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I saw a Victuuri Superman doodle and I'm obsessed! Any good superhero fics?

Hey! This is an awesome AU so I’m really happy to see this request! There aren’t many, so if anyone has seen more that I missed please let me know! (I’m sorry it’s such a short list, hopefully there will be more fics in this AU! 😉💙)

Superhero AU

if i’m never your hero by braveten, Teen, 24k (WIP)
Yuuri Katsuki is familiar.
(Maybe it’s his eyes, maybe it’s the scar on his wrist.)
But no matter what life either of them are leading on that particular day, one thing is the same—they revolve around each other. SO good, everyone must read this!!

With the Aid of Gravity by notwisely, Teen, 5.3k
Yuuri had plastered his childhood bedroom with posters of Viktor—had grown up with Viktor’s irrepressible smile comforting him on the worst days, the promise of his silhouette against the endless blue of the sky behind him: that if Yuuri couldn’t defy gravity and physics and mortality, Viktor would do it for him. Thumbs up!

High-Flying, Adored by terra_incognita, Gen, 26k
Being a superhero is hard. It’s even harder when you’re desperately in love with the most famous figure skater in the world, who never seems to notice you. Of course it doesn’t help that he’s a superhero too–and he’s head over heels for your alter-ego. I LOVE this fic!

I can be your devil or your angel, baby by hinatella, Teen, 5.1k
Yuuri Katsuki didn’t ask for any of this, and he’s starting to question all of his life choices that lead up to this cursed moment. Rec’d by a follower!

to some a dream, to others a stranger (and the rest of their YOI Superhero AU series) by volleycatnika, Teen, 3.7k
Over the course of months… Over the course of years, Yuuri is able to hold a face for longer. And not just a face… He can make himself sound different. Yuuri would celebrate being able to hold a form for a long time, such as the one he has held for two years but he can’t. He can’t not when there is one form he can’t hold… The form that only he can see in the mirror. Dark hair, dark eyes. Short but not that short. Would he ever be able to show his family the true Yuuri ever again? Such a feat seems impossible. This is a fun series to read!

on top of the world by springsoldier (ladydaredevil), Not Rated, 8.2k
In which Victor doesn’t believe in secret identities, Yuuri’s not quite sure how any of this happened and together, they fight crime! SO GOOD

My Hero, Yuuri by Abarero, Teen, 53k (WIP)
At the age of 23, Yuuri Katsuki is certain he’s just a dime-a-dozen hero that will never make a difference. Little does he know that the moment his path crosses with legendary hero, Victor Nikiforov, both of their lives will begin to change for the better. Rec’d by a friend of mine!

monochrome by simplydrasticvoldy, Mature, 18k (WIP) **Graphic depictions of violence
During the day, Katsuki Yuuri is a shy, bumbling, albeit genius grad student who has nothing figured out in his life.
By the night, he is a masked vigilante struggling to find a cool name for his alter-ego. 

Black Kat: the Beginning by LinneaKou, Teen, 19k
“God helps those who helps themselves. So who helps those who can’t?"Yuuri was nineteen when he first asked himself the question that would change the path of his life forever. Rec’d by a follower!



Sorry for the lack of quite literally anything; I’ve just moved into my first house (yay) and the internet was postponed for a month because of bad line connections.

I’m in love with this dress so much. I don’t know why I wanted it so badly other than oooooh pretty but absolutely everyone who has seen it has said they want one too!

I’ll be having another photoshoot soon, so if anyone had ideas of what I should wear please let me know. Also, don’t be afraid to ask me any questions! I haven’t had many over the last months and I do miss talking with you all :)

Again, sorry for the lack of content. We’ll be back to normal soon enough!

- Jessica Blaise x x

Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon is completely gay anime this season. They’re a happy gay family with Kobayashi as a father, Tohru as a mother, and Kanna is the child. No one can tell me otherwise. Let all the gayness from the manga version be transferred to the anime. Amen.

Parents on a date:

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Bonding time of mother and daughter:

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Father and daughter playing:

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Well, this is from op, and i just love it

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I might love this series a little bit too much

Bonus scene from the manga mother scolding father:

EDIT : it is my bad that i put Kobayashi as a ‘father’ and putting the heteronormative roles to both of them. It was my bad and i was not considerate. I really do feel bad, and i apologize to everyone who has seen this post. And i’m not going to change anything above so that anyone who reads can learn from the mistake that i made. Restatement: Kobayashi is not a father! They’re a happy family. Thank you for everyone who has pointed out the mistake! The society i’m living in is not really friendly with the LGBT+ community so my mindset is still contaminated with such norms, so i make mistake every now and then, but that’s not an excuse, i’m really sorry and thank you!
Not Like This (Part 2)

Part 1: Here
Part 3: Here
Part 4: Here

Sorry for the double tags, guys.  Tumblr was apparently having some technical difficulties.  Its all good now!  Enjoy!
Fandom:  Star Trek AOS (Soulmate AU)
Pairing: Reader x Bones
Word Count: 3,633
Rating: Teen+
Warnings: Injuries, blood, scary scenes 
Tag List: @outside-the-government @littlecarowrites @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse  @feelmyroarrrr @trekken81 @lurkch @yourtropegirl @answer-the-sirens
Author’s note:  SO many people have asked to be added to the tag list for this fic.  I am absolutely flattered.  I’m so glad you guys like it!!  I apologize if I missed anyone in the tag list, please let me know if I forgot your name.  Also, if I have you just in the tag list for this story but you wish to be on my permanent tag list, please let me know!

I hope you all like this part just as much… its actually my favourite part of the story so far.  Enjoy!

