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yall bruce wayne is the most extra guy in the world like he keeps the diamond that selina stole the first time they met has it made into an engagement ring confesses love in the rain on a rooftop and proposes

Craigslist room for rent goes sour.

I was in the process of joining the military, simply waiting for the date to enter service. “It would take at least a month, but no more than a year.” Apartment lease had expired, no month-to-month payment option. Looking for some short-term housing. I was single, worked 2 part time jobs, & had cash in savings. I’m quiet, flexible, simple needs. Just needed the simplest of accommodations. I went to Craig’s List.

Met with a woman who advertised a room for rent. We’ll call her “Jill”. Jill was 20something, single, and came from a wealthy family who bought her this small 3 bedroom house, gave her a nice car, paid her bills. Jill didn’t like to work, she just “sold her art”. She made awful graphic art fan fiction on her PC, probably never sold anything but was completely obsessed with her own work and would talk about it constantly. Jill had pets. So. Many. Pets. Like 20 cats, 4 dogs, a room of birds out of their cages, and several acquariums. A bit weird/slightly skewed version of reality, but seemed nice, had a room available and price was okay. I would pay a flat rate for rent and utilities, provide my own food, and come and go as I please. Neither of us ever signed anything, just details via text and email.

She benefited from my moving in as I had transferred my cable internet connection to her house. Got the modem hooked up and used my own wireless router and let her use it for free. I also have carpentry experience so I helper her repair some door frames and some wood trim in addition to patching up some drywall. Helped her out a lot, all while requesting nothing in return. The first week was nice.

Things fell apart rapidly after that. She became manipulative, started making financial demands. The electric bill was high, I needed to pay “my part”. She had bought enough groceries for both of us without informing me, but now that milk had soured and bread molded I needed to pay for “wasted groceries”. Old busted up door knob on the side of the house broke off while taking out trash, so I needed to buy a new one. Etc…

Individually these didn’t bother me much, but there was a pattern. After just weeks, living expenses had tripled the agreed upon amount. I told her that this couldn’t happen anymore. I would pay the agreed upon amount and buy my own food. Period. This settled things…for a week.

Got back from work. In my room my guitar was gone, and in its place, a bill. A bill from a plumber who had installed a toilet. “My bathroom” needed some work done. Jill had “lost all trust” that I would fulfill “financial obligations” after I “freaked out about money before.” My guitar was hostage, locked in her bedroom until I paid for her toilet upgrade. She literally added a padlock to her bedroom door.

Time to get out. I told her I was moving out the next day (a friend already offered me his guest-room). She could keep the guitar (it was a $100 pawn shop guitar). I wasn’t going to pay to fix her house anymore.

Upon packing things came the modem discussion. She was taking an online class since she now had an internet connection. She would get her own connection “in a few days”. I was angry with her but not yet vengeful. I agreed to let her use it until my connection got transferred.

A week later, called Jill the day before the cable transfer. She said she would drop off the equipment, oddly, only while I was at work. I texted a reminder, “please don’t forget to drop off modem”, and she responded, “left it in a bag outside your front door”. Weird, but whatever. I get home that night. No bag. No modem. I text, “did you leave it at the right house? can’t find it”, she responds, “yes”.

Cable got installed, still no modem. It’ll cost me if I don’t turn in the old one. Now I’m vengeful. She’s extorted money, I’ve been nothing but helpful and considerate, she’s stolen my things, now she’s probably lying and stealing more things - which will cost even more money.

Jill took a pottery class on Thursdays, out of the house for 2 hours. Her front door had a combination keypad for entry instead of keys. She claimed she would change the combo when I left, but probably didn’t know how to do that. Waited until after the time she left. Drove past. No one home. Parked a block away, walked to front door, entered the code. Still works. Straight to her bedroom. Not padlocked anymore. Look, there’s my router and modem, right where they shouldn’t be because they’re in a bag outside my friend’s place. Weird. Grab my modem & router, grab my guitar, insert a spare old burned admin copy of Win'98 into her cdrom, boot to CD, set it to work formatting her hard drive. She can complete Win'98 installation later, complained about Vista anyway. Probably won’t be able to retrieve her “art” and homework.

Back in my car within 5 minutes, at my friend’s place 10 minutes later. Jill’s pottery class still had another hour. I texted, “finally found the modem, bag must’ve blown into the bushes! Thanks for dropping it off! :D” I love to imagine whatever flurry of emotions she must have experienced at that moment…

Called me in a frantic rage 30 minutes later. “YOU STOLE FROM ME!!!” “What?? Jill…What are you talking about?” “YOU BROKE INTO MY HOUSE AND STOLE FROM ME!!!” “Wait…someone broke into the house?? I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about that… What did they take?” Her remarkable psychological gymnast skills. Walks right up to the ledge of almost admitting that she lied to me and stole my things (after-all, such an admission was required for her version of events to make any sense at all) and then psychologically-backflips away. She couldn’t do it. Her story was not compatible with reality. All she could muster was rage and empty threats and that phone call was the last time I ever heard from her. Honestly, at that point the stuff and the money involved was worth less to me than the fact that she had so much rage but couldn’t do anything about it. It brought me a little joy. The strangest part is that she never mentioned her computer at all…


❛ Have you been playing with matches again? ❜
❛ Do have anymore of that one stuff? ❜
❛ So, where do we go from here? ❜
❛ What the hell is that thing? ❜
❛ You know, you aren’t supposed to be doing that. ❜
❛ I almost forgot you only come around when you need me. ❜
❛ Oh, yeah, you played me good, didn’t you? ❜
❛ I’m not joking with you this time. ❜
❛ Do you ever think about having kids? ❜
❛ I didn’t mean to punch you that hard. ❜
❛ Nice shiner there, buddy. ❜
❛ Great way to start the day. ❜
❛ I just want peace and quiet. ❜
❛ Please, just go away already, ugh. ❜
❛ I’m not giving you any money! ❜
❛ You don’t own me. ❜
❛ Tell me what to do or what to say. ❜
❛ I love my freedom. ❜
❛ Shut up before I break your arm. ❜
❛ Now, that looks like a grand adventure. ❜
❛ I’m taking you home, come on. ❜
❛ Jesus, are you really that drunk? ❜
❛ What did you take? How many you’d take? ❜
❛ That’s not an orange. It’s a lemon. ❜
❛ The wait is almost over. ❜
❛ So, when are we going to finally meet? ❜
❛ I would like to see you in person. ❜
❛ Are you online dating again? ❜
❛ I’m not sad, I’m just tired. ❜
❛ I want to take a nap so bad. ❜
❛ I thought we could just nap together. ❜
❛ Life can be messy. ❜
❛ I wish life could be mess free. ❜
❛ Are you high or just stupid? ❜
❛ You can be anything you set your mind to. ❜
❛ We are not going to be like them. ❜
❛ I just wanted to fit in, I don’t know. ❜
❛ Are you going to that party tonight? ❜
❛ I thought we’d be together forever. ❜
❛ I really liked you. My fault. ❜
❛ We don’t like surprises. ❜
❛ Please save the lecture for someone who gives a shit. ❜
❛ What the hell did you do? ❜
❛ Well, you poor thing. ❜
❛ I’m just saying, murder is an option. ❜
❛ We can always kill them, yeah? ❜
❛ What’s all this glitter for anyway? ❜
❛ Damn, you look like shit. Smell like it too. ❜
❛ It’s not too dark and not too light. ❜
❛ I wanted to know what you liked so I stalked you. ❜
❛ I didn’t stalk anyone for the last time already. ❜
❛ I’m not sorry and I have no regrets. ❜
❛ You are so fucked, you know that? ❜
❛ Hey, you stole that from me! Give it back! ❜
❛ Screw you. ❜
❛ Just fuck off already. ❜
❛ You look like a Simpson. ❜
❛ I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. ❜
❛ I’m not mean, I’m just honest. ❜
❛ I will stab you with my fingernail, try me. ❜
❛ Your wish is my command. ❜
❛ I would love to see you suffer. ❜
❛ I’m not in, no way. This is bad. ❜
❛ I don’t want to break any rules. ❜
❛ Fine then. Don’t call and don’t text me anymore. ❜
❛ I’m not mad at you, don’t worry. ❜
❛ Do not ever question my parenthood again. ❜
❛ I don’t have time for this. ❜
❛ Death is all around us. ❜
❛ You’re just like the girl from gone girl. ❜
❛ You left, not me. ❜
❛ I’m not the one that’s always leaving. ❜
❛ I can’t believe this is truly happening. ❜
❛ I was wondering, if you wanted to look at the stars with me? ❜
❛ I always wanted to go on a date. ❜
❛ I knew you were trouble when you walked in. ❜
❛ I had a feeling. ❜
❛ Wait, do you feel that? That vibe right now? ❜
❛ Where could the gem be? ❜
❛ Do I look like someone you should mess with? ❜
❛ It stinks it this place. Can’t believe you call it home. ❜
❛ Wow, this is your house? ❜
❛ I can’t believe you didn’t think to ask me first. ❜
❛ You have a lot to learn. ❜
❛ What do you take me for? ❜
❛ What do I have to do to get it from you? ❜
❛ Will you ever stop asking me that? ❜
❛ This place never ceases to amaze me. ❜
Rain (Stiles Stilinski)

