sorry if i spelt any urls wrong


First I wanted to quickly say HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!♥︎🎄 sorry the gfx isn’t very festive I had to included Natsume’s precious face \(^ω^)/

I started tumblr back in 2012 (over 4 years wow) but had to remake my blog last May due to my old blog breaking. So there are a few of you that I’ve been following for a very long time! This is just a little thank you to the lovely people who bring great content and beautiful gfx to my dash. Thank you to my mutuals for being so lovely and thank you to the people who have stayed following me<3 I’ve met some of the sweetest people on here and I hope to meet more ^^

(I missed out some urls above on the gfx by accident sorry! & sorry if I spelt any wrong!)

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Hello! I’ve been meaning to make a follow forever for a while now /and this is my first time doing this gosh ; ;/ but yeah here it is! thank you all so much for making my dash wonderful and for being amazing people this also includes everyone on my blogroll, not just these listed on here. seeing you guys on my dash makes me happy and I only wish I could talk to more of you. (*˘ᴗ˘*) Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! ☆彡 +blogroll