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do you know any good monsta x blogs?? i need to see more of them on my dash! pls n ty :)

sorry i just got off post limit!!! but here are (i believe) all the mx blogs i follow or blogs that are multi that also reblog mx!! but if i’m missing anyone i’m sorry !!

@amohyunwoo / @jooheons / @jooheonied / @joohecn / @stardustshope / @94wons / @lejooheon / @hongbombs / @yookihyeun / @leejihxxn / @universeas / @jhps / @jisoox / @chanyoel / @changkkung / @channkyun / @changkyuun / @monstaexo / @monstebex / @m-onstax / @madtwn / @wonhontology / @wonhobe / @w-ooshine / @mcnstax / @wonhoiisms / @wonkyunie / @lostinmonstax / @monstx / @wildheoniepie / @hyungnu / @hyungwonslays / @hyungmon / @honeyvevo / @dinojaeee / @w-onhos / @turtlechae / @shitwonho / @minpuphyuk / @kihqun / @kihyunsgirl / @kihyuh / @kihyunsbb / @kittyminhyuk / @flawlesskihyun / @eldoradc / @tuanm / @24jb / @chanybaeks / @1leeminhyuk / @wonholes / @wonhoslegs / @peachyjyp / @babywoon / @imchangki @ch-hyngwn / @bunnywonho / @ckyun / @limchangs / @mon-trash / @c-kyunjpg / @baeksgfriend / @iamwhatimman / @changkiho / @triplekimsquad / @kihyoonnie / @calemiel / @hotseok / @itsrapmonster / @jeonheart

Complete Request List

Under the cut is all of the requests that I’ve received on this group.  If you don’t see yours, then please send it again or send it to me via message.  Tumblr has been known to eat requests and I don’t want to miss anyone.  

Thank you for participating in this round of the hunger games.  

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To those of you who don’t know what’s going on, I’d like to give a little update. tl;dr at the end. PLEASE READ THAT AT LEAST.

Recently, idol group Monsta X performed a version of Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry in Japan that hadn’t been aired by MBC. They were then scheduled to perform Sorry Sorry with a dance that they choreographed for MBC at the DMC festival, but before they were set to perform, were told that they would no longer be doing so. Without Monsta X’s knowledge, the choreography that THEY created for the dance break was given to other groups, who then performed it.

Wonho, a member of Monsta X, mentioned it on this recent VLIVE of theirs, that they had been watching the performance and realized “Oh, that dance is familiar!” None of the boys were rude about it, they complimented the groups who performed it, even going as far as saying that Monbebes (their fans) who were curious about their stages could watch the other groups and see how they performed it. They were honest with us, and let us know that they just wanted us to be aware that Monsta X performed the original choreography.

Because of this, though, news has spread across portals. Articles have been created, a hashtag has started on twitter “#MBC_범법자” (“#MBC_Offender”) and fans of other groups have even become aware of the situation.

We really need to stand our ground as an entire fandom through this. I’m certain that this hasn’t JUST happened to Monsta X, but has happened to so many before them. If we don’t take a stand, this will continue on, and next time, it could be your favorite group who is treated unfairly and taken advantage of.

I’d like to ask that you spread this around and create awareness about this, no matter what group you support. Monsta X has such a small group of fans, but imagine if this had been done to the group you support. It’s a very frustrating thing, to see these young men who worked so hard be asked to create a dance and have it stolen from them and used elsewhere without credit.

Whether you follow them or not, it took a lot of courage to come out and say something, and we can’t let this be swept under the rug. They made the first step in shedding light on the unfairness, and because of this, we can’t allow them to be ignored. They didn’t do this just for themselves. Them bringing attention to this issue can very well prevent the mistreatment of future groups, big or small, and we should take advantage of this and help stop this.

To help support, what we can do is make use of the hashtag “#MBC_범법자” on twitter and direct it at @withMBC. PLEASE be respectful in what you say, though, and do not speak in a way that could reflect badly on any group. This is the fault of none other than MBC.

