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“When the last kid left for college, it came to a point where it was just pretense. And I couldn’t hide it anymore. I was tired of worrying if people suspected, or if they’d find out, or if they’d still care about me if they knew. The first person I came out to was my wife. It was wrenching. It was the end of our marriage. I just kept telling her I was sorry. I think she felt abandoned. And I’m sorry for that. I also think she felt that our life together was a lie. But I don’t see it that way. We were a family. We had four wonderful children that we raised to adulthood. And those are facts. I’m not happy about the hurt I caused. But I feel authentic now. I regret the things I did, but I’m so happy about what I’ve done.”


lol i bought some of my own prints from society6 just to check their print quality ((because i’ve been getting so many requests about uploading my art so people could get them as prints but i wanted to make sure that the quality was nice)) – was a bit surprised at how the different the colors were – they were very faded and yellowish (so i pulled out the mini comic prints) ;; the magazine mockups were a bit dark but i think it’s okay *__* i still kinda liked the prints from the local shop better ((the family portrait prints are so smooth when printed large AAAA so happy)) :0 anyway i left the magazine mockups in society6 so idk

these are terrible phone photos im sorry i was in a rush hahaha

I am 110% for Jumin and Zen being petty as hell.


Zen: Hey can I get a ride?

Jumin:*closing his car door* I don’t have a car.


Jumin: Do you mind not sitting there? That spot is reserved for Elizabeth 3rd.

Zen:*sits in that exact spot AND puts his feet on Jumin’s glass coffee table, thus leaving shoe marks on it*


Zen: I need some coffee before rehearsal.

Jumin:*pouring himself the last bit of coffee* Sorry we’re all out.


Jumin:*loses Zen in a crowd of people* Good.


Zen:*is all sweaty from working out*

Jumin: Please take a shower, you’re stinking up the entire penthouse.

Zen: *genuinely irritated* Make me.

(And the rest is left to y'all imagination)

Leftists who patronize or demonize people from the ex-ussr countries who are (often quite understandably) skeptical of Marxism/far left movements gross me the fuck out. Nothing good will come of pretending that the USSR was a bunch of super cool guys who did only cool things; what you have to do is develop solutions that let you honestly say “I’m sorry for what you suffered, here are the reasons why we will do better”

→ Paper Doll (pt. 3)

Originally posted by sosjimin

pairing → Jungkook x Reader

genre → idol+singer-songwriter!au, drama, slight angst, smut

word count   → 4.8k

summary   → When the nation’s little sister, IU, gets into a huge scandal, your agency seizes the opportunity to thrust you into that now vacant spotlight. Your self-composed song Paper Doll becomes an overnight sensation, and soon people are itching to find out who was the one who broke your heart. All hell breaks loose once netizens discover that you used to date popular idol, Jeon Jungkook. Little do they know that it wasn’t him who left the relationship unscathed –  it was you.

alternatively: a story on the consequences of a hit break-up song

part i | part ii | part iii | part iv (coming soon!)

a/n  → so this has become a fake dating au? .. i should be sorry. 
& THANK YOU for all the responses so far !! everybody’s been so nice, giving me advice and willing to help me navigate tumblr :’)) esp @gxtsmxt bc she feLT my frustration writing this mess. im sry the angry bj scene got cut btw. 

He always came alone, looking tired and a bit worn-out, ordering the same medium sized pizza with a large coke. You wondered if he was one of those people who didn’t like variety. He always ordered the same thing; surely he would be sick of it by now? The pizza here wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t deserving of him visiting every week.

You didn’t mind. In fact, you looked forward to your Friday shifts. The restaurant was hardly a tourist attraction, not with its peeling wallpaper and old ceiling fan that did nothing to air out the greasy smell of pizzas wafting from the kitchen. The people who wandered in were generally the ones who couldn’t afford the seasoned fried chicken from the place down the road. You didn’t mind the slow work days. The owner even let you read books or do your homework when there wasn’t anyone to wait on.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Jungkook was the highlight of your job. Of course, his physical attractiveness was undeniable, but you had seen handsome men before and none of them were as interesting as Jeon Jungkook.

It hadn’t been love at first sight. The reality was different from the books you read – there had been no stars aligning or time slowing down, no epiphany that he was the one. But perhaps this was the most dangerous kind of love; the kind that creeped up on you, slowly, without you even knowing, so that you had no other choice but to accept it as a part of you.

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Emmerdale Survey Results

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Thunder rolled itself against the roof; you watched as the lamp shook against the table.