          Leonard had gone back to his business after his last projected thoughts, after his soulmate had wished him luck on his exam.  It was going to be a hard one, he was sure, and he nervously chewed on the end of his stylus as he waited for the instructor’s signal.  The exam appeared on the screen of his tablet as his professor indicated that they could begin and he bent over it, meticulously reading each question and answering carefully, his mind completely focused on his task.

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Beautiful Eyes (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Draco x reader

Requested by Anon;  could you do a Draco x reader piece where Draco wants her attention all the time and when it’s even slightly directed somewhere else?? just a whole lot of fluff omg. i keep seeing it listed with “if Draco was your bf” but i’ve never seen one actually written out… also i couldn’t think of anyone better to do it (:

a/n; sorry this is shorter than usual, i hope you like it though! xx

Warnings; fluffy Draco

         The boy with the platinum blonde hair. You can’t possibly miss his steel-like gaze or his sharp smirk when walking passed him in the hallways. And you can’t possibly look at him, glance over, without immediately feeling uncomfortable. Because Draco Malfoy is standing just over there. He is the constant center of attention.

         But not to her.

         Draco settles next to her under their usual tree during free period, and wraps his arm around her shoulders. He presses a kiss to her temple and she smiles down into her book.

         “Have you studied for today’s Potions test?” Her gaze doesn’t leave the book in her lap.

         Draco pouts a bit. “Come on, (Y/n/n), you know I’m the top of that class. I don’t need to study.”

         She chuckles, and closes the book, offering it to him as she searches her bag for another. “Here, review at least a little bit. Then I can start working on Charms homework.”

         Draco takes the book with a sigh, and sets it down next him before rolling over to lay his head in her lap. “Darling, that homework’s not due until Friday. The least you can do is give your boyfriend a little much-needed attention.” He says with a grin.

         She sighs, “Draco, you always ask for ‘much-needed’ attention.”

         “And you always have school work in your hands!” He pouts, “Come on, (Y/n).”

         She huffs.

         Draco smiles slyly, “I never get to see your eyes anymore, their constantly hidden beneath books!” he says dramatically.

         (Y/n) smiles and looks down into her boyfriend’s steel-grey eyes. She leans down, and presses a sweet kiss to his lips. “Well? How do my eyes look? Same as you remember?”

         He smiles, “Just as beautiful as ever.”

Healing Hands (Part 2)

Ivar x Reader
Healing Hands: Part 2 of 2. 8,341 words.
Here’s Part 1 for anyone that missed it.
Warnings: A little angst, a lotta smut. I wouldn’t read this at work ;)
Wow guys, I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to finish this update! I really didn’t mean to keep you all waiting for so long but life kicked my ass a little bit this month. Thank you all so much for your support and all of your kind words, I honestly never expected such amazing feedback. I was so nervous writing for a new fandom but you all have just been so encouraging and so kind. I really hope that each and every one of you enjoys Part 2 and that it lives up to your expectations! Thank you again, everyone!
Tags: @skeletoresinthebasement @peculiarleah @ivartheboneme @theburningspirit  @splendor-e I’m sorry if I missed anyone!

The days that followed Ivar’s cruel rejection were some of the bitterest you’d ever known. You weren’t sure just what to expect from all those hours at the prince’s side but outright exclusion wasn’t something that had even crossed your mind. Everything seemed to be going so well. You and Ivar constantly lost track of time as you engaged in passionate conversations, talking about everything and nothing and whatever was left in-between. You knew Ivar well know, perhaps well enough to call him a friend and you had secretly hoped that he shared these feelings.

You had even started to wonder if Ivar was more than just a friend. Even before that final blissful evening, the chemistry between you both was undeniable. In all of your years of working with patients in all sorts of intimate situations, not one had responded to your touch like Ivar had. Not even the most flirtatious warrior would gasp and whimper in a way that only a lover would yet Ivar practically melted in your hands.

Then, there were the looks. He may have been a man of few words when it came to discussing anything emotional but disappointment was always noticeable in Ivar’s bright eyes whenever you bid him goodnight. Then every morning, that disappointment vanished again when you arrived and exchanged private, flirty stares that were completely missed by Ubbe.

There was no way of really telling where the shy smiles and tantalizing glances were heading but you were certain that they were heading somewhere. That was why Ivar’s rejection hurt even more. You tried to be rational by reminding yourself that you weren’t Ivar’s lover and he had no obligation to explain anything to you but rationality didn’t keep you warm on those cold, lonely nights. 

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Panic Cord (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 3

A/N: Surprise! Here it is yall! I’m super sorry if it seems rushed, as I’m in class lol. But I’ll be editing it later (if I missed anyone) I hOpe you guys like it! Enjoy! - Delilah ❤ Warnings: Angst. Swearing. Mentions of abuse.

With a tired sigh, you plopped down onto your bed.

You opened your eyes, staring up at what you hoped was the ceiling of your apartment. One you’d never be able to actually see. At least, you hoped this was your apartment. You felt the tears beginning to pool around your eyes. This wasn’t how you expected your first date to go at all.

With a quiet sob, you let the tears escape your eyes. You didn’t mean to offend Bucky, which was the last thing you ever wanted to do. Even if he did have a metal arm, so what? You didn’t care the slightest bit nor were you in any position to be picky.

You replayed the scenario in your mind over and over. Hearing his gasp, the sound of his footsteps fading away. You wished you could turn back time and prevent this entire thing from happening.

“New message from…Peter.” Siri chimed.

You let out a small sigh as you reached your hand and ran it along the bed. After a few seconds of mindlessly running your hand around the bed, you grasped the iPhone in your hand and held it up to your mouth.

“Siri, please call Peter for me.”

The soft ringing of the call echoed throughout the room. Peter would know what to do, he always did. You met the younger man a couple months ago when he moved into the apartment across the street from you. He was a couple years younger than you, just starting college, but since then the two of you had become inseparable. It was safe to say, you felt like he was your closest friend besides your grandma and Alfie.

