sorry if i'm killing people again with feels

Okay. Well, I feel like I have to apologize to those of you that I offended or was an asshole to. After the stupid drama that happened recently, and getting back with Taylor, I feel like she’ll kill me if I didn’t say something… so… I’m sorry. Unless you piss me off again, but still, I’l sorry guys. Now to those of you that are reading this and have no idea what I’m talking about, well then, hello, I’m Auston and people hate me.

  • ME : I’M FREAKIN’ OUT!!!
  • ME : AM I INSANE???
  • ME : I WANT MORE!!!

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Itachi fans can be pretty annoying. Going around acting like his life was so sad, I'm sorry I don't feel sorry for someone who murdered his family for a fucked up system. They act like it's a good thing he spared sasuke, that's what kishi did to make people feel sorry for him, it's pathetic

More like extremely annoying. I never get what’s sad about his life. Cos he cried when he killed his father? Imagine the horror, the screaming and crying when he killed the uchiha kids in front of their parents. I’m supposed to feel sorry over his crocodile tears? He killed his parents over and over again in a genjutsu he forced on his brother unnecessarily. Tbh, I think he’s addicted to mentally torturing people. Not only did he do this shit repeatedly to Sasuke, he also did the same to Kakashi. He didn’t just do enough to knock them out, he put them into a life threatening coma!

There’re people who feel pity for him cos he’s a brainwashed tool for the village, they think he’s forced into a corner at a young age. I’m sorry, but even as adult, he never realised he’s an brainwashed idiot. He’s still all self righteous and condescending when he came back as an edo. He thought the uchiha deserved to die cos they had “stupid ideas”. Not only did he have no remorse, he’s also soo arrogant in his own warped views.  How can you feel sorry for someone like that….He’s like a terrorist who spared one kid in a mass execution and people treat him like a saint?? His fandom is a joke.

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okay but consider this; bellamy, after spending hours asking around camp, finding out that murphy left with jaha and the other's. everyone he asked said that they didn't know where murphy went, said the camp was better off without him, and bellamy actually stands up for murphy despite him not being there. everyone else is busy with other projects, and bellamy surprises himself by actually wishing he could talk to someone, even if it was murphy.

But I can actually see this, even in a non-shipping sense. I can see him feeling immense guilt for what happened at Mount Weather and reflect back to every wrong thing he ever did. I can see him apologizing to Octavia for saying she killed their mother, even though he already apologized. I can see him running up to Jasper and admitting to saying he was going to kill him if he didn’t get better after he was attacked by Grounders, begging for forgiveness. Then every delinquent he runs into, he finds something to apologize for.

“I’m sorry for being so reckless when we first got here and nearly getting you killed.”

“I’m sorry for not being a good enough  to save the others.”

“I’m sorry for not being a person you should look up to.”

And it goes on and on, but finally he thinks about the teenage boy he nearly let suffocate to death and how he kicked the crate from beneath his feet. Then he searches for Murphy, with the full intent of saying how he can’t imagine how that must have felt, he was sorry for basically triggering his torture and making him feel like he had to kill his demons. But he can’t find him.

Therefore the only thing he can actually do until they meet again is to defend him when people say things are better off without him, that he deserved everything he got. 

To the anon (I still love you but you hurt me deep):

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be going through my happy tag and crying. And in case anybody else needs it after that, here you go: happy tag. Excuse me while I cry myself to sleep.

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This is T!Res.. I.. I was cured from the A.C.V breaking my mind just before you evolved... but people were trying to kill other tricksters to protect me.. So I gave up and became infected again... So I'm back..but I don't feel as happy or energetic..

He seems…. hurt to have heard people were killed. “I’m sorry you’re not as happy! If you need to talk, me and the palls are here!!”

“Yeah! Don’t be afraid to talk…” Geno gently pats your shoulder to reassure you, giving you a soft smile.

“Friends got to stick together, ya’know?”

“Yeah!!! If you need anything, just come to us!”

  • Arthur: [showing signs of character development] what if it isn't magic that's evil, but the person who uses it? what if sorcerers are just people who can be bad OR good? i want to rule Camelot as someone equal to all her people. i'm sorry for what i did to the druids and want to treat them with respect from now on. maybe i should chang--
  • bbc merlin: WAIT WAIT WAIT we can't have that. that's too much. too serious for this feel-good family show. guilt, emotional consequences, and growth are for ADULTS ONLY.
  • bbc merlin: [kills someone with magic; makes him take back everything he said, declare magic evil again, and bully Merlin]
  • bbc merlin: whew. that was a close one. and changing Camelot's laws? hahah whaaaaaat. that's not in the plans! we're just going to have Arthur not act on the laws that are in place and call it progress when legally, nothing is different or better! it'll be great. SO. GREAT.