“I’ll go ask for another room.” You grabbed some cash and left the boys by their laptops. You poked your head out of the door and heard a clash of voices. As you drew closer to the check-in desk you saw large groups of people, some of which were soaked through from the storm.

“Excuse me?” You tried to push to the front, “I just checked in with some friends but we’re going to need another room.”

The man stared back at you, “Sorry, ma’am. We’re nearly sold out. Since you already have a room, I’m going to have to ask you to wait until everyone else in here has one as well.”

You threw your head back in annoyance and made your way back to Sam and Dean.

“It rains and suddenly everybody needs a room!” You exclaimed, throwing your hands in the air.

Sam looked up from his laptop, “It’s pouring. Everyone is just trying to avoid it.”

You sighed and dropped onto the bed. “Toss me the remote.”

Halfway into Chopped, the lights began to flicker. Both brothers shoved their chairs back and stood up.

“It’s just the power, guys.” You made the television louder.

“We’d still better check.” Dean grabbed his EMF detector from his duffel bag and began to take a walk around the room. Within seconds, the only light in the room came from the moonlight outside.

“Great.” Sam said, you heard his hands slap his thighs as he dropped them. “Now, what?”

“You got a lighter?” You asked and heard one of the brothers shuffle around in their bag.

You got up from the bed and began opening the drawers of the nightstand.

“I swear I saw some loose crayons when we got here.” You felt something roll beneath your fingers and you held them up proudly, “For the first time I’m happy they didn’t clean the room before we got here.”

Dean lit his lighter and you saw his confused face bounce back against the flame, “What the fuck are we gonna do? Color?”

You snatched the lighter from his hand and burned the bottom of the crayons before sticking them to the table. You held the flame to the tip of each one and slowly, the room began to glow.

“How’d you know they’d burn?” Sam asked, slightly impressed by your work.

You shrugged, “I remember reading it somewhere.”

Dean rubbed his hands together, “Mood lighting.” He wiggled his brows. Sam landed a swift punch to his arm and he groaned.

“I was kidding.”

You laughed and walked over to your bag, “I’m gonna set up my bed before these things burn out.”

“It’s already set up.” Sam motioned to one of the queen beds.

You rolled your eyes, “I meant on the couch, dummy.”

“Dean’s taking the couch.” Sam crossed his arms and looked at his older brother.

“Hell no.” Dean crossed his arms right back at him.

“Rock, paper, scissors for it?” Sam raised a brow.

You whispered, “Children.”

“No way, you know you always win that.” Dean stated.

“Exactly.” Sam answered, on some level proud of his skill. He turned and watched as you tucked a blanket into the cushions. “I’ll take the couch.” Left his lips.

“I’m nearly done. Don’t worry about it, plus I’m smaller than you.” You reached for a pillow off of one of the beds and Sam snatched it from your hands.

You placed your hands on your hips, “I don’t wanna fight you, you know I’ll win.”

“Yeah, whatever you say.” He moved his belongings towards the table by the couch. “Now get in bed before that flame burns out.”

You watched as he began remaking the couch to his liking; his hair flopping around his face as he bent over to arrange the blanket. You turned your head towards the window as another crash of thunder hit the sky. A flash of light came through the curtains.

“Huh.” Sam looked past your shoulder and at Dean, who somehow already began snoring.

“How does he always do that?”

“It’s a talent.” Sam laughed lightly before being interrupted by another crack of lightning. You walked over to the window and pushed the blinds aside, “It’s scary out there.” You noted quietly.

“We hunt demons.” Sam fluffed his pillow and dropped it onto the couch.

You laughed, “But demons can be stabbed.”

“That’s true.” He smiled at you and dropped himself onto the couch. You noticed how his feet hung over the edge. You knew he was too stubborn to change his mind now, so you ignored it and walked over to the crayons.

“Goodnight.” You blew out the flames.

“Night.” He responded, and you heard him roll over.

Slowly, you peeled off your jeans and tossed them onto the floor before switching into your pajama top. It was too dark for him to see you, anyhow. Once you dropped your head onto the pillow, you realized just how windy it was outside. Rain smacked itself against the window repeatedly; you were positive the glass would come crashing down any second.

The blanket scratched against your skin as you tossed and turned. Suddenly, you felt cool air hit your back. Turning around, Sam had lifted the other end of the blanket and began crawling inside.

“Thanks.” You whispered, once you realized he was doing this to comfort you.

“Just go to sleep.” His warmth radiated from his body. You inched closer.

Maybe ten, or twenty minutes had gone by – you weren’t sure, but once you thought Sam was asleep, you pressed your head to his chest and finally shut your eyes.

