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Imagine Chris turning the tables on you.

A/N: I’m not very good at pranks, I think that will be very obvious when you read this. This is a request from @castellandiangelo, I did end up writing your request. (I’m sorry if it’s bad, I’m not good at pranks!) I’ll make up for this sleep deprived piece, there’s an idea that’s been brewing for a while now. X

1st of April had finally arrived; it was the day you’d been waiting for since you came up with what you thought was the best, and most cruel prank ever. The prank was designed for your husband, Chris, and you’d joined forces with his mom and his brother to pull it off; they’d flown in from Boston just to help you. You still hadn’t decided if it was one of those ‘we-can-laugh-about-it-in-the-future’ pranks or a 'I’m-going-to-fucking-divorce-your-ass’ pranks, but seeing as Lisa and Scott were on board- you saw it as the former. You’d been with Chris for years and years now, so you knew him well. You knew he had a great sense of humor and a great love for your playful side, which made you ninety-nine percent sure he’d appreciate your prank; the sweet note at the end especially. But just to be safe and not to seem too smug, you lowered the probability percentage down to ninety-five.

The prank you’d been planning for over a month now involved Scott 'crashing’ Chris’ brand new Audi while taking you to lunch; Lisa calling from the emergency room; and Chris rushing down only to find you safe and sound with a dozen pink balloons and a sonogram. You’d found out you were pregnant a little while ago and wanted to find the right time to tell your husband, so why not April Fools? It was crazy and a little bit over the top, but then again- that was you. To be fair though, Chris had pulled some pretty horrendous pranks over the years. You could say you were only doing it as a way to get back at him for the time he visited you on your set and put a cockroach on you while you were filming a scene with Meryl Streep- an actress you so thoroughly admired- but hey, you weren’t the vindictive type.

“Do you think your son will divorce me after he finds out this is all just a prank?”

“No,” Lisa chuckled with a shake of her head. “He loves you way too much, and he’s going to be so happy about the baby news that- he’s not going to care about anything else.” You nodded in agreement after slight hesitation. “It’s April Fools and he’s a big boy, he can handle it.”

“I hope so,” you chuckled as you gathered the bundle of pink helium balloons. Lisa chuckled too as she grabbed her purse and headed towards your front door where loud knocking could be heard. “Could you get that, please? I bet it’s Scott, I hope he knows he’s not actually going to drive Chris’-”

“It’s not Scott,” Lisa cut you off as you walked around the corner; your eyes narrowed at the two police officers standing in your doorway with solemn expressions on their faces. “How can I help you gentlemen?” Lisa asked them. “Is there a particular person you’re looking for?”

“We’re here to speak with Y/N Y/L/N,” the taller male answered and you didn’t know to snicker or be genuinely concerned. For all you knew, they were part of Chris’ plan to prank you before you could him. “We have reason to believe that one of the victims involved in the accident on route six is your brother, Oliver Y/L/N.”

“That’s impossible,” you chuckled with narrowed eyes. “My brother’s out of town until the end of the month, he couldn’t possibly be in a car accident. Are you absolutely sure that he’s involved? Is there a possibility that you’re mistaken?”

“We are unable to identify the body, but his motorbike was placed at the crash site,” the shorter male informed you and your heart dropped when you remembered Chris had taken the bike- your brother had left at your place for safe keeping- this morning. “Do you know anyone with access to your brother’s bike? We could really use-”

“My husband,” you cut him off and you heard Lisa gasp. “My husband took my brother’s bike out this morning. Oh my God,” you breathed and felt the bundle of balloons escape your grip; they flew to touch the ceiling. “No no no,” you shook your head. “That’s impossible, Chris wouldn’t- he’s too careful on the- No,” another head shake. “It can’t be him, my husband is not dead!” You felt the tears spill out of your eyes.

“We’re very sorry to ask you to do so, but we’re going to need you to come with us to help identify the body.” The taller male told you and you quickly nodded, grabbing your purse by the door. You glanced over your shoulder at Lisa as you followed the police officers out; she was lost in her thoughts. “After you, Miss Y/L/N.” He held his car door open for you.

