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Another Ghost in the Halls

Request: “I really love your stories!!! Can I request a Newt Scamander x Reader using the song "If I Die Young” by the Band Perry? Really angsty please?? I don’t mind what you come up with, I just need angst!!!! Thank you! ❤️❤️😀"

Word Count: 3,072

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but also tagging @caseoffics @red-roses-and-stories @dont-give-a-bother @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope

Newt sits next to the Black Lake, knees pressed to his chest, glasses slipping down his nose. He doesn’t bother adjusting them, though, doesn’t move a muscle even as the sun begins to set and stars begin their show for the night. He doesn’t move until an unfamiliar hand tugs on the sleeve of his arm, telling him to get up before they get the nurse.

Only then does he stand and tear his eyes from the Black Lake. It slurps, teasing him, calling him back over and over, cries growing fainter as he stumbles up the path.

“Yer lucky yer roommates let me know you were missing when they did. The grounds are no place to be when there’s a storm coming.”

Newt doesn’t respond to the comment. He doesn’t care what the professor has to say or if he’ll lose Hufflepuff house points.

“Not to mention the trouble yer already in will be compounded if yer caught outside yer common room at this hour.”

Newt once again shrugs off the comment, not worrying about any sort of repercussion. He deserves what Dippet has been threatening. Deserves that and more for what he has done.

The professor is heavier set, and he grunts as he guides Newt up the path. “I know ya’ say ya’ don’t want ta talk about this, but ya’ should find someone. Far as I understand it, you’ve another friend to talk ta?”

The words are sour in Newt’s mind. Yes, he had another friend. She’s gone, now, and he’s alone. “No.”

The professor squints down at him. “Ya’ sure? I’ve heard yer friendly with that Slytherin girl.”

Newt shakes his head, jaw clenching. “I don’t know any Slytherins.”

“Well, I coulda sworn.”

“You’d be wrong, then.” Newt says, words icy as they cut off the man’s sentence.

The professor seems to understand now as he falls silent, offering Newt an escort up paths that are all too familiar.

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Healing Hands (Part 2)

Ivar x Reader
Healing Hands: Part 2 of 2. 8,341 words.
Here’s Part 1 for anyone that missed it.
Warnings: A little angst, a lotta smut. I wouldn’t read this at work ;)
Wow guys, I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to finish this update! I really didn’t mean to keep you all waiting for so long but life kicked my ass a little bit this month. Thank you all so much for your support and all of your kind words, I honestly never expected such amazing feedback. I was so nervous writing for a new fandom but you all have just been so encouraging and so kind. I really hope that each and every one of you enjoys Part 2 and that it lives up to your expectations! Thank you again, everyone!
Tags: @skeletoresinthebasement @peculiarleah @ivartheboneme @theburningspirit  @splendor-e I’m sorry if I missed anyone!

The days that followed Ivar’s cruel rejection were some of the bitterest you’d ever known. You weren’t sure just what to expect from all those hours at the prince’s side but outright exclusion wasn’t something that had even crossed your mind. Everything seemed to be going so well. You and Ivar constantly lost track of time as you engaged in passionate conversations, talking about everything and nothing and whatever was left in-between. You knew Ivar well know, perhaps well enough to call him a friend and you had secretly hoped that he shared these feelings.

You had even started to wonder if Ivar was more than just a friend. Even before that final blissful evening, the chemistry between you both was undeniable. In all of your years of working with patients in all sorts of intimate situations, not one had responded to your touch like Ivar had. Not even the most flirtatious warrior would gasp and whimper in a way that only a lover would yet Ivar practically melted in your hands.

Then, there were the looks. He may have been a man of few words when it came to discussing anything emotional but disappointment was always noticeable in Ivar’s bright eyes whenever you bid him goodnight. Then every morning, that disappointment vanished again when you arrived and exchanged private, flirty stares that were completely missed by Ubbe.

There was no way of really telling where the shy smiles and tantalizing glances were heading but you were certain that they were heading somewhere. That was why Ivar’s rejection hurt even more. You tried to be rational by reminding yourself that you weren’t Ivar’s lover and he had no obligation to explain anything to you but rationality didn’t keep you warm on those cold, lonely nights. 

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Harry Hook - “Promise”

Originally posted by lilpieceofmyworld

Request: “Could ya do Harry hook x reader. Where they were bffs with mal and co. But when they became good and abandoned you. You become angry and pissed and Harry’s there to comfort you like “we’ll get out of here one day, with or without our parents” something along those lines. Love your work hon”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: This is so short I’m sorry

“I can’t believe she would ever do something like that!” You exclaimed as the words dropped from Mal’s mouth. 

The crew were gathered around the small tv in Ursula’s Fish and Chips as the lady of the court was being interviewed by Snow White. 

“What’s it this time, Y/N?” Harry asked sitting on the side of you. 

“She was asked is there anything you miss in the Isle? Anyone that you perhaps miss while here in Auradon? You know what she said? Absolutely nothing! What am I then? Rotten clams?” You shouted throwing a banana peel at the tv screen angrily. 

“She was my best friend before any of them were, I don’t get why she doesn’t miss me. Even just a little bit.” You breathed as tears began to build up in your E/C eyes. 

