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Please don’t..

So I’m going to address this because it’s actually really starting to bother me. Like, a lot.

Please don’t tell me to just let it be and ignore it when someone is stealing and reuploading my videos. Please don’t tell me to ‘consider all the people watching it on youtube’, as though I’m not. Please don’t tell me to just let it go when said person is continuously ignoring and deleting my comments. Please don’t tell me not to comment or write my name anywhere so as to not be “putting myself out there”. Please don’t make me feel bad about wanting some form of credit for all the work I put into this.

Please don’t.. ♥ 


harry getting a lap dance from chilli at a tlc concert (x)

+ bonus:

  • Marinette: *playing Mystic Messenger* See Alya? This boy is the cutest one!
  • Adrien: *overhearing the conversation* Oh, who are girls talking about?
  • Marinette: *flustered* Oh,'s this dating sim app...where you try to get guys to like you...I'm trying to get this boy to date me right now...*shows Adrien the app*
  • Adrien: *sees Yoosung* Oh wow, he looks a lot like me!
  • Marinette: *screams internally*
  • Alya: *stares into the camera like she's on the office*
At the store:
  • Jace: hi sorry i seem to have lost my daylighte- i mean friend. Can i make an announcement?
  • Manager: yeah ok
  • Jace: jace is a bottle blond wannabe
  • *from the back of the store*
  • Simon: TRUE THAT
  • Jace: nevermind he can go back to being lost

i think the main reason skam has become so internationally popular is bc it’s such a universal story. like it’s about teens. it’s about drama. it’s about relationships. and it’s so real.

and i think it’s telling when they reference gossip girl or w/e when something dramatic happens. bc those, usually american, shows are so unreal in their presentation of youth.

in skam, we don’t see young people who are entirely in control of their own lives. we see teenagers reacting believably to the situations they’re in. and even though it’s universal, it’s so different from what we as consumers of primarily american media are used to. because it has girls without makeup. because it has “perfect” relationships that end up broken up. bc it is based on the writers’ talking to actual teenagers, talking to the actors, and not just casting big-name 28 y/os for the roles of teens.

and it promotes so many positive things. body image. sexuality. friendship. feminism. standing up against discrimination. it’s a show that has listened to what the youth wants in a show about them and given it exactly that. and i’m so, so happy it exists.


this is what i like to call “moments that made me headcanon daniel as bisexual and i’m convinced he and hector were more than ‘just friends’”

Strike, You’re Out

Fandom: The Walking Dead
Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader
Requested: No
Prompt: You’re picked in the Negan lineup 
Warning/s: Violence, blood, angstangstangst

A/N: I know this has been done quite a lot but this is my take on the iconic scene and, I mean, Carl Grimes. I should post again later, hopefully something happy (fluff or smut) with Jonathan Byers? Might have a look through the requests for some inspiration ♡

Your knees ached as the dangerous man wandered around in front of you and your beloved group, tauntingly singing ‘eenie meenie miney mo’ with a predatory smile. 

Carl sat next to you, not letting any emotion cross his stone face as he glared at the notorious Negan. You didn’t have the same confidence to meet his eyes. It felt like your insides were shaking, but you kept it in- tensing your muscles to remain frozen stiff. 

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                                                              for better for worse,
                                                              for richer for poorer,
                                                         in sickness and in health,
                                                            ‘til death do us part.

“Keith, my dear old boring friend,” Lance begins one day, intruding Keith’s personal space and flinging himself down on Keith’s bed like he owns the place.  “You know what’s been bothering me?  There is absolutely no one in this solar system to kiss.  How sad is that?”

Keith glances up from his book, frowning.  “Leave.”

“Oh, dear.  Is someone upset today?  Shocker.”  Lance stretches his arms up above his head, yawning.  “You probably haven’t even kissed someone.  How sad.”

It’s obvious bait, but Keith falls for it anyways.  “Of course I’ve kissed someone,” he protests automatically.

Lance snorts, rolling over on the bed.  He rests his chin on his palm, a perfect picture of laziness, and raises an eyebrow at Keith.  “Sure you have.”

Keith rolls his eyes.  “As if you have?”