Please do not let this be swept under the rug. This isn’t just about one small group—this is so much bigger than what it may seem.

tl;dr: MBC took choreography from Monsta X after refusing to air their performance of the original dance, gave it to other groups to perform, and did not credit Monsta X for the choreography that THEY CREATED. Monsta X has spoken up about this, letting people know, and we, the K-Pop fandom as a whole, should not let this be swept under the rug to prevent the future mistreatment of any and ALL other groups, because this is most likely NOT the first time this has happened. It could have happened to the very group that you support, even.

To help, tweet @withMBC with the hashtag “#MBC_범법자” PLEASE be respectful in what you say, though, and do not speak in a way that could reflect badly on any group. This is the fault of none other than MBC.

Let’s raise awareness to prevent the mistreatment of all groups by big companies.



Sorry for the lack of quite literally anything; I’ve just moved into my first house (yay) and the internet was postponed for a month because of bad line connections.

I’m in love with this dress so much. I don’t know why I wanted it so badly other than oooooh pretty but absolutely everyone who has seen it has said they want one too!

I’ll be having another photoshoot soon, so if anyone had ideas of what I should wear please let me know. Also, don’t be afraid to ask me any questions! I haven’t had many over the last months and I do miss talking with you all :)

Again, sorry for the lack of content. We’ll be back to normal soon enough!

- Jessica Blaise x x

Hot and Bothered (Young!Sirius Black x Reader drabble)

Imagine/Request: Imagine Sirius getting all hot and bothered by you putting your hair up

Fandom: Harry potter (Marauders Era)

Pairing: Young!Sirius black x Reader

Warning: Smutty? I don’t even know I’m sorry if anyone gets offended 

A/N: just a wee drabble for my wee darlings, it’s my first sexually forward? drabble I dunno what to call it… meh I’m so awkward kill me

This was inspired by ‘Muggle games’ by @neville-longbutton-and-imagines

(which i loved )

and a story my best friend was telling me a while ago about her boyfriend getting turned on everything she puts her hair up… if you get my drift… I should probably stop worrying about offending people cause in RL I don’t give a fuck 

Do you guys wanna see more smut let me know by dropping me an ask :)

I hope you guys enjoy! ~Rae :)



You didn’t think of yourself as a competitive person, you were never bothered when you lost a game. Who knew it would be a simple muggle game to bring it out of you  

But you wanted nothing more than to wipe that stupid smug smile off of Sirius Blacks face. Tonight the was the weekly night that the pair of yous got together with James and Lily a sort of 'double date night’.  

It was a simple muggle game that you were all playing, twister lily said it was called and it was boys vs girls. You had begun to play half-heartedly but the more times Sirius and James won the more it began to piss you off  

“enough!” You shouted as they won yet another round you looked at Lily and held out your hand for the hair bobble on her wrist. Your eyes narrowed and locked with Sirius’s. His shit eating grin still plastered across his face, you furrowed your eyebrows and flung your hair up in the best messy half bun half ponytail you would manage  

“ooh she means business, Pads" James mocked nudging Sirius in the ribs with his shoulder "my ten galleons back, they actually win for once"  

"another round Black?” You tease arching your eyebrow 

Sirius had suddenly gotten very quiet, the famous smirk on his melting away. His brows were now furrowed and his cheeks a slight tinge of pink. Was Sirius Black Blushing?! 

“I..I. Um.. I’m gonna pass” he said his attempt to act cool failing dreadfully  

“oh come on now pads, you can’t chicken out not” lily laughed  

Your eyes followed the full length of your boyfriend until they landed on your boyfriend’s trousers. His bulge had gotten considerably larger and his trousers were slightly beginning to tent. When you realised why you also turned slightly pink  

“Nah, actually I think I’m done with this game now,” I said trying to cover for him feeling slightly guilty  

“what! Oh, come one it’s just starting to get interesting….” James started before trailing off also realizing about Sirius predicament  

“oh” Both Lily and James said in unison  

“she only does that when …..” Sirius said through gritted teeth, gesturing slightly. 