“Hey, Y/N!” Peter greeted, he sounded a bit tired this time. The poor guy, he worked nights and went to college full time. How did he even manage to do it? You could hear the sound of his cat, Oscar purring from the other end.

“Hey Pete,” Jesus, you sounded so depressed.

“Y/N…” he asked softly. “What’s wrong? You’re doing the thing again.”

“What thing?” You ask, crinkling your nose.

“You know the thing,” He laughed. “What happened?”

You rolled over onto your stomach, pressing your face into the pillow.

“I went on my first date today.” You could practically hear the grin on his face.

“Wait. Really!” he boasted, earning a small meow from Oscar.

“Yeah, I actually just got back home from it.” You explained.

“Oh, did Y/N finally pop her cherry?” he teased, followed by another meow from Oscar. Jesus, he could be such a little brat sometimes.

You scoffed, feeling the blush creep onto your cheeks. “As if,” you sass. “He actually left me at Coney Island. Alone.”

The sounds of his giggles instantly quieted down into silence; even Oscar ceased his meowing and purrs. That wasn’t a good sign. Angry Peter was a force to be reckoned with and you really didn’t need a repeat that any time soon.

“HE WHAT?” he shouted. You could hear the rustling of sheets in the background, followed by a hiss from Oscar. Did he step on him again? That poor cat went through too much with him.

“It was my fault!” you cried, feeling the tears pool in your eyes once again. You hated crying, it was so messy and unattractive. “I offended him!”

“How?” he asked, before letting out a strangled sound. What was he doing?

“I uh…reacted a bit badly towards his handicap.” You confessed.

“Oh, so is he blind, too?” he asked, followed by the sound of a zipper.

“No, actually.” You sighed, running a hand through your hair. “He um…has a metal arm.”

Usually, Peter’s reply would’ve been along the lines of “Oh cool!” or “Does it vibrate?”, but for some odd reason, he was completely silent and you’d be lying if you said that didn’t bother you. It’s not like Bucky tried to harm you. He didn’t even touch you with it, honestly. The only time you acknowledged it was when he touched your face, and that was after a panic attack.

Bucky wasn’t trying to hurt you, it was the complete opposite.

“There’s something you should know. I’ll be there in ten. It’s better if you hear this in person.” He spoke before hanging up abruptly, leaving you in complete silence. The only sounds were your small breaths and Alfie as he licked himself.

What on earth did he need to tell you so bad that he had to come over at almost two in the morning?

Immediately, all sorts of scenarios ran through your mind.

Maybe he was just concerned and checking up on his friend? It wasn’t unusual for him to worry about you. He literally used to break a sweat each time you left his apartment at night. That’s probably what it was. He must’ve heard the whole metal arm thing and immediately assumed Bucky might’ve hurt you.


“You know Bucky?” you asked, feeling your stomach drop.

“I’ve known him for a couple years now, yes.” He confessed with a sigh. Alfie let out a small whine and rested his head on your lap. Karma must’ve had it out for you.

Immediately, your mind went to the worst.

“Is he one of the bullies at your job?” you ask, your fist clenching angrily. Peter always showed up with bruises and sometimes, even broken bones. It took you endless pestering before he finally cracked and told you that he was a victim of bullying at his workplace. The poor kid had the worst luck. Who would harm such a nice person like him?

“No, Y/N,” he assured you and you instantly let out a giant sigh of relief. You had absolutely no problem walking over to Stark tower and giving him a piece of your mind for hurting your best friend, but thankfully that wasn’t the case.
“But that’s not why I’m concerned.”

“What’s wrong with him?” You ask, furrowing your eyebrows. Why was he stalling?

“Do you remember a few years back when Shield fell and released all those top secret files?”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “It was all over the news for months.”

“Well,” he gulped. “You remember the main story the new stations covered?”

You frowned. Of course you remembered, but what did that have to do with Bucky? Was he on the news, too? You didn’t remember hearing his name those few months. Did he work for shield?
You shook your head this time, your frown growing deeper.

Damn, if you could just remember.

“The Winter Soldier?” he asks slowly, trying to refresh your memory. “One of Hydra’s most ruthless assassins?”

Your eyes widened. You remembered now. Your grandma wouldn’t talk about it for some reason, hell, whenever you brought it up, she completely changed. She would get so upset with you. She even made you leave once. She apologized afterwards, but ever since then she wasn’t the same.

You knew who the Winter Soldier was, but what did that have to do with-

“Y/N,” he says softly, placing a hand onto yours. “Bucky used to be the Winter Soldier.”


Bucky crouched on the fire escape outside your window, watching the scene unfold before him. The bouquet of roses that he bought for you felt so much heavier in his hand.

“Y/N,” the voice said softly. He instantly recognized that damned voice. “Bucky used to be the Winter Soldier.”

They say when your heart breaks, the whole world stops. At least, that’s what his mom used to tell him. But it was nothing like that. He felt the whole world fade away, into nothing more than a black void. He wanted to tell you and he planned to, but the cat was out of the bag now. He planned to apologize and beg for your forgiveness, even if that meant getting down on his knees if he had to, but now he was positive that you wouldn’t even open the door to him.

He didn’t exactly leave you alone at Coney Island. He made sure you got home safely, keeping exactly twenty feet from you on your journey home. It wasn’t exactly ideal, but it’s the least he could do for how he acted. And he acted like a giant dick. He was sure Steve was going to slap him upside the head when he finally got home. His arm was his biggest insecurity, but it didn’t dismiss the fact that he broke your heart because he couldn’t get himself together.

As he turned to leave, his head hung low with shame, he stopped once he heard your voice.