“Goodnight.” He whispered and your eyes shot open. He placed a hand on your shoulder and you relaxed back into him.


Growing up being the only deaf girl in my house was such a rollercoaster. My family didn’t know I was deaf until my third grade teacher pointed out that I couldn’t hear her and thought I was ignoring her. The day my mom took me a place where there was people testing if I was actually deaf the results came out I was fully deaf in my right ear and hard of hearing the left ear. I remembered seeing my mom crying I asked her why she was crying, she said “ I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you were deaf all this time I thought you were ignoring me. I’m sorry I yelled at you. ” I’m little kid at this time so I told her it was okay. The very first time I’ve gotten my hearing aid was such an amazing experience. I remembered they added this gooey stuff in my ear, it was like ear massage the best thing in the world, that gooey stuff was a part to create my hearing aid. After while, I gotten my first hearing aid the experience was unexplainable I heard the radio a lot louder for first time and I heard my mother better. Thanks to audiologists for their incredible help and kindness.
Being deaf and black in my teen years, I thought I wouldn’t attracted boys because in my mind I was thinking they could’ve hated deaf girls like myself now these days I’m more like “ If you can’t love a deaf girl, you can’t love me. ”
I’ve dealt with hard times in my life not aware of my deaf culture as I gotten older I love deaf culture wholeheartedly and wouldn’t change that for the world. I want to continue to express black deaf girl joy so the world knows black deaf culture exists and I’m Lyric Moore a proud black deaf girl who’s also hard of hearing and this my story.

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Okay something that honestly annoys the crap out of me are friends that think since you’re out, they can out you to people who you don’t know.

I’ve been out and proud for a little over 3 years now, and I don’t mind telling new people if they ask politely. I don’t mind talking about it with someone who genuinely wants to know and is curious. Please, ask me things. I have no problem with it.

What I have a problem with is walking into a room full of people I don’t know with a friend and the first thing out of her mouth is “hey guys this is Kendall and she’s my lesbian friend.”

Stop right there.

That is not your job. That is not your choice. It is not your prerogative to out me. It is not up to you to decide who knows.

I do not know these people. They’re brand new to me. I don’t know where they stand on topics like this. And honestly, that’s a little scary. I want to take my time and feel these people out before I tell them something like that. It’s my life, only I should get to decide who knows what about it.

This has happened to me on multiple occasions and almost every time afterwords someone has come up to me and said “I’m sorry she did that to you.” I know she didn’t mean any harm by it but it still makes me feel uncomfortable. And I’ve seen it happen to other people and my heart goes out to them.

So please please please please please, if you have a friend who is not cis/straight and you are introducing them to new people, do not start by outting them. Even if they’ve already fully come out, do not rob them of their comfort. Let them do it themselves. It honestly makes a world of difference.

I’m being so loudly autistic that Ivar Lovaas and Suzanne Wright are crying in their graves.

[Animated gif of me stimming. I am dressed in black and sitting in a corner for proprioceptive input. I’m listening to music on headphones (”Africa” by Toto) and tapping my fingertips together in a clapping motion while rocking back and forth with my eyes closed. I have my very old Wile E. Coyote plushie in the crook of my right arm, my red Tangle is twined around my left hand and I’m chewing a black No Gloom ‘Shroom.]

I’m a 36 year old autistic adult and I’m not sorry or ashamed. To all the autistic kids and teens out there, to all autistic people out there whether you’re totally independent or need lots of daily help and can’t make your communications understood– listen. 

You are not made wrong.
You are not a problem to solve.
You are not subhuman.
You are not broken.
You are not a burden.
You are not a crisis.
You are not an epidemic.
You are not a bad result.
You are not less.
You are not a puzzle piece.

You are wonderful and you deserve acceptance, understanding, compassion and accommodations.

Stim on!

#ActuallyAutistic #REDInstead #AutismAcceptance #AreYouAwareOfMeNow #LoudHands #BoycottAutismSpeaks

Ok, so this story starts with an absent teacher, our class being the reason behind so many subs quitting we got to have the school resource officer as a sub. This isn’t the story though. He’s pretty chill so we stay pretty chill when all of a sudden he gets a text, swears, and runs out of the room at full speed.

next thing we know the school secretary is on the intercom saying there is an active shooter and this is not a drill. The asshats in my class started laughing and joking when the teacher down the hall ran to our classroom and told us to run to hers. once we get there we hide under the desks (not much room since it’s one of the computer rooms) and I get left in the middle of the floor with people kicking me away because lol sorry no room.