You all sat down and began to try and move on from the situation 

“Sorry, pads” you whispered over to him" I’ll make up to you" winking at him as he blushed a little again, making Sirius blush was now your new favourite thing



Hunk and Lance enjoying some downtime on a peaceful alien planet. :D How I imagine Hance’s relationship:

Lance always reminding Hunk he’s smart, talented, gorgeous and beautiful inside and out – he will fight anyone who makes fun of his handsome bf. ( つ´• д•̀c)(ง︡’-‘︠)ง

Hunk making sure Lance feels admired and loved. On days Lance particularly misses his family or he feels weak, he’s always there to squeeze him extra tight till his loneliness and insecurities are gone. (っ´•ω•`)っ⊂(´;ω;` ⊂)

This ship is so pure and beautiful. T//m//T

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Farkle stays home because he's sick and Riley is surprised how much she misses him.

//Thanks Anon! Sorry if this isn’t exactly what you had in mind. Anyone else want to send requests? Riarkle and/or Lucaya//

It was only second period when Riley started getting anxious. She constantly kept her eyes on  the clock that seemed to tick away too slowly. She wasn’t paying attention to what the teacher was saying and instead was tapping her pen against her book as her eyes wandered to the empty desk across from her.

Taking notice that something was wrong Maya whispered form behind. “Riles. Are you okay?”

Riley turned slightly to look behind her. “I’m fine.” She smiled.

Suddenly the room went completely silent when the teacher asked a question. Not a single person raised their hand. Luckily the bell rang to save them all.

Riley gathered her books and walked out the door with Maya. “Farkle would have known the answer to that question.”

Maya chuckled. “Farkle would have answered all of those questions.”

Riley stopped walking in the middle of the hallway. “He’s never missed school since we’ve known him. It feels weird.”

“He’s never been this sick. Poor guy.”

“We should visit him.” Riley said as soon as the bell signaling the start of the next period rang.

“And we should-I can’t believe I’m saying this-get to class.” Maya said. “We’ll go after school. See you at lunch.”

The next few periods weren’t easy for Riley. She didn’t share every class with Maya but she always had Farkle in her class. In fact during science class she turned around three times expecting to see Farkle and was disappointed when she met eyes with Ben. Who was Ben anyways? Was he always in this class?

Before lunch Riley stopped by Farkle’s locker to tell him something she had just heard in computer science but then remembered he was absent and slowly walked away. She took out her phone and texted him again. She had already done so but she had received no reply.

During lunch all Riley talked about was Farkle to the point where Maya pretended to fall asleep. “You’re worrying too much. He’s just sick. His dad stayed home to make sure he was fine. He’s probably sleeping right now. Besides we’re going to see him later right?”

“Lets go right now.”

Maya raised an eyebrow. “Right now? You know we still have 3 classes to go.”

“It’s just three classes. I want to see how he’s doing.”

Maya pressed her hands against Riley’s forehead. “Riley are you sick? You’re talking about cutting class. You don’t cut class.”

“It’s just this once. Besides he must be really sick if he stayed home. I just want to make sure he’s okay.” Riley paused to smile at her best friend. “But don’t cut. I’ll go and check on him myself. Please?”

Maya looked at Riley with scrunched eyebrows, but her face softened. “Okay”


Riley walked into Farkle’s room where he was lying on the bed underneath many bedcovers. His eyes were closed, but they opened at the sound of the door closing. 

Farkle looked up and quickly took notice of the brunette girl in his room. “Riley? What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” He began to sit up. 

“Yeah.” She took a chair and pushed it near Farkle’s bed. “But I wanted to see how you were doing?” She smiled at his messy bed hair and gently parted a strand from his eyes. “How are you?”

Farkle smiled back at her gesture. “Still feel horrible, but better than this morning.” He shook his head at her. “Riley, you didn’t have to do that. You should go back. I’m just–” He started coughing. 

Riley pulled out a bowl. “I stopped to buy you some soup.” 

“From Panera Bread?”

Riley chuckled. “The best of the best.”

He took the bowl and started to eat it, but then stopped to look at Riley again. “Did you really cut class to see how I was doing?”

