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Heya if you're still doing requests can I suggest one please? Like where the RFA finds out MC has horses and competes in high level show jumping and how they would react to seeing MC compete or fall (without injury of course ;) ) Gah I'm sorry it's so vague ;v; I'm hoping to give you a bit of free reign with it (and I'm thirsty for representation of my sport XD)

Sorry this one took so long. Sounds like an interesting sport xD 


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  • He’s a nervous wreck at your shows, but he’s also super intrigued 
  • The whole time he’s either scared for you or cheering for you super loudly
  • When he sees you fall, he’s about to climb over some bleachers
  • But you stand up without injury and he calms himself 


Originally posted by love4coira

  • He comes out to support you, but he’s a mess 
  • He makes a lot of gestures when he thinks you’re going to fast 
  • Like pulling on invisible reins 
  • When you fall, he’s hyperventilating and trying to see if you’re okay right away 
  • He’s super helpful other times though, because he knows how to keep your horse healthy and strong


Originally posted by relatable-anime-moments

  • Surprisingly, she’s super hyped when she goes to your first competition 
  • She’s watching in awe from the seats 
  • She looses her breath for a second when she sees you fall, but when you get back up she’s okay 
  • She even asks if she can try some day


Originally posted by sherlockmindpalace221b

  • He seems super calm at all your competitions 
  • But inside, he’s so scared something is going happen 
  • When he sees you hit the ground, he’s half ready to call the ambulance
  • But you stand back up and he lets out a shaky breath of relief 
  • He knows it’s your passion, so he won’t stop you from it…but he does encourage you to practice more so there’s less likelihood that you’ll get hurt

Originally posted by dysah

  • He’s your biggest cheerleader
  • Seriously…super loud. He even brought a sign once with some cheesy pun.
  • He’s less enthusiastic when he sees you fall for the first time though
  • Even though you get back up, he starts mellowing out a bit because he’s so worried
  • Lots of reassuring hugs after

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Taemin Han AU (JuminxMC AfterEnd) [[Please DO NOT repost this set]]
[READ THIS AU GUIDE FIRST if you have questions]

01: Taemin taking a photo with MC. Jumin wants in
02: Yoonri pulling another LOLOL all-nighter
03: Jae Keun sleeping && being pranked on
04: Jincheol ‘stealing’ the affection of Taemin’s dog
05: Seojun: “im in me mums carrrr… vrooom vrrroom”
—–Seven: “get out me car”
06: Hyun-Ae catches Taemin picking up after his dog in the park
07: ??? sent you a photo.

Drew some fake CGs for the AU – i tried ((each took 3-4 hours)) ;;v;; yes sorry I had to draw the original RFA members older ;;v;; reality bites O<-< sorry I had to watermark the heck out of it // things have been quite hectic regarding reposts and art theft ;;v;; anyway thank you so much for your interest && support ♥

I post previews in Instagram! ♥


Finally, here’s the last part of the Valentine’s comic!

This is so late but I really didn’t expect for this to take me so long or to even be such a big project in the first place aaah

Anyway! I hope you all had a nice v-day~
And thank you so much for reading! ♥

Previous parts: [part 1] [part 2]


fool broadcast violent broadcast  

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i can't believe nobody's asked you about tsukkiyama yet for the ship thing. ridiculous. TSUKKIYAMA 🙌🙌