Lance shrugs.  “I’ll have you know that at the garrison, I had my fair share of lady friends.”

“Poor girls.”

“Maybe, but that’s their choice.”  He angles one finger over at Keith.  “You, sir, are missing out.”

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EXO Reaction to hurting you during a play fight.

Anonymous said: Can u do exo reaction to hurting you during a play fight?


Suho: Him: *Pin your leg up“1…2…” You: “Ow OK your gonna make me pull a muscle” Him: “I’m not falling for your excuses….1, 2, AND 3″ You: “SUHO!!” Him: “What?” You: *Constant non stop cursing* Him: *GIF*

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Baekhyun: It was only fair to let you hit him hard since he accidentally hit you too hard. Him: “Ok…Just don’t hit my face”

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Chen: Him: *Pretends to flick you in the eye…..really flicks you in the eye* Him: *GIF“Oh my god, I am so sorry” You“What the fuck dude”

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Lay: Him: “I am so sorry, I did not mean to punch you….It’s just it seemed like you was bout to hit me between my legs, my reflexes came alive.” You: “It’s OK I understand” *Goes to restroom..start talking on the phone with your friend*  Him: *Goes to comfort you* You: “Yeah girl, this dude talking about some “my reflexes came alive”….mines about to come alive when I kick his ass” Him: *Hears conversation-*GIF*

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D.O: You always played rough with him, he didn’t wanna hurt you, so he never got rough. Even though he always got hurt while playing with you. 

You: “Ugh your no fun…do you always have to be so soft?”

Him: “No I just don’t wanna hurt you”

You: “Come on try me”

Him: *Plays rough*

You: “OW!!! *Gets up* What’s wrong with you!” *Leaves room*

Him: *GIF* “You just fucking told me…”

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Xiumin: You two were playing around in the library, but you guys kept your laughs very low.  

Him: *Accidentally hurt you* “Ah I’m sorry ja-” 

You: *Starts crying extra loud* 

Him: *Starts looking around the library-*GIF*

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Chanyeol: You: “This is the third time today, you know what, no more play fighting for today.” Him: “But-” You: “Two days.” Him: “No But I-” You: “Your close to a week” Him: *GIF*

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Kai: You: “I’m not talking to you right now” Him: “OK, we’ll play later, sorry bout your lip though” *minute later* Him: “How bout now” *GIF*

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Sehun: Him: *Pinch your thigh* You: *Uncontrollably goes nuts* Him: What the fuck-*GIF*

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Exo Reacts

Exo reactions

The Twelfth Doctor, #011. 

So guess who gave Charlotte Brontë the inspiration to create Jane and Mr. Rochester.

Isaac!sister Imagine

Can you do a teen wolf imagine where the reader is Isaac’s sister and after suffering from so many years of abuse from their father along with her brother she is scared of males (excluding Isaac) because of it. -thank you 😊

AN: Abuse hint

You walked around school with your head down, just trying to fly under the radar in the packed school. The final bell had released the hoard of students so you quickly moved against the wall and did your best to get to your car untouched. You went to put your stuff in the car but remembered your brother had the keys. “Try it now.”

You jumped at your brother’s voice as it seemed to boom toward you. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to freak you out. But the car’s unlocked now.” He reached ahead of you and opened the back door for you. “Thanks Isaac,” you said trying not to flinch away. You threw your stuff in the back before climbing into the passenger seat.


You were sitting at the kitchen table doing homework when the door banged open and Scott, Stiles, and Derek walked into the house yelling and laughing about something. The loud male voices overwhelmed you and you felt yourself crawling into your shell. “Hey Y/N,” you jumped and looked up at Scott.

“Ugh, hi,” you gave a small smile and looked back down at your homework, not really focusing just trying to avoid the situation.

“Hey guys,” your brother entered the room and they all cheered. You were hoping that they’d move into the living room, or outside, or any possible place but the kitchen but of course that would be too easy for you.

Something had happened and the fridge door slammed shut as glass crashed to the floor sending you over the top. You heard yourself yip and your hands accidentally hit your notebook. The boys went silent and turned to look at you. Their gaze bore into your soul and you grabbed your stuff and ran to your room, closing the door and locking it behind you. You threw your stuff onto your bed and ran into your dark closet, pushing things aside and seating yourself in the corner with your knees pulled up to your chest.