“It’s weird, but school felt different without you. You’ve always been there. I missed you.”

“I missed you too.”

For a moment the two just stared each other. 

Even though Farkle looked terribly sick, he still looked cute, Riley thought to herself. Wait what? She tried shaking the thought away and instead took a deep breath.

“Well now that I’m here I guess I’m in charge of making sure you get better.” She picked up the remote control from his nightstand. “They do say laughter is the best medicine. Wanna watch a comedy movie with me?

“I’d like that very much.” 

“Good! Then move over.” Riley said hopping onto the edge of his bed. 

“You could get sick!” Farkle exclaimed and tried pushing her away, but she continued to make her way next to him.

“I don’t care. Now come on. Help me pick a movie.”

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wuffy, kissing in the snow? :)

[set post-series]

“Some of these girls have never seen snow before,” Buffy muses, as she and Willow pass by a group of baby Slayers building a snow fort. They’re all laughing, all shouting joyfully. It makes Buffy feel warm, despite the chilliness of the air.

“Remember when it snowed in Sunnydale?”

“Mm. Magic.” Buffy smiles at the memory.

“As magic as this?”

Willow tugs Buffy close, thumbs hooked through her belt loops, and kisses her softly as the snow continues to fall, dusting their coats and hats white like the grounds around them. She pulls back with a self-satisfied grin, her hands still resting on Buffy’s hips.

Snowflakes cling to her eyelashes. Buffy has never seen anything so beautiful.

“Nothing’s as magic as this.”

Ice Ice Baby  2

Author: really-meg

Pairing: OFC X Stiles

Word Count: 1,751

Series: Ice Ice Baby PART ONE

A/N: Not much to say just hope you guys enjoy it!!

Tag: @infinitydunbar  @ancchor  @maze-wolf  I think that was it if I missed anyone please tell me or if you want to be tagged tell me!

(Only using cause this gif is gold. Also, I literally don’t know how to work Tumblr and use the actual Tumblr link to show where it’s from sorry I’ll learn.)

“Alright, ladies if you’re a returning player I want you at the front of the line, newbies at the back. Goalies at the left goal, right defencemen over there.” He points to a spot. “ and left defensive men over there.” He finishes pointing to the opposite side.

“Centers at the middle left wing over there.” “And right wing opposite!”

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All Apologies - Tate Langdon x Reader

REQUESTED:  Reader tells him that she loves him like never loved anyone before, she loves him more than her family, herself and more than life (she doesn’t know he’s a ghost) he kills her (he keeps doing that in my asks x) ) and she’s not mad when she finds out the truth, just happy. - @ambrissis

Okay guys sorry for the long gap here, my muse took a vacation I guess. I hope you like this it made me emotional a little. I think I’m just missing AHS a lot and it’s got me down. xoxoxox WARNING: SMUT

Sobs racked your body as you slid down the closed door in your room. Your chest was aching and empty, and it was a feeling you’d come to know so well in the past few months. The feeling of sadness that had seeped into your veins recently would not go away, and there was nothing you could do that would numb the pain. The only time you got a reprieve from it was when you were with Tate.

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So I just wanted to celebrate this milestone with a Follow Forever! I’ve met a lot of wonderful people on this website, and I just wanted to give a little shout out to those particularly close to my heart. I love all of my followers so, so much - even though I don’t understand why any of you are following me, ahah. If you aren’t following these lovely people, go do it!


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Round Two. Ask and ye shall receive, my pretties… Round One here (X)

Don’t worry, I have plenty of ammunition stockpiled for round three. I did my research well. It was a really big, hard job. I sacrificed much in the process. You’re welcome.

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5 Times Bucky Sees You Shirtless

PSA!!: I’ve seen so many one shots like this, and I felt really inspired so I searched EVERYWHERE on here to make sure that no one had wrote a one shot exactly like this, and I didn’t find one. Of course, I could’ve missed it, but to anyone who has written one of these just know that I’m not copying you I’m just inspired!!