The teacher has pepper spray, I’m holding a sharpened pencil, we all have some sort of pencil weapon. When we get the false alarm message.

Turns out our middle school principal has a thing on their phone to send out a message to all staff and the police department that there’s an active shooter and they buttdialed it.

yuuri headcanons
  • loves hugs and cuddles but also hates them aka there’s only like two people whose touches he’s okay with at more than a handshake level
  • innuendos just fly over his head he never notices shit
  • also, lots of comments in general cause he gets lost in thought
  • “huh? im so sorry, i wasn’t listening”
  • coffee > tea
  • can actually cook p well but he doesn’t bother so he lives off cup noodles when left on his own
  • tends to go all or nothing on things like. he spends 72+ hours awake then passes out, has periods of binge eating then goes days barely eating anything at all
  • cranky af when he wakes up but it doesn’t really show, he just. doesn’t want to communicate at all for the next hour or so and gets way more blunt than usual if someone tries to
  • has such a hard time getting up in the morning. sets up like a hundred alarms and sleeps through every single one
  • once, viktor tried to nudge him awake and yuuri muttered something like ‘fuck college’ and punched him in the face, somehow still asleep
  • can sing really well? hits all the right notes without even trying
  • never in public tho he’s 2 shy
  • listens to artists like woodkid and gotye, instrumentals and very melodic stuff
  • also, songs with nice rhythm that you can dance to
  • cried to hearts a mess at least 17 times
  • trying new food is fun and all, but when there’s something he knows he likes he’s way more likely to order that
  • pan and demisexual fite me on this
  • low blood pressure. gets dizzy if he stands up abruptly
  • less nervous without his glasses on, bc if things are blurry it’s easier to forget about them and not fixate on people’s facial expressions and negative things they might mean
  • people always walk up to him asking for directions, even when he’s abroad and has no idea where he is
  • those street sellers and advertisers too
  • he avoids eye contact like the plague but it’s no use
  • sleeps with his socks on, under like a thousand blankets

viktor yurio

Misc. sentence starters.

Modify pronouns and wording as necessary! Some may be slightly unsafe for work / sexual in nature.

“Why did you come here when you knew I’d only send you away?”
“I thought I made it clear I didn’t want to see you.”
“I look at you, and all I can think about is how much better you deserve.”
“Why haven’t you left me yet?”
“The things I would do for you terrify me.”
“Nobody likes a tyrant. Show the people you can be reasoned with.”
“Your people will only tolerate so much.”
“If you want to ruin your life, be my guest, but leave me out of it.”
“Can’t you touch anything without breaking it?”
“Please don’t leave me. Please.”
“I’m sorry. I’ll do anything.”
“My life was grey before I met you. Now it’s so colourful I can barely stand it.”
“I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
“I’d do anything for you. I’d kill, lie, cheat and steal for you. You wouldn’t even need to ask.”
“For the purposes of tonight, you and I will be taking on certain roles. You are not to break character under any circumstances lest you blow our cover, is that understood?”
“I am not here to make friends. I am here to offer you something you cannot refuse.”
“You don’t have to play coy with me - what do you really want?”
“You really fucked me over, you know. You really messed me up.”
“You piss me off so much sometimes I can barely stand it.”
“Why are you like this? Why do you have to ruin everything?”
“You really would do anything for me, wouldn’t you?”
“I like the way you beg, boy.”
“Do you drop to your knees for everyone that shows you attention, or am I a special case?”
“Shh, it’s okay. I know how much you need this. I know how much you want to be wanted.”
“I can think of better uses for that mouth of yours than back-talking me.”
“Just let go. It’s alright, I’ve got you.”
“Don’t talk. Just open your mouth.”
“Tell me what you want from me.”

y'know, fuck the people who left. fuck anyone who came into my life and walked out on me. fuck you for not believing in me. but also thank you. thank you for reminding me that I don’t need anyone. thank you for giving me the opportunity to practice picking myself up after you let me down. thank you for leaving room for someone better to take your place.
this isn’t about talking shit, this isn’t about getting even or getting revenge. this is about officially giving you your eviction notice. get your shit and stay gone. once you leave, you don’t get to come back.
so, fuck you but thank you. all of you. it was nice knowin’ ya