  • who hogs the duvet
    Tsukki~ poor boy gets cold pretty easily and eventually Yamaguchi just buys his own blanket, only to have that stolen by Tsukki, so he gets another, and Tsukki steals that, and you’d think a person wouldn’t need 6 blankets to sleep, but there Tsukki is, a bundled blanket potato, and Yamaguchi passed out from blanket wars exhaustion 
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going
    Yamaguchi! Although they’re together a lot of the time, for the rare moments they aren’t, Yamaguchi will send a quick “how’s it goin?” text to Tsukki; if there’s something important going on for Yamaguchi, Tsukki always sends a “good luck” text before, and a “?” afterwards to see if Yama is alright. 
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
    Tsukki! He’s able to create beauty and meaning out of nothing, and Yamaguchi always swears he’ll one-up Tsukki in gift-giving some day, but that day has yet to come
  • who gets up first in the morning
    Tsukki, surprisingly he’s an early-riser, although a bit grumpy~ he gets the coffee going and if he’s feeling really ambitious he’ll put some bread in the toaster, but usually waits until Yamaguchi wakes up to make breakfast. 
  • who suggests new things in bed
    I don’t really think of TsukkiYama as a sexually active couple ;d;ds;lf, but uhhh…Yamaguchi I think! He’s always curious to see what makes Tsukki react, and there’s something so satistfying with pushing him to the edge
  • who cries at movies
    Yamaguchi, not even Marley & Me could make Tsukki cry. 
  • who gives unprompted massages
    Tsukki! He likes to help Yamaguchi relax, and he also just likes that skinship and relaxedly exploring Yama’s body 
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick
    They both fuss over each other ^^ Yamaguchi has a constant worried expression as he places and replaces a damp washcloth to Tsukki’s forehead, and Tsukki quietly slips his hand into Yama’s when Yama’s knocked out by meds
  • who gets jealous easiest
    Tsukkiii, although he wouldn’t admit it, but if he sees another guy or girl getting a little too friendly with Yamaguchi, he’ll immediately say “Yamaguchi let’s go” ‘cause he knows Yama will always listen to those words, and as they leave Tsukki might dart a glaring eye back at the third party to be intimidating 
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music
    Yamaguchi, although honestly I’m not sure what embarrassing taste is?? But Tsukki is a music intellectual and always has the ~coolest jams~ on his phone
  • who collects something unusual
    Yamaguchi, he has a beetle collection that he keeps in a tank in his room! (Tsukki isn’t fond of bugs though so when they hang out it’s usually at Tsukki’s place) 
  • who takes the longest to get ready
    Yamaguchi, mostly because he gets self-conscious and starts worrying he looks bad, but Tsukki always tells him he looks fine and to hurry up or they’ll be late
  • who is the most tidy and organised
    Tsukki! Not that Yamaguchi makes a lot of mess, but Tsukki likes things in order and things to be clean 
  • who gets most excited about the holidays
    Yamaguchi~ he knows he can use the holidays as an excuse to drag Tsukki out to places he wouldn’t normally go, and he loves having the chance to eat a special holiday meal with Tsukki 
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon
    Yamaguch is the big spoon, Tsukki is the little spoon
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports
    Yamaguchi by a little bit, but he also motivates Tsukki to be more competitive as well, which sometimes ends up being Yama’s downfall since Tsukki is a very capable challenger in a variety of games~
  • who starts the most arguments
    Yamaguchi, but it’s super rare that they fight in the first place and usually Tsukki ends up coming to his senses and at least compromising with Yamaguchi if not saying “you were right”, since Yamaguchi mostly gets upset at Tsukki for Tsukki’s own good. They hug and kiss afterwards. 
  • who suggests that they buy a pet
    Yamaguchi~ he’s always wanted a dog! At first Tsukki’s attitude is “if you want a pet just get a pet rock and pretend” but once Yama drags him to the shelter Tsukki locks eyes with a beautiful blue-eyed husky and all his complaints disappear 
  • what couple traditions they have
    They always buy a dessert from a nearby bakery and share it after dinner; they cook each other’s favorite foods for each other’s birthdays; they do the cherry blossom viewing (hanami) every late spring (that’s where Tsukki ends up confessing, under the beautiful pink petals~); they marathon Harry Potter around Christmas-time; they whisper sweet words to each other as they fall asleep 
  • what tv shows they watch together
    Stranger Things, NCIS, Planet Earth, The Great British Bake Off
  • what other couple they hang out with
    KageHina, TanaNoya, KuroYachi 
  • how they spend time together as a couple
    Sitting together on the couch munching on snacks as they watch TV, going to exhibits and museums related to the galaxy and reptiles, helping each other on homework and discussing sociopolitical issues, driving to the countryside and taking walks together through the grass
  • who made the first move
    Tsukishima, or at least he made a move, then misunderstood the reasons Yamaguchi reciprocated, then hurt Yamaguchi’s feelings when he felt like he was too invested and needed to break it off, then scrambled to make things right and start a proper relationship with both of them on the same page :’D ah Tsukki, the way you torture yourself…
  • who brings flowers home
    Tsukkiii, sometimes he just plucks a flower from the side of the road, or if he’s feeling romantic he’ll buy a flower properly from a flower shop 
  • who is the best cook
    Tsukki!! He makes incredibly delicious meatloaf and his pastries are to die for~