“But…he isn’t anymore, right?” His eyes widened. “Wasn’t he brainwashed?”

“Brainwashed or not, Y/N, he’s dangerous. And you’re…you know…handicapped!”

Bucky winced at the word. Jesus, that kid was terrible at comforting women.

“Handicapped!” You exclaimed. “Did you really have to go that far?”

“I-I didn’t mean it like that!” He cried, followed by the sound of something thumping against the floor. “Ow! Stop choking me!”

Bucky heard the sound of footsteps growing louder, snapping him back to reality. He watched as you opened the door to your apartment and practically threw Peter into the hallway, shaking your fist at the younger man.

He wasn’t going to lie, you looked so damn cute when you were angry. He couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped when you slammed the door and hastily locked all of the locks.

Turning away, he placed a step onto the stairs. He’d let you rest and tomorrow, he’d man up and apologize when you were well rested.

But boy did his plan backfire.

Bucky was a freaking Hydra assassin, for Christ’s sake. He could kill a man with a paper clip and even assassinated John F. Kennedy within three seconds.

But somehow, he managed to trip over untied shoelaces.

He tried to lift his right foot up, only realize his left foot was trapping it from moving, as the shoe lace was trapped underneath it. In one sad moment, Bucky lost his balance and crashed onto the metal fire escape, creating a loud banging sound that echoed throughout the alley.

He heard the faint sound of your footsteps, followed by the sound of your living room window opening harshly. He lifted his gaze to see you standing by your window, a metal baseball bat in hand.

“You have ten seconds to leave before I call the police!” you exclaimed, raising the bat threateningly.

Bucky let out a sigh of defeat. How was he getting out of this in one piece?

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Dancing On My Own: Part 6

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader / Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of Loss

Catch Up Here

Word Count: 1241

Summary: Bucky Barnes never imagined himself falling in love with anyone, especially his best friend’s girl. Of course his plans were shot to hell when Steve decided to surprise everyone and propose to you on your birthday. Had he missed his shot, or would he be willing to risk both of his closest friendships in hopes of winning your heart?

Author’s Notes: Sorry for the delay! I’m still fighting crazy fatigue lately and it’s been impacting my productivity. Thanks for be patient! I always love hearing from you guys <3. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged!

Originally posted by in-perfectenschlag

Bucky sat on your bed beside you as you both watched the movie. He mulled over the moment that the two of you had had. He could tell – you felt it too, but he found the timing to be inappropriate – if there was ever an appropriate time to be in love with your best friend’s girl. He loved you too much to take advantage of your feelings during a moment of weakness. He sighed to himself as you snuggled your head into his chest. You had fallen asleep by the time Harry had gotten to Hogwarts, but Bucky was afraid of waking you.

“Y/N?” he whispered softly, but the only reply he received was the sound of your soft breathing as you slept. “I’m glad I’m here too,” he continued before planting a light kiss on the top of your head.

To his surprise you smiled at the gesture and mumbled, “I love you,” before resuming your soft breathing.

Bucky knew you were asleep. He was certain of it because he knew you would never say those words to him – at least not in the way they had slipped off your tired tongue. He sighed deeply as he stared at the ceiling. Even now – just hearing the words – caused his heart to race and his palms to sweat.

You woke with a start. You couldn’t remember what you had been dreaming about but you focused your mind on steadying your breathing as your heart continued to race. You reached out blindly into the dark – looking for Bucky – but came up short. As your fingers met the empty blanket you sighed with disappointment. Bucky’s presence had been comforting since you had received the terrible phone call, and you found peace in his nearness. As you peaked through your lashes you saw is disheveled form crumpled on the couch. His mouth was slightly parted and his hair was in all levels of disarray as his chest rose and fell to the tempo of his breathing. Once again you found yourself unable to tear your eyes from him. You had never been like this before, and you weren’t really sure why you had so much of a pull towards your friend now. Maybe it was because of everything that had happened… Maybe it was because Bucky was the one person you could always rely on. You bit your lip at this thought. It wasn’t true of course. You had Steve, your fiancé. Steve would do anything for you, and at that thought you felt a wave of guilt again.

You pushed off the bed with a huff – wrapping one of your afghans around your shoulders as you quietly left the room. You needed some time to process – alone. The house was full of the sounds of its sleeping occupants as you strolled quietly down the hallway and down the stairs to the front door.  The Kansas air was heavy with moisture – beckoning an early Summer day – as you walked amidst the twilight. You wanted to reason out the things that had happened in the last 48 hours, but you simply couldn’t. Instead you found yourself longing to speak with your mother. You walked aimlessly through the early morning haze as you continued to think until you stopped suddenly. You had somehow managed to find your way to the tree house that you and your siblings had once spent countless hours in. Of course your dad had replaced bits and pieces of it throughout the years to accommodate your nieces and nephews, but it was still more or less how you remembered it. It was the perfect place to think.

You climbed up the tree and, with a sigh of relief, found the inside of the tree house to be adorned with various blankets and pillows. Now that you were away from everyone you felt quite tired again. Maybe it was the walking, and the internal debates, but as you laid your head down on one of the piles of pillows you certainly thought there was more to it than that. With your mother gone you weren’t sure how you could navigate your way through life. Even after moving to New York you had found solace in the times you spoke with her. She had always been honest with you, and you longed for that honesty now. Too many things had happened too soon, and the thought of trying to process them made you choke for air. As you closed your eyes a part of you wished Steve could be with you, but for some reason that thought made you feel even worse.

