sorry if i'm ever emotionally abusive in turn

anonymous asked:

im in an abusive relationship with a man. i've come to the realization that im a lesbian and that he's been emotionally abusing me for years, like completely shutting me out for days when i do one thing wrong, but im scared to leave him. he says if i leave him he'll kill himself, that i'm his only reason to live and im scared. i dont know where else to turn to so im sorry im sending this here. what should i do???

Don’t be sorry, anon! We’re here for you. OK, first, what he chooses to do is his responsibility (in my experience they don’t do anything too bad ever they just want to guilt trip and manipulate you). If you are legitimately worried, reach out to his friends or family (IF they are decent people and won’t try to guilt you into staying). You discovering you are a lesbian is OK and it may hurt him but it’s not your fault you didn’t realize it before being involved with him. Him attempting to make you stay with him despite that IS abusive. If I found out my bf was gay I’d probably feel bad but as a decent person I’d have to accept it and let him go. Feel free to message us anytime! ❤