You guys, I am so sorry I haven’t posted in like a week and a half, I’m really sick (upper respiratory infection wtf) and I’ve barely been on my computer, so I’m working on requests and stuff and I’m going to post this so it will hopefully make you guys happy!! This is so cliché and whatnot but omg I love this idea and I hope you do too :)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: semi-naked reader throughout the whole story, not very descriptive smut, fluff, awkwardness, sexual tension, a bit of angst? like slightly idk

Word Count: 1802

(I’m already almost at 200 followers?! Thank YOU)

Originally posted by bucky-ss

The first time Bucky sees you shirtless, it’s a complete mistake. You were in your room, and Bucky was walking by your room as he heard you grunting through the closed door. He knew he should have knocked, but he dove straight in as it sounded like you were struggling or hurt.

“Y/n?” As you were about to protest, he stopped in his tracks as he saw you, standing up without a shirt or bra, hands covering your breasts.

“Bucky?! What the hell!” you saw him struggling with his words, looking anywhere except you.

“I heard you, it sounded like you were in pain! I was making sure you were okay, thank you very much.”

“I was in pain! My arm hurts like a bitch and for the life of me I couldn’t get my shirt off, but you could have knocked,” You felt overexposed, moving your gaze from him as well. “I’m okay now though, so thank you. You can leave now.” You chuckled nervously as he nodded and practically ran out of you room. So much for closing doors.

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Burning love

I finally got my first request and here it is: Could u do a Thor x reader where he hasn’t seen you in a year and you’re in college so he visits you and your friends tease the you and Thor. I’m really sorry if this isn’t what you expected but, as I started to write, I found myself wanting to turn this into a smut so, again, I’m really sorry, but I hope you will still appreciate it.

Word count: 1553

Pairing: Y/N x Thor 

Warning: It’s a smut, so if you don’t like that kind of stuff, don’t read it please. I wouldn’t want to offense anyone. 

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Don’t Mess With My Girl (Part Two)

A/N: I’M SO FREAKING SORRY THIS TOOK FOREVER I feel so bad because so many of you have messaged me but honestly I have been so lazy with posting and checking my messages. Please forgive me. I’m so sorry. SO SO SORRY. Anyways! Here is Part Two… and it looks like there will be a Part 3 …unless you guys don’t want it lol. But I am currently going through Dead Week for Winter Quarter (love that college life) so I won’t probably post alot until next week when I get off for Spring Break! (Alot is coming I PROMISE) LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THIS PLEASE

Warning: Swearing, Thoughts of self is kinda :(,  Angst 

Tags: @aedwards4102 @fandommaniacx (I’m so sorry for anyone I missed because there is so many notes on the imagine that I can’t go through it all and look lol) ((I’m the worst)) 

Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 1367

Part One 

“Hey! Y/N! Get your ass out of the car and let’s talk!” You whirled around in disbelief to watch a stumbling, bloody Brady trample out of the dive bar and towards Dean’s car. Shit. You were frozen in your passenger seat. This was not going to end well at all. You needed to get Dean out of there now.

“Dean, leave it. Let’s go,” You called out softly to the green-eyed hunter. You watched as he looked between you and Brady, his desire to kick Brady’s ass was slightly diminished as he saw your tired expression. He gave a slight nod, quickly sliding into the driver’s seat. He kept his eyes on the stumbling man, making sure to rev the engine in a threatening manner before he drove out of the parking lot.

During the 5 minute ride back to the motel, Dean didn’t say anything. His knuckles were clenched around the steering wheel as he watched the road, you were afraid he was going to rip it right off of Baby. You desperately wanted to know what he was thinking. You wanted to apologize for putting him in such a position. You were scared that this would cause a riff in your friendship. Not only did you force him to pretend to be your boyfriend, but he had to make sure that Brady didn’t hurt you. An overwhelming sense of anxiety crushed you, it felt as if your chest was caving in on you and a whimper escaped your lips as soon as Dean pulled in front of the motel room.

