sorry if i stole this from someone


I think I watch too much Gintama… this thing is a scene from the episode 8.

After “Alone at Sea” I guess…in which Jasper becomes a stalker, of course Peri worries about it but Lapis can handle it also i’m still trying to figure out how to bg, sorry.

Sorry if someone gets offended with this, I did it with comedy purposes!

my wedding speech
  • me: ive been in love with this guy since i was a young girl. he's so beautiful and handsome and i will always love him from the bottom of my heart. he's the most talented person and i'm so glad he's there to cheer me up when i'm sad or down.
  • guests: aww
  • me: but unfortunately i can't marry dallon weekes so I'm stuck with this guy
I’m Sorry

I have had a few anonymous messages today saying that I stole a gif from someone. I realise now that I should have just reblogged it instead of reposting it, but due to me not realising this at the time, and still being relatively new to these kinds of situations, i am apologising for the unauthorised reposting of gifs, and if I have stolen anyone else’s gifs, please let me know because I wold like to clear it up now instead of having hate in and on my dash.

Thank you and I am so sorry to any of the amazing gif creators who work so hard to bring us amazing content.

I would also like to clarify that I didn’t intend to steal gifs on purpose, I was just putting them on my own dash without knowing who the owners are.

To The Girl My Boyfriend Cheated On Me With, And Knew About Me

I’m sorry. I’m sorry you must feel so low to do that to a fellow woman. To not value your body or soul enough, to just put it all out for some guy you’d been eyeballing for some time. Watching him and I together, genuinly. Maybe you envied it, or maybe you were jealous, I’ll never know the answer. I want to know who ever told you that the only way to get affection or “love” from a man was to seduce them. Maybe you got off on the idea that you “stole” him from someone else. But a man must earn you, in every way but sexually before they should ever have permission to your body. They should love your mind and soul, not just your body and what you can give them in a dark room. I don’t know who degraded you to think so little of you’re mind and personality, that you depend on your appearance and body to get what you want. Apart from this, I would also like to thank you. Thank you for making me realize that a man who is willing to cheat on a girl that gave him a reason to be better, wasn’t a man at all. Thank you for taking him away before he truly damaged me. He has his own demons to sort out before he can ever be in a real relationship. This is simply a cut that will heal in time. I’m not worried of it. Thank you for making me realize I deserve more than he could ever give me. Now I can only hope you come to your senses one day, and realize your true worth. Us women need to stick together, and look out for one another. He’s not worth it honey, if he did it to me, he’ll do it to you too. Happy soul searching.

Imagine Jim...

… being your new Math Teacher

“Alright, when you’re standing on Point A and you shoot someone at Point B, the way the bullet travels is the hypotenuse. Who can tell me how long the hypotenuse is?”

(requested by an awesome anon, lmao I’m sorry I’m so unimaginative, I couldn’t think of any dialogue so I stole that one from Suicide Squad :s)

(not my gif, credit to whoever made it)

With a half bottle of Jack in his hand that he stole from on of the pledges in Beta Theta Pi and that it was 10 at night, he was walking in the courtyard, not really paying attention to where he was going. He was half buzzed, but you could only tell if he started to talk. Walking into someone the bottle fell from his hand and shattered on the ground. “Shit.” He mumbled.

  • me on a date: so what do you think of aph france
  • them: france? hes awful. hes a rapist and only cares about sex.
  • me, shoving baguettes in my purse: sorry something just came up i have to leave right now immediately
Overwatch: Cat-shaming signs
  • Soldier76: I snapped at Lucio once and I'm sorry.
  • Reaper: I waste too many guns and try too hard to be edgy
  • Mercy: I brought back two of my dead commanders and now one of them wants me dead.
  • Ana: I went away and left my two best friends and daughter until recently.
  • Hanzo: I tried to kill my brother and rode a cowboy too hard and broke the bed.
  • Genji: I twerked once and caused a riot.
  • D.Va: I stay up too late and drink too much Mtn. Dew.
  • Lucio: I stole from a company and I played my music too loud.
  • Reinhardt: Accidentally threw someone's back out when I hugged them.
  • Torbjorn: I turn any and everything into a turret that can be turned into one.
  • Zarya: I hate robots even the nice ones.
  • Mei: I froze my friends and forgot to unfreeze them
  • Zenyatta: Did nothing wrong.
  • Bastion: Shoots a lot though tries to be good.
  • Pharah: I have mommy issues.
  • Symmetra: Obsessed with Order and working a corrupted company.
  • McCree: Touched the samurai tiddy and got punched for it.

*manager voice* everyone, i am sorry to say this but someone stole a $5 naruto sticker book from our walmart store and now the entire staff is going to have their wages withheld this week to make up for the losses incurred, further management says each loss prevention team member must spend 5 minutes in the pear wiggler to atone.

mintersmini  asked:

Hey boo. I'm sorry someone stole your edit, people lack creativity so they steal it from others & i think it's awful, but y'know all clouds have silver lining's, look at it this way, your creativity is so beautiful and amazing other people are jealous and claim it as their own. Laugh at them, they look dumb. Not you. All the best and lots of love xo

How are you so nice Chloe I’m 😭 thank you so much, and btw this is the only way I calm myself when seeing smth like this, thinking it means I made something cool 🙄😅 again thank you so much 💕🤙🏽


Unfinished Hartwin set


This was supposed to be 16-pages long of mainly Hartwin moment that I drew on my Moleskine book, BUT earlier this year, my sketchbook was goneee with my bag and some pens. I lost my bag in the middle of crowd.. probably someone stole it… My phone, wallet, and keys were safe, I never put them inside bag.

I had inked 14 from 16 pages (had not done finishing process, you can see pencil marks & unfinished hatch / line), but I had scanned 8 of them for checking purpose (then my scanner gone kaput). First 6 pages were done for Inktober last year.

That’s why I take break from traditional art and Kingsman for some time… sorry TTATT


My friend suggested me to constantly put my traditional stuff to Instagram, I’ll consider it… (although I’m a bit lazy maintaining multiple accounts - you need to sign-in and sign-out everytime. Shhheeeessh)

… Sorry for rant.


“Y / N I have something to tell you,” he said looking at the sun set on the horizon.

“What do you have to tell me?”

“It’s hard to say that after all this time keeping it to myself”

“What are you trying to tell me Brett?”

“I …you ”

“Me what?”

“I’m completely in love with you and it’s been awhile”

“You wh …”

Brett did not even let you finish speaking, he kissed you so intensely that for a minute you swore you would have a heart attack,the lips of you two fit perfectly into each other as if they were specially made for each other, you could say with certainty that this was the best kiss of your life.

“Sorry, I get carried away by the moment and …” you shut his mouth with a kiss to show that you want it too.

“It was the best kiss someone ever stole from me before"you said.

“I’m glad it was me who stole it then”

{Gif is not my}