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Please consider: Dad Might doing the "makings of greatness" speech from Treasure Planet. watch?v=-0Fbfo33mXs



i had to draw this nothing in the world could keep me from drawing this

i love Dad Might so much i love these relationships so much ok

(this takes place after Bakugou’s kidnapping)

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C4: Mchanzo?

Heyo Anon! Thank you SO much for the challenge! (and i am SO sorry it took me so long to reply! Life is a biooooootch right now!)  But this absolutely was what i needed today. Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy some traditional art for a change… and my phones lousy camera quality lols! 

Wanna challenge me? Shoot me an ask! Just make sure to add “Soupery’sSoft Couples Pose Challenge” [link to original challenge here!] so i can quickly  get the challenges going! (Got a few sitting on the back burner for people to shoot me asks for) thanks!

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Hi! Your blog is so great! I'm smiling whole day after reading it. Please make a scenario where mc finds out about rfa + v + saeran secret hobby (like collecting super cute hairpins or sewing soft toys:) ) which he/she is ashamed of 'cause thinks that it is unproper for his/her age, sex, life style or for any other reason and doesn't want to show mc this uncool side of his/herself. I think it may be funny:) Thanks in advance!

Sorry it took so long! Hope you like them^^ 


  • You were on your way back home from somewhere, and Zen’s house was on the way
  • So you decided to stop by to say hi
  • When you arrive, he’s walking back into his house from taking out the garbage
  • He’s only wearing slippers, and you can see his long, bright orange socks with racecars on them
  • “Whoa! You got a party on your feet,” you chuckle
  • He yelps and gets super flustered.
  • “MC! Don’t look!”
  • He runs into his room and emerges with plain black socks
  • But the damage is already done
  • You tell him that you think the socks were pretty cute
  • He admits that he’s collected bright, silly socks over the years
  • They add a little spice to his normally hectic schedule–only around the house though
  • When you keep gushing about them, he finally shows you the different ones
  • He’ll make an exception and wear them around you sometimes


  • Finals call for all nighters
  • He usually wears his little hairpin to keep his bangs out of his eyes
  • But, when he has late nights like this, he pulls out his collection…
  • He has these cute scrunchies and pins to put his hair up in
  • That particular night, he fell asleep with them on
  • In the morning, he remembered he was supposed to meet with you and rushed over to your place
  • You see the cute bunny ear scrunchies tying up his hair in various ponytails and start giggling
  • When he realizes, he’s mortified and starts yanking them out
  • You ask why he didn’t tell you before…or change his pin once in awhile
  • “You might think me childish!”
  • You promise you only think it’s cute and you’ll keep it a secret
  • As long as you can borrow some and you two can get matching ones


  • You were visiting her one Saturday afternoon
  • You offered to make you both some coffee or tea as she was finishing up some last minute paperwork
  • She recently moved things around so you’re a bit confused where the mugs are 
  • You find a huge assortment of them in the back of a cabinet
  • “MC! No, not those!”
  • She’s really embarrassed and tries to shuffle you out of the kitchen
  • But you actually show interest at all the unique mugs she’s collected
  • When she finds this out, she lights up and starts explaining the story of each one
  • You start a tradition where you buy her a mug yearly to add to her collection


  • Elizabeth meows loudly from another room in the penthouse
  • You go to check it out and find that tangled in blue yarn
  • You try to help her as you wonder where all the yarn is coming from
  • Jumin comes in to see the commotion and silently starts wrapping it up again
  • You realize he’s especially quiet
  • When you see the crocheting needle, you start to put two and two together
  • “Jumin…you crochet? You never told me!”
  • “….It’s not exactly something one brags about.”
  • True
  • He explains that it relaxes him on particularly stressful days
  • He showed you a few pieces that he’s made, like scarves and headbands
  • You ask if he could teach you a few things


