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Two more bc I'm obsessed: 1. The only time the gc name changed was for 24 hours to Secret Lesbian Cult after being called that by a PTA mom and 2. Every time someone asks what any of the moms went to prison for, regardless of what it actually was, they look the person straight in the eyes and quietly whisper "I killed a man."


some poor soul asks while they’re grouped up and they all turn and stare and say it iN UNISON like

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Glow can’t handle your compliments, sjdnacwfasldshe’shappythough

“Life’s going pretty good so far! Althrough I feel like I’m forgetting something important… eh, it doesn’t matter I guess.”

@ask-nido-royalty “Thank you! I also like that tattoo thing on your hand, what does it mean? …anyway, good luck on your queen duties!”

@andrewia “well, you’re one of them,, thank you so much! :’>”

youguysneedtostopfeeingheregobeforeitwentoverboardyo “=v=)/

also sorry if I post a lot, I have no school for five months and I only work on mondays, thursdays and fridays… so I have nothing better to do

I should stop for now lol

I will be at @glitxd-exe if you need meeeee

Storytelling Convention

Last weekend I was in Barcelona - Castelldefels more precisely- for the Once Upon a Time convention. It was truly an amazing weekend, during which I’ve met some really great people.

If you’ve been following me last year, you might have read my recap of the FT4 convention in Paris I attended and I wanted to walk you through a few pretty great moments I had at this convention as well. (I’m not sharing any photo ops or autographs. Sorry. I will post my manips though but as usual, please refrain from reposting without credit).

I’ll start by saying that it was supposed to be my last convention… I now have to accept the fact that this will not be my last convention. This shit is addictive, I swear to God. Not only meeting the actors but the people as well – it’s amazing.

I had a Spell Pass with autographs for all the regulars (Faustino Di Bauda, Beverley Elliott, Deniz Akdeniz & Sean Maguire), another autograph with Sean, one with Lana, a photo op with Sean, a photo op with Lana and the photo duo Lana and Sean.

  • I’ll start with Saturday.

I only had my photo op with Lana and the one with Sean.

Lana → I was strangely enough not that nervous. Don’t get me wrong, I was nervous alright but compared to what I felt the next day – it was nothing. I wanted a hugging picture with her (and Sean as well) because I figured it was the only way I could get to hug them at least once. When it got to my turn, I walked up to her and asked her if we could hug to which she said yes. We took the picture and then I thanked her (at least I hope - at that point I blacked out. It was really impressive to be so close to her. I had met her last year but still – I don’t think there will ever be a time when meeting/seeing Lana will not be a big deal for me but I’m digressing). I left with a big smile on my face (my smile is so big in that picture, I-swear-to-God! It’s embarrassing).

Sean → The photo op with Sean was right after the one with Lana and we were at the beginning of the line (I think there were maybe 5 people before me. I was a tad bit more nervous because, I think, I was still on cloud Lana and overwhelmed. It was slowly sinking in that I had met her and hugged her and now there was Sean and I - I could have used a couple of hours between the two photo ops so I could slowly find my chill. I managed to not be too awkward. As I told you, I wanted a hugging picture but I didn’t even have to ask because he was greeting everyone with a hug *insert “#dead” gif*. I walked up to him and I got a hug (still feeling all warm and fuzzy because of it). He was like “Hello! How are you? Thanks for coming” and of course I answered to all these questions, then we took the picture and he told me “Thank you, Darling”. Ok, I know Sean calls everyone “Darling”, that’s the British in him but let me tell you, it still makes your heart skip a beat when that happens to you.

  • Sunday.

I had all my other extras that day + the autographs included in the pass.

My first autographs were with Faustino, Deniz and Beverley in the morning.

Faustino → He is really nice. He asked me where I was from and I found out he had a friend who was Guadeloupian as well. He signs “Heigh Ho!” on all his autographs which I think is cute.

