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I’m sorry but was I the only one who thought “so Aria IS mentally ill” while she was talking to the corpse in the trunk.....?

based on sully and sumia’s support in the harvest scramble (which was so gay, just go read it) 

sully finally accepted to take part to the beauty contest but only…. if sumia was with her 8D 


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where to I go to ask about art?? Like I don't want to be rude, but this sight is so strange and whenever I try to ask a question on your art blog it goes to private messaging, and one time I tried and it worked?? I'm so confused?? I love your art by the way and my social anxiety is acting up so sorry if I'm being weird and stuff and mean and oh god I'm just going to send this ask now I love your art btw not trying to be creepy or anything

dont worry omg,, i turned off asks on my art blog cos i get so many when i have them on and im trynna gradually answer the ones currently in my inbox over a period of days. Sometimes i turn them on and off in the day it depends aaha, sorry for confusing u

i don’t think karamatsu is as much of a pushover as the fandom thinks he is??? honestly he seems to only wear his “perfect fashion” and use those “painful” lines when he’s trying to impress someone or when he’s alone (on the roof with his guitar). otherwise he just?? chills like the rest do???? he still does stupid, reckless things with his brothers, he got impatient and yelled at jyushimatsu for being late, he went along with the others when they were pressuring each other to fill the kerosene (even if he’d been the one to do it multiple times in a row), he punched osomatsu in the face in front of their whole family???? sure they were pretty unfair to him in episode 5, and ichimatsu definitely treats him worse than he treats any other brother, but they really only react that way when he’s being “painful”. which i really think he’s doing to get attention. as we’ve seen with todomatsu, one brother getting more attention than any other doesn’t sit well with the rest, they just drag them back down. considering that, and how karamatsu is obviously thirsty for attention, it makes sense that his brothers would disapprove.

they don’t just go after karamatsu?? osomatsu is very clingy, always trying to get his brothers to “play with him”, and guess what!! they get mad and push him away!! todomatsu gets a job and gets attention from cute female coworkers?? can’t have that, let’s humiliate him and bring him back to our level!! choromatsu makes a show out of wanting to get a job?? silly choro, you can’t be that self-aware, it’s dangerous!! in the end, they tend to get rid of any instance that threatens to disrupt the balance of their household, going so far as to sabotage each other to do so.

ichimatsu being particularly cruel to karamatsu also makes sense. ichimatsu is a solitary person, who craves attention deep down but doesn’t know what to really do about it. his pride, fear, and inability to communicate his thoughts keeps him from connecting with people, and it seems he realizes this and has accepted it, so he just doesn’t bother and comes off as cold. but karamatsu is very affectionate, and he loves ichimatsu, so of course he wants to help him to feel loved!! to come out of that shell!!!! but karamatsu just doesn’t understand the way ichimatsu’s mind works. trying to force that love on him won’t work; ichimatsu isn’t used to it, he gets flustered and frustrated and his natural response is to get angry.

karamatsu is just a guy that wants attention and love but he just sucks at reading people and taking their own feelings into consideration.

I'm sorry but-

Hiyori’s dead, okay? And Yato starts acting really weird. Understandable and all. But it gets weirder. He starts walking a different way, passes by her old school, even follows her friends. Nobody can figure out. Not even Kazuma. Thy think it’s because he has nothing better to do. But the real reason? He’s reliving her moments for himself. To see what she saw, what she experienced everyday, up until her death.

To feel like she’s still there with him.

The Signs as Things My Friends Said
  • Aries: "You wanna see what I have?" *looks down at pants*
  • Taurus: "Should I post this to insta?"
  • Gemini: "Hiiiii, I fell down 2 minutes ago, but I'm okay now."
  • Cancer: "Every time I love someone, he takes something from me when he leaves."
  • Leo: "Oh my god, look at her, I'm so much better than her!"
  • Virgo: "He hugged me and I just started crying."
  • Libra: "I HATE EVERYONE!!!!"
  • Scorpio: "I'm sorry I hooked up with her, I don't even like her."
  • Sagittarius: " I'm just gonna show him how it's done"
  • Capricorn: "I'm sorry I acted weird, it happens sometimes"
  • Aquarius: "You know I don't care, so why are you even trying?"
  • Pisces: "I can ruin her life if I want to."

I’ve been the worst friend ever. Ever since you told me I’ve been acting really weird. I mean I feel really weird so I must be acting really weird. I’m sorry. I just, I’ve never had to deal with anything like this before and I have no idea how to make this easier for you.

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I'm sorry to bug you but, my Mobile is acting weird. Could you please summarize the spoilers that Evil is posting? Also, can you explain why I have been hearing that Neji is going to be a puppet?

The puppet Neji thing is a spoiler that appeared in 2chan. Anybody could have written that and the movie is not out yet, so it’s probably fake.

here’s a post linking to all the “spoilers!, to summarize:

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