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i will literally give you the deed to my very soul if you will expand on your dark!sportacus/robbie rivet au bc i am fucking s h o o k and h o o k e d. like anything goes, more art, headcanons, anything i beg u

im actually working on more art for the Role reversal au! DOn’t fret anon. I just dont want to show anything till i ink + color it. E.sportacus’s full design is on the way.

In terms of hc’s i can give you some cause i thought about this more then i should:

Robbie rivet is very much like normal robbie. He can build machines and gadgets at break neck speeds and disguise himself in a flash. Unlike normal robbie who does all this in his underground bunker rivet can build anything, anywhere. And doesn’t have to haul a trunk up to the surface to hold extra costumes like normal robbie. The satchel he wears works like infinite space.  He does still have the bunker but also tunnels under the city for quick travel. He uses his periscope to keep an eye on E.sportacus and the kids. 

Rivet also carries a wrench and when needed and an incredibly large hammer. But he’s still like normal au robbie and hates over exerting himself and is nowhere near fond of sports.  He’s incredibly fond of sugar and it’s to a point of considered weakness over how easily distracted he can be by cake.  Dropping everything just to get at the confectionery. He’s also an insomniac unable to sleep and always trying to create something to finally get rid of E.sportacus for good.  (not killing him but getting him out of town and leaving the kids alone)

Rivet can still be awkward around people and be snappy/ overall grouch.  he genuinely cares for the kids that live in town though. And he’s incredibly proud of Pixel and how much the kid loves to build. He tries to encourage the kids to be creative and that being # 1 isnt important unlike the original robbie.  He sits around and teaches them science, theater, a lot of other non sporty activities. Even helping them with homework.  But he tires himself out easily and sometimes ends up taking naps when the kids are playing. 

He despises E.sportacus and eventually starts to care/like his villain but it takes a lot of time. and a lot of work from E.sportacus because his personality is turbojock.

E.sportacus unlike the original who loves to have fun and keep the kids healthy is about the adrenaline rush and being Number one at every thing to the point of cheating. He doesn’t see the point of doing things if he cant be the best at it. He’s also incredibly boastful about his trophies and achievements. HE does incredibly dangerous stunts and almost gets the kids hurt from it.  HE also constantly tries to egg the kids into doing shit like hitting baseballs into other people’s windows and skipping school. HE only thinks of himself and is the kind of guy who will shove you into a locker for kicks. Very rude boy. 

E.sports also never calls robbie Rivet by his full name. He calls him robbie rotten or nerd, loser, pansy, etc. Anything to get on Robbie’s nerves. Cause whatever he breaks, robbie fixes.