a la francaise and a la polonaise #whitewomenswear? I have nothing against black people, I want to be clear about this, but we italians are white, olive skinned "if darker" since we vary a lot, but definitely white, so I was wondering why you tagged the portrait that way ... Sorry if this has been asked already but I'm a new follower.

Hi! It’s just a tag! I was talking about the colour of the garment the Italian count is wearing not his ethnicity. I can see how could that be confused, but do not worry!

I have tags for both, womenswear and menswear. But since I’m a totally obsessive person, I also have tags by colour of the garments AND by colour and gender (I know, it’s crazy but sometimes I like to search the blog by colour!).

So, you can take a look at the blog archive of only menswear or womenswear; or fashion in pink or white or black or green; or menswear fashion in pink or womenswear in white. Or whatever combination.

A little warning: not ALL of the blog archive is already tagged by colour, but it will happen eventually.

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I don't know if this has been asked already (if it has, I'm terribly sorry), but could you perhaps share your brush settings? :3


Alright so I use Photoshop and I have a ton of brushsets, I mostly use different brushes every time and I don’t change them very much from the original so I don’t have actual settings; but the one I love the most for sketching is the “goodjeff” brush from this set you can download here:
I also love the other brush from that same set.
Generally I use dry textures a lot, and flat brushes for sketching!

i was eating a banana and then i had a revelation 

ok so

the paladin suits are canonically able to morph into whatever size the paladin who wears them is, as shown by hunk in episode one

alteans are canonically able to shapeshift as we find out in episode ten

so do u think that they gave the suits the ability to shift with the paladin’s size so if they ever had to shapeshift for a mission, their suits would be able to shift in size with them?


i’m dead

“have you ever seen a vocal rap like me” no seungkwan no

“vernon does this provoke you / just wait i’ll catch up” (so he’s just purposefully adding vernon’s name into the lyrics not much change other than that)

boonon lives

Victor Nikiforov Appreciation Post!!!

I just want to take a moment and talk about how much I love Victor Nikiforov and how he’s just such a refreshing character. I know everyone and their dog has done a post like this already but I’ve been crying over this lovable goof for months and this had been sitting in my drafts for too long now anyway and also I’m avoiding my textbooks AND THIS SORTA TURNED INTO A CHARACTER ANALYSIS I’M SORRY.

So as far back as the PV, there were assumptions flying around that Victor would end up being an antagonist of some sort. That either he was using Yuuri for his own gain, or was just straight up evil. Laughable now, of course, but the reason those rumors were prevalent was because we see it so often. How easy was it to think that Victor was “helping” Yuuri only to further his own goals in the end? We’ve seen this common mentor-betrays-student trope before and it’s no wonder that early on fans were afraid of this even as the show progressed. And honestly? This would have made for some great drama—for Victor to turn out to not be such a nice guy and for him to eventually become someone Yuuri had to defeat in competition. However the show did not go down that route at all. It turns out that yeah, Victor is actually just a really nice guy who cares a great deal about Yuuri and the people around him. He doesn’t show up in Hasetsu with any evil ulterior motives—he just wants to get to know Yuuri and help him take his skating to the next level, and maybe find inspiration (and love) along the way.

Also how could a man with a heart-shaped smile be evil???

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