Deniz → I really wanted to meet him because he also plays in Jane the Virgin (you should watch that show if you don’t already) and I - well I like him and I made a bit of a fool of myself because of that. I walked up to him, he asked me how to say my name. I told him it was French and then he asked me how do we say “Where are you from?” in French. I told him and answered to the question. Then, I told him I was really happy to see him on Jane the Virgin and that I hope we will get to see more of his character. He told me that yes, we should in the next episodes. He asked me if I liked the show and I said that I thought it was a great show and  He then told me that Gina Rodriguez was amazing and I was like “she is great” (she is in the top 5 of my favourite actresses, she is more than just “great”) and then I said something like “but you’re pretty great as well”… (could I have been more obvious?! Bless my dark skin cause I would have been red like a tomato). He chuckled and told me I was kind. He signed “Thank you for being such a great fan” which has me smiling like an idiot still.

Beverley → At that point, Sean’s panel was about to start and I sure as hell didn’t want to miss that but I really wanted to meet Beverley. I had heard great things about her and they weren’t wrong. She is so nice. She just is a great soul and has - I don’t know how to word it, a great aura, I guess. She made me feel good. She asked me where I was from as well and she said she liked my dress. She thanked me for being a fan of the show (which most people that know me, know that I’m not anymore but of course, I didn’t say that plus it really didn’t matter. I love the actors and I was there for them).

Now onto some seriously emotional shit.

Lana → So I was in line for her autograph. Again, I was lucky (or unlucky, it depends) enough to be at the beginning of the line. I was dying inside. I was so nervous, my stomach hurt (in retrospect I realise that it was the stress) and my legs were like close to giving up. I don’t know why I was that nervous, I wasn’t feeling like that last year (not that much)… I don’t know. But, the point is – inside, I was a nervous wreck. It got to the point that I started to try to convince myself that I didn’t need to tell her what I wanted to tell her, that I could just be quiet all along and that it wasn’t a big deal and that surely I wouldn’t regretted it afterwards (My ass! Of course I would have). My turn came and my friend was just before me so I was trying to calm my nerves while she was sharing her moment with Lana and then it was me. I stood before her, she took my picture which was a Regal Believer manip. She said that it was cute (three words and it still manage to make my legs even weaker). I did say “thank you” though and from that point on, I was like screw it - tell her what you want to tell her even if you’re babbling and embarrass yourself (you know, that “you only live once” motto lol). So I told her what I had to and she thanked me for sharing. I showed her my tattoo because -it’s not in direct link to her but there is a connection (if that makes sense)- and she said she liked it. She signed my manip with “you are where you need to be” - I didn’t even asked (oh tears are coming!) and told me “very nice to meet you”.

Sean → Just after Lana, we had to queue for Sean’s autograph. Didn’t even got one second to recover from the Lana situation but were further in the queue for Sean so I had a few minutes to relax. I got up to him, gave him my pictures to sign (a manip by Frivolouswhim that the convention gave us and my manip). I thanked him for coming to Barcelona, for meeting with us and all. I told him it meant a lot to get to meet him, to have this opportunity. He said how much they all love coming to conventions and meeting the fans and he thanked me and the fans, in general for showing up. It was a quick little moment but at least this time, words came out of my mouth (because none did last year and I was quite pissed at myself).