This may sound harsh but I’m just curious…how long before all the liberal white tears stop falling and everyone stops crying about Trump 2016 in favor of excitement over pumpkin spice lattes or whatever else? Because let’s be real- this public outcry against the American presidential election probably only has the strength of a news cycle. I’m sorry, was that too brusque? Trust me I know this is a sad/sensitive time- I’m black, queer and I rep North Carolina for better or worse. But every “shocked”/“horrified”/“scared”/“I’m so abysmally sad” social media status has left me more confused than I expected to feel. Did y'all just realize that racism is alive and well in America? I mean, I can’t tell you how many people hit me up with photos of the impromptu KKK presence in the streets of Mebane, NC yesterday. Those fuckers have been stars of my nightmares since I came out of Tangela’s womb, but did y'all just remember them? Is that why you’re so “shocked”/“horrified”/“scared”/“…abysmally sad”? For the record, they’ve always been present. They weren’t eradicated just because you thought we live in a “post racial America,” whatever that means. Y'all, this isn’t a different America than the one we woke up in on Tuesday morning. Stop acting brand new. Stop looking for sympathy where it isn’t deserved. Dry your tears and use all that thumb tapping power to bring good energy and positive action into this world, not stroke your own ego. If you’re feeling guilt because you didn’t convince your relatives/loved ones not to vote for the Donald, then admit it. If you’re a person of privilege and you’re struggling with personal responsibility for the election results, acknowledge your privilege and use it for good. But please calm down with all this foot stomping and tear sniffing- it doesn’t create strength or action, it just reads like the ramblings of a disappointed kindergartener. Regardless of US presidency, we have all the tools to live in harmony with one another. But we have to accept our own responsibility and stop looking outside of ourselves for the answers to our problems. Leggings- @rainbeaucurves Fingers + Toes- @yogapaws 📸 by @lydiahudgens (at Durham, North Carolina)

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Imagine Castiel dressing up as your favorite Chief Medical Officer

Star Trek fun, I’m not one bit sorry. 

Dean version 

Just going to tag a few people who I know appreciate both of these handsome devils: @bkwrm523 @girl-next-door-writes @feelmyroarrrr 

You grab a beer and the package salad Sam had left you in the fridge. Shuffling towards your bedroom, the boys had left on a case that you opted out of. You were hoping to get some much needed alone time with your boyfriend, Castiel.

Pushing open the door to your bedroom, you nearly drop the beer in your hand. Castiel was standing there with his back to you, his usual get up replaced with a dark blue long sleeved shirt and black pants tucked into black boots.

He turns to you, his hands behind his back with a satisfied smirk on his face. Your eyes widen at the silver Starfleet insignia on the shirt. Cas walks toward you, his hands still behind his back as he steps in front of you.

“Hello, darlin’.”  

His voice comes out in a deep southern drawl that has you wet in an instant.

“What are you doing?” you practically whimper under his gaze.

“I understand you have a thing, as Dean put it, for Leonard McCoy. Chief Medical Officer of the USS Enterprise,” Castiel brought his hand to your waist pulling you against him.

With the salad and beer still in your hands, he takes them from you walking away to put them on the desk. You quickly shut the door behind you and when you turn Cas is right in front of you holding up a replica tricorder to your body.

“I detect a high level of arousal, Commander Y/N,” the angel’s voice tries to sound serious, but there is a hint of playfulness in his tone.

“Well Doctor, do you think you can do something about that?”

Castiel’s eyes narrow, he hands over the tricorder and pulls you to the bed. He pushes you down gently onto the bed, smirking as his body lingers over yours. Cas thrusts his hips into you, causing you to moan out in pleasure. Your reaction causes him to chuckle, raising his eyebrow as he starts to unbuckle his belt.

“Sweetheart, you’re in good hands.” 

Love and Manuscripts (1)

This is my new chaptered fic! A real world AU where Simon and Baz happen to be working at the same office as interns, but they’re competing for a position! Hope you enjoy! Next chapters listed here: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 (End)


Simon drummed his fingers on the coffee counter nervously. He had left his apartment early for an interview and stopped for coffee. Unfortunately for him however, the coffee was taking an unusually long time to come out. He needed to get this intern position at Petty Publishing if he wanted any shot at getting into publishing. He had fifteen minutes at best to get there if he left now.
“I have a grande caramel latte for Simon!” The barista called out.
He practically ran to the counter, pushing other people out of the way. The woman behind the counter had two coffees lifted towards him. He reached automatically for the one with his name on it and was about to leave when she called out his name again.
“I’m sorry for the wait,” She smiled apologetically at him, “I guess they made your drink wrong the first time, do you want to keep the one they messed up?”
Simon didn’t really care at this point about free coffee but he didn’t want to continue the conversation either so he nodded gratefully and grabbed the other cup.


