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a hello again

First of all: Happy New Year!  I hope things have been and are going well.

It’s been three months since I took my hiatus, which somehow seems like both a short and long amount of time.  And I’m writing now to say hey and that I’m going to start blogging again… but a little differently:

The plan, I think, is to post at a much more relaxed pace, to come by whenever with an edit or analysis or something.  I probably won’t be reblogging things from other blogs/fandoms.  Perhaps that’s the biggest change?  Ultimately, and especially at this stage, it’s a “take it slow, see how it goes” kind of thing, because I feel really apprehensive about this decision (I’m not sure if it’s the right one) and being in the fandom again, but I want to try it anyway.

Asks are open, so feel free to send a message or analysis request.  I’ll do my best to get into some sort of groove again :)  (Not that my love for PoE has changed… it’s just been strange, not writing regularly on this blog and losing a bit of momentum.)

…I think that’s it for now!  Until later~

Oh — also I did see the PoE stage play in California.  It was not good.

The yoi characters and their Tumblrs

yuuri: total foodie. his blog has a katsudon-theme. reblogs the type of posts that are super specific but super relatable. has the occasional inspirational quotes. has a lot of posts about viktor. reblogs some of the other skaters’ posts.

viktor: actually didn’t have a tumblr until yuuri convinced him to make one. it pretty much consists of ice skating and videos of his practices, pictures of makkachin and dogs in general, selfies, and yuuri katsuki. lots and lots of yuuri katsuki.

yurio: part memes, part Standard Teenage Angst™, part kittens, part pics of himself and otabek hanging out. has quite a number of rant posts, some of which he’ll sometimes delete later.

phichit: hamsters to the max. has his fair share of memes, especially does weird, hard-to-understand but still funny memes. has a lot of aesthetic. reblogs posts spreading positivity about thailand and its culture. 

jj: selfies everywhere. responds to every single ask. reblogs a lot canadian things. reblogs clickbait articles and sends them to the other skaters. likes the ads.

guang-hong: pure, faith-in-humanity-restoring happiness.

sara: uplifting, powerful quotes. promotes female empowerment. promotes equality and respect for everyone. a lot of her followers ask her for advice. cute fashion. often posts after-practice selfies with mila. reblogs a lot of posts about italian history and culture.

michele: reblogs everything from sara, barely posts. if he does posts, it’s usually videos of sara’s competitions.

emil: boy’s a memelord. his profile pic is his michele’s head photoshopped on a the body of romano from hetalia because of course it is. reblogs the posts from the bad side of tumblr. makes his own memes and has a lot of followers because of it. often does that “send me a number” or “ask me anything” thing.

chris: you can scroll through his blog for about five minutes before running into something nsfw, but surprisingly, the nsfw isn’t that bad. his selfies are his aesthetic. follows some suggestive blogs. sometimes posts in french.

otabek: motorcycles. lots and lots of motorcycles and motorcycle-related things. there’s also a quite a fair share of yurio. sometimes there are rapid-fire reblogs of cat videos, courtesy of yurio when he takes over otabek’s blog. he’s the person that makes really inspirational posts that gets a lot of notes. if you scroll far enough, you’ll see posts of adorable teddy bears.

minami: his blog is a yuuri-oriented blog. a lot of yuuri’s fans follow and submit stuff to this blog. viktor follows this blog.

Hi guys, hope you are all having a wonderful time! :)

I just want to say that I’m sorry I’m not being here much these days and not posting much original stuff and it will continue for more days. I’m on a trip now with my family, so I’m not having much time to be active here. But from time to time, I still come here to take a look and reblog stuff. Hopefully, I will be back soon enough to post more Mass Effect, Shakarian and other games and stuff. And again, hope you all are doing wonderful! :D

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The most accurate “Legion in a Nutshell” video ever.

I’m also happy to admit I helped with some of this, mainly the demon models.

-Your pal, Krixxek