Sean/Lana photo op → Again, right after Sean’s autograph. Let me tell you that I was dying. My stomachache had doubled in intensity and my heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to pass out. I was actually asking myself if there was any way that I could discreetly leave the queue to throw up. But I knew it was all in my head and that I didn’t really want to throw up but I wasn’t feeling great. Before Lana and Sean arrived, Julie did and she started to push us into the line, the way she likes to and being Julie, basically lol. She is really amazing (she cheered (or clapped, I don’t remember), because we were properly queuing at Lana’s autograph line, it was fun and helped me relax for like 10 seconds). Anyways, Lana and Sean arrived as well as Bex and one knows they’re really (but really) overwhelmed by everything when even seeing Bex being adorable with a baby doesn’t help them relax. Bex left and Sean and Lana started doing their picture. The closer I got the more nervous I became. I was playing with my ticket and it was probably at that time that I chewed all of my right hand nails… Julie was there at the beginning on the line, fixing people’s hair and making sure everything was alright. I heard her say to one of the con people (don’t take my words for it, things come back in pieces and like I told you, my brain was a mess at that point) that she liked these moments because it was her opportunity to hug the fans and she cuddled the person before me (whom I realised much later was @cruellasdarling I’m sorry love but I was seriously out and unable to focus). Before, it was my turn, Julie asked me how I was (and I’m afraid it showed on my face that I was nervous. Gosh, I must have looked so stupid), she rubbed my back, then when I had to go, she gave me a gentle push and told me “Go ahead, baby” and it sort of boost me a little. (Again, like Sean and “Darling”, Julie calls everyone “baby” but ya know lol). I went up to Sean and Lana, asked Sean if he could stay in the middle, asked Lana to do a heart with our hands. We took our picture. I thanked them, looking at Lana, then Sean, then back at Lana on my way out - I wanted to say “I love you both more than you’ll ever know” but it got caught in my throat (Have I mentioned I was overwhelmed?! Haha). Lana smiled (I think she noticed lol) and I left.

I had a bit of time by myself after all of that and it allowed me to really just be there and enjoy and mostly appreciate all that had happened. Not many people get to share half of what I had with them and it might not be much for others but to me - it was just enough. Just perfect and much more than I could have ever hoped for.

I unfortunately didn’t get to see all the panels because a lot were overlapping with other activities but I saw the group panel, Lana/Sean’s panel, Bex’s panel Beverley/Faustino’s panel and Deniz’s panel on Saturday and on Sunday, Lana’s panel, Sean’s panel and a bit of Gil/Deniz’s panel. All were amazing but the Lana/Sean panel holds a dear place in my heart. It was truly great as I’m sure most of you have seen since the video is on YouTube. (I know the streaming broke down on Sunday but just like last year, my recollection of the panels is very limited with all the emotions I’ve had so I’m sorry for not being of much help but every panel that I saw were great).

I met some great people at the convention: Ana ( @acrazyaunt ), Paulina ( @paulrissarahany ), Timi, Lisa, Marica, Grace ( @optimistof30thstreet ), Ayla ( @reginasevilpanda ) whom I’ve met for the first time. It was so nice to see you guys and put faces on names and twitter/tumblr handles. Almost missed Paulina but thank God, she saw me! We have got to talk more often and see each other again and longer. I have seen Sophia ( @onceuponahappytime ), Eva ( @glindalovesshoes ) who shared her amazing cookies. I swear, people, they are delicious, Jen ( @starscythe ) and also Mags - it was so nice to see you guys again. Was sharing an apartment with the lovely Marie ( @thisisamadhouse ), it was so nice to spend that weekend with you! and Renata and Jade. (It’s entirely possible that I have seen some of you without realising who you were or perhaps I wasn’t sure and I was too scared to ask. I’m shyer in real life than on the internet so I apologise for that.)

I overall had a great time and I just wanna say to everyone: Meet your idols if you can. Truly, it’s worth it.

Cheers y’all and thanks for reading.

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I remember finding a post once and it went something like this; Other Video Game Writers: Ughhh! Writing strong, independent female characters is just too hard! There's no way this can be done! The Pokémon Writers: *All the female Trainers suddenly pop up* I'm sorry, what was that? Uh-huh.... that's what I thought. -Smol Fitey

//Literally you just… don’t make them weak, helpless, damsel in distress sex models only out for the romantic affections of the overly-masculine male protagonist.