Summary: a best friends to lovers fic based off the prompts, “we always share blankets on the couch, I’m sure sharing the bed for the night is fine too,” and, “your lips are getting really close to mine.”

Warnings: there’s a touch of swearing here and there!

Word count: 3.2k

A/N: clichés are a personal favourite. I hope you like this! :)

Originally posted by deathcabjenny

When you’d left to visit a newly opened diner with your best friend, Stiles, it wasn’t raining. In fact, the sky was such a clear amber colour that you were convinced you’d be able to see the stars when evening broke. By the time you were leaving the diner, however, you were shown to have made a grave assumption.

“It’s pouring, Stiles,” you said dryly, peering out the diner windows. Stiles was beside you, zipping up the front of his hoodie. 

“Well done for stating the obvious, Y/N,” Stiles teased, causing you to groan in frustration. You hadn’t had the sense to bring a hoodie; instead you were wearing a thin shirt and a pair of jeans. One look outside at the sheets of rain cascading from the sky was enough to make you regret your decision completely.

“We’ll need to run,” you murmured, wishing one of you had had the sense to bring a car.

Stiles snorted, shaking his head. “I’d rather not. The rain is fun, Y/N! Loosen up a little,” you gave him an unimpressed look, reaching out to push his shoulder playfully.

“That’s easy for you to say - you have a hood!” Stiles grinned at this, nodding gleefully as he flicked the hood over his head.

“We should leave, I think the waiter’s getting impatient,” Stiles said, gesturing to where your waiter was lingering beside a couple who were clearly after your booth.

Humming in agreement, you followed Stiles towards the bar where you’d been instructed to pay. “How much was it?” You queried, not remembering the sum printed on the receipt.

Stiles waved his hand, digging in his jeans for his wallet. He pulled it out a moment later, nimble fingers pulling out a few notes with a flourish. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll pay.” 

“Stiles-” you tried to interject, only to be on the receiving end from one of his infamous glares.

“Y/N, this was my idea! Let me pay for you. Please,” one glance at the earnest expression on your best friend’s face and you gave in, knowing his stubborn nature to be a force to be reckoned with.

“Fine,” you grumbled, waiting beside him as Stiles settled the tab.

Once the money was exchanged, Stiles linked your arms together and pulled you towards the door. You groaned, the icy rain outside looking the opposite of inviting. Stiles spoke up, giving your arm a squeeze, “we’ve got to face it eventually, may as well do it now. Besides, my house is only a five minute walk away.”

“Let’s do it,” you agreed, figuring it made more sense to get it over with.

To say the rain was heavy was an understatement: the moment you stepped outside, raindrops were splashing all over your body, coating you from head to toe. You shrieked, speeding up considerably. Still attached to Stiles, the both of you began to speed walk in the direction of his house, the rain making the journey slightly difficult.

By the time you stumbled into Stiles’ porch, you were completely soaked through.

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this episode made me hate most of the characters more than i ever thought was possible but what irks me the most is the fact that they’re really going there

they’re really defending charioce

they’re actually excusing him

um actually

“kill [the red dragon/nina] on sight”

sorry to tell you but

“kill [mugaro/el] along with [azazel]”


“instead of making grand proclamations, why don’t you try to take [the things i stole from your temples and imprisoned Jeanne] by force?”


and not even one word about enslaving an entire race? really, favaro? couldn’t make up an excuse for that one so we’re just ignoring it entirely?

i’m not even gonna go into the trainwreck that is kaisar’s character i’m just so done today

Nude Part Two

It had been a week, a long week. Y/N was fired, the company did not want to be linked with the press that came with Y/N. She had been harassed, not just on social media, but the photographers were letting their hands wonder on her body, her dad could hardly look at her, her family wouldn’t talk to her. 

She wouldn’t get out of bed, she wouldn’t eat. She would just lay there, wrapped in the white sheets, dark circles under her eyes, her usual bright eyes were dull, no emotions, no feelings, she would just stare at the ceiling, or stare at Harry. 

He would bring food up to her, he would bring her water, snack, anything he could, but she refused them all. Occasionally she would drink and have a couple of chips, but it was rare, it hardly happened. He could hear her cries, he could feel her pain. 

“Thank you so much for understanding James,” Harry says into the phone, leaning against the door way, watching her. 

She was asleep, as usual, her eyes closed, lips parted as soft snores left her mouth, “I understand, we can find another week,” James says into the phone, “how is everything?”

“‘s not good,” Harry responds, “I offered to go to my mum’s, she could stay there for the week, and she said no, I just-I can’t leave her alone right now. It’s my fault.”

“You’re young, you’re doing what young people do,” James says, “sadly you just have the whole world watching you, watching her.”

“‘s not fair to her,” Harry frowned. 

“You’re right, and it’s not fair to you, but it happened, it’s done. Now you just have to work through it, together,” James says. 

She stirs in bed and Harry stands, “I’ll call you later, I’m so sorry.”

He hangs up, taking his spot next to her on the bed, and praying that she’ll wake up, that she’ll smile at him.

“Morning,” she croaks, sitting in bed, knees to her chest, Harry looks up from the door way, wrapping his towel around his waist. 

“Glad to see you awake,” he smiled softly, grabbing a shirt. 

She looks at the sheets in front of her, “it’s Gem’s birthday,” she whispered, “promised her I would go.”

“You don’t have to,” Harry says, “we don’t have to, she’ll understand.”

“I have to get out of this house at some point,” she says.

“My mum has been dying to see you,” Harry smiled. 

She just stands, walking to the closet, “if it gets too much we can leave,” Harry promises. 

Anne’s house is filled with family, Gemma’s work friends, and neighbors. Harry steps in first, he immediately feels her grip tighten on his hand, her other hand coming up to his arm as she holds on to him, hiding behind his tall and lanky frame. 

“Harry!” Anne smiled, walking over, “oh Y/N! I’ve missed you,” she wraps her arm around her, rubbing her back, she steps back, “how are you doing?”

“‘m fine,” she mumbles, Harry grabs her hand again, bringing it up to his lips. 

“She’s a though one,” Harry says. 

“Y/N! You came!” Gemma yells, walking over, “oh I’m so happy you came.”

“Happy birthday,” she responds. 

She keeps close to Harry all night, trying to not pay any mind to the others. They stand whispering and pointing, she even caught one person glancing between their phone and her, making sure it was the right person. 

She felt naked, she knew she was dressed. She could feel the long sleeved dress hugging her body, she could feel the fabric, but it didn’t matter. Every one saw the freckle on her stomach, the one on her right breast, they all knew about the stretch marks on her lower stomach, they had all seen her. They had all seen every inch of her. 

“I’m gonna run to the bathroom,” Harry says to her, “will you be okay?”