Harry noticed the seriousness of your feelings and immediately shut off the television. “Hey!” A voice in the crowd exclaimed. “No one turns this on, or you answer to me!” The Scottish swordsman shouted to the man in the group. 

“You alright?” He whispered once everyone had left, finding some sort of entertainment.

 You shook your head as a tear fell from your eyes. “My room?” He asked already knowing the answer. 

You nodded and left the restaurant, traveling below deck of the ship where everyone’s quarters resided.

 Being two of Uma’s best fighters, you got your own rooms, although most of the time only one or the other was used.

 Once the door to Harry’s room was closed, you broke down. 

Like a crashing wave, tears began to fall freely down your face rapidly. 

Harry sighed and pulled you onto his lap tightly. 

His hands weaved through your slightly tangled hair in an attempt to make you feel better. 

“I just don’t understand. I’m not good enough.” You choked out getting up from your position on the bed and wiped your falling tears. 

“Never say a thing like that. You’re one of the most talented ad beautiful souls on this disgusting island. They would kill to have a gal like you at their stupid school.” Harry running his thumb across your cheek to wipe away a stray tear. 

“I wouldn’t want to go someplace like that, not without you.” You said shaking your head showing a small smile reluctantly. 

Harry chuckled, pulling you into his chest in a warm embrace. 

“I’ll make it a priority, Y/N. We’ll get out of here one day. I promise you that.” He sighed kissing your forehead sweetly.

Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon is completely gay anime this season. They’re a happy gay family with Kobayashi as a father, Tohru as a mother, and Kanna is the child. No one can tell me otherwise. Let all the gayness from the manga version be transferred to the anime. Amen.

Parents on a date:

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Bonding time of mother and daughter:

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Father and daughter playing:

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Well, this is from op, and i just love it

Originally posted by aku-no-homu

I might love this series a little bit too much

Bonus scene from the manga mother scolding father:

EDIT : it is my bad that i put Kobayashi as a ‘father’ and putting the heteronormative roles to both of them. It was my bad and i was not considerate. I really do feel bad, and i apologize to everyone who has seen this post. And i’m not going to change anything above so that anyone who reads can learn from the mistake that i made. Restatement: Kobayashi is not a father! They’re a happy family. Thank you for everyone who has pointed out the mistake! The society i’m living in is not really friendly with the LGBT+ community so my mindset is still contaminated with such norms, so i make mistake every now and then, but that’s not an excuse, i’m really sorry and thank you!


Sorry for the lack of quite literally anything; I’ve just moved into my first house (yay) and the internet was postponed for a month because of bad line connections.

I’m in love with this dress so much. I don’t know why I wanted it so badly other than oooooh pretty but absolutely everyone who has seen it has said they want one too!

I’ll be having another photoshoot soon, so if anyone had ideas of what I should wear please let me know. Also, don’t be afraid to ask me any questions! I haven’t had many over the last months and I do miss talking with you all :)

Again, sorry for the lack of content. We’ll be back to normal soon enough!

- Jessica Blaise x x




Request : “If you’re still taking requests could you do 27 and 33 with Tom?”

   + “Hey can you do a fic with #5 and #10 from your prompt list where Tom is the reader’s hubby and away on a press tour or something and she realized that she’s pregnant so she starts wearing his shirts he left bc she doesn’t was the media to find out before him?“ @karamelblobber 

+ “ooh prompt 10 with Tom?“

»  “Does he know about the baby ?“

»  “You’re paying a small price compared with what she’s going through.”

»  "Is that my shirt?“

Characters : Tom Holland x reader

Word count : ~1900

A/N : I know one of the prompts is missing but its only because I will put it in part 2 (if you guys want one I mean ???). This is my longer imagine so far and it’s 1:00am and I’m tired so sorry if that’s kind of shit ! I hope you like it though !!! Don’t hesitate to send me asks or come talk to me, requests are still open. THANKS LOVE YOU

Keeping a secret was hard for you, especially when you were the only one knowing it, not having anyone to talk with about it. The more the days passed, the more you were desperate. And also the more your secret was becoming visible. You were expecting a baby, and it weight heavily on your cosncience. Hiding it to Tom was really hard, he had the right to know since he obviously was the father, but it just always felt like the wrong time to finally spill it. He was away for a couple of months now and you promised yourself you’d wait him to come back to you to tell him the great news.

You took a deep breathe before opening the front door. Going outside was always such a hard thing, you were always worried about what the paparazzi would get on their photos, a gust of wind and a good angle and your baby bump would be exposed in a few seconds. That’s why you wore Tom’s shirts since few weeks, it was large enough to not reveal your new curves. If he heard the news from magazines and not you, you didn’t know how he would react. You knew it would be some sort of treason.

Paps’ flashes were focused on you and you could barely see the way to your car. You tried your best not to put your hand on your belly, it was a reflex you started having since you knew you were pregnant, but doing it in front of these vultures was breaking your cover. You made it to your car, hoping none of the paparazzi got a revealing photo. Then you went to work all stressed as always.

Few hours after you came home from your day, ready to go to sleep and wrapped in your sheets, the reason of your stress called you on Skype. Tom’s face appeared on the screen and you immediately smiled knowing it was hard for him to take time for you during his press tour.