Now, sprinkling like one or two of those traits in there is okay, but so long as they’re not the core focus. Female characters can be hopelessly in love with a a guy- that’s fine, it happens, but like as long as that’s not their entire character arc and they have other strengths and weaknesses aside from “Literally only cares about Male protag A”

Pokemon does that right I think- especially since 9/10 times the female characters are some of the strongest. To this day people STILL Fear Cynthia and I think that’s something to be respected- that ten years after a games release, one girl stands out as one of the most terrifying trainers in the game- in the entire series really.

colored some doodles of act 1 veronica <3 

yes hello i just wanted to remind u all that allura is amazing and i love her

guys I missed having canon victuuri feels and I am still rewatching the anime (probably will do until we get second season) and I just noticed something from the ending song

I am sorry if this has been done before but LOOK AT THIS

so we all know the ending song is instagram posts (and idk why I never thought about pausing to see what they have written under the pictures until now) 

so we have this one first and under it victor wrote this

Nakasu in Japan, where is that?

oh look it’s all the way in fukuoka! an hour drive away!

did he drive there alone? he couldn’t have gotten all the way there only to drink alone, take the train?

and trust me you wouldn’t want to take a train to another city alone when you have a Japanese friend to save you the trouble of getting lost 

so yeah why not take yuuri on date, that he doesn’t know is a date, yet 

(notice he is wearing the same shirt from the previous post) it’s already morning

oh time- 

flies so fast

when does time fly so fast? when you enjoy it and don’t want it to end

let’s take a look at how they look at each other again

and I can’t work out what yuuri is holding but I’d like to think its a stuffed poodle they won at an arcade or something


“Thank you, Ray”

It’s easy to forget who you really are when you pretend for too long

(…..I wanted to draw crying Zarc probably…)

so apparently i’m only motivated to draw these guys in each other’s outfit now so have another outlaws drawing (i’m so sorry for this lineart omg (and that backround, just… no (it’s three AM ok i’m not in condition to create a masterpiece (also, every time i post something i think “this is it, this is where they realize i suck”)))

text messages.

[ 📲 • sms ] —— what are you doing?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— are you trying to drunk text me rn?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— hey what are you doing?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— didn’t you get my last text?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— are you ignoring me?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i’m so bored!
[ 📲 • sms ] —— hey you 😉
[ 📲 • sms ] —— blue is definitely your color 😉
[ 📲 • sms ] —— ugh i wish you were here!
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i think you’re going to like what you see 😉
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you’ve been on my mind all day today.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i can’t stop thinking about you.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— are you gonna fall asleep on me?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— NO don’t fall asleep on me again tonight!
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you fell asleep on me last night! you owe me now
[ 📲 • sms ] —— send me a picture 😉
[ 📲 • sms ] —— hey cutie! haven’t talked to you in a while!
[ 📲 • sms ] —— why did you stop texting me?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— hey can i call you now?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— call me rather talk on the phone
[ 📲 • sms ] —— sweet dreams….with me in them 😉 jk
[ 📲 • sms ] —— oooooh, i like the sound of that 😉
[ 📲 • sms ] —— what are you doing tomorrow?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— do you wanna hang out tomorrow?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— what do you wanna do tomorrow? ☺️
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you looked really good today.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— can’t wait to see you xoxo
[ 📲 • sms ] —— talk dirty to me
[ 📲 • sms ] —— maybe i can stay the night with you tomorrow
[ 📲 • sms ] —— dang you take long enough to text back.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you are the slowest texter ever. 😒
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i hate texting you sometimes. you take forever.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you take forever and a day to reply.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i was wondering where you went.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— what happened? where did you go?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— k.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— ok that’s cool.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— what’s wrong with you?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— hey where was you today?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— do you wanna come over?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— why are you texting me? i’m standing right beside you…
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i hate one word texters.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— stop one wording me. 😒
[ 📲 • sms ] —— are you mad at me?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— what do you wanna talk about?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— do you like me?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i love you 😍
[ 📲 • sms ] —— miss you 😘
[ 📲 • sms ] —— stop sending me that wink face.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— are you okay?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i’m gonna take a shower brb
[ 📲 • sms ] —— hold on i gotta do something real quick.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— are you trying to sext me?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— my dog/cat said he/she missed you.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— what’s your dog/cat doing?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— what are you watching?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i see how it is 😜
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you can’t text me but you can be on facebook/twitter/instagram/
[ 📲 • sms ] —— how come you never text me anymore?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i gave you my number so you could text me punk 😛
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you never text me back anymore ☹️
[ 📲 • sms ] —— sorry didn’t mean to bug you
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you only text me when i text you first.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you never text me first!
[ 📲 • sms ] —— wanna go catch a movie tomorrow?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— what do you mean by that status you posted?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— guess what emoji is next to your name in my phone?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— hey stranger. stop being a stranger.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— did you miss me? 😆
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i’m looking through your pictures right now.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i saw that selfie you just posted.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— you text me after i upload a bomb selfie i see.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— it’s okay you don’t to lie to me.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— aww, that was so sweet. ☺️ 
[ 📲 • sms ] —— aww, that just made me smile. ️☺️☺️ 
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i s2g i’m punching you so hard the next time i see you.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— i s2g you get on my nerves.
[ 📲 • sms ] —— hey there ! remember me ?
[ 📲 • sms ] —— are you going to ignore me again tomorrow?