He tilts her chin up, concerned eyes on her, “yeah,” she nods, he presses a soft kiss on her lips and slips away. 

“Y/N right?” a man says, he stands in Harry’s old spot, “‘m Fred, I work with Gemma.”

“Nice to meet you,” she whispered. 

Fred steps closer, close enough she can smell the alcohol on his breath, “I’m Harry’s girlfriend.”

“I think you’re lovely,” he ignored her last remarks, placing a hand on her waist. 

“Please get off,” she says, her heart racing. 

His hand lowers to her butt, giving it a hard squeeze, she screeched. Shoving him off, or attempting but he doesn’t break, “get away from her,” Anne snaps, walking into the kitchen, “and get the hell out of my house.”

Fred steps back, holding his hands up, “Y/N, come here honey,” Anne says sharply. 

Y/N walks over, standing behind her, “get out of my house, now,” Anne repeats, voice low. 

“We were just talking Anne, come on we are all here for Gemma,” Fred chuckled, setting his cup down. 

“I don’t want you anywhere near my family, that includes Y/N,” Anne hissed. 

“Hey, she wanted it, those pictures were nice, I was just trying to compliment her,” Fred says. 

“Get the hell out! I will not ask you again,” Anne yelled. 

“Gemma don’t you want me here?” Fred asked, turning to the tall light haired girl who stumbled in, “right Gem.”

“He touched Y/N and if I have to ask again I will call the cops,” Anne sneered. 

“Get out!” Gemma snaps, “this is your last warning or I will get Harry.”

“She’s just a little slut anyways,” Fred spat, shoving past her, hitting Y/N’s shoulder. 

She stumbled but Anne grips on to her, helping her. Her once full of life eyes stay on where Fred had just walked out, Anne holds her, rubbing her arm, “don’t listen to him honey, please don’t listen to him,” Anne whispered in her ear. 

“What an asshole,” Gemma hissed, embracing Y/N. 

Gemma runs her hands through Y/N’s hair, “I’m so sorry Y/N, you didn’t deserve that, you don’t deserve any of this,” she whispered. 

“I-I shouldn’t have taken them,” Y/N sobs. 

Gemma’s eyes snap up as someone walks in. Harry stands, his eyes softening at the sight, Gemma keeps Y/N in her arms, rubbing her back, “we love you Y/N and those pictures didn’t change anything,” Anne says softly, “you have us, you have Harry, you’re family, those pictures do not define you. Who ever stole them is a horrible person.”

“I’m so sorry,” Harry says. 

Y/N pulls away from Gemma, shaking her head, her hand reaching up to wipe the tears away, “it’s not your fault Harry, please stop blaming yourself,” Y/N pleads, “please.”

“It’s no ones fault,” Anne says. 

“I’m sorry about Fred,” Gemma says. 

“What happened?” Harry asked quickly. 

As Anne explains the story Y/N takes the time to slip away to the bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror. She fixes the smudged mascara, wiping it away with toilet paper. She takes in a deep breath, trying to relax. 

The door opens and Harry peaks in, a small smile on his face, “you’re moms kind of a badass, I’ve never seen her that angry,” she says, sniffling. 

“That’s cause no one messes with her family,” Harry chuckled, closing the door behind him, “how you holding up.”

“I’ll be okay,” she promises, wrapping her arms around him, “I have a lovely boyfriend and his family for support.”

“We are pretty cool,” Harry says, a proud smile on his face.

“I don’t blame you,” she says, “I promise.”

“We’ll get through this together, and you know what, Jack was a dumbass in firing you, you were the best worker,” Harry stated, “we can get you a new and much better job.”

“And anyone who thinks these pictures are an excuse to grab you are sick perverts and will have to go through me, we are a team Y/N. You get hurt, I get hurt, we will work through this together okay?” Harry’s hands come to her cheeks, cupping them. 

“Yeah,” she nods, “together.”

“Forever,” he mumbles, kissing her. 

“Forever and always.”

~cute things nct 127  would do for their s/o~

taeyong: take extreme close up photos of ur eyes and debate that they change shade depending on the sunlight and then look at them when he’s alone and almost cry because ur so freaking stunning. ur eyes are so damn gorgeous-

yuta: name a star after you and him but since ur name together costs too much money it’s just yuta plus the first three letters of your name (if ur name is only 3 letters or less. cool its ur full name together on a star) 

taeil: nonchalantly steal that local laundromats cat for u because u said it was cute twice 

doyoung: recite a pagan love song in ancient germanic which neither of you can understand but doyoung is convinced it casts a spell that will keep u two together forever 

johnny: get a tattoo of your favorite cartoon characters holding hands on his ankle 

winwin: double text you once a month 

jaehyun: record a video of him listing the things he likes about you but then towards the middle he starts crying just a little, like just a little and ten throws a napkin box at him from somewhere off camera 

mark: write your name out in the sand only for it to be washed away by the waves so instead he writes ur name out in seashells and ur like thats so sweet and mark is like it is but renjun stole the jar with the seashells in them so im so sorry 

haechan: fight any of your shadow demons and/or manifested anxieties  


Bangtang needs a little push to increase their fame outside of Korea. BigHit Entertainment thinks that it’s a good plan if two of the members pretends to be in a relationship.

This is an idea I’d been working on for a while. I know I was posting my Jikook Trip AU, but some liar said that I stole their idea and Tumblr took my posts down. So, hey liar, this is for you to see that I don’t need to stole ideas from other ones 🙃

For everyone who took the time to read this, thank you so much. As always, my dm’s are always open for anyone who wants to talk. And I’m sorry for any mistakes that I could (and I’m probably would) make.

PS: Bangtang doesn’t need any push to become more famous because everyone already loves them 💕

Privileged (21/?)

Originally posted by bellamyblvk

“With the remaining Ark citizens lives at stake because of Finn - a few of the 100 become divided. *yn* is forced to go against her friends beliefs and finds herself defending the last person she ever thought she would.” 

Warnings: Swearing, violence, death, little bit of angst 

Notes: Based on 2x08 “Spacewalker” of The 100.

Series Masterlist

“Have you spoken to Raven?”

“No - I’m pretty sure Abby’s got her under constant watch cause of that black eye she gave Byrne.” *yn* spoke sarcastically, crossing her arms in front of her as she spoke.

“I don’t blame her for getting so riled up, those people have no right to decide what happens to Finn. Neither do the grounders for that matter.” Bellamy growled bitterly as he thought about the news the camp had received about Lexa’s demand. 

“Mm.” *yn* hummed, only half listening as she replayed the last few hours events in her mind.

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100 Kisses

Summary: You decide to give Bucky 100 kisses for his 100th birthday.

Word Count: 2,845

Warning: cursing

A/N: I’m sure in parts of the world Bucky’s birthday is long over, but it’s still March 10th where I live! Happy Birthday, Bucky Barnes!

9:15 am

Steve Rogers stared at you with wide blue eyes as you attempted to wolf down a bowl of cereal. There were many things out of place in this picture—for one thing, he couldn’t quite fathom how a person could so wildly eat cheerios, your spoon constantly clanging against the sides of the bowl.

For another thing, it was rare that you were up this early on a Friday, even if it was a special occasion. He glanced at the clock opposite him, noting that it was only fifteen past nine in the morning.

The super soldier opened his mouth to say something, but he stopped short at the abrupt sound of your chair scraping its legs against the floor. You shot out of your seat to drop your wares in the sink before floating across the table, depositing yourself in Bucky Barnes’ lap.

Bucky eyed you with a smirk, still chewing his breakfast while you placed your hands around his neck. You stared at him with doe eyes, batting your lashes heavily. “You need somethin’ darlin?” he questioned you, the tips of his lips curving into a smile despite the pointed look he was trying to give.

“Uhhhhh hurry up!” You bounced impatiently on his thigh, squirming around as you started to slip. “I’m only at twenty-seven!”

“Twenty-seven what?” For a quick moment, everything you could have possibly meant flashed into Steve’s mind, some of them not exactly what he wanted to think about over his first meal. With a quirked eyebrow he looked at the close couple, searching their faces for an explanation.