  • He was finally moving out to a place with windows
  • But he has so much junk to sort through first, so he calls you for back up
  • You’re in the process of going through his junk closet when you find a bunch of boxes with different dates on them
  • When you open them, you see so many game consoles…Xbox, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance…
  • When he finds you stumbled upon them, he freaks out
  • You thought his was obsessed with collecting cars? Ha.
  • You ask if he actually needs that many of the old consoles….in different colors
  • “Just trade them in for some cash!”
  • “They’re of sentimental value!”
  • You eventually just let him have his way, compromising to put them in the same box though
  • He makes you pinky swear not to tell Yoosung
  • He’d never hear the end of it


  • You’re writing out a to-do list and your pen runs out of ink
  • You ask Saeran if you can borrow a pencil, as he always seems to have one
  • He nods and tells you to look for a bag on his desk
  • You find a rather large one and open it
  • “No! Not that bag–”
  • But it’s too late
  • You stumble across a bunch of number 2 pencils with cute designs on them
  • Some have turtles on clouds, some have ice cream erasers, and there were so many…
  • He gets super defensive about, that those were the only cheap pencils
  • After a bit of coaxing, you get him to admit that he likes collecting them
  • They make him feel warm inside…especially when he’s doodling
  • You make a point to buy him pencils whenever you’re out shopping now


  • Jumin had once again mentioned something about V’s 20 spoons in the chatroom
  • After visiting V a few times, you know he only has a few forks and knives
  • So, you ask him about the extra spoons
  • He gets a little blushy, but decides to show them to you
  • Each spoon has an intricate design on the handle
  • He says that he picks one up every time he travels to a new country or city
  • He thinks it’s weird because…they’re just utensils
  • But you actually think it’s really cute

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BTS react to their Hispanic girlfriend

A/N: These two requests are very similar so i’m putting them together, thank you for requesting and I’m sorry this took so long ~

I should be studying right now, i totally flunked my maths test…


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Mr. International Playboy would probably show off one of his (many) skills and learn a couple of phrases in Spanish to try to woo you, he’d also want you to teach him Spanish as a way of spending time together.

“Eres muy bonita, did i say it right?”


Originally posted by my-fjo

Similar to Jungkook, Taehyung would be pretty proud that he was able to win your heart. He wouldn’t be as snobby about having you but everytime he saw people stare at you he’d just proudly think about how you’re hispanic roots have blessed you with good looks as well as a good heart.

“Those boys kept staring at you, it’s too bad you like me too much huh?”


Originally posted by bangtanboys-official

Jimin wouldn’t mind at all if you weren’t the slightest bit Korean, he would love the fact that despite being so different to one another, in language and physical features, that the both of you were able to still bond as well as fall in love, 


Originally posted by mochiminii

Namjoon would be interested, not only in your language but your culture in general. He would kind of just ‘observe’ you in everyday life wondering how your western roots differentiate from his. He would learn to love and embrace this difference between you two. 


Originally posted by jaayhope

We all know what western air does to this boy You know, when he puts on a hat, lets his forehead see light and turns to a fuckboy. I think that in all honesty, your hispanic roots will probably turn him on more than anything.


Originally posted by nevermindmyg

I think that Yoongi would become increasingly interested and intrigued by your physical features because of course the western features are different to the ones in Korea. Even though Yoongi is a kept-to-himself type of guy i think that he would be honest and open about how beautiful he thought you were.


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Seokjin would be pretty entertained by this, sometimes he would just ask you to say random phrases before he would burst out in giggles because your pronunciation is so different when compared to Korean pronunciations. 

                                                   -bangtan angels-

[BTS] Aesthetic with Yoongi's black hair and Howl's Black hair,

@eris0330 Sorry it took us so long to get your request! But I hope you like what I made?? I hope this what you meant by your request?

- Admin Tae