sorry if i'm not posting and reblogging stuff lol

That previous text post I just reblogged reminded me that two days ago, I dreamed that I met the man I was going to marry. I saw his face and everything (He was so cute lol but of course, I should think he’s cute, I’m marrying him). So, like idk if it’s some kind of weird sub-conscious stuff that I want to marry already lol. But yeah, I still picture that guy’s face regularly. Maybe it ends up coming true and I end up marrying a guy that looks like him. 

The yoi characters and their Tumblrs

yuuri: total foodie. his blog has a katsudon-theme. reblogs the type of posts that are super specific but super relatable. has the occasional inspirational quotes. has a lot of posts about viktor. reblogs some of the other skaters’ posts.

viktor: actually didn’t have a tumblr until yuuri convinced him to make one. it pretty much consists of ice skating and videos of his practices, pictures of makkachin and dogs in general, selfies, and yuuri katsuki. lots and lots of yuuri katsuki.

yurio: part memes, part Standard Teenage Angst™, part kittens, part pics of himself and otabek hanging out. has quite a number of rant posts, some of which he’ll sometimes delete later.

phichit: hamsters to the max. has his fair share of memes, especially does weird, hard-to-understand but still funny memes. has a lot of aesthetic. reblogs posts spreading positivity about thailand and its culture. 

jj: selfies everywhere. responds to every single ask. reblogs a lot canadian things. reblogs clickbait articles and sends them to the other skaters. likes the ads.

guang-hong: pure, faith-in-humanity-restoring happiness.

sara: uplifting, powerful quotes. promotes female empowerment. promotes equality and respect for everyone. a lot of her followers ask her for advice. cute fashion. often posts after-practice selfies with mila. reblogs a lot of posts about italian history and culture.

michele: reblogs everything from sara, barely posts. if he does posts, it’s usually videos of sara’s competitions.

emil: boy’s a memelord. his profile pic is his michele’s head photoshopped on a the body of romano from hetalia because of course it is. reblogs the posts from the bad side of tumblr. makes his own memes and has a lot of followers because of it. often does that “send me a number” or “ask me anything” thing.

chris: you can scroll through his blog for about five minutes before running into something nsfw, but surprisingly, the nsfw isn’t that bad. his selfies are his aesthetic. follows some suggestive blogs. sometimes posts in french.

otabek: motorcycles. lots and lots of motorcycles and motorcycle-related things. there’s also a quite a fair share of yurio. sometimes there are rapid-fire reblogs of cat videos, courtesy of yurio when he takes over otabek’s blog. he’s the person that makes really inspirational posts that gets a lot of notes. if you scroll far enough, you’ll see posts of adorable teddy bears.

minami: his blog is a yuuri-oriented blog. a lot of yuuri’s fans follow and submit stuff to this blog. viktor follows this blog.

Sorry for the lack of a Read More

So I know I’ve been a bit more active than usual in terms of writing lately (in that I actually post shit lol), and I…kind of like it? I know this blog is generally a personal blog, with me reblogging stuff I find as well as posting bits of writing, but it’s possible I could balance it out more?

If people are okay with this, I’d like to start posting more short stories and things on here. I know it’s technically my blog and most people would say to do what I like with it, but considering 22 of you put up with me, I figured I should at least make a post about it. I kind of want to try writing DA again, along with stuff related to that untitled side project and just whatever happens to come to mind, but mostly DA since that’s more fleshed out and I could probably start writing a draft of it.

The major reason I haven’t really tried this beforehand is because I’ve always been constantly stressed due to schoolwork. However, I recently became ill as some people know, and due to my current state will be doing online school from home. The program that I was in at my physical school (that I regularly refer to as the Hell Program) requires certified teachers that the online school does not provide, so I will (hopefully) be less stressed overall. Just as long as I don’t overwork myself. (I’m bound to do so but eh.)

I know I have gotten a few followers/anons that have been sending asks and things over the past few weeks, and I am so, so grateful and happy for those people. This is mainly addressed towards you, who have asked about my characters and have shown interest in my writing. Though again, this is geared towards all my followers considering you all have to deal with me. I will have a tag for these writings that anyone can blacklist if needed, but I’ll go more into content stuff later on since this post is long enough. This is just to explain the current situation and ask for opinions on the future.

That’s all I really have to say right now. Thank you to those who have sent in asks and like/reblog my writing. I hope you can enjoy this blog (and my long, long ramblings) at least somewhat.

(Also sorry this is so long and without a read more, I’ve been kicked off of my laptop for the day and only have my mobile. Thanks again though!!)


The most accurate “Legion in a Nutshell” video ever.

I’m also happy to admit I helped with some of this, mainly the demon models.

-Your pal, Krixxek

anonymous asked:

out of curiousity, but why did you blacklisted "daddy"? though you don't have to answer if it's too personal, sorry if I crawl into private space


It’s totes okay to ask, it’s not that private ;)

And well…it’s because some of the lovely blogs I follow post/reblog stuff containing daddy kink (or jokes on daddy kink? idk) which to me, it a bit off-putting and just makes me cringe. That stuff is just not for me, haha ;)

so in case u haven’t noticed,,, it’s almost as if i have disappeared from the face of the earth,,, i’m super inactive again because i’m trying to study for finals!! I have exams in all of my classes on the last day of school + i need to learn the choreo to bling bling / wee woo (+ the lyrics if i find out i can’t dance lol) for my final performance in my drama class,,, so i’ve been totally neglecting all social media lately :(( I haven’t even been queueing posts and i haven’t replied to any messages so i’m so sorry! If I don’t manage to catch up on doing that + doing all the tag games i’ve been tagged in I’ll do it this weekend,,,, or at latest next week when i’m done with school :’)) sorry!!!