Bucky stretched stiffly on the couch as he strained to open his eyes. Sleeping here had not been ideal – but it had been the respectful thing to do. He didn’t want to take up any space in the house as it was now teeming with your relatives. He sat up– rumpling hair hair with his hands. As he looked towards your bed his heart skipped a beat. You were gone. He wasn’t sure why he felt so worried suddenly, but he knew he needed to find you. He pushed off the couch and made his way through the house. When he noticed that you were no where to be found in the he made his way outside. Thunder rumbled in the distance with the threat of an early morning storm as he followed the small tell-tale signs of your presence. And that’s how he found you some time later as you slept in the mass of pillows and blankets in your childhood tree house.

As he gingerly climbed up the wooden planks Bucky laughed. He had never had something like this as a kid – just alleyways and rusty stairwells. He could almost see the younger you whisking yourself up into it – away from your imaginary foes – like a well guarded princess. As you came into Bucky’s view he stopped. He wasn’t sure what it was about the sight of you sleeping in the fortress of your childhood that he found so heartbreakingly beautiful – maybe it was the way the early morning sun cascaded over your face, or the peacefulness that you radiated as you slept. He made his way beside you – careful to not disturb your rest and laid on the other side of your pile of pillows.

As he watched you he couldn’t help but reach out to brush the hair from your face – eliciting a smile from you. Before Bucky could even react you laced your arms around his neck and brought your lips to his. The action caused Bucky to freeze – he wasn’t sure how to react or what to do.  The feeling of your lips moving against his was intoxicating. Excitement ran wildly through Bucky’s body as you continued the action. He felt as if he had grabbed ahold of a live wire and was simply unable to break contact. As you deepened the kiss his body relaxed. In the back of his mind he knew he should stop, but as he wrapped his arms around you he reasoned with himself that you wouldn’t be kissing him if you didn’t want to. He longed for the moment to stretch into eternity as he entwined his fingers gently into your hair. This is what he had been dreaming of for years, and it was finally happening, consequences be damned.

And Everything was fine – until you opened your eyes.

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Fandom: Star Wars

Chapter/ One-shot: One-shot

Characters: Pregnant!Reader x Cassian Andor, Wedge Antilles, Chirrut Îmve

Words: 1689

Warnings: Spoiler alert: Rogue one spoilers! 

A/N: This became a lot longer than I thought it would be. Sorry about the ending, I kind of fast forwarded it because everyone who has seen the movie knows what happens and I’m not good at rewriting stuff (plus it has been a few weeks since I last saw Rogue one so I don’t remember everything). And right now I do not have a longer story about [Y/N] background.. :) 

Originally posted by fandomsarecoolilikequiteafew

You had been feeling nauseous lately and you had been late with your period. Even if you already knew what was going on you still wanted some confirmation about it. You were sitting on the bed in the medical bay, waiting for the medical droid to come back with the answers.

“Miss [Y/N], congratulations, you are having a baby” the droid said when it came back to the room. The droid told you that you were on your ninth week pregnant. You didn’t know how to react but you smiled at the droid before thanking it and left. Now you were worrying about how to tell your boyfriend, Cassian, about it. He was on a secret mission right now and you didn’t know when he would come back, in the meantime, you continued to do your work at the base. You did a little bit of everything, sometimes you were helping out with the ships and sometimes you were behind the desk, so to say. You were now helping Wedge Antilles, your best friend, to fix something on the wing of his x-wing when you saw Cassian’s ship land. You excused yourself and went to greet him. They had a petite woman with them but you didn’t recognise her.

“Hi” you said when you met Cassian. He took you in for a hug and kissed your forehead.

“Hi, sweetheart” he whispered softly and you chuckled.

“Captain, stop messing around, we have a meeting to attend to” you heard the familiar voice of K-2SO. Cassian sighed before he let go of you.

“Hi Key” you greeted the droid.

“Hello Miss [Y/N]” he greeted you back.

“Sorry, I will see you soon” he said and quickly kissed you before he left. You smiled as you watched him walk away and soon you went back to help Wedge to fix on his x-wing. Moments later you heard Cassian call out your name and you turned around to see him jog towards you.

“Cassian” you gasped when he took you in for a hug again.

“Sorry” he whispered. You chuckled softly. Not so long ago he didn’t want to show to anyone his soft side. There you stood hugging again when you heard K-2SO walking closer.

“I’ve been looking for you, Captain” the droid said and you sighed.

“Key, give us a moment here” Cassian said, a little annoyed about K-2SO always interrupting you two.

“Very well, I’ll go and prepare the ship. We’ll be leaving soon.” the droid said before it left.

“You’re leaving again?” you asked Cassian with a sigh.

“Yeah, sorry, I was just about to tell you” he answered you. You looked up at him with a sad look on your face. He tucked your hair behind your ear and smiled weakly at you. You knew deep inside you that this was going to be a hard mission but your instincts told you that he would come back.

“I love you” you said as you looked lovingly into his eyes. Cassian smirked a little.

“I love you too” he said and leaned in for a kiss. The kiss wasn’t long but it was full of love.

“I have to go now” Cassian said and you nodded.

“Be safe and come back home” you told him and he smiled. He kissed you quickly before he left to the ship. You noticed that the woman he had brought with him was leaving with them but you didn’t think more of that. You watched as the ship flew away before you went back to yours and Cassian’s quarter.

As soon as you heard that Cassian was coming you ran to the docking bay to greet him. You didn’t have to wait so long when you saw a ship land. It wasn’t Cassian’s U-wing and you started to worry a little but when the ramp fell down and you saw Cassian you let out a breath. You ran over to him and threw your hands around his neck. He chuckled as he took you in for a hug. He leant in for a kiss and the kiss was full of passion.

“Hey” he said as you stopped kissing. You smiled as you greeted back.

“I missed you” you told him and he hugged you tighter and kissed your forehead.