Baz shouldn’t have left his house as late as he did. He’d been waiting for his coffee for fifteen minutes and would at this rate be late for his interview. Other publishing houses had interviewed him, but Petty Publishing had stood out to him. More so than the others, Baz felt that Petty Publishing was meant for him.
A stressed looking blonde guy rushed past him, two coffees in hand. Baz made a noise of disgust as he almost spilled his coffee on him. The white guy mumbled a quick sorry and was running out the door before Baz could respond.
He took a quick look at his watch and rolled his eyes. Strolling to the counter he caught the eye of the barista working and beckoned her over.
“I wondered if my double shot nonfat latte was ready?”
Her face fell.
“I’m so sorry sir but that man that just walked out has it. It was my fault! I can make you another one.”
Baz was already backing away in the middle of her sentence. He hated to be rude but he needed to run. At this point he had no time to wait for the entire explanation let alone another coffee.
He needed this internship and he was going to do whatever it took to get it.


Simon started to back up when a red convertible pulled up behind him. He figured the driver was going to notice him and back up but they didn’t. Finally Simon waved at the car stopping him. The driver rolled down their window and glared at Simon.
Simon was taken aback. The man looked about his own age (twenty-two) with light brown skin and midnight black hair slicked back professionally. His expression was surprisingly hostile.
“Thanks for taking my coffee you prick!” The man shouted.
Simon’s cheeks went hot.
“Um, excuse me?”
“You took my damn coffee and now I’m going to be late!”
“The girl told me they made my drink wrong and asked if I wanted it. I didn’t even know it was yours.”
Simon was getting pissed. This guy had no right to be this angry over Simon taking something he was told was his. Plus he was blocking him from pulling out of the parking lot.
“Can you fucking move? I’m going to be late too.”
The flashy car owner backed up minimally giving Simon just barely enough space to pull out. Simon watched the arse roll up his window with a satisfied expression. As he passed, he grabbed the extra coffee and threw it out his own open window at the fancy car.
“Have your precious coffee back you wanker!” Simon shouted as he sped off.
He laughed happily at the shocked expression of the guy in his rearview mirror.


Baz was pissed. He knew it had been a dick move to block the blonde guy in the parking lot, but still, he’d taken his coffee. And then the guy had the nerve to throw his hot coffee at his car. He’d never received a clearer fuck you before in his life. If he ever ran into that guy again he was going to kick his ass.
He sped off to the interview, nervously checking the time at every stop. He was up against some other guy he hadn’t seen yet. Baz was told that they would both be interviewed today and informed of their decision in the next forty-eight hours.
The parking lot was almost full by the time he made it there. He had three minutes to make it to the third floor. As he was getting out of his car he noticed a rather panicked looking blonde walking towards the front door of the building. No fucking way Baz thought.
He ran over and caught up with the blonde guy. Sure enough it was the same person from earlier. When the blonde realized someone was next to him he turned and his eyes widened.
“Oh shit.”
Baz ran past him as hard as he could to catch the elevator that had just arrived in the lobby.
“Wait! Please hold the door!”
Baz laughed evilly and pressed the close door button a million or so times. The blonde guy was only a foot away by the time the doors shut on his face. Baz felt very satisfied with himself. He had no idea who the asshole was, but he did know he’d be late to whatever job he had here.