He whipped his head towards you as he shut off the engine, concern etched all over his face as he quickly got out and walked towards you. He opened the passenger door and knelt in front of you, grabbing your small hands as he watched you tremble slightly. His brows furrowed as all he heard was a continuous I’m Sorry. I’m Sorry. I’m Sorry – fall from your lips. His heart clenched at the sight of you; a woman he had seen defeat the most gruesome monsters, fall apart because of some scumbag who never deserved you. He pressed a kiss on your palm before effortlessly scooping you up and out of your seat. He shut the door with his hip, arms cradling you.

This was why you never went home. You knew that something would happen that would reopen old wounds that you thought you had stitched up nicely. And now, here, in front of Dean Winchester, you were being unraveled in the worst way.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. Shhh.” You refused to let go of him as he placed you on the motel bed. Your hands were grabbing his flannel as if it were your lifeline. And maybe it was. Maybe Dean Winchester was all you needed at this very moment. The man who had been there for you, and had watched you grow into a woman who could kick ass when needed, who had grown to love Sam as if she were his sister, who had been there for Dean in the darkest of times. And now, just maybe, it was Dean’s turn to be there for you. “Do you wanna change into something comfortable?” He asked softly as he placed his hands over yours, gently trying to pry them off of him so he could take off his layers. You numbly got up and went to your duffel bag, pulling out some shorts. Dean hesitantly walked over to where you stood, setting down one of his long sleeved shirts – a gray Henley that you loved so much. Tears pricked your eyes as you shakily stripped down and put on the clothes so you could lay down.

Dean’s heart was heavy as he watched you. He was so unbelievably angry at Brady, at himself. He was the one who suggested to visit your hometown, the one who made you relive memories he had no idea you didn’t want anymore. He was hurt that you unintentionally played with his emotions by having him play the boyfriend – a role he wanted so badly. He wanted to kiss you senselessly, he wanted to ease your pain and make sure you knew just how beautiful, just how loved you truly were. He had changed into grey sweats and a white t-shirt. He so badly wanted to hold you, but was unsure as to what you needed at this very moment.

“I’m so sorry, Dean,”

“For what? Y/N, talk to me,” he pleaded, his voice hoarse.

“I didn’t – I should have told you. About Brady, about home.” You sat next to the eldest Winchester, the bed dipped at the weight the both of you pushed down upon it. He reached for your hand, intertwining it with his.

“Tell me now.”

And you did. You told him about what Brady had down to you. How much it hurt to see him, how he acted as if he didn’t hurt you. His words still rang through your head on bad days, when you doubted yourself. Especially when you weren’t your best during a hunt. You told him about how Brady’s words had created this pit in your chest that refused to close no matter how much you loved yourself and loved others, no matter how many good deeds you did – it wasn’t enough. You told him how this hometown became hell for you before you met the Winchester’s. How these roads and these houses seemed as if they were caving in on you, mocking you. You were supposed to do something with your life, marry a man (Brady most likely) and have kids and become a stay at home mother. And you were so glad you got the hell out of there. So fucking relieved that you got to do something meaningful – even if hunting never payed, and you rarely got thanked. It meant the world to you, to be on the road with Sam and Dean. To help them. To love them. This hometown brought out memories of a ‘you’ that you wanted to burn, that you were so incredibly ashamed of because how naïve could you be? How stupid and blind could you be?

By the end of it all, Dean was holding you tightly as you cried into his chest. His fingers raked through your hair as he rocked you gently. There wasn’t much to be said. For the life of him, he couldn’t find words to say that could possibly help you, so he hoped to god that holding you was enough for now. It was in that moment, that he swore he would shower you with the love you deserved. And Dean wasn’t one for showing much affection, but for you he’d go through hell and back (again) if it meant that you would never cry again, that you wouldn’t suffer anymore. He had no idea that you were holding so much in. He was touched by how much you shared with him, letting him see you at your most vulnerable.

“Hey. But look at you now? Screw who you were back then, it’s gone. You’ve grown and you’ve done things that people wouldn’t even believe,” Dean gushed, trying to ease up on the sadness that had infiltrated into the motel room.