“Hello darling.” He smiled at you and directly his dark circles became more visible. Your heart broke seeing him so tired, but his morning voice gave you goosebumps and the only thing you wanted was to wrap him in your arms to take a nap. “I thought I could say hi since I have few minutes before going back to work. How was your day, love ?”

You two were married for few months now, and you’d still blush each time he’d give you cute nicknames. “I worked all day, nothing interesting. Tell me about your days, they might be so much more exciting than mine.”

You saw Tom shrugged, his eyes focused on his screen seemed to read something. “Yes, I love learning about new cultures, but I hate that you’re not here to learn with me.” You were going to respond but he cut you before you could. “Is that my shirt ?”

You instantly frowned. “Uhm, sorry what ?”

“There are pictures of you leaving the house. You look stunning but I look better in this shirt, sorry not sorry babe.” He giggled. Actually, his heart was warmed up by the fact you were wearing his stuff. He wasn’t used to it, you only wore his clothes as pajamas, when no one was looking at you but him. Seeing you out in his shirt made him proud, and he was glad you did so. People wouldn’t forget you were his.

You blushed, forced to lie. Well, it wasn’t all a lie, because you felt that way, there were just some parts of the truth hidden in what you told him. “I’ve been missing you so much I wanted to have your smell wherever I’d go…”

Tom suddenly pouted. “Give me my shirt back you thief.” He joked. “The world needs to see how better I wear it.”

You laughed at him being such a little dork. You loved him, especially when he was starting to act like that. He seemed so vulnerable and childish. The man you fell in love with. “I love you even if you think you’re better than me.” You admitted.

“I love you too. And… I already need to go. I’m glad I saw your face, darling. Can’t wait to come back home !” He sent you kissed, and after new “I love you”s he hung up.

The day after, you took a deep breathe before opening the door. It was for sure a daily routine you couldn’t wait to end. But now wasn’t the time. Not having to go to work today, you decided to go on your yoga class. You joined the club few weeks ago, thinking you were stressing too much and knowing it wasn’t good for the baby. When you’d found this class specialized for pregnant women, you didn’t hesitate.

This lessons helped you very much, and if you could you’d go every day. You felt good there, not thinking about the reactions of everyone when they’d find out, plus you made some friends, which you were lacking of lately. Every woman was inspiring, with their own stories. It was really supportive to meet them once a week. You couldn’t handle alone all of the stress you were getting from being pregnant, always asking yourself when to tell Tom since you didn’t want him to worry about you and the baby while he was away. Anyways having a baby was the next step of your relation, you both never seriously talked about this before, you just jnew Tom wanted some kids, it wasn’t surprising since he was from a happy loving big family. It was just that you were still young, he was always travelling for his work and you weren’t sure you could take care of thebaby all by yourself.

You took care of keeping your secret in front of the paparazzi and reached your yoga class, saying hello to your friends and already feeling relaxed just by being there. 2 hours after you were home again, searching baby stuff on your laptop.

A Holland was on your screen again, but this time it was Nikki on your phone. You took it as it started vibrating.

“Y/N ! I heard the news ! Why didn’t you tell me about it you secretive little thing !” You froze, there was no way she was talking about something else than your pregnancy, right ? “Congratulations sweetie ! I’m going to be a grandma thanks to you ! Oh my God, I just can’t wait ! How long have you been keeping the secret ?!”

“What the… Where.. Where did you see that ?” Your voice was shaking of terror. If Nikki saw it, then the entire world could see it, including your dear hubby. “It can’t be possible, you kidding right ? Please tell me you’re kidding Nikki it can’t be real !”

A silence took place between the two of you. You didn’t mean to explain anything, Tom’s mother immediately understood what was going on. “Does he know about the baby… ?”

“I’m so sorry Nikki.” Tears started falling down your cheeks. You told her everything, you told her the truth you were so afraid to admit to the world. Nikki didn’t hesitate, she drove straight to your apartment as soon as she knew, glad she didn’t call Tom first.

“I just couldn’t tell him. You know how he is, he would… Nikki, I’m so sorry. It just never felt like the right time, I wanted him to be home, rested.” You couldn’t stop crying, your hormones making matters worse. You were feeling like it was the end of the world. “He would have been worried, and now he’s going to be both worried and mad at me ! I fucked up real bad, there’s no way I can fix it !”
“Well he’s going to be a father, I hope he has the right priorities and will be more concerned about that than the fact you hid the truth from him.” Nikki’s hand was on your shoulder, rubbing it to comfort you. She’d sometimes hug you, making you cry even more. She ws such a sweetheart, but you knew deep down she was mad at you too.

“He’s so tired Nikki, I swear there’s no way I can do well. He’s all grumpy these days.”

“Anyways I’m here for you honey, if you need anything just ask. Thanks for carrying my grandchild, Y/N.” You nodded, and soon she left.

It didn’t take long before your phone started vibrating again. You were in your bed, wrapped around your sheets, crying to death, but you managed to grab your phone. Without any surprise, it was Tom. You picked up the phone, shaking. Did he know ?