Simon stood in disbelief as the elevator closed. He was going to be late for sure if he didn’t think of something. He glanced around and saw the stairway entrance door. Sighing he ran to the door and trudged up the stairs.
He had a bad feeling that the rich looking guy was some high up executive that he’d eventually have to work for. If that was the case Simon was seriously screwed. Throwing the coffee had seemed like a good idea at the time but now he was kicking himself for being so bold.
He rushed into the third floor lobby. As he reached the desk he heard the elevator door open up behind him.
“I’m here for the mystery department internship interview,” Simon panted.
The woman’s eyes widened from behind the desk.
“Which one are you?”
“Simon Snow.”
Simon could hear someone running up behind him. Suddenly the rich guy from before stopped at the desk, looking half triumphant and half exhausted. Then he noticed Simon and his expression flattened.
“I’m here for the mystery department interview,” the guy offered.
“Hi I’m Trixie. I’m guessing you are Tyrannus Grimm-Pitch?”
Simon laughed and tried to disguise it as a cough.
“Basilton actually. I go by Baz.”
Then Baz glared at Simon and he immediately regretted the laugh.
Trixie looked somewhat uncomfortable with the both of them. Finally she wrung her hands and stepped out from behind the desk.
“So…the situation has become complicated. The editor in chief wants to see you both at the same time.”
“What, like a joint interview?” Simon asked.
“Uh, not exactly…just follow me.”
As they walked Simon could feel waves of anger coming off of Baz. He really did not want to lose to this guy. He had the distinct suspicion that Baz was the kind of person he hated most in the world: spoiled, arrogant, and cruel. When they reached the editor in chief’s office he did a double take.
The woman behind the desk looked to be their age or younger. He’d never expected someone so high up to be so young. On top of that her long hair was a deep purple. Simon had never seen someone in an office job have hair that color. She was a bit curvy and had deep brown skin. Her calculative eyes were slightly hidden by a pair of purple cat eyeglasses. She indicated for them to sit.
“My name is Penelope Bunce. It’s nice to meet you both.”
They both shook hands with her and mumbled their names.
After the formal introductions were over she walked around her desk and stood directly in front of them.
“May I be frank with you both?”
Simon nodded and felt a curl of anxiety form in his stomach. Maybe they both were being rejected. It was possible someone had seen their immature behavior in the lobby but would someone have had enough time to report it?
“You two were our top picks for the internship position, for different reasons. I’ve been reviewing notes from both of your interviews and conducting my own research as well. I find you both to be extremely valuable picks for this position.”
Simon nodded in confusion and glanced at Baz. He was relieved to see that Baz looked just as confused as Simon felt.
“So, I felt choosing one of you was a mistake. I’ve decided to hire you both as interns for the mystery department.”
Simon froze and turned to stare at Baz. He wanted to be excited, to feel accomplished. But she had hired them both in the same department. That meant…
“You two will be working with currently employed editors of course. But I also want you two to work together. We value teamwork here and I’ll expect you two to get used to that.”
“Thank you Ms. Bunce,” Simon mumbled.
“Call me Penny. And you’re welcome.”
She went into a list of what they should expect from the job and when they would start. Simon tried to pay attention but his mind was swimming. He had already made an enemy with someone he would now be forced to work with.
“Also,” Penny’s expression became slightly amused, “I will hire one of you to stay on as an editor if you prove yourself useful.”
“One of us?” Baz asked, his gaze cutting to Simon.
“One of you,” She repeated.
Simon grinned. A competition he could do. If there was a goal at the end of this thing then he could get through it. He would make sure to be the best intern there so that he could get his dream job and get rid of Baz.

In the middle of class – Kim Namjoon (M)

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: smut duh

Word Count: 967

Warnings: oral, some dirty talk and Kim Namjoon (he counts as a warning tbh)

Summary: You and Namjoon decide to have a bit of fun after you’ve left in the middle of your class.

Anon request: Namjoon smut where you basically were eyeing him all night in a party but neither of you made a move to each other and then you met him again in a school lecture where he decides to make a move and do some nasty in the lecture room 😏 thank you!

I finally got something written and posted hallelujah, this one’s on the more tamer side of my smuts that I’ve written lol. It’s not how I wanted it to turn out and I’m sorry to the anon who requested this in cause it’s not that good and somewhat kinda drifted from your request, aaaand I also kinda left it hanging…whoops

Bodies were pressed up against each other, drunk people shamelessly grinding against each other sucking their faces off (well not literally, but when people are drunk kissing looks like they are eating each-others mouths).

That’s why you were standing near the kitchen, it was practically empty since everyone took the beer bottles into the living room. Someone tapped you on the shoulder making you turn around and to be met face to face with an orange haired boy, Jimin.

“Hey, how come you’re not dancing?”

“I don’t want a guy grabbing my ass Jimin.” you stated, just the thought put you off.

“Well you did say you wanted to get laid so…” you hit his arm. “When I said I wanted to get laid, I’d prefer it if the guy wasn’t a drunk shit ya know?” he only shrugged.

“Need suggestions for a non-drunk guy?” he smirked down at you.

“What are you up now?” you sighed back. “Nothing! I’m just saying Mr Kim Namjoon over there keeps staring at you.” He nodded behind you, making you turn your head and he was right. Namjoon, the smartest but the cockiest asshole in your class – always topping the class and always making the ladies swoon over him, not that you could blame them, he was hot.

“Possible candidate for a fuck?” Jimin raised his eyebrow, suggestively.

“I’m sure your gay ass would like that.” You rolled your eyes and tried to forget how intensely he was staring at you. Yeah, the dress you had worn that day showed off your legs, the V-line was deep and your ass looked damn fine, but he’d never looked at you like that before. You shrugged it off though, thinking it was probably the alcohol in your body that made him seem that way.