“But I’ve also had to give up a shit ton, Dean!” You quickly pushed him off of you, feeling as if you were going to explode from all the emotions that whirred inside you. You angrily tried to wipe away your tears. Dean watched helplessly from the edge of the motel bed.

“We’ve all had to, Y/N. You know that, it comes with the job. What is it that you want so badly?”

You couldn’t help but shiver slightly at the low tone of his voice that filled the room. You wanted to cross over to where he sat and kiss him without shame. You wanted to tug at his short dark hair, and look into his beautiful green eyes and tell him that you wanted him. But there was too much at risk. You were too much of a mess to love. And that wasn’t something you could say to the eldest Winchester.

Part 3

Confessions and stolen property


Pairing: Hunk x reader

Request: Ah so sorry about the Hunk HC! I missed that announcement somehow; maybe 6 + 10 with Hunk then? Can’t wait to read all these prompts ehe///

Prompts: 6 - “You don’t have my permission to ransack my stuff!”
10 - “I…I didn’t know you felt that way.”

“Has anyone seen Hunk? I haven’t seen him since yesterday.” (Y/N) asked, looking over her shoulder to look at the rest of the team, who were all relaxing in the kitchen while she made herself lunch. Her response was several shrugs. She shrugged right back as she finished her lunch and sat down between Keith and Pidge.

After a while Hunk came in, looking nervous as anything as his eyes landed on her. “(Y/N) could I- uh -speak to you, for a second?” He stuttered. 

A few eyes turned to her, noticing the yellow paladins nervous tone. She raised an eyebrow. “Um… sure.” She said, slightly worried. She got up and was led to a hallway not far from the kitchen, but private. “So (Y/N) I just wanted to say…” He took a deep breath, as if preparing himself for something heavy. “Hunk are you ok-“

“I like you! A lot- and well- I was wondering if we could maybe- uh-“

(Y/N) face bloomed like, a rose. She stood there for a moment, flustered into silence. She snapped out of it when she realized he was just as red as she was. She glanced down, rubbing her neck with her hand. “Uh, y-yeah. Sure I’d l-love to.” She said. There was a moment of silence. 

“I… I didn’t know you felt that way.” She sad, looking back at him smiling. He blushed and glanced away.

“W-Well I have for a long time… It’s just that I was too nervous to say it… that is until I read your diary-“ He pulled a travel sized journal out of his pocket for example. “-and then I figured you wouldn’t say no.” He finished. (Y/N)’s face reddened further. “You- you what!?” She said, her volume raising. Hunk swallowed, realizing his mistake.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, everyone was enjoying their little moment of quiet time. “(Y/N) and Hunk have been gone for a while. When do you think-“ Pidge was cut off by the very paladins they were talking about, racing through he kitchen. Hunk had a small book in his hands, and (Y/N) was chasing him red faced and yelling. They quickly raced out, (Y/N)’s words echoing down the hall. 

“You don’t have my permission ransack my stuff!”  

Pregnant (Derek Hale Imagine)

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Request: Could you write a pack mom imagine where the reader is Derek’s gf and she’s pregnant with his baby and they tell the pack at the loft and Liam is upset and jealous bc the reader is like a mom to him and he’s scared she’s going to forgot her but the 2 talk and she tells him he’ll always be her baby pls xxxx 

;Request: imagine with derek x reader plisssss

A/n: sorry to keep you waiting! Btw I included Isaac because I MISS HIM SO MUCH, I WANT HIM BACK. Buuuut i hope you liked your imagine x 

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Being pregnant is one of the most amazing thing ever. It’s like falling inlove all over again with someone. The feeling of carrying a little soul inside of you. Becoming a mother is one of the most enriching and soul-satisfying experience in anyone’s life.

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She stared at the stunted legs, the swollen brutish brow, the green eye and the black one, the raw stump of his nose and crooked pink scar, the coarse tangle of black and gold hair that passed for his beard. Even his manhood was ugly, thick and veined, with a bulbous purple head. This is not right, this is not fair, how have I sinned that the gods would do this to me, how?