“Y/N,” Isaac knocked worriedly at your bedroom door. “Y/N, answer the door.” When he didn’t hear anything from you he focused his energy into growing one of his nails out and used it to pick the lock. You weren’t anywhere in sight but he heard sniffling and turned to your closed closet door.

He crept to the closet door and opened it slowly. You flinched as the light spewed into the closet. “Hey,” Isaac softly said crouching down and taking you in with concerned eyes. He went to sit by you in the closet but you instinctively flinched away. “Y/N,” your brother sounded hurt and you looked up with tear stained cheeks to meet his eyes. “What’s the matter?”

“It was too much…downstairs. There were so many of you and I…I…there was that loud noise and….”

“What is it, sis?”

“He’s gone. And for a while I was so glad but then I kept getting this feeling like he was going to be back at any time.” Isaac knew you were talking about your Dad. “And then one day that feeling didn’t go away. I keep feeling, constantly, that he’s going to pop up somewhere and get back at me for not being sad he was gone, not caring he’s gone, and trying to have a normal life. Everytime a guy comes near me or looks at me I keep feeling like Dad’s somewhere lurking, waiting for these guys to finish his work for him.”

“You’re scared of me too?”

“No, Isaac, I’m not scared of you. I’m just scared that you’re bigger than me, stronger than me…you’re a werewolf. I mean, if you wanted to you could kill me in 4 seconds.”

“I’d never hurt you, Y/N. I’m never going to do what he did to you. To us.”

“I know you wouldn’t. I just…I feel like he’s watching me, waiting for me to be happy so he can come after me again.”

“Hey,” Isaac slowly put an arm around your shoulder and leaned his head down on yours, “he’s gone and he’s never going to hurt you again. And I’ll make sure of that. We’ll get through this together. And, until you’re ready and more comfortable around guys, I’ll send the guys home. You and me will spend the night watching movies and eating popcorn like we used to. Sound good?”

“I’d really like that Big Brother.”


He woke up, drenched in sweat. Same old bed, same old room. Same old nightmare that had left nothing but voices, always unwanted companions.
He stared at the ceiling, the remains of the dream lingering in his head.
Why did that “me” felt so out of place?
He could still hear the echo of that ugly mantra.

And then, once more, he asked himself if he really was nothing more than “Just Billy’s Twin”.
Like always, the answer didn’t come.

let’s be real jumin han’s most used app would be neko atsume


for a girl more beautiful than the stars. i smile just at the thought of your cute face. you gracious, intellectual, terrific human being–every moment we share is a memory i’ll keep forever.

anonymous asked:

if a straight woman has to be considered "a queen" at least choose one that actually deserves this like nakamura asumiko (doukyuuseis author). i mean, kusakaba and sajou actually got engaged with no censors at all (they had an entire special chapter dedicated to this) and their kisses aren't censored. if you don't know doukyuusei, you really should watch/read if you want

[Minor edits after some clarification from the anon] 

Anon, I think you misunderstood my post.  

I’ve never considered Kubo to be a queen.  In fact I actually really dislike her for various reasons, and I’ve always been extremely against her being described such ways.  I honestly think it’s one of the most distasteful things the yoi fandom did on the regular, and it’s one of the things that keeps me from having much sympathy for them even if they really just wanted good representation.

As far as doukyuusei, it’s on my mile-long to-read list.  I don’t read a lot of BL and I’m currently on a yuri binge so it’ll probably take a while, but I do mean to read it eventually.  So I can’t comment much on that beyond I promise I’ll get to it.

And anyways, as far as gay representation goes, I can’t say I really understand why anyone could be “the queen of the gays” or any other gross statement?  If Japanese lgbt creators really mattered to these people, I think they’d be much better off reading Tagame Gengoroh’s Otouto no Otto or Kamatani Yuhki’s Shimanami Tasogare.  Which are written by people who explicitly identify as lgbt.

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salt is real

You are 100% correct. My salt is very real because I don’t think tagging things properly is too much to ask. Wouldn’t you agree or is tagging properly the equivalent of selling your soul?