Maybe it was the fact that he’d walked into your class that day wearing all black. Black ripped jeans, black turtle neck that he just somehow managed to pull off flawlessly, his hair slicked back, man he looked good enough to eat.

Maybe it was the way he looked at you when he walked in the door, that tiny smirk that didn’t go unnoticed by you, heck it was directed at you. Maybe it was the small lip bite of his, maybe it was the wink.

Maybe it was the fact he chose to sit next to you, his hand trailing up your thigh slowly going closer to your somewhat soaked core. You desperately pressed your legs together, not wanting him to stop at all because the sexual tension between you two was totally in the air. He shot you a small smirk before dropping his pen on the floor and getting out of his seat to pick it up, but instead of doing that he spread your legs apart, a gasp escaping your lips. Thankfully you had decided to sit at the back of the class and the seats beside you were free – he didn’t do much apart from run his fingers over your core repeatedly – you were definitely becoming more soaked as the seconds passed on that’s for sure.

When he got sat back down he pretended like nothing was wrong while you were suffering in the seat beside him, just wishing that he could do something. Putting your hand up, stopping your professor from teaching the class, you pulled a small lie and said you weren’t feeling well.


That lead you to where you were now. In an empty lecture room sitting on one of the tables, half naked with your legs apart while Namjoon kitten licked at your wet core.

“Fuck babe, you don’t even know how long I’ve been waiting to taste you.” He groaned before licking up your walls, a desperate whine escaping you. “Namjoon, please.”

“Hm? Oh sorry babe, did you want my tongue? Mouth? What do you want babe, talk for me.” Namjoon stared up at you as he was situated on his knees, places soft kissed to your thighs as he waited for you to form your words.

“Fuck Namjoon please, anything please.” You begged, just wanting to be touched.

“Of course baby,” he smirked up at you before his plump lips wrapped themselves around your throbbing clit, sucking. A low hum resonated from his chest. Instead of hearing it you were able to feel it.

In a matter of seconds you were a moaning mess above him – your hands came to tangle themselves in his soft hair, pushing him closer to your core if possible. Namjoon pulled back, “fuck you taste so good babe, so fucking good” he said before he slipped a finger inside you, catching you off guard a little.

Oh god, Namjoon” a broken moan escaped your swollen lips, probably from biting down on them too much. “God, you’re so tight around my finger baby. Can’t wait to feel you around my cock, how tight you’ll be. I’ll fuck you so hard baby girl that you won’t be able to walk straight.”

Soon enough, Namjoon’s fingers and his mouth were bringing you over the edge. He’d managed to find your g-spot within no time, making you cry out his name, not worrying about who could have walked down those halls and heard you.

Your walls started to clench around his fingers and he pulled back with a smirk. You whined at the sudden loss of his fingers and mouth but you were shushed by him.

“Stop whining babe.” He smirked as he pulled down his jeans and kicked them off to the side, revealing his impressive length. His cock was hard, veins noticeable, beads of pre-cum rolling down the side – you licked your lips in anticipation.

“What are you waiting for babe? You better suck my cock well to earn a good fucking.”

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i’m sorry that people have left you. i’m sorry your heart was ripped out, ribs broken and lungs barely moving. i’m sorry that you weren’t appreciated, i’m sorry you’ve been used and thrown away. you deserve more than that. you deserve to be the best friend, the most important, the number one. you are more than what you have been given, you are not a quick fuck, you are not a ragdoll, you are not what they have said about you or what you have said about yourself. please, you deserve more. you are more. you are, you are, you are. you are MY best friend, you are THE most important person in my entire life, you are MY number one. you deserve more than the way i treated you today, you deserve every single i love you and i miss you and i want a future with you that you have received. you deserve to be needed and loved and please believe me when i say that i need you and i love you. breathe in, and breathe out. unclench your hands, take mine instead. we can get past this, this isn’t the worst night you’ve had. breathe in, and breathe out. i love you. i love you. i love you. i understand you must protect your heart, but please don’t revert back to rule number one. my heart beats with every breath you take, and every single blink of your eyes. you are more. my love, my darling, my sweet baby boy, breathe deeply and know you are mine, and you are your own. you are not their words or actions. it isn’t your fault they can’t see you for what you are. you are worth more than gold, worth more than whatever the big bang caused, you are worth more than this. i will live alongside you. i will live alongside you forever, and our kids will marvel at the love in our eyes. breathe. our fire will never go dark. you carry my heart with you wherever you go. breathe. i love you. you are loved. you matter. breathe. breathe. breathe.