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@any eyewitness gif makers

This twitter (@philkascutepics) has been stealing and re-uploading multiple gifsets from tumblr onto their account. I, personally, have found almost all of my Eyewitness gifsets reposted over there, and I’ve seen several that I recall showing up on my dash before. They have over 2k followers, and have clearly been posting these for some time.

If you make gifs for the show, you should probably check and see if any of yours have been stolen. If you don’t, then please help by letting the account owner know (politely) that it’s not okay to steal and repost someone else’s work. They have a disclaimer in their description that says “photos, gifs, vines and videos are not mine” - but that’s not credit.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know, and hopefully some of you can help take action since I don’t personally have a twitter account and I can’t approach them myself.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Do you have any recommendations for Regan fics?

Oh gosh, I am the WORST person to ask. I suck at recommending… And I just read everything everyone writes??? D:

But um, I’ll try to list my favorites (in no particular order)??? Well there was this list I made before. So check that out.

And in addition to that list:

Fic Collections/Answered Prompts:

By @hatterized​ :

By @neganstonguething​ :

There you go! Again, they REALLY vary in mood, so pick and choose.

There are other fics that I’m interested in and currently following, but I’m still waiting to see how they go and how I feel about them??? So I guess I won’t add them here for now… Hope that helps??

I REALLY should just make a fic rec list instead of this mess aaaaa sooorryyy…

Woah there!

I’m truly sorry about the ah… malfunction… that GG seems to have had throughout the day. While being self-centered may not be the result of a coding error, it’s definitely still something that needs addressed.

There’s also th’ small concern of the whereabouts of the Walter Worker who usually makes these posts… hmm.

Well then. Before I start checking the closets, let me leave yous alls with the assurance that we should now be back to your regularly-scheduled updates. 

Have a good’un!

A compilation of Shrek puns that I have received in the aftermath of Shrek Lexa




  • ah… i see what her shrek-loving ass is doing… ogre there…
  • i’m sorry was that not appropriate??  i just wanted to be an… ogreachiever…
  • i should have… checked myself… before i shreked myself….
  • i guess i have to… get out of ur swamp…
  • was that not as good?  my puns come in layers… like an onion…
  • i thought that that was… shrekceptional…
  • plz don’t tell me that this friendship is… ogre


  • It’s all ogre now Clarke 
  • Ogres have layers like onions, would you like to take mine off
  • I’ll let you into my swamp any day Clarke
  • Hey Clarke are you donkey bc damn dat ass
  • Pinocchio isn’t the only one with elongating wood, Clarke
  • You aren’t the only one who turns into a monster when the sun goes down Clarke
  • Clarke I’m not the fairy godmother but I have a magic wand
  • Clarke are you the gingerbread man because that ass is sweet
  • Clarke are you the big bad wolf because your blowing makes me tremble
  • Clarke are you Gingy because I could eat you up
  • Clarke I’m not the big bad wolf but I’m hungry for you
  • Clarke you don’t need a dragon for me to know you’re the greatest treasure around
  • Clarke is that the Mirror in your pants because I can see myself in them 

@that one anon

  • The shrek puns are all ogre now 

s u f f e r w i t h m e p a l s