“I missed you too” he whispered. Cassian had to go to a meeting again and he rushed away to get there in time. You walked over to greet the new arrivals. You learned that their names were Baze Malbus, Chirrut Îmwe and Bodhi Rook. You noticed that Chirrut were blind and he told you about the force helping him see. He also told you what happened on Jedha and Eadu. You sighed but you knew that Cassian did all this so that the resistance could be one step closer to save the galaxy from the empire.

“Is Cassian the father?” Chirrut suddenly asked you and you stared at him with your mouth open.

“How do you know?” you finally asked him after a moment of silence.

“The force is strong with your child, and also with you” he told you calmly. You quickly glanced up at Baze who shrugged his shoulders.

“The force works in mysterious ways” Chirrut continued and you looked back at him again.

“Yeah, well, there has been a jedi in my family. My grandfather was a jedi, and my mother used to tell stories about him when I was a child. I never became a jedi because the jedi-order got destroyed when I was just an infant” you explained to him and he listened carefully.

“I see. Who was your grandfather?” he asked.  

“His name was Qui-Gon Jinn”.

“Aah, I’ve heard about him” Chirrut said. You smiled at him. You saw that Cassian was walking towards you.

“You have to tell him” Chirrut said and you answered with a yeah.

“Hi” you greeted Cassian when he arrived. He greeted you back but soon asked you to leave them for a minute. And you did. Moments later you saw the petite woman, whose name you had learned was Jyn Erso, talking with Chirrut and Baze and soon you saw that Cassian had gathered a group of rebels and they were all talking with Jyn. You stood there watching them. When they were ready, Cassian came over to talk to you.

“You’re leaving again?” you asked and you felt a lump in your throat.

“Yes, we have decided to help Jyn get the Death Star plans.” he said and you felt tears in your eyes. “And it is probably going to be a one way trip” he continued and you started sobbing. He took you in for a hug and you sobbed into his chest. Soon you pulled away from him and you wiped the tears of. You looked into his eyes.

“Just promise me one thing” you begged him as you reached your hand to his chin and he leaned in to your hand.

“Anything” he said.

“Promise me that you will get back home again, in one piece.” you said and you reached your hand towards his and guided his hand to your stomach. “Promise me that you will get back home for us” you continued and the tears started falling again but you were smiling at him.

“Are you pregnant?” he gasped and stroked your belly. You nodded and let out a small giggle. “I love you” he continued and you tried not to start crying again.

“Promise me” you begged.

“I promise” he promised and you hugged each other. “Thank you” you whispered. You pulled away from the hug and gave a quick kiss to each other before he left to the ship. You saw Chirrut on the ramp smiling at your direction and you smiled back at him even if you knew that he didn’t see it. Cassian gave you one last look and you waved your hand at him. You watched as he disappeared into the ship and it took away. You ran up to the control room to wait for answers.

“What is your boyfriend up to?” one of the workers there asked you.

“Honestly, I have no idea” you answered him. You sat down beside him.

You were waiting for some answers and it felt like an eternity. You heard that the Alliance fleet went to support them.

“Your girlfriend seems nice” Jyn said to Cassian when they were onboard of the ship.

“She’s the best” Cassian told her with a smile. Jyn smiled back at him. They finally arrived to Scarif and they were lucky enough to get through the gates. Jyn, K-2SO and Cassian managed to get to the Citadel Tower.

After everything that happened in the Citadel Tower, Cassian and Jyn limped to the beach.

“I promised [Y/N] that I would get back” Cassian said to Jyn when they sat down. Jyn smiled and looked at him. “She’s pregnant” he said before he continued “And I love her”. He looked at Jyn with tears in his eyes and a weak smile on his lips. “But this was worth it” he said and turned his head to look at the Death Star as it fired the superlaser towards the planet.

“[Y/N]” someone shouted. You saw that it was Wedge who ran towards you. He was short of breath when he came to you and before he spoke he tried to catch his breath again. He looked at you and you could already guess what he was about to say but you didn’t want to believe it. He sat down beside you and took your hand in his. He looked into your eyes before he spoke. “I am so sorry, [Y/N]”. You stared at him before it hit you what he had just said and that’s when the tears started falling down your eyes. Wedge took you in for a hug and you sobbed into his chest. “I’m sorry” he whispered. Now you had to raise your child alone but you would always tell your child about his/hers dad who was a hero that saved the rebellion.



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Blue & Gold - Part 3 [Final]

[A/N: Finally! So this has been half written for a long time and the ending has changed so many times but now it’s done and I’m sticking with it. This is how I wanted it to end and if ya don’t like it then I’m sorry - not sorry, okay I am sorry because it’s been highly anticipated but I’m sure you all wanted different things to happen! Anyway here’s how it went down-]

Part 1 / Part 2

Originally posted by margotmercier96

‘Hey Love Actually,’ Veronica snapped her fingers in front of Jughead’s face, ‘you’ve been watching Y/N all night, when are you going to tell her?’

Jughead scowled at the raven-haired princess that sat before him and pulled a handful of the cold fries from the basket and shoved them into his mouth. Moments ago Y/N had excused herself to go and use the bathroom, finally gracing the gang with a moment in which they could interrogate Jughead Jones.

‘Yeah I mean it’s totally obvious right,’ Kevin chimed in, ‘total bait and switch and move.’

‘Fools us all into thinking he hates the girl,’ Veronica continues, ‘whilst secretly harbouring the biggest crush he’s ever had – classic Mark move.’

Jughead remained silent, he tipped his head back resting his neck against the cool hard leather of the seat, he closed his eyes and exhaled slowly- it’s not like he could deny it any longer.

‘Shush,’ Betty whispered, ‘she’s coming back.’