“Hey babe.” His voice seemed a little bith harsh than usual. Something was totally going up in his mind. “Is this for real ?” Your heartbeat suddenly stopped. “Are you really pregnant ?” He insisted on the last word, you could tell he was mad, and you figured he was creasing his nose while talking to you, trying not to explode.

“Tom.. Tom please listen I-”

“Listen to what, Y/N ?!” He cut you, understanding the rumor was true. “You lying to me again ? It’s not the first time you hide such important things from me ! Haven’t I told you to stop already ? I’m concerned ! I’m so fucking concerned, but it always looks like you put me off the important stuff when I’m away.”

It was hard to hear him say those things to you, acting like you didn’t care about his opinion or like he wasn’t anything to you. “Tom, darling…” Your voice was as shaking as your hands. You were so scared, scared of him being too mad he’d leave you. “I just wanted you to stay focus on your job…”

“And I wished I could have been here for my fucking baby ! Now tell me who knew.” Strict, he was so strict. You could tell your behaviour touched him deeply, his heart was broken because of you, because of your choices. Were you a bad person ?

“No one. It was only about me, Tom please, honey, don’t be mad at me. Please I wanted to tell you myself, I didn’t want it to happen this way.” Begging was the only think you could do now.

“I can’t believe you hid it from me, Y/N ! You lied to me, you could have told me so many times but you prefered lying, again and again ! Seriously, Y/N, fuck you, you really ruined it all this time !”

You whined. What did he mean by that ? Was he leaving you ? You wouldn’t be surprised if so, you felt like all you deserved was to be left. “Thomas, I’m sorry, I’m sorry !” You couldn’t just let him go after that. “I’ll make it up to you, please my love, please, I’ll take the next plane si we can meet !”

There was silence before Tom talked again. “I don’t want to see you right now.” Then he suddenly hanged up.


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Midgardians Are Strange

A/n: this is for @supersoldierslover 3k celebration. My prompt was “being caught doing something embarrassing.” I hope y'all like it.

Warnings: none, this is pure fluff….unless fluffy Loki requires a warning.

There was yet another attack on New York, why these midgardians felt the need to attack each other, Loki would never understand.

Another thing Loki would never understand? Why in all of the nine realms, would anyone ever rush up to him of all people and thrust a baby into his arms? Him, the one who just a few years ago tried to enslave them.

What kind of person would think that was wise? They had to be quite mad. That was the only logical explanation he could come up with.

Yet here he stood holding an impossibly small infant. He had to wonder if all midgardians were so small at birth.

Surely some had to be larger. He knew while he was considered large here on midgard, he was quite small compared to other frost giants and asgardians.

He really should be getting back to the battle.

He looks around for a safe person or place to leave the babe but before he can find one the child starts to cry. He freezes at first trying to think of what to do before he remembered seeing his mother making faces at children and pretending to sneeze.

He looks around to make sure no one sees him and makes a silly face, the babe stops crying and actually smiles at him. It fills him with the odd need to do it again. He pretends to sneeze and a small laugh bubbles out of the infant’s mouth.

He should go get y/n she loved babies, she could never pass them without at least saying hi. He’s lost himself in thoughts of his love, forgetting to make silly faces for the now crying babe.

“Hush now little one, I’m sorry. I can’t help but think of my beloved when I look at you.” He bounces lightly “I’ll introduce you to her, you’ll see, no greater beauty is to be found in all of iggdrasil.”

His voice seems to have a calming effect.

He proceeds to give his Stuttgart speech to the tiny human, in a very nasally version of Fandral’s voice.

“Well you don’t seem to have a problem with that speech little one. Though I fear it may have more to do with the voice rather than the words. Though I thought the words were rather wonderful….but don’t tell y/n I said that.

He doesn’t realize that the great beauty he had spoken of was in fact standing behind him along with the entire team.

They’re slightly shocked to see the destroyer of New York playing so innocently with a tiny baby. Yes he’s been fighting at their side for years now but this is still a shock.

They have to hold back giggles when he begins to fake sneeze again this time turning his face blue with every sneeze. The infant is now squealing with laughter and y/n can’t stop herself from coming to stand next to him cooing over the child in his arms.

Loki is embarrassed to be caught having missed the battle to play with a small child, he can’t bring himself to care too much though. Not when she looks up at him with eyes that have only ever held admiration and love for him. He finds himself thinking of what it would be like to watch her grow round with his child. To see her birth said child, to see a small piece of them grow.

He thinks he would like that very much.

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Not Like This (Part 2)

Part 1: Here
Part 3: Here
Part 4: Here
Part 5: Here

Sorry for the double tags, guys.  Tumblr was apparently having some technical difficulties.  Its all good now!  Enjoy!
Fandom:  Star Trek AOS (Soulmate AU)
Pairing: Reader x Bones
Word Count: 3,633
Rating: Teen+
Warnings: Injuries, blood, scary scenes 
Tag List: @outside-the-government @littlecarowrites @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse  @feelmyroarrrr @trekken81 @lurkch @yourtropegirl @answer-the-sirens
Author’s note:  SO many people have asked to be added to the tag list for this fic.  I am absolutely flattered.  I’m so glad you guys like it!!  I apologize if I missed anyone in the tag list, please let me know if I forgot your name.  Also, if I have you just in the tag list for this story but you wish to be on my permanent tag list, please let me know!