“I’m trying to mmm-” Your voice was cut off when your boyfriend shoved toast into your mouth, the jam smearing across your lips and making it sticky. Smugly, Bucky returned his attention to Steve, who watched on with a bewildered expression.

“She’s attempting to give me one hundred kisses today.” His voice was laced with mirth, a silly smile plastered onto his lips that juxtaposed his usual expression. Steve laughed, understanding your restless behavior.

“Did she give you ninety-nine last year?” Steve asked, very amused by the challenge, but also grateful. While your idea was strange, he found it sweet and affectionate; just the type of love Bucky needed after years of solitude.

“He hid his birthday from me last year, and now he has to pay for it!” you accused, poking your finger into his chest. “Besides, one hundred is a special milestone! Much more so than ninety-nine.”

“Most people don’t make it to ninety-nine,” Bucky pointed out, prodding your cheek with the end of his fork. You could see him fighting the urge to cave into your demands, hiding his grin with a cup of coffee. His eyes seemed to shimmer, much like they did when Steve brought him to the tower for the first time.

It felt like so many years ago that you’d met Bucky, a cautious, broken thing with eyes like glass. You didn’t think you’d ever get to see him so comfortable, so relaxed, so human. It made your heart swell, more so than the kisses ever could.

“Well then, even less people make it to one hundred. I’m glad you’re one of them,” your smile softened as you placed a kiss to his temple, his eyes closing in reverence. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder, placing his head against yours.

“I’m glad you’re here with me. You too, punk,” the brunette’s eyes picked up to Steve’s, narrowing playfully. “I see you over there.”

With a grin, Steve held up his hands in a placating gesture. “Who me? I’m not doing a thing. Just watching my best friend be totally disgusting with his girlfriend.” He was shaking now, wiping a tear away from his eye as his laughter continued.

“I guess there’s some things one hundred years can’t change”

1:34 pm

“Fifty three…fifty four…fifty five…fifty six,” You were on a roll, having placing your lips back and forth against Bucky’s for a few solid minutes. You were getting fast, knowing that at some point he would grow impatient of sitting on the couch for such small pecks.

He hadn’t complained yet, a satisfied smile growing even wider as the other occupants of the room stared in horror while you repeatedly kissed Bucky, counting in between. Sam mimicked retching, his acting turning into an actual couching fit.

“Jesus Y/N, aren’t you tired? And I don’t just mean from having to look at Barnes in the first place.” His voice made you stop, turning to face the man with a weak glare. Wariness showed on your face, emphasized by your off-guard expression and swollen lips.

“Could you please be nice to him for like, one day out of the year? Actually two; Christmas is a good time to lay off him too.”

“Could you two maybe get a room? We’re trying to watch quality entertainment, not whatever gross thing you guys are doing,” Clint groaned, eyes still glued to the television. Tony and Sam agreed with a round of complaints, the entire room beginning to get rowdy.

“Why are we even watching this? It’s March Madness, turn on ESPN!”

“Um, the Joffrey Ballet is performing Romeo and Juliet and I’m missing it.”

“Would you guys mind if we put on Star Trek?”

“Fuck Next Generation, Brucey. Someone hand me the remote or put on How I Met Your Mother.”

All of a sudden the T.V went blank, the remote clanging to floor as you dropped it with your powers. The room was suddenly silent, no one daring to make a move as your eyes returned to normal.

“I was here first, and I say you’re all watching T.V. in another room,” Your voice became dangerously low, scarring the others to scamper out of their seats without any complaints. There were small apologies being thrown at you, mostly muttered from Clint and Tony. (“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please don’t use your powers!”)

You smiled until a pair of lips were pressed firmly to yours, a much longer, heated kiss that stole your breath and your thoughts. Bucky had grabbed your waist, pulling you to straddle his lap once again.

“Sixty,” he reminded you, voice low as though he was sharing a secret. You blinked, forgetting what the numbers were for in the first place. He had that effect on you.

He smiled, a little embarrassed, but hugged you closer all the same. “I wanted to give you one. That was pretty hot.”  

6:28 pm

“What number are you guys on now?”

Natasha lazily swirled her spoon in her tea, head propped on her fist as she sent a smirk towards you and Bucky. By some miracle you weren’t completely smothering him, the two of you eating like normal people at the dinner table.

“Eighty-six. I’ve been spreading them out, he likes it better that way.” You beamed at him, unaware of his blushing state. Nat, however, noticed this right away, wiggling her brows to gain his attention.

“I’m sure that’s not the only thing he likes spread out,” she winked, and immediately after Bucky placed his head in his hands. A chorus of feminine cackles erupted, making his face even hotter.

“Bucky, please,” you wheezed out, holding a hand to your stomach. You gave his back a little rub, coaxing him out of his flushed state. “What are you acting all shy about, baby?” you teased him, the two of you calling him “ladies man” and “lover boy”, harping back to the stories Steve used to tell about him.

Bucky slowly lifted his head, hands still covering his face. “You know, I thought today was going to be more embarrassing for you than for me. How could I be so wrong?”

You rolled your eyes as his antics, prying his hands away. “C’mon Buckaroo,” you joked, trying to use as many dumb nickname as you could to calm him down. “We’re only teasing.”

“Relentlessly,” he added, and you scoffed, placing your hands on your hips.

“You’re one to talk about relentless! Do you want a list of all the times you’ve taunted me! You did that to me this morning!” Bucky peeked at you through his fingers, catching the frown etched on your face. “It’s only fair!”

“Sorry, don’t recall,” he muttered, getting up from his seat and walking away from you. You sputtered, standing quickly and bumping your thighs against the table.

“Hey!” he was starting to run now, even with very limited space. His back was retreating faster down the elevator corridor, and you picked up speed, getting a running start off the ground before you flew towards him.

“I can fly faster than you can run, Barnes!” you called after him, eyes glowing as you shot forward. Bucky suddenly turned, arms wide open, ready to catch you with a solid stance. You tried to slow down, but you were hurdling toward him like a comet. The force of your collision sent him skidding backwards, his feet tripping over themselves to regain a sense of balance.

You ended up twirling like a top, his arms wrapped around you as you spun into the elevator. Your giggles turned into a hiccups, only to be silenced by a kiss. A deep and slow one, melding your mouths together and ultimately grounding you. Any dizziness that persisted afterwards was not from being spun, but rather from the kiss that had you seeing stars.

“Eighty-seven,” you counted proudly, without a single hiccup.

10:04 pm

Ten o’ clock wasn’t late by any means, but it had been a long day.

There had been something of a party in the common room since seven; a small gathering that consisted of the Avengers, and a few other agents Bucky knew well. Tony had promised it wouldn’t be anything he wasn’t comfortable with, and that if he wanted the celebration over, he could have it.

Tony kept his word. Even though Bucky had been having fun, he realized that while he was busy catching up with Thor and Scott Lang, Y/N had hardly been by his side. Perhaps it was the suddenness of it all, but he felt immensely detached, gazing at her from across the room with longing looks.

You were quite adept at deciphering Bucky’s looks, even from far away. He’d given you this long stare, his baby blue hues so cloudy and dull, reason enough to saunter over to him and press a quick kiss to his lips.

“You okay?” you asked him, concerned that he wasn’t having fun. He didn’t seem to suggest the idea, but you could tell that something was bothering him. The first two times you did it, he shook his head and granted you a small smile.

The third time was different. By the third kiss you felt his restless energy, his hands cupping both your cheeks, seeking some sort of outlet. You held his hands, looking straight into his eyes.

“Bucky,” you paused, making sure he was hearing you. “Bucky are you alright?”

He was beginning to nod, his hair falling into his eyes as he bowed his head, but his chin never came back up. “I’m fine, I just,” he sounded strained, his voice thick with some emotion you couldn’t quite place. “How many left?”

“Ten,” you told him, rubbing the pads of your thumbs over his hands. “Just ten more.”

He licked his lips, grabbing onto your wrist loosely and pulling you away. “I want to go.” He was using short sentences, his speech rushed and shoulders tense.  Today had been long, and social events tended to tire him out quicker than anything else.