“Just give me a moment,” you told him and he nodded. “Lisa,” you walked over to her and took her shaky hands in yours. “We don’t know if it’s him,” your voice broke as you tried to reassure her. “Maybe he let someone else use Oliver’s bike after getting to the studio, or maybe the bike got stolen- I don’t- um- I don’t know,” you tried not to start crying when you remembered you were pregnant and your daughter might not have a father. “But we mustn’t lose hope yet because…” You trailed off, unable to find the right words.

“I can’t go down, Y/N,” she shook her head and you nodded understandingly. “I’m sorry,” she hugged you and you hugged her back, taking slow breaths to stop yourself from breaking down. “But you’re right, we don’t know yet.” She said as she pulled away; you nodded in response. “Call me as soon as you find out, okay?”

“Okay,” you nodded.

You left her at your house then got into the police car and let them take you to the crash site. You may not have been a religious person, but it didn’t stop you from praying. You couldn’t lose Chris, especially now that you were pregnant. You didn’t know what to do with a child, you had a child because of him- because you loved him. How were you meant to raise that child alone? How were you meant to look at your daughter and tell her her dad was the most amazing man you’d ever met and never let her meet him? How were you going to survive the rest of your life without the love of your life? Your hand rested on your stomach and you broke down crying, silently begging whatever greater being for your husband to be alive.
• • • • • • • •
The car pulled to a stop in front of a park; the same one where you and Chris worked together on screen for the first time, not that you were in the right mindset to notice. Your entire world had been rocked thanks to your husband and his insane plan to turn the tables on you, except his plans weren’t as easy to find out about as he’d confided in professional actors rather than family members. Of course he’d confided in Lisa and Scott- the two who accidentally let both your pregnancy and prank plans slip, but somehow managed to keep his to themselves- and they both told him it was a bad idea and that you were going to be pissed when you found out it was all just a prank. But did Chris listen? No, because clearly it wasn’t a bad enough idea if his mother and brother didn’t stop him from doing it. Plus- Chris knew you, you’d appreciate a good prank; he was ninety-five percent sure about it. If you didn’t- well, he had a spontaneous trip to Paris to make up for his insanity.

“Wait,” your eyes narrowed as the policemen got out of the car. One opened the car door for you and beckoned you out. “I don’t understand, I thought the accident was on route six.” He didn’t say anything, he just gestured for you to follow him. “I just want to know if my husband’s okay,” you told them and they both nodded.

Chris spotted you and the 'police officers’ approaching and he sat on your brother’s motorbike, laughing. It was pretty sick joke, yes, but he was so excited to celebrate the pregnancy with you that- he didn’t care. He knew when you saw him that you’d understand that it was just an April Fools joke and laugh because he’d turn the tables on you instead.

“Where are you tak-” You stopped yourself when you saw Chris, perfectly fine and in one piece. He waved at you with a cheeky smile; you were so relieved that you couldn’t think about anything else- like how it was just a stupid prank. “Thank God,” you breathed and ran towards him as he got off the bike. “Oh my God,” you threw your arms around his neck and he hugged you tightly, burying his face in the crook of your neck. “I thought you were dead,” you started crying out of absolute relief.

“Yeah, I’m not that easy to kill,” he chuckled. “April Fools, baby.” He said and you pushed him away, frowning. “What?” He laughed, grabbing his left breast. “I just elaborated on your plans a little bit. We’re in the film industry, I thought you’d appreciate the dramatics.”

“A little bit?!” You slapped his arm and he pressed his lips together, suppressing his urge to laugh. “They told me you were dead, Chris. Mine was just emergency room, yours was death! Death, Chris, death.” You emphasized and he nodded, chuckling as he pulled you into his arms for another tight hug. “What the hell is wrong with you?” You chuckled wearily as you hugged him back; you were too happy that he was okay to be mad about the severity of his actions. “No more April Fools for us,” you said, pressing your head against his chest. “We clearly don’t know how to prank each other, it’s getting a little much.”

“Okay,” he chuckled, kissing the top of your head. “I’m sorry, baby. I know it’s been a stressful day, my mom and Scott both said it was a bad idea.” You scoffed and chuckled at the same time; no wonder Lisa didn’t come down. “But hey,” he pulled the plane tickets out of his back pocket as he pulled away from you. “We can relax in Paris.”