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anonymous asked:

THAT GIF YOU USED. i'm always so weak about it. there's just so much intense passion and love into it and you're able to see the change from when zayn's not looking at liam to when he is looking at liam. that's one of my favorite ziam moments because it's so telling what kind of love zayn has in his heart for liam. he turned all soft and smiley. i miss seeing that kind of zayn because well. we both know why we rarely see it. but bless for you putting that gif

This is my favourite Ziam gif:

Originally posted by dramaqueen88

The thirst, the fond, the intense love, all through this look that anyone who’s ever been in love can easily identify. Subtle, yet not subtle at all.

And that’s the beautiful thing about Ziam, they don’t need words (though they’ve also publicly declared their love cause they can’t hide how they feel) but it’s obvious the love and care for each other has only intensified since X-Factor:

Preference: The 100 ladies reacting at your body cover in scars

Anon ask: Preferences of The 100 ladies: Their reaction when they see R body cover in scars (she’s one of the bests thief/warrior/hunter on polis )

Warning: mention of past injuries, scars

(A/N): I LOVE THE 100 , send more preferences for them plz I love making preferences

Clarke Griffin: It hurt her. It hurt her to know that you have gone through so much pain and she wasn’t there to help you. Now everytime that you’re naked or your scars are showing, she will kiss them and told you how much she loves you, she also likes to run her fingers through your scars and then leaving little pecks on them.Being one of the best warriors was not simple, and the scars were common for you, but Clarke couldn’t not worried about you everytime a new one decorate your body, she will make sure to kiss every inch of you, trying to somehow give you comfort. “I’ll kiss it better”

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• unrequited love

nonnie requested: Hey there can you please write a Barry x reader story where the reader was the one who encouraged Barry and Iris to start dating, and when they become bf/gf the reader actually realizes that she is in love with Barry? Something fluffy/angsty and super-duper sad pleasee?

A/N: again, I’m sorry for not posting much. I’ve also been feeling down lately but here’s this. Does anyone miss me? Probably not. I’ll probably be busy tomorrow since I’m helping mum bake and we are baking a few different things like lemon bars to homemade bread since she’s in a baking mood. This is after they have dated awhile since I wanted to add H.R since he’s my favorite Wells. But I hope nevertheless you enjoy this drabble of your request nonnie. Ships are closed and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

Originally posted by sgmtcr

                  » Relationship(s): Barry Allen & Reader (friendship, unrequited love), Iris West & Reader (friendship) «

You were best friends with Iris and Barry since childhood, you three were like the musketeers as Joe would say since you three almost did everything together. And that was how life was like, even though as you three have gotten older, you still were the three musketeers. You and Iris knew about Barry’s secret when the time came when he announced to you both that he was the speedster saving everyone. But there was one more secret you knew, the brown haired male was in love with his foster sister and you decided to help out. It wasn’t like you liked him or anything right? Or so you thought. They spent more and more time together without you as they did couple things. You felt something you never thought you would have but it was too late.

You, Y/N L/N had finally realized that you were in love with your childhood friend, Barry Allen aka the fastest man alive. You tried shaking it off but every time you saw them, you wished you were Iris. But the dark skinned female always seemed to be prettier according to you, you couldn’t compare yourself with her and besides she had Barry.

“Y/N! Y/N, hey!” A voice made you snap back into reality as you looked up from your monitor to see H.R holding a cup of your favorite hot beverage with a never leaving smile on his face. “Hey sunshine. Nice to see you back into reality with us, well just me. You seem to be working more than with Barry and Iris so I got you a drink. Is something maybe, I don’t know, on your mind Y/N?” He asks as you take the cup from the older man’s hand with a sigh. He may seem like an idiot to some but H.R always gave you a smile on your face mostly because he reminded you of your fun uncle.

“T-thank you H.R.” You weakly smile and take a small sip of the drink you loved, “I’ve just been thinking of those two actually.” Noticing H.R letting you keep talking and you bit your lip a little before looking down but slowly up again at him. “H.R? I think I’m in love with Barry, I know it’s selfish of me but I didn’t realize I had fallen in love with one of my childhood friends. .even though I didn’t mean too. Does that make me a bad person H.R?” You look at the usually smiling man only to meet where his eyes were looking. It was Barry and everyone else that arrived to start working as you couldn’t say anything, tears began to form as you got up.

“Y/N? Is that true?” The burnet asks you as you slowly got up and try to walk away and avoid him, avoid everyone you knew in that room. “Y/N!” He jogs after and catches your arm but you push it away while looking anywhere but the emerald eyes. “Y/N, is it true that you started to have feelings for me?” He asks you once again but there was silence until you spoke.

“There’s nothing to talk about Barry. You go be happy with Iris, you two deserve each other. I’m sorry but this is goodbye. .” You walk away more, silently hoping Bar would stop you and beg you to stay with him and the team. But he never did, instead he watched his childhood friend, Y/N walk away from his life. And you never came back to Central City even when you got pleads from everyone else, especially H.R since he missed you laughing at his bad jokes. You miss them but in the end, nobody’s plead didn’t matter, you were waiting for Barry’s but nothing ever came. You changed your number and email to avoid everyone. The sad thing was you vowed yourself to never love anyone ever again, no matter what because every guy you met reminded you of Barry.

And you could never love Barry, he was with Iris probably living happily. Last you heard, they were getting engaged.



The Start of Something New Chapter 6 (Jughead x Reader)

Chapter 1
, Chapter 2
, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5

In which even more important questions are asked.

Listen to: “The Book of Love”, Gavin James

(Y/N) wandered the dusty shelves of the library, briefly recalling her text message conversation with Jughead earlier that day.

Jughead: Hey (Y/N). Pretty sick today so I can’t come. But I need a book for the research project in history due tomorrow. Can you check it out for me and bring it after school?

That was weird. Jughead was always at least a week ahead of the course schedule.

Y/N: Yeah sure, what’s the title?