“Okay baby, you stay right there, I’ll tell Tony.” You gave him a smile that was forced, the façade vanishing when you turned away from it. You nearly jogged to reach Tony, explaining the situation as best you could, despite not understanding it yourself.

He was good about it. Tony didn’t make a scene, he just waved graciously with a small smile. Bucky returned it, and suddenly the whole room was raising a glass in his leave.

“Happy Birthday, Buck! Hope you had fun.” Steve’s strong voice was wistful, but his smile was not at all sad. Bucky gave a salute, relief seeping back into him as you two looped arms, turning your backs to the avengers.

“You sure you’re okay?” It was simply precautionary, your worry fading when he gave a genuine smile.

“I’m fine, doll face. Just wanted to cash in those last ten kisses in private.”

 11:15 pm

He was smooth, in almost everything he did. It was scary, sometimes, how he could surprise you like that. Bucky appeared so sharp, so bent and twisted sometimes that you were always taken aback by how careful and soft he treated you.

His hands slowly went up your side, bunching the soft cotton of your pajamas impatiently. When he detached himself, his burning blue eyes looked straight at you, lips parted but unmoving, the question unspoken between you two.

“Ninety-eight,” you replied, breathing heavily against his lips, your foreheads touching. He’d been playing this game since he’d gotten you alone, taking charge of the gift you were supposed to give him. He rolled his hips under yours, nails digging into your sides almost painfully as he angled his mouth down for another go.

Suddenly his pursed lips met the pads of your fingers. He blinked, watching as you sat back on your knees, taking his wrists into your hands.

“This is my gift. You can’t take control of it, that makes it yours.” You felt like you were pouting, crossing your arms to convey your annoyance, even it if was acute.

Bucky laughed until he realized you were serious. “What? Darling, come on,” he persuaded, lifting up your chin. “It is for me.”

“Yeah, but it’s, I’m,” you struggled to form your thought into a coherent statement, one that would make sense. “I’m giving you one hundred kisses, in my time. You can’t cash them all in like a rain check.”

That seemed to do the trick, your boyfriend leaning back on his elbows, looking at you with raised brows. “Well when you put it like that,” he drawled, and you used your strength to push him down onto his back.

“When I put it like that,” you mocked him, landing on your side next to him. You grazed your finger across his jaw, tracing the outline down his neck and collarbone. His skin was hot to the touch, but shivers wracked his spine when your nails scratched under his chin. He was eager, hands twitching to touch you. You laughed at his restraint, cupping your hands to his cheeks and giving him a soft, tender kiss that lasted but a minute.

You didn’t need to say it out loud; you both understand that this was the last of them, the final kiss to mark his birthday. He smiled as he shifted to mirror your body, arms snaking around your neck. He wanted so desperately to say something, but before he could even think about it, your lips placed a small peck to his.

“One hundred! Happy Birthday, Bucky!” you grinned sneakily, and he grabbed you, pulling you onto his lap. You laughed at his expression, the fleeting anger that bubbling under his shock.

“What? That so does not count!” he yelled, feeling cheated. He pulled your wrists to bring your closer, so close that your chests touched and your eyes were solely focused on each other. You still stifled some giggles back, and Bucky finally sighed, resigned to the fact that, no matter how devious it was, you’d kept your promise.

“You’re forgetting something,” your chirpy voice reminded him, and he grumbled a quick response before you placed your hands on his chest. You captured his attention a mere moment before you captured his lips, this time in a kiss that mattered.

It started slow and hesitant, as though you were testing unsteady waters. Soon it became deeper, those hovering hands now fully immersed in his hair, tugging at the roots with just enough pull to spur him on further.

Bucky placed his hands on your hips, slowly sitting himself up, never breaking contact. He placed you back down onto the bed, his weight pressing against yours. Your resolve broke, that earlier statement off the table as Bucky guided you onto your back, trapping you between his arms. Your head pressed into the mattress, your body sinking as your breath was stolen from you, Bucky’s chest flush against you.

When the need for air became too hard to ignore, Bucky pulled back, a questioning glance on his face. “Pretty sure I’m not one hundred and one,” he inquired, and you smiled.

“One for good luck.” Your answer made him break out into a grin, one so contagious you nearly forgot about everything else. He slowly leaned down and pressed a chaste kiss to your lips, a good and quick thing that conveyed everything it needed to.

“I don’t need luck when I’ve got you.”

Balthazar Prompt Request

This as requested by @mycuddlycorner: 101: “I did it…” with Balthazar, please? I hope you all enjoy! <3

Word Count: 249

Warnings: fluff

(gif is not mine)

Balthazar stormed into the library where Sam and Dean were researching.  It was weird to see the angel without his blazer.  That’s what caught their attention in the first place.  Balthazar quickly became irritated by their stifled laughter.

“Enough giggling,” Balthazar scolded, folding his arms over his chest.  “Which one of you bastards stole my blazer?  Do you think this is funny?”

“We didn’t-.”  Sam tried to speak, but the angel wasn’t having any of it.

“Then who did,” Balthazar asked, raising his voice.  “The bloody tooth fairy didn’t take it.  It wasn’t Santa Claus.”

“I did it…”  Your voice was fragile and came from behind the angel.  Balthazar spun around to face you.  His expression was not one of fury, but one of curiosity.  “I got cold and my sweaters are in the wash.  I was hoping you wouldn’t mind.  I know I should have asked first.  I’m sorry.”

“Next time just tell me okay [Y/N]?”  Balthazar cupped your face in his hands, pressing a gentle kiss to your lips.  “I should have you wear my clothes more often.”  The smirk on his lips told you that he had forgiven you in an instant.

“One, gross,” Dean muttered distastefully.  “Two, what the hell?  You came in here ready to tear our heads off.  Then when it turns out to be [Y/N] who took your jacket, you’re all lovey dovey.”

“Oh I’m sorry,” Balthazar remarked sarcastically.  “Am I dating you?  No?  Then you don’t get special treatment.”

Tag List: @gonnamurderyou, @mija-novella, @trashforwinchesters, @emilyymichelle, @ivvitm1109, @girl-next-door-writes, @flufy07, @gabriels-trix, @captain-amelia-bradley, @21-wolves, @rayleyanns, @myplaceofthingsilove, @mycuddlycorner, @mogaruke, @legitgirl15, @alonewriterly, @sumara62, @nanie5, @supernatural-squadd, @pumpkinpiesandpocketknives, @kakdhaoan919, @ladysigyn221, @dekahg, @aliensarestupid, @jc1101, @heycassbutt-67, @mikimausiii, @mactho, @xxxdevine-demonsxxx, @notnaturalanahi, @sonofabitch-spn, @wolfyangel-is-a-pluviophile, @castielangelinatrenchcoat, @psycopathic-turtle, @1-more-internet-kid, @tokentransboy, @the-latina-trickster, @holding-on-to-francis, @lizbeth-loves-bobear, @maybe-mikala, @starlight-showers6380, @super–who–locked

Saw this au prompt part II

Nico sat on the chair, waiting for his father to say something. Aidon di Angelo stood facing the view outside of his office.

“Nicholas,” his father said.

“Nico,” he muttered uneasily, aggravated. He hated to come here. The last time he was here was when he came out to his parents, a week before his life was completely shattered.

Jules Albert stood to the back of the office, emotionless as a zombie, waiting for Nico to attempt to run. Which, in fact, he’d attempted to do once, but that’s another story for another time.

“Jules Albert tells me that you’re getting home late again, and he found a cigarette packet hidden inside your jacket pocket. Your school called yesterday, and it seems as though you’ve been skipping classes again. You are eighteen years old. When are you going to grow up, Nicholas?” his father asked calmly.

Nico internally winced. He needed to have another chat with Jules about his habits and privacy.

“What I do and do not do,” Nico said, icily, “is none of your business. You lost the right to tell me what to do the moment you stopped being a father. You work all the time, why do you suddenly care?! Hell, you’ve managed to replace the last living family member you have with a freaking company!” Nico yelled.

God above, it felt good to get this off his chest.

Aidon’s eyes softened, “Is that what you think I’m doing? Replacing you?”

Nico nodded stiffly, enjoying the sting of tears. He stood. He was going to leave, and Jules was not going to stop him.

Aidon quickly came across his desk and brought himself eye to eye with his son. They stared at each other for a moment. Adion gently dragged Nico into his arms, passing his hand re-assuringly through Nico’s hair.

His father’s voice broke as he whispered, “My boy, I would never do that to you. You are the most precious thing I have. You are, after your sister, the best thing Maria could have ever given to me.”

He pulled away, his dark eyes boring into Nico’s identical ones.

“And you’ve been so much happier and better with the blonde around. Why would you deprive yourself of that happiness?”

Nico’s week was sucking more balls than him.

On Monday, Percy Jackson, Nico’s ex, and a group of his friends who called themselves “The Seven” cornered Will. Nico caused a huge fight when he punched Jackson in the face after seeing the tears on Will’s face. The fight broke up when someone who Nico thought was Leo Valdez yelled, “Break it up, morons! Coach Hedge is coming!” Plus, Nico got a black eye when Michael, Will’s brother, punched him after school.

On Tuesday, he couldn’t go to school because his father was going on a two day trip to China and Nico had went along with Jules Albert to drop him off at the airport. Along the way, his phone vibrated with a text from none other than Will Solace, who said biology test on Thursday. We’re even, death boy. Will called Nico death boy in the early stages of their relationship, making fun of him and his lack of fashion, and how Nico constantly dressed in all black.

On Wednesday, Nico got detention for swearing in class. The reason was: he fell asleep and was having the routine nightmare when Hazel, the girl next to him suddenly woke him up because he’d been called on to answer a question. Which Will answered anyway.

On Thursday, Nico failed the biology test. Will was wearing a rainbow coloured “Out and Proud” t-shirt under a leather jacket, which surprised Nico, along with seven hundred other students. Will always had trouble accepting who he was, but here he was, laughing at something Chinese-Canadian Frank Zhang said. Nico clenched his fists, silently brooding, aching to pick a fight, cursing out Frank Zhang in his head.

On Friday, however, Nico’s luck turned. Their literature teacher, Mr. Brunner, had said, “Will, tell us the purpose of Caesar muttering Et tu, Brute in Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar.”

Nico had never seen Will so disoriented in his life, which shocked him.

“I’m-I’m sorry?” Will said, his gaze unfocused.

“The meaning of the phrase, And you, Brutus,” Mr. Brunner pressed.

“I don’t know,” Will whispered, “I–”

People were starting to mutter. That’s when Nico decided to speak.

“Jesus,” he said, rolling his eyes, “the statement is used to express Caesar’s surprise and shock by someone who Caesar considered a friend. Brutus being the friend. Give Will a break, will ya, Mr. Brunner. Nerds are people too.”

The class laughed at that. Nico leaned back in his chair, a happy glint in his eye.

When the class was dismissed, Nico felt a sharp tug on his hoodie, and was dragged into an empty classroom.

“I owe you a thank you,” Will Solace grinned sheepishly.

Butterflies erupted in Nico’s stomach, “No thanks necessary, sunshine.”

Will’s eyes flickered to Nico’s lips before he pressed his gently against Nico’s.

“Thank you, anyways, death boy,” Will’s smile lit up the whole room, but not as bright as a genuine Will Solace smile.

“Will,” Nico frowned, “talk to me. What’s wrong?”

Nico suddenly remembered his mother’s funeral. Everyone was in black. The rain was pouring, thunder booming ahead. Maria di Angelo looked as if she was asleep. He’d buried his elder sister a year before and now he had to bury his mother, the glue that held his broken family together. He was on his knees, sobbing, not caring as the crowd dispersed to find shelter. His memories were dark for that day, but he clearly remembered Will. Will who knelt next to him in the pouring rain, holding him in his arms. Will, who kept whispering it’s okay, I’ve got you as Nico whimpered in broken Italian. Will who pressed his cold, shaking lips against his forehead to give him comfort in his dark times. Will, who caught a fever and was rushed to hospital but still made sure Nico was okay. Will, who comforted Nico over the phone when he had nightmares and cried for his mama. Will, who said nothing when Nico whimpered ti amo over and over, unsure himself whether he was talking to Will or his mother and sister.

“Nothing,” Will said, his eyes darting around the room.

“Don’t lie, Solace,” Nico pushed.

“I– my dad has another kid. A little girl named Kayla,” Will muttered, a tear falling from his eye, “Mom is….really upset and they’re getting worse and worse. And life’s been so much harder now that you’re not here with me.”

Will, the taller boy, let his head fall into Nico’s shoulder. Nico always had loved the height difference between them. Will was the taller one, and often used it to his advantage. Not that Nico ever complained.

“Why didn’t you tell me, Will?” Nico asked, stroking Will’s hair.

“You shouldn’t have to worry about me. You just lost your mom…it’s unfair for me to involve you in my messed up life,” Will answered.

“So that’s why you’ve been pulling away,” Nico whispered, “Will, it’s my job as your boyfriend to worry about you! I love you, you idiot!”

“What?” Will whispered, “S-say that again.”

“I love you,” Nico kissed him, “I love you. Every inch, every part, everything that makes you Will Solace is a part of you that I love. I only broke up with you only because you were pulling away from me.”

“Oh, Nico,” Will said, and Nico felt hot tears seep into his Greenday hoodie he stole from Will, “I’m so sorry…give me another chance?”

“You don’t need to ask, Will,” Nico said, kissing his Will Solace gently, passionately on the lips, “It’s already yours.”

No one was really shocked to see Nico di Angelo and Will Solace back together. In any universe, they were meant to be.

The final fight

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

Part 1, Part 2

Ivar x Reader


Request: Yes

Summary:  Reader and Ivar are married and they are trying for a child, but something happens…..

You never meant to do it. You never thought that you would ever be at the place where you were now. You loved him so much, with all of your heart, but still, you betrayed him. There was nothing that you could do to change what happened, to change what you did. There was only guilt left and something else. Something that you wanted for months, but never could have and now you do, although not with the man you were supposed to.

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No Regrets - Beautiful

This is not a request, just something I felt like writing. It does join with a drabble I am going to write for @ellen-reincarnated1967 @feelmyroarrrr @secretlyfurrydragon and @tas898 about how Becca handles having a little sister. This is more the adult side though. Becca’s will be written later.  

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Insecurities post birth, implied smut, talk about sex.

Word Count: 1100ish (I knooooow but I can’t drabble!)

A/N: I am just gonna keep drabbling for this guys till I feel my fire return. I still can’t seem to get any words out for anything else but this series. So sorry. But I hope you like it.

This is set a few months after Y/N had AJ so near the end of season 11 (spring 2016)



The first few months of AJ’s life had not gone as smoothly as Jensen had hoped they would. Becca had been thrilled about getting a baby sister at first, right up until she realized how much of her parents time a baby stole from her. She had started acting up and denying spending time with Jensen when he offered.

It was different with Y/N. She sat around watching her with AJ and she still talked to her mom when asked. She was more quiet all in all but at least she didn’t run from the room when her mom picked up the baby like she did with Jensen.

Y/N had suggested they would all fly back to Austin for the weekend and that when Jensen had to return to set Becca would be the only one to go with him. Y/N was sure Becca was just scared of losing the Dad she had only just gained a few years ago. Y/N had always been around, Jensen hadn’t.

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Lost and Found

This is from a prompt someone sent to @omeliafics which it basically said that Amelia secretively wears Owen’s ring on a necklace but ends up losing it after a surgery and Owen finds out about it. Hope you guys like it! 💖💖💖

More stories can be found here

Amelia couldn’t remember the exact moment she had started doing it.

Well, that’s not exactly true. She could.

She found a simple golden necklace in the middle of her things when she moved back into Meredith’s house, probably the one her parents had gotten for her when she was little. Without actually realizing it, she took Owen’s wedding ring from her back pocket, passed the golden string through it and just stared at it, dangling, for what felt like hours.