“I was about to ask you how you were going to make up for this,” you smiled as you took the tickets from him; he chuckled in response. “Do you want to know how I’m going to make up for the prank that didn’t happen?” You quizzed, reaching into your own back pocket for the sonogram.

“I think I already know,” he smiled and placed his hand on your stomach. “They might have let the baby news slip too when they let your prank plans slip.” You chuckled and pulled the sonogram from your pocket, passing it to him. “I can’t believe we’re going to be parents to a baby girl,” he smiled at the sonogram then at you when you placed a hand over his.

“I know, right?” You laughed. “We are so immature and we’re about to be parents,” you said and he joined you in laughter. “Ground rules before the baby comes, no more pranks like these. No more dead or emergency room pranks because- it’s ridiculous and it’s irresponsible.” He nodded in agreement, chuckling. “I am so glad it was just a prank,” you told him and hugged him again. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if I’d lost you.”

“I’m not going anywhere, sweetheart,” he hugged you tightly as he whispered into your hair. “Not for a very, very long time.” You smiled and looked up at him. “I love you,” he smiled and dipped his head to meet your lips.

“And you’re lucky I still love you after that,” you bit playfully.

“Yes I am,” he laughed.

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       excuse the lazy-ass graphic, lmfao.  anyway  –  damn, y’all.  i can’t believe i ever got to this high of a number on a blog for such an underrated and precious confidant, and in two weeks, at that.  i’m honestly baffled at the reception this blog has received, as well as how welcoming and chill the Persona community as a whole has been during my brief visit.  that being said, i just wanted to throw together a little list to show my appreciation for y’all, which i hope to keep fairly short  –  but, knowing me and my penchant for writing more than necessary, that won’t happen.  

@picarexque   –  Lawrence!  my buddy.  my pal.  it’s amazes me that i’ve known you for almost a year now, having followed you back on Jefferson’s blog all those months ago, and that it took us this long to formally write together!  your take on Akira is so unique and yet so true to his canon material that i still have trouble reminding myself that Tadashi is not, in fact, the canon P5-kun.  you’re honestly such a joy both IC and OOC, and i can’t imagine my dashboard without you. 

@pvssywhipped  /  @fortuneread  –  Amanda!  my Mummy pal.  no harm ever came from reading a book, but it certainly came from reading your threads and headcanons.  if your intention was to shoot an arrow through the heart of every one of your followers  –  congrats.  mission accomplished.  your dedication to and understanding of both Ann and Chihaya is so refreshing to see, and your shitposts are god-tier.  here’s to more interactions in the future, and getting to know you more.  :^) 

@narxkami  –  R.  my sinless scoop of vanilla ice cream.  like Lawrence, i’ve known you pretty much since Jefferson’s blog kicked off, and you’ve become such an integral part of my dashboard that i don’t ever want you to not grace it.  i adore Yu as a character, and your approach to him is so eerily accurate and yet so clearly your own that i’m convinced you had a hand in writing for Atlus.  now that i’m back on photography daddy Jefferson sensei’s blog, i’ll have to bother you more.  ;^) 

@layerc4ke  –  Joanna.  we have yet to write together, but just talking to you OOC has been such a pleasure.  i usually have a lot of trouble opening up to people and allowing myself to relax, because holding conversations is generally very hard for me, but you were just so chill and easy to talk to that i instantly felt like we’d been friends for a while.  i love tossing ideas back and forth with you and hurting each other with headcanons or plot points, so here’s hoping we can share our pain with the dashboard soon. 

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Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Luna Lovegood
Based on this imagine by imaginesharrypotter.
FFN | Ao3

A/N: Fluff.

Her steps were always light, and swift as they carried her down into the hole and not promising that she’d return in one piece. But she was neutral territory. At least, that was what he explained. Half of them thought her too mad to really find her any real threat, even if she did brandish her wand in self-defense. The other half seemed to find her wanderings as harmless as a butterfly’s prance.