Jughead: Mr. Andersen said the book lost its dust cover so it’s just blank and red with gold bindings. Here’s the dewey decimal number. I think you can figure it out.

Y/N: Why don’t you just ask Archie? You guys live together anyways.

Jughead: And let him into our place? No chance.

(Y/N) had grinned at that, and headed off in search of this prodigal history tome. What Jughead had asked for was deep in the stacks and took quite a while to find. The fact that it didn’t have a cover made it easy to spot among the spines with words, surprisingly.

She slid the red book with gold binding off of the shelf. Out of curiosity, she turned to the first page in an attempt to find the title.

The Start of Something New, it read in a bold font. (Y/N) became confused. This seemed more like a piece of fiction than a historical text. Maybe it was a historical narrative and Jughead was supposed to compare and contrast the story with real life? They were in different history classes and she had no idea what Mr. Andersen had assigned.

(Y/N) glanced at her phone; she had half an hour until next period. She brought the book to her and Jughead’s table, opened it, and began to read.

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I did miss you - Neymar

Heyyyyy this is a new Neymar Imagine. I hope you like this guys x Also sorry if you’re waiting for a request it’s taking me while at the moment I’m sorry x 

Originally posted by culed

“Miss? there’s someone there for you“ my assistant Jaclyn told me as her red curls pecked in my room.

I looked up from my computer where I had worked on for the past hours and furrowed my eyebrows together slightly. Who could that be? It wasn’t like I was expecting someone nor did anyone I knew cam here at that time of the day.

„Alright let them in“ I said and she nodded as soon as she left my room again.

I sighed and shut my laptop down, waiting for the mysterious stranger who was disturbing me at my researching. I looked up again as the door opened and no one else then Neymar walked in. I pressed my lips together. My assistant nodded at me and closed the door behind him. Neymar sat down on one of the chairs in front of me. As I observed him in detail, he looked a lot different from the last time I had seen him. He looked more matured somehow, he had a beard growing even through it may have only been a few days since. I haven’t seen him in a good year and even through it may have only been a few months it felt an eternity.

„hey“ he said and gave me a smile, showing his perfect white teeth, which reminded me exactly why I haven’t seen him in so long.

Neymar and me had been dating, for years until we decided to end it. I had suffered a lot after the break up but i knew it was for the best. we both had changed, we grew into different people and as much as we still loved each other our both persons weren’t compatible anymore. He had changed, the fame, new friends and the media changed him, so he was a different person. So I was still in love with him, but the person I was in love with wasn’t the same who stood in front of me, who I slept in the same bed with, who I lived together with, anymore.

„Hey“ I said and gave him a small smile.

I didn’t really knew what he wanted here to be honest. We haven’t broken up in a fight or discussion or anything but we weren’t exactly friends either. So I haven’t seen him since, at least not face to face, I saw him on the news and still saw some of his games at camp nou, I had always been a barca fan. But I just haven’t seen him since I had left his apartment that morning.

„How are you doing? I haven’t seen you in so long“ he said.

„What are you doing here?“ I asked, not answering his question.

„I just wanted to see how you were doing“ he said and shrugged with his shoulders.

„How I’m doing?“ I asked skeptically.

„Of course“ he said as if it were nothing.

„But why right now? I haven’t seen you in forever“ I said.

„Thats why, i was just wondering how you were doing, if you’re still living here, still working for the same place“ he said and shrugged, and if it wouldn’t be under such weird circumstances I would have smiled and tell him how sweet it was from him.

„Well i’m doing just great. As you can see I’m still working here and I got a promotion.“ I said, I didn’t wanted to be mean, but I just didn’t get why he was here. We haven’t seen each other in so long and I don’t get why he was now randomly appearing again.

„I’m glad you’re doing great“ he said and I just nodded.

„So you maybe wanna grab lunch or something?“ he asked, clearly nervous.

„Neymar. Why are you here? After all this time. Why are you here right now? Only to ask me how I’m doing?“ I asked and he looked down in his lap, not once looking up at me.

„I missed you okay? I haven’t seen you in almost a year and I thought it would get better that the feeling of missing you would fade, but do you wanna know what? It only gets worse. I miss you. And I know it’s been a while since we talked and saw each other but I really fucking miss you“ he said and I thought my heart would explode at any second at how fast it was beating, I didn’t expect such an outburst of feelings from him he was never so sure of his feelings and it was hard for him to put them into words.

I opened my mouth but closed it again, how should I answer to that? He fucking missed me.

And as much as I always told myself I was over him and I was doing fine without him, that he didn’t mean anything to me anymore, I knew I was only kidding myself, he was still so important to me and of course I missed him, of course I did. i wasn’t the same without him and all those months felt like a bad dream.

„And I know the reasons we broke up. God do I know. I do realize that I changed and that fame changed me. i do realize that. But the time without you that’s what changed me most“ he said and the tears that had welled up in my eyes were now spelling out of my eyes one by one.

Neymar got out of his seat and walked around the table to kneel down in front of me. He wiped my tears away quickly, as he cupped my face with his hands.

„I did miss you too“ I whispered.

And i couldn’t help the tears that were streaming down my cheek as he held my face in his hands. All this months I kept my feelings towards him aside, I never realized how much I missed him and how good it felt to be with him again.

„can we please try again? I need you in my life“ he said as he wiped all the tears away.

„don’t let me go, ever again“ i said and a small smile grew on his lips.

„i won’t“ he said as he leaned in and pressed his lips on mine softly. I kissed him back and sighed, god did i miss him. and god did this feel like coming home.

The Power Of Love – Epilogue Part 2 – The End

Warnings – none I think

Ok guys this is it! The last EVER part of The Power of Love!

Its very short but its just to finish things up and tie everything in ;)

Thank you to everyone who stayed with me and shared this journey. It’s been amazing!


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