Her marriage was over.

She still hadn’t said it out loud. She couldn’t bring herself to say it. It hurt too much.

She had shaken her head and clasped the necklace around her neck, with his ring attached to it. And hadn’t taken it off every since.

Not even for surgeries.

She always made sure the necklace was hidden inside her shirts. She certainly didn’t need people asking her questions.

It was nice and weird at the same time. They weren’t together, but her feelings were still there and she still found herself missing him, so feeling his wedding ring near her heart made her feel closer to him somehow, as cheesy as it might sound.

That’s why she is currently panicking. Where the hell is it?!

Amelia had gotten out of a craniotomy, just 30 minutes ago, and the necklace is nowhere to be found. If it was any other object she wouldn’t care as much, but it’s his wedding ring. Besides her memories, and an old t-shirt she secretly stole from their- his, closet, it’s pretty much the only thing she has left from him.

Suddenly the sound of the attending’s lounge’s door opening pulls Amelia from her thoughts and she turns around in time to see April entering the room.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s fine.” Amelia waves her hand in a dismissive manner and continues looking around the room, before bending down and looking under the couch.

“Everything okay?”

“I lost something…” she sighs in frustration. “I really have to find it!”

“What is it? Maybe I can help.”

“A necklace.” April didn’t need to know the meaning behind it.

“Oh, okay, well maybe I can help-“ April is cut off my the sound of her pager, “And maybe not now, but I’ll let you know if I hear anything about it.”

“Thanks…” Amelia mutters more herself, as April had already left the room, and continues her search. Where the hell could it possibly be?!

Later that day, still necklace-less, Amelia was sitting in the cafeteria by herself, silently picking on her food. She was still upset about the necklace. Amelia isn’t one of those people who are constantly losing things, and the rare times she does it is usually something meaningless, but this necklace, and specially the ring attached to it, has a tremendous amount of meaning to her.

Suddenly, Amelia feels a shadow next to her and looks up to find the red haired man who constantly occupies her thoughts sitting next to her and setting his tray on the table.

They had been doing this thing lately, where they occasionally have lunch together. They never really planned it, it just sort of happens. They were both human beings, who need food, happen to work at the same place and have lunch at the same time, sometimes together, because that’s what friends do…



“What’s wrong?”

Amelia looks up at Owen, somewhat startled. How does he do that? He just sat down, not even 5 seconds ago. She simply said ‘hi’ and he immediately knows something is wrong with her.

It’s unsettling, and, at the same time, comforting, the way he’s just able to read her so effortlessly.

“It’s nothing…” she mumbles. Owen does the thing, that damn head-tilt that always makes her weak at the knees and her defenses coming down crumbling. She sighs, “I lost something…”

“Something important?”

“Yeah, very important.”

Owen was about to say something, when April’s voice cut through the chattering noise of the cafeteria.

“I have it!” she sits down on the chair next to Owen’s and takes a deep breath, as if she had been running. “Sorry, I’ve been looking for you, here you go!“ April says looking at Amelia, and extends her arm towards Amelia, making the necklace dangle directly in front of Owen’s face, more precisely, making Owen’s ring dangle directly in front of Owen’s face…

Amelia feels Owen’s eyes on her, and subsequently her cheeks getting hotter. This is so embarrassing.

April keeps talking, completely missing the atmosphere in the table. “One of the interns found it. It was under the sinks in the scrubbing room of OR2, and-“

Amelia suddenly breaks out of her trance and snatches the necklace from April’s hand. “Thank you, that’s um- Thanks, yeah…”

Owen still hasn’t moved his eyes away from her, a silly, but discreet, smile playing on his lips.

April suddenly notices the mood between the two surgeons and figures out the meaning behind the ring of the necklace and decides it’s better to leave them to talk. “Okay, well, um, you’re welcome, and uh I’m gonna go now…”

Silence settled around the table, neither Owen nor Amelia saying anything, when Owen’s laughter unexpectedly breaks the awkwardness.

Amelia’s cheeks feel even hotter, but she finds herself laughing along with him.

“So um, you walk around with my ring uh?” he says once his laughter dies down.

“Maybe…” Amelia smiles, embarrassed of having been caught. Especially by him. “Is it weird? I mean, isn’t this what people do when their spouses die, like unexpectedly?”

He laughs and shakes his head. Damn, he missed her weird sense of humor.

“No, it’s fine. I always have your ring with me too.” He shrugs, smiles and stands up. He starts to leave but looks behind him and winks at her, before completely leaving the room.

Amelia just sits there, unsure of what do to, and a smile makes its way to her lips.

Maybe he does miss her as much as she misses him.

I think a lot about the conversations I would want to have if I saw you again. I think a lot about the things I’d want to tell you.

I’d want to tell you that I miss you so much that it hurts sometimes. I’d want to tell you that I think about you most at night when no one but me can hear the way my breath shakes every time the thought hits that I’ve spent another day without you. Sometimes I think I’m just lonely and sometimes I want to scream because I don’t think I’ll ever love someone the way that I loved you. Sometimes I’m not sure I want to.

I’d want to tell you that I’m sorry that we made so many promises to each other in the light when we never knew if we could make it through the dark. I guess we couldn’t, and I’m sorry for that too. I’m sorry everything fell apart and I’m sorry that it blindsided me so much that I couldn’t see the idea of us lasting but God, I was so scared. You were everything to me and I didn’t know how to handle loving someone so much that every morning felt like a sigh of relief from the loneliness the days used to be. I really tried to give you the world, but it turns out I didn’t even have any skies to give after you stole my heart. Turns out I didn’t even need to give you anything spinning on an axis, because she gave you a whole universe.

I was so sure that you were mine, so sure that I had you and that it was stuck in the concrete and flattened to the permanence of the sidewalk. I was so sure that I never even considered how wrapped around you I was, or how easily you had me sitting in your palm. It never occurred to me that you’d need somebody else’s love, because I was so sure mine was enough to fill the weight of my heart against your sleeve.

I think a lot about the things I’d tell you if I saw you now, but I don’t think I’d get a word in edge wise over the sound of my heart cracking all over again. I’ve never been good at letting go of things, but I swear it would’ve been easier to rip my own heart out than see you love her the way I loved you.

—  Some things you can’t say to anyone but your bedroom ceiling
Bittersweet III

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Reader x Min Yoongi // College!AU //  1.8k words

Genre: Angst, Future Fluff?

Warnings: Language, Alcohol & Drug Abuse

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“You then feel a chill spread throughout your body as you’re faced with the last person you wanted to meet, your best friend..”

“What the fuck..” 

“’s not what it looks like..” 

“So you didn’t just throw a bottle of vodka at the wall?”

“N-no, I did but what I mean is I didn’t drink it!” He walks towards you and smells you. 

“Bullshit, you reek of vodka!”

“No! what had happened was I had a moment of weakness! I was feeling like shit so I thought a shot wouldn’t hurt but I couldn’t bring myself to do it!” 

Your neighbors then start gathering outside your door cause this has never happened before. Yoongi and you have always been chill so for you guys to be arguing, it’s surreal. 

“You’ve been clean these past few years!! what happened!? How could you do this to your mom, to me, to yourself?!” 

“You’re not listening!! I didn’t I swear!” 

“I should’ve known, once an addict always an addict..” He says with the same face he gave you back when you overdosed.  

“Y/N, Are you okay? I told you not to drink so much” Vanessa says as she rushes to your side and checks your bleeding hand. 

“You knew she was drinking?” Yoongi questions

“Yeah when I came earlier in the day she was distressing but I didn’t know she was a former addict, if you would’ve told me then I would’ve stopped her, I’m so sorry sugabear..” She leans in and whispers to you “I told you that I didn’t plan on ruining your bond, cause you’d do it all on your own..” You yank your hand away from her, your blood boiling with anger.

“I thought our bond meant more to you y/n, we’ve always been there for each other. If you were struggling then you should’ve come to me! Instead of ignoring me these past couple weeks!”