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New year, new post! I wrote this once and it ended up being 7 pages long. Wrote it again and cut it down to 6. Wrote it a third time and changed the plot, refining it to 5 pages. I hope you all had a good Christmas and I hope the new year treats you well. This request was made by @animefreak808 and I’m sorry it took so long but I needed the break. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: I saw a idea where the reader was chosen as a potential candidate to be thors bride along with others from different realms and the reader is the only one from midguard, she doesn’t know whats going on but she ends up with Loki instead

Stolen (Part 1)

“After a rigorous selection process, you have all been selected for a very prestigious and honoured role.” A man’s voice intruded on your dream.

“You will know my eldest son, Thor,” the name sounded familiar, “and so you will know of his honour, his integrity, and his general excellence. I hope that one day he will succeed me on the throne, and when that day comes he will need a Queen. So you have been selected as the most suitable candidates to fulfil that role.”

“Does… Does Thor know about this?” You couldn’t help but think, tossing in the bed sheets and groaning into the silence of the night. This dream was slowly becoming a nightmare. The voice replied, apparently having heard your question.
“He… is currently unaware.”
“Shouldn’t it be his choice? Not yours?”

“Your argument is valid but tradition overrules in this case. The process of selection has been designed to allocate a suitable partner for my son and I will not discuss it any further. You are dismissed and will now be shown to your temporary residencies.”

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Unfinished Business

Chapter ONE

Desc: Reader joins the trip to the underworld with Emma and the others, afraid to share her true ambitions; she intends to rescue her lost love, Pan. Nobody knows of her affection for Pan, and her grudge against Gold gives her the idea to trade his souls for Peters.

Author’s Note: I’m so excited to share this with you, I’m really interested in making a follow up, so I’ll be more than happy to if you enjoy!

photo creds to owner

x                    x                    x                    x                    x                    x

It was ominous and you hated everything about it.

Emma glanced over at you, her eyes hooded and tired, but loving nonetheless.

“Don’t worry (Y/N), as soon as we find Hook this will finally be over.”

You chewed at the inside of your cheek, tilting your head up a little at the thought.

“Yes, as soon as we find him…It’ll all be over,” you whispered.

Emma smiled reassuringly, unaware you were talking about separate people.

You rubbed you fingers against the shiny silver necklace Pan had given you long ago, shaped like the tiny reed pipes that had once brought you euphoria.

The boat rocked and lurched to an unsteady stop, and your eyes flashed at the sight of what lay ahead. You took an unsure step out, hoisting yourself up with a heavy sigh. You hoped that the next time you set foot in the boat would be to return with what you’d lost, for if not, you would rather take death itself. After all, these lost souls weren’t the only ones with unfinished business.


The door clanged shut, the little bell ringing as you entered. It was Gold’s shop…but it also wasn’t, just like everything else here. Red light streamed through the windows, casting the room in an eerie glow. You paced around the shiny well kept shop, your fingers trembling from anger. Gold was the reason you’d lost him. Gold who killed him. Gold, who even after he ripped him from your life, was still a pathetic coward, worse so than his father ever was. You reached for a shiny pearl stone, your fingers sweaty as you hoisted it into the air, about to haul it across the room in animalistic rage when an uncanny voice spoke out from behind your back.

“I wouldn’t do that.”

Your grip loosened, and you almost dropped the stone to the floor as your breath was trapped in your throat.

“Well then?” the voice asked in question to your silent response.

Just the sound of the voice brought everything back. Every feeling of Neverland washed over your body in a whirlwind of emotion, and it was enough to bring you crumpling to the floor in a ball, tears flowing from your eyes because it had to be him. Your fingers tugged roughly at the roots of your hair as you gasped for breath, moisture dripping from your eyes, a tear for each day you’d lost without him. And the feeling of loss and grief that had strung over you for so long was lifted, and you were free.

The voice behind you didn’t say anything, and all in the room now was a terrifying silence.

You stood back up, palms rubbing at your pink eyes, back still to the boy.

“…(Y/N)?” it breathed in a hush so low you hardly heard.

Your heart dropping low in your chest, you turned shyly around, your eye’s meeting with Peter’s foresty ones. He looked different. Still young and handsome as ever, but different all the same. His old green attire was replaced by a finely made suit, and the grin once permanently plastered to his smug face showed no traces.

He simply stared in awe at you, his angelic skin glowing under the light.

“Is it-” he began, his throat tight, “really-”

“Me,” you finished with a pathetic grin and a sniffