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HEY FOLKS so recently i gave an awareness presentation on asexuality in my local LGBTQA+ group at my college! I wanted to share my comments and the experience I had.

ok so first off, I edited all these slides to include the speakers notes that I used, so almost everything I talked about is touched upon on these slides. However, I couldn’t go into detail on EVERYTHING on the slides, so if they aren’t complete, know that it’s bc I probably just spoke about the topic out loud instead of writing it down!

second off, the presentation went FABULOUSLY! I got a TON of great questions and everyone tried really hard to understand the concepts I talked about, which I really appreciated. It was a great experience!

so honestly, i’m just rly glad i got this experience.

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honestly I could spend 100% of my time just writing whiskey/chowder prompts for u because im not a good enough writer to sort these boys out for myself and i ADORE them together. but here is one :: "I need to ask you something and you have to be completely honest with me."

“I need to ask you something,” Whiskey said. “And you have to be completely honest with me.”

Bitty slowly placed the mixing bowl on the counter. He’d known Whiskey for nearly three weeks at this point, and he was positive that was the largest amount of words he’d heard come out of the boy’s mouth at once.

“I’ll try,” Bitty said carefully. He didn’t know what he would lie about.

He was suddenly struck with the sickening thought that Whiskey had seen how Bitty focused so much on his phone, had seen the name Jack flash up on his screen one too many times to be normal. Bitty’s stomach twisted, and his mind raced while he wracked his brain for a reasonable—

“Is Chris dating anyone?” Whiskey asked.

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