Edit because this the only post of mine people actually look at:
That’s right, they literally just wanted to upset people.
I went through there follows and found there normal account where they were posting screenshots of dms with the people they had asking them to take the stolen pieces down etc.
I’m sorry I made a post about this in the first place I have received a lot of people saying it wasn’t the best way to handle the situation and I l know that now. I had never had my art stolen and have the person play dumb and refuse to take it down so I was really stressful my apologizes. I did in fact attempt to contact the other artists prior to the post to no success.
They are not 11, and they are perfectly fine, don’t worry.
I can not stress that enough, yes they where a troll account, yes what they did was shity but please just leave them alone. I want this whole thing to be over with. Don’t look for there personal account just to harass them either. I didn’t say anything on there main and if you find it I ask that you don’t either. We don’t need to hate on them and in the original post I did in fact say to be kind about it.

Ok more sectors, that’s all you had to see now I’m ranting a lil idk?
For those saying “contact the artists before making a call out post” I was one of the artists, I did in fact attempt to make contact with all of them to like I previously said, no successes, the only response I revived was from @midnigtartist

“She’s 11 and shes sorry!” They (don’t know there real pronouns) in fact never apologized and for people that didn’t watch the whole thing to play out they told myself and a lot of my fans to (this is quoting)
“Crawl back into your moms vag or kill yourself!!”
They still deny stealing the art and I can say with upmost certainty that they were a troll account. There gone for now and let’s hope it stays that way.


Kimberly Hart is a Big Bi Disaster  //  Songs that Kimberly Hart would listen to and are also about her (pre-, during, and post-movie)


My life goal is to adapt every meme

ok so hear me out,

the foreshadowing in this is strong ok this is who’s going to win next season; how they’re arranged on the podium.

Yuuri= gold in the middle (ON T O P), Viktor= silver (plAtiNUm), and Yurio= bronze I mean?? like it’s just an idea obviously but WHEN I’M RIGHT O^O BOII i’ll bring this back and it’ll be one of the only things i ever ever got right hopefully maybe 

like this isn’t the only official art they’re in this order either? I know they’ve mixed around some and obviously this is just a natural arrangement bc yuuri is the main character and yadda yadda hOWEVER IT COULD be my bad foreshadowing >-> 

and this post idea has been sitting in my memos for a while now gathering dust (like me in my bedroom gOD) that’s why it’s no good and i’m ….. sorry  uhg


take my hand, take my whole life too
for I can’t help falling in love with you

I’m doing zen’s route again and he’s so sweet it hurts

@blogthegreatrouge I know you only just posted stuff about this, but I just LOVE your idea for Babtqftim! It’s so unique and interwesting and exciting, and I absolutely LOVE your designs for Bendy and Boris and how you drew them!

Now, I may not know much about Bendy and The Ink Machine, but this is awesome, and I just HAD to draw Bendy! (Sorry this looks so bad, it was kind of rushed because I have to get off my laptop right about now ;w;)

Hope you like it! ^^

Babtqftim belongs to: @blogthegreatrouge

Art by me :3