“It does! so are you really gonna believe her over me!?” At this point instead of feeling sad or guilty, you feel furious that he doesn’t believe you, your world is falling apart before your eyes once more and you can’t hold back the tears. 

“Crying won’t fix this y/n!” Your legs give out, you see his eyes flicker with hesitance and pain for a sec before returning to his cold stare. 

“Y/n!” You look up and see Taehyung run to your side, you guys aren’t really close but you’d consider him a friend since he’s in some of your classes plus you’ve done projects together. 

“Taehyung, why?”

“Are you okay? What happened?!” He tries to help you up, but you feel no strength in your legs. You usually kept to yourself during class, he thought you were too serious at first until he saw how you lit up when in Yoongi’s presence.  He fell for your smile at an instant, the sound of your laugh, he wished he was the one bringing you such happiness so for him to see you like this, all broken and Yoongi causing it, he can’t believe it. 

“Let me guess, you’ve been her drinking buddy these past weeks?” Taehyung clenches his fist, he can’t believe what he’s hearing. 

“You get her to do drugs too?!” 

“The fuck is your problem” He grabs Yoongi by his collar “Don’t you see that she’s injured?! Shouldn’t the first thing you do as her so-called best friend is to check if she’s okay before lecturing her!” 

“Tae, just let it be” He turns to you and begins to help you up

“Tae? you guys on nickname bases? Don’t tell me you traded pills for se-” Before Yoongi could finish Taehyung had already punched him. If not for the wall behind him you’re sure he’d be on the floor. Vanessa goes to help him but he just shoves her hand away and spits out blood. 

“I can’t do this anymore y/n..”

“Look, I-I’m sorry that you don’t believe me but I don’t know what else to do..I’d say that I’ll do anything to prove to you that I’m not lying but as my best friend, I shouldn’t have to.” 

“You don’t need to prove yourself to him, or anyone y/n” Taehyung says as he picks you up bridal style and starts carrying you out.

“We’re done” Are the last words Yoongi says, he doesn’t even bother to look your way as you leave before disappearing from your sight. 

That night Taehyung applied first aid to your hand and his roommate Jimin brought home a cake to cheer you up which you appreciated. You put a strong face in front of them to not cause them any trouble and if they knew you were in pain they let you be, thankfully. Taehyung showed you to the spare bedroom cause he said you shouldn’t be alone tonight. You go to lie down on the bed, you were finally alone and let your mask come off. The pain you felt today is ten times worse than when your parents divorced, Yoongi had always been there to ease the pain but now you were all alone. That night you spent, you cried all the tears you could before falling asleep, you made a promise to yourself, that you’d never cry over Yoongi or anyone ever again. 

The following day you checked with your friend Namjoon aka RM who is a well-known rapper and producer if Yoongi was at the studio to which he confirmed. You then went to your apartment and started packing all your shit, luckily you weren’t a hoarder and only kept necessities so all your clothes fit into your suitcases. Your cousin Sara, who just got back that same day from studying abroad rushed over to help you. She offered you to stay with her since her place was still near campus and she had a spare room to which you accepted. Once you finished settling in your new room, you went to check on Sara so you two can catch up since she’s been in France training as a contemporary dancer these past four years but now she’s officially back.

“You going to tell me what happened between you two?” She asks as soon as you walk into her room.

“Do I really have to?” You groan as you sit on her bed while she continues unpacking her suitcases.

“Look, we may be cousins but you know you have always been like a little sister to me so the fact that you moved out means this is serious and you’re hurting. Let me help, talk to me..” 

“I appreciate it, really but I’m honestly over it..”

“W-what? Over it? You’ve been in love with him since you were kids!”

“Excuse me? I’ve just realized my feelings for him but you’re telling me I loved him since I was a little girl?” You scoff.

“That’s cute and all but I swear you two have been in love with each other since the beginning. He’s been with you through it all and honestly, I was jealous of you two”

“With each other? He definitely doesn’t love me and Jealous? Why would you have any reason to be jealous? You’re the one who distant yourself from me..”

“I only did so cause I was upset, he stole you from me but to be honest I don’t know if I could’ve been there for you the way he was. Y/n, the bond you guys have won’t be broken so easily.” 

“I’m sorry you felt that way and I wouldn’t be so sure about our bond. He’s the one who said we’re done, what’s worse was he didn’t even bother looking at me as he said it, he didn’t care enough to do so.” She walks over to you and holds your hand.

“Sorry for being gone these past few years but I’m here now” 

“Sara, I never told anyone this not even Yoongi but I’ve been carrying this guilt these past couple years. My parents as you know said they divorced because of irreconcilable differences but I heard them that night on my birthday before they divorced. That they only got married cause my mom was pregnant with me and that I’m old enough to understand. Explain to me how a fourteen-year-old is supposed to deal with knowing they were the reason their parents were together and broke up. Since that day I hated celebrating my birthday, so I went about distracting myself. I know I fucked up in high school, I went about it the wrong way. The night I overdosed, the pain couldn’t be numbed anymore so I took a few extra pills even if it wasn’t intentional, I could’ve died. After rehab, when I went back to school everyone tip-toed around me acting like if I was some fragile being, all because of Yoongi. I know he had good intentions but I hated it, to be treated differently from everyone else! So even though I had promised myself to not let them down again I went further. I decided to be the perfect daughter, best friend, and student but I’m done trying to be this perfect person for my mom and Yoongi. It’s exhausting to please everyone and when I’m having a bad day they think I’ll return to the old me as if I didn’t know any better. I’m not as fragile as they think!” Before you realized it you were already crying even though you said you weren’t going to anymore. Sara embraces you tightly while you compose yourself, once you stopped crying she lets you go.

“Y/n, now that you’ve told me this, you need to let go of the guilt and be free. I want you to love yourself and put yourself first starting today. It’s not too late to take off the mask and stop being this perfect girl. I know you love your mom and even though you had this falling out with Yoongi, I know you still love him also but fuck them. You shouldn’t live for anyone else but you.” You look at her bewildered, to be honest, you weren’t expecting her to respond this way so you don’t know how to react but she’s right. You’ve lived this way too long, it’s time for you to be your true self. 

“My art professor recommended me to an elite program abroad in the U.K. recently she said she was gonna call me if I was accepted..”

“That’s great, so if you’re accepted would you go?” Just when you’re about to reply your phone rings, it’s your professor, you hesitate to answer. Sara grabs your phone, answers for you and then passes it to you. A minute later you hang up and look at Sara, who is staring at you anxiously waiting for a reply.

“I got in..”

A/N: Ahh I hope you enjoy this chapter, I’m curious as to what y/n will do? Also what Yoongi will do once he finds out she is no longer living with him o: Are these two really over? I guess we will find out next week~ ♥

Anything for You

Note: Day 2 of write-a-thon! It’s short and sweet. Enjoyyy.

Word Count: 851

Pairing: Jasmine x Reader

Warnings: being sick?

“No, Y/N. You can’t do the show tonight. You’re sick and you need to stay at home. I refuse to let you play like this.” Alex Lacamoire said sternly through the phone.

As much as you hated to admit it, you knew Alex was right. Your immune system had failed you and you’d come down with some sort of sickness over the past 24 hours and it escalated extremely quickly. Still, that didn’t keep you from wanting to go to work. You were in the pit orchestra as a violist; there was no way you were going to let a sickness get in the way of you doing the job you loved.

“I’m fine, Al–” you tried to counter, but were cut off by a fit of coughs.

“My point exactly. Stay home and rest, Y/N, please.” Alex said pleadingly.

“Alex is right, Y/N.” You heard your girlfriend Jasmine say in the call. “If you play like this without any rest, you’ll only get worse.”

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change pt. 3 | pete dunne

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pt. 1, pt. 2

A/N: The last part of this lil series! [’: Pete is so fun to write and I hope I wrote him well. 

Tag Friends: @heelturn-timesten, @crookedmoonsaultpunk, @lahey-trash, @xfirespritex, @blondekel77, @nickysmum1909 (I tagged the same people as last time!)

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