I hope you all like this part just as much… its actually my favourite part of the story so far.  Enjoy!

          Leonard had gone back to his business after his last projected thoughts, after his soulmate had wished him luck on his exam.  It was going to be a hard one, he was sure, and he nervously chewed on the end of his stylus as he waited for the instructor’s signal.  The exam appeared on the screen of his tablet as his professor indicated that they could begin and he bent over it, meticulously reading each question and answering carefully, his mind completely focused on his task.

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Panic Cord (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 3

A/N: Surprise! Here it is yall! I’m super sorry if it seems rushed, as I’m in class lol. But I’ll be editing it later (if I missed anyone) I hOpe you guys like it! Enjoy! - Delilah ❤ Warnings: Angst. Swearing. Mentions of abuse.

With a tired sigh, you plopped down onto your bed.

You opened your eyes, staring up at what you hoped was the ceiling of your apartment. One you’d never be able to actually see. At least, you hoped this was your apartment. You felt the tears beginning to pool around your eyes. This wasn’t how you expected your first date to go at all.

With a quiet sob, you let the tears escape your eyes. You didn’t mean to offend Bucky, which was the last thing you ever wanted to do. Even if he did have a metal arm, so what? You didn’t care the slightest bit nor were you in any position to be picky.

You replayed the scenario in your mind over and over. Hearing his gasp, the sound of his footsteps fading away. You wished you could turn back time and prevent this entire thing from happening.

“New message from…Peter.” Siri chimed.

You let out a small sigh as you reached your hand and ran it along the bed. After a few seconds of mindlessly running your hand around the bed, you grasped the iPhone in your hand and held it up to your mouth.

“Siri, please call Peter for me.”

The soft ringing of the call echoed throughout the room. Peter would know what to do, he always did. You met the younger man a couple months ago when he moved into the apartment across the street from you. He was a couple years younger than you, just starting college, but since then the two of you had become inseparable. It was safe to say, you felt like he was your closest friend besides your grandma and Alfie.

“Hey, Y/N!” Peter greeted, he sounded a bit tired this time. The poor guy, he worked nights and went to college full time. How did he even manage to do it? You could hear the sound of his cat, Oscar purring from the other end.

“Hey Pete,” Jesus, you sounded so depressed.

“Y/N…” he asked softly. “What’s wrong? You’re doing the thing again.”

“What thing?” You ask, crinkling your nose.

“You know the thing,” He laughed. “What happened?”

You rolled over onto your stomach, pressing your face into the pillow.

“I went on my first date today.” You could practically hear the grin on his face.

“Wait. Really!” he boasted, earning a small meow from Oscar.

“Yeah, I actually just got back home from it.” You explained.

“Oh, did Y/N finally pop her cherry?” he teased, followed by another meow from Oscar. Jesus, he could be such a little brat sometimes.

You scoffed, feeling the blush creep onto your cheeks. “As if,” you sass. “He actually left me at Coney Island. Alone.”

The sounds of his giggles instantly quieted down into silence; even Oscar ceased his meowing and purrs. That wasn’t a good sign. Angry Peter was a force to be reckoned with and you really didn’t need a repeat that any time soon.

“HE WHAT?” he shouted. You could hear the rustling of sheets in the background, followed by a hiss from Oscar. Did he step on him again? That poor cat went through too much with him.

“It was my fault!” you cried, feeling the tears pool in your eyes once again. You hated crying, it was so messy and unattractive. “I offended him!”

“How?” he asked, before letting out a strangled sound. What was he doing?

“I uh…reacted a bit badly towards his handicap.” You confessed.

“Oh, so is he blind, too?” he asked, followed by the sound of a zipper.

“No, actually.” You sighed, running a hand through your hair. “He um…has a metal arm.”

Usually, Peter’s reply would’ve been along the lines of “Oh cool!” or “Does it vibrate?”, but for some odd reason, he was completely silent and you’d be lying if you said that didn’t bother you. It’s not like Bucky tried to harm you. He didn’t even touch you with it, honestly. The only time you acknowledged it was when he touched your face, and that was after a panic attack.

Bucky wasn’t trying to hurt you, it was the complete opposite.

“There’s something you should know. I’ll be there in ten. It’s better if you hear this in person.” He spoke before hanging up abruptly, leaving you in complete silence. The only sounds were your small breaths and Alfie as he licked himself.

What on earth did he need to tell you so bad that he had to come over at almost two in the morning?

Immediately, all sorts of scenarios ran through your mind.

Maybe he was just concerned and checking up on his friend? It wasn’t unusual for him to worry about you. He literally used to break a sweat each time you left his apartment at night. That’s probably what it was. He must’ve heard the whole metal arm thing and immediately assumed Bucky might’ve hurt you.


“You know Bucky?” you asked, feeling your stomach drop.

“I’ve known him for a couple years now, yes.” He confessed with a sigh. Alfie let out a small whine and rested his head on your lap. Karma must’ve had it out for you.

Immediately, your mind went to the worst.

“Is he one of the bullies at your job?” you ask, your fist clenching angrily. Peter always showed up with bruises and sometimes, even broken bones. It took you endless pestering before he finally cracked and told you that he was a victim of bullying at his workplace. The poor kid had the worst luck. Who would harm such a nice person like him?

“No, Y/N,” he assured you and you instantly let out a giant sigh of relief. You had absolutely no problem walking over to Stark tower and giving him a piece of your mind for hurting your best friend, but thankfully that wasn’t the case.
“But that’s not why I’m concerned.”

“What’s wrong with him?” You ask, furrowing your eyebrows. Why was he stalling?

“Do you remember a few years back when Shield fell and released all those top secret files?”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “It was all over the news for months.”

“Well,” he gulped. “You remember the main story the new stations covered?”

You frowned. Of course you remembered, but what did that have to do with Bucky? Was he on the news, too? You didn’t remember hearing his name those few months. Did he work for shield?
You shook your head this time, your frown growing deeper.

Damn, if you could just remember.

“The Winter Soldier?” he asks slowly, trying to refresh your memory. “One of Hydra’s most ruthless assassins?”

Your eyes widened. You remembered now. Your grandma wouldn’t talk about it for some reason, hell, whenever you brought it up, she completely changed. She would get so upset with you. She even made you leave once. She apologized afterwards, but ever since then she wasn’t the same.

You knew who the Winter Soldier was, but what did that have to do with-

“Y/N,” he says softly, placing a hand onto yours. “Bucky used to be the Winter Soldier.”


Bucky crouched on the fire escape outside your window, watching the scene unfold before him. The bouquet of roses that he bought for you felt so much heavier in his hand.

“Y/N,” the voice said softly. He instantly recognized that damned voice. “Bucky used to be the Winter Soldier.”

They say when your heart breaks, the whole world stops. At least, that’s what his mom used to tell him. But it was nothing like that. He felt the whole world fade away, into nothing more than a black void. He wanted to tell you and he planned to, but the cat was out of the bag now. He planned to apologize and beg for your forgiveness, even if that meant getting down on his knees if he had to, but now he was positive that you wouldn’t even open the door to him.

He didn’t exactly leave you alone at Coney Island. He made sure you got home safely, keeping exactly twenty feet from you on your journey home. It wasn’t exactly ideal, but it’s the least he could do for how he acted. And he acted like a giant dick. He was sure Steve was going to slap him upside the head when he finally got home. His arm was his biggest insecurity, but it didn’t dismiss the fact that he broke your heart because he couldn’t get himself together.

As he turned to leave, his head hung low with shame, he stopped once he heard your voice.

“But…he isn’t anymore, right?” His eyes widened. “Wasn’t he brainwashed?”

“Brainwashed or not, Y/N, he’s dangerous. And you’re…you know…handicapped!”

Bucky winced at the word. Jesus, that kid was terrible at comforting women.

“Handicapped!” You exclaimed. “Did you really have to go that far?”

“I-I didn’t mean it like that!” He cried, followed by the sound of something thumping against the floor. “Ow! Stop choking me!”

Bucky heard the sound of footsteps growing louder, snapping him back to reality. He watched as you opened the door to your apartment and practically threw Peter into the hallway, shaking your fist at the younger man.

He wasn’t going to lie, you looked so damn cute when you were angry. He couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped when you slammed the door and hastily locked all of the locks.

Turning away, he placed a step onto the stairs. He’d let you rest and tomorrow, he’d man up and apologize when you were well rested.

But boy did his plan backfire.

Bucky was a freaking Hydra assassin, for Christ’s sake. He could kill a man with a paper clip and even assassinated John F. Kennedy within three seconds.

But somehow, he managed to trip over untied shoelaces.

He tried to lift his right foot up, only realize his left foot was trapping it from moving, as the shoe lace was trapped underneath it. In one sad moment, Bucky lost his balance and crashed onto the metal fire escape, creating a loud banging sound that echoed throughout the alley.

He heard the faint sound of your footsteps, followed by the sound of your living room window opening harshly. He lifted his gaze to see you standing by your window, a metal baseball bat in hand.

“You have ten seconds to leave before I call the police!” you exclaimed, raising the bat threateningly.

Bucky let out a sigh of defeat. How was he getting out of this in one piece?

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International Baking Competition: Avengers Edition

A/N: this was written for @bucky-plums-barnes writing challenge. My prompt was “now I’m claiming you as my prize” I hope you enjoy it.
Warnings: it’s Bucky people, there’s smut. He never behaves for me. Also language but again, it’s Bucky.
“I win doll and now I’m claiming you as my prize” this is definitely not how you saw this day going. You started the day fighting with Bucky as usual and now you’re slung over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes while he heads towards his room and you’re not fighting it. What the fuck?!

If you’re honest though, you know how this happened. You and Bucky have been at each other’s throats ever since you met. You just couldn’t help giving each other hell. Y'all were drawn to each other yet clashed. So anytime a bet or a competition came up, it was guaranteed that y'all would be going against each other.

Of course this doesn’t go unnoticed by the team and y'all were thrown together at every opportunity. Everything from game nights to missions, it was guaranteed that y'all were a team. What sucked is you made a damn good team. Both knew when to lead, when to follow. When to punch your way out, when to think your way out. Y'all were perfect, too bad you couldn’t stop fighting long enough to see it.

Loki had had enough, he already barely slept, to have his sleep disturbed by arguing was simply too much to be born. Someone had to do something and it looked as though it fell to him. There was only one thing to do, it wasn’t going to be fun, he wasn’t proud. But if it meant he slept, he’d do it….he’d ask Tony Stark for help. The god can’t help the shiver running down his spine.

Who knew a simple baking competition could cause such mayhem? How was Loki supposed to know that Bucky was some sort of gourmet baker? He’s the god of Mischief, not the god of knowing everything people!!

It started so innocently, Wanda baked a cake, Sam gushed over Steve’s cupcakes and before anyone knew what hit them, Steve and Bucky were thrown into a baking competition. You of course sided with Steve, the prize was undetermined. Whoever baked the most drool worthy dish, won.

Steve of course baked his amazing cupcakes that he’d learned from DumDum.  Bucky however, baked his mother’s secret recipe. A tunnel of fudge cake. Poor Stevie never stood a chance. One bite had Natasha moaning, the rest of the team quickly descended on the cake. They took no prisoners, there wasn’t a crumb left. Bucky was declared the winner & finally yelled “fuck it” before throwing you over his shoulder and leaving the room.

So here you were, hanging like a sack of potatoes while the man who was supposedly your enemy walked to his room. You couldn’t deny your excitement. Bucky was intoxicating, there was so much tension you could hardly stand it. Bucky was a force to be reckoned with just by himself, coupled with an ego boost? He was lethal.

He barely waited for FRIDAY to unlock the door before busting through it and shifting you to press you against the wall. “Y/n why do you hate me?” “I don’t Bucky, I just can’t be in a room with you without wanting to rip your clothes off & it pisses me off.” “FINALLY, we actually agree on something.”

His lips crash into yours in a desperate kiss causing every thought to fly from your head and before the two of you even realize it, you’re both on the bed. Your clothes are scattered across the room along with Bucky’s. Bucky rolls on a condom before crawling up your body, pausing to leave a kiss over your heart, “I wanna taste ya so bad doll but right now I gotta inside ya.” “please Bucky, I wanna feel you.” both of you moan as he slowly fills you, pausing to let you adjust to his size. You can feel him stretching you, filling you. He rests his forehead on yours letting you feel each other, finally he begins to move. His thrusts are agonizingly slow, every time he thrusts in fully he grinds against your clit.

You try to be quiet at first but Bucky soon realizes this and he’s not having it. He slides his right arm beneath you to angle your hips and buries his left hand in your hair before setting a brutal pace, the headboard slams against the wall with every thrust. You don’t even notice it though because Bucky is hitting your g-spot with every thrust and you’re moaning loudly, no longer caring if anyone hears you.

He slides his left hand between your bodies & as soon the cold metal touches your clit, you’re flying. You feel a growl rumble through him when you pull his hair and he cums hard, barely managing to not collapse on you.

After cleaning both of you up, Bucky lays back down and pulls you close “ok, so you definitely don’t hate me.” “No, I don’t. And you obviously don’t hate me.” “Oh I definitely don’t. What do you say doll? Wanna give us a chance?” “I think that sounds perfect Bucky.”

Suddenly there’s loud banging on the door, “we’re glad y'all seem to have worked out your issues but can you please keep it down? Guys?” Tony doesn’t get an answer, at least not in the form he was hoping for because Bucky is already kissing down your body, pausing just long enough to smirk up at you before burying his face in your core sending you flying again in no time.

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D.Va: When I was kid my favorite story was The princess and the frog
Lúcio (kidding) to D.Va: Mine too! As a frog I wanted to find a princess to kiss but I’ve never met anyone of royalty
Genji: I was from royalty
Lúcio: So you were a prince?
Genji: Yep
Lúcio: We should kiss right now
Genji: WHAT
Lúcio: WHAT

I Hate You, I Love You - Pietro Maximoff (2/?)

Originally posted by marvelprincesspants

Summary: The reader likes Pietro a lot, but is painfully shy and gets real awkward around him. She finally works up the courage to tell him that she has feelings for him, but discovers that he has been seeing a new woman that’s on the avengers
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Plus Sized!reader
Word Count:
Warning(s): bullying, name calling, implied self-harm, mentions blood, cursing, self-hate, etc.

A/N: You guys have no idea how much It means to me to hear that y’all like the first part. I’m blushing like a mad woman! haha lol Now, I’m going to try to post a part for this every Tuesday. Due an overwhelming amount of notes, here’s part two.

Song title credit: I hate u, I Love You by gnash.

He should’ve been here ten minutes ago… You thought. Every Friday night was your and Pietro’s movie night. It was one of your favorite nights of the week. You’d give him another ten minutes to arrive. It was unlikely he’d forget; it’s not like him to forget. 

Another ten minutes go by, and Pietro doesn’t show. Sighing, you turn off the TV.

“Speedy didn’t show?” Glancing up, you see Tony standing there. 

“Unfortunately” You voice faltering. “I don’t understand why he didn’t show up though. He always looked forward to our movie nights.”

“You didn’t hear?”

“Hear what?”

“Speedy has a date tonight with the stunning blonde from the party.” Tony stated, “Speedy clearly knows how to pick ‘em” 

“Yeah, the stunning blonde is his girlfriend.” You mumbled. “I’m going to bed… Night.” you left the room before Tony could reply to you. Reaching your room, you launch yourself on to your bed. Hot, warm tears began to coat your face. You wasn’t dumb… you knew Raven had everything to do with him missing movie night. She was determined to get you out the picture, and it was working. Leaning over to the nightstand, you pulled out Penny. 

If only he knew he was killing you slowly…

While in the training room, and out the corner of your eye, you see Raven saunter in with two other agents. ‘Oh great, here comes the onslaught of insults’ You thought.

“Hey Miss Piggy! Trying to lose weight?” Raven called. The three agents roared in laughter.

The second agent chimed in, “Even if she did, she’d still be ugly.”

“She’ll never be good enough for- OH MY GOD YOU’RE SUCH A FREAK!” The third agent yelled. At first you didn’t know why she yelled, but then you remembered you had a wonderful little chat with Penny this morning. Glancing down at your wrist, you see blood seeping out the wound. ‘Shit I thought the bleeding stopped’ you thought. You were completely horrified.

“What’s going on in here? The familiar voiced asked. 

“Nothing Piet just stopping by to say hello to y/n.” Raven replied. Raven sauntered over to Pietro, and gave him a kiss. Standing there watching them together physically made you sick. You’d always fantasized about being in the situation that Raven was in. It was only make believe, and you knew you weren’t ever going to get what Raven has. 

“If you say so” Pietro answered, “Say, we still on for a movie night?” ‘You don’t show up to OUR movie night so you plan a movie night with her?!’ you thought, clearly annoyed.

“Yes sir!” Raven smirked knowing I was watching. Her face only confirmed your thoughts from last night. 

“I’ll see you later?” 

“Yes, yes you will.” Raven kissed Pietro once more. Once Pietro walked out the room, and was far enough away, Raven looked back at me. “I don’t have to read your mind to know you figured out I was the reason why Pietro stood you up last night.”

“Yeah it wasn’t too hard to figure out” You stated. Grabbing your things, you headed for the door. You glanced over shoulder, and back at the three agents “Insults are the last resort of insecure people with a crumbling position trying to appear confident.” 

You walked out the room feeling good about yourself. Now all you needed was a hot shower, and you’d feel better. When you approached the door to your room, you see the door cracked open. ‘Who could possibly be in my room?’ you thought. Opening the door further, you see Pietro sitting on the edge of your bed with something in his hands. ‘No, No, No… He knows.”

“Can I help you Pietro?” You asked. 



“Why would I get a text message from Raven saying you’re hurting yourself and she concerned?”

‘Ha! If only he knew she wasn’t concerned about my well-being’ you thought. “Raven isn’t who you think she is Pietro.”

“Oh? Please enlighten me. I’d like to know who my girlfriend is.”

“Raven is a self-centered bitch who feels the need to bully me making me feel like complete utter shit to get me out the way so she can have you all to herself. I know, that she knows, I have a huge, massive crush on you.” You barked. You were finally getting it all out in the open. Never did you imagine that you’d be telling Pietro you liked him this way. “That movie night we were supposed to have last night? You know the one where you stood me up and left me waiting, yeah, she purposely planned your date knowing it was OUR night to bond.”

“You want to know why I didn’t show up… IT’S BECAUSE I DON’T LOVE YOU. I NEVER HAVE AND I NEVER WILL.” Pietro yelled, storming out the room.

You couldn’t believe him. How could he say something so cruel? ‘It’s for the best… After all, I’m just damaged’ you thought. ‘I’m just a loser asking for attention’ you couldn’t get the words out your head; they were etched in your mind. 

“You want to know why I didn’t show up… IT’S BECAUSE I DON’T LOVE YOU. I NEVER HAVE AND I NEVER WILL!” 

“I swear I’m going to kill him.” Natasha growled, holding you close. After Pietro yelled at you, Pietro stormed out your room. Natasha, being concerned as always, came to see what the yelling was all about. When Natasha came to your room, it broke her heart. She found you on the bathroom floor, in the fetal position, rocking back and forth.

“It’s the truth Nat! I’m not good enough. I’ll never be good enough not for him, not for anyone. I’m disgusting. I mean, look at me!” You wailed, pointing to your body, “I have all this extra weight on my body that I don’t know what to do with. And no matter how hard I try or no matter how hard I train, I can’t get rid of the weight.”

“Look at me ангел(angel)” Natasha paused, “you don’t have to lose weight to feel good about yourself.”

“No, but it sure would help.” You mumbled. Natasha sighed, got up and helped you off the floor. When she grabbed your wrist, you winced. ‘Shit, I hope Natasha didn’t see that’ you thought. Natasha did notice, and she made a mental note of it.

“What will it take for you to believe me?” Natasha asked.

“At this point… Nothing” You stared into Natasha’s eyes, “Tell me this, what do you do when the one who broke your heart is the only one who can mend it?”

Pietro’s a dick and Raven is a cunt so there’s that. Anyway, while I was writing this, I was struggling… like hard. So, if you have any ideas and or suggestions, please message me. It’ll make it easier for me to write parts! 


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