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I’m screaming out your name
I’m not used to this
there’s no turning back
there’s no going home
I wont breath until you
Just tell me everything’s alright
I am not  afraid of loosing this
I’m scared of loosing you

One year after  the Vinciguerra mission in Rome, Waverly announces that U.N.C.L.E. may be shut down soon.

your bones have the tensile strength of iron
and you were forged in the heart of a star.
—  Being soft doesn’t make you fragile. It’s the brittle metals that break. – s.s.

hey guys it’s REALLY late so i’ll probably be deleting this in the morning but i’m tired and pissed and Apple Tree Yard is a good show look I like Sherlock but don’t shit over other shows because they’re not Sherlock there’s literally no point. I want to see other people who enjoy the show so if you could calm down a tad or come up with a Sherlockian tag specifically for all these posts I’d really appreciate it. Sorry and thanks.

I just realized that Jack’s videos really help with my OCD.

Homework doesn’t stop me from getting up and checking 7 times an hour to see if the fridge is closed, or if the oven is off, or if my younger brother isn’t injured somehow. I’ve even asked to go to the bathroom during class just to wash my hands because I had only done so 3 times that day and I just had to wash my hands an even number of times.

But when I turn on Jack’s videos, I sit through the whole thing, start to finish, no matter the length. I feel content and safe and happy. He’s such a great friend, even though I’ve never met him. He makes me completely forget about my intrusive thoughts. That’s incredible. And I’m so grateful.

Thanks Jack!



Hey you guys, I know you know me as the weird dude who reblogs dumb shit and shitposts constantly while yelling in the tags about my dumb shit, but I’m in dire need right now.

Currently, I had to drop out of college due to health issues. For those of you don’t know, I’m definitely not in the best of shape. I was born in a coegential heart condition, that has basically given me an expiration date of my early 20′s.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t let that stop me from living. And this is precisely why I need your help. I want to attend online college, and I had plans to do so this fall semester, but today, I had the misfortune of my computer breaking down on me. 

It is IMPERATIVE that I can raise at least $1,000 to be able to purchase a stable computer so I can attend my online college. I want to continue learning what I enjoy, web design and so on. I want to continue living. 


I’m sorry for asking, but I have no choice. My family life is very basic, I have a single mom who works to provide for myself and my two younger brothers, once of which we adopted from a bad home. I’ve tried to save up for this computer myself, but I have a very shitty online Job with 1-800-Flowers and they are only giving 4 hours a month. That’s like 40 bucks a month, at maximum. 

Please, please please, I need your help. I want to go to college. Not to mention, the internet has been my only outlet to the world for almost my entire life. My years on this website have been some of the best, and I’ve met so many amazing people. Please help me so that I can stay here and carry on living. 

I have a Paypal button on my blog, on the left hand-side, and my e-mail is also linked to it, I would appreciate anything, even a dollar. Please… 

( i believe that it was viceter or someone else in that cool witty group that answered an ask about pharah and motorcycles and i haven’t been able to get it out of my head so here’s me screaming. )

please consider in some vague modern day au or the other:

  • pharah rides motorcycles. 
  • she loves how freeing it is to ride on her bike ( raptora is mainly black carbon fiber, and she’s a custom bike. she’s not one for bragging, but her bike is simply incomparable. ) because the road stretches on and it feels infinite while she rides in between cars. 
  • something tells her it could be likened to flying, soaring, just her in her own little bubble. ( she knows people can’t fly on their own, but come on, just let a girl daydream about flying. ) 
  • either way, she loves everything about it: how her engine purrs and rumbles underneath her, how the wind whips and howls at her, how the road disappears into a blur under the wheels of raptora. her helmet is midnight blue and the visor looks gold, occasionally. 
  • here is the point: this is the closest she will ever get to flying on her own ( in this lifetime, at least. ) cars cannot do this. she can’t feel the wind on her face, in her hair, or the soaring feeling in the pit of her stomach as she flits between cars if she is stuck driving one as well. raptora is hers and she is raptora’s, in a sense. they would have to pry this feeling away from her cold, dead hands. she cannot possibly imagine having to give this up for anyone: this beautiful state of being alone, and yet so connected to the ground beneath you. 
  • enter angela in her life: it’s cliche and boring and stereotypical and so whatever but pharah finds herself buying a second helmet for one angela ziegler. 
  • it’s white, and doesn’t quite match the darker color scheme she’s got going on with raptora, but it makes angela look divine, and matches a lot of her wardrobe… this is how pharah finds herself sharing the freedom she thought she’d never give up: with a happy swiss doctor merrily wrapped around her, practically tethered to her and raptora. 
  • it’s a good life. she’s a safe driver. sometimes strangers come close to knocking her around, but generally she’s off without much of a problem ( she’s almost had an accident or two with specific people… mccree, hanzo, amélie. it’s strange, she could’ve sworn they were far enough from her. ) 
  • it is a really good life. she gets to keep both raptora and angela, because god knows that woman loves to be on the road as much as she herself does. sometimes she sees pages about fostering open on angela’s laptop, but she doesn’t pay much mind until angela actually brings it up. they end up fostering hana song, a sweet girl from s. korea with dangerously fast wits and intellect so sharp, she’s survived her way through several different families and is intent on cutting her ties until she’s eighteen and legally allowed to take care of herself, edges and all. she doesn’t need anyone but herself. 
  • angela and fareeha love her immediately. 
  • this is how she finds herself buying her first car and shunting the freedom she so relished, and was so ready to die for just a couple years ago, willingly. being free and wild and boundless is nothing in the face of love and family ( mismatched, but family all the same. there is no blood shared between them, but it is no matter. after all, the blood ties between her and ana equate to a nonexistent bond today. )
  • when hana expresses interest in being on the road on a bike, she buys her a pretty pastel-pink electric scooter to start. hana dubs it meka. ( and so they soar on the roads together: angela with her and raptora, hana on her meka, in shorter, smaller bursts, but together. it is a good life. she thinks that freedom and flying have nothing on this feeling. )
we check the charts and start to figure it out

College AU with brotp Bellamy and Raven 

Raven glanced up from her laptop to see Bellamy hastily minimizing Clarke Griffin’s facebook page. 

“Blake,” she barked and he looked up guiltily.

“You’re absolutely pathetic.”

“Gee, thanks,” he pulled a face and adjusted his own laptop on his knees.  “But I would argue that I’m only marginally pathetic.”

Raven rolled her eyes and Bellamy reopened Clarke’s page.

“I would’ve wallowed in my own dorm if I’d known you were just going to be pining all night,” she grumbled.

“I’m not going to be pining all night,” he rolled his eyes. “I’m just killing time while I wait for you to torrent the thing.”

“Killing time?” Raven looked up with a shit-eating grin. “Let me just confirm. You’re saying that stalking Clarke is a hobby for you?”

“Fuck off,” he said matter-of-factly.

Raven shook her head.

“Why don’t you just make a fucking move already?” she asked.

Bellamy heaved a world-weary sigh and clicked on Clarke’s tagged photos with as much gravitas as he could muster.

“These things take time,” he explained. “I have to put in the legwork first.”

Raven snorted.

“Yeah, and how’s that going? Cus from where I’m standing, you’re moving at a glacial pace.”

“Glaciers are cool,” he frowned and continued to click through Clarke’s pictures. “Glaciers moved giant, erratic boulders, Raven.”

“Jesus Christ,” Raven muttered under her breath and pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Hey, I’m making progress,” Bellamy said.

Raven raised an eyebrow.

“No, really,” he insisted. “She sits on the other side of class in tutorial but she comes over all the time to talk to me,” he said. “I mean,” he drummed his fingers against his laptop. “It’s weird. She’ll cross the room to come hang out with me but she never just starts talking to me directly, she always works her way in by talking to Harper first.”

He snuck a darting glance up to see Raven looking thoroughly unimpressed.  

“You’re right that is weird,” she answered. “Its almost like she crosses the room to talk to Harper specifically and you just happen to be there.”

Bellamy blinked and turned back to his laptop.

“Fuck off.” 

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sorry for clogging up your dashes. i really really am. i need to buy cat food tomorrow for my babies. i’m currently crying, i feel like such a bad cat mom for being unable to do this for them. my car insurance and gas and medical stuff can all wait, just, please, help me feed my babies. they don’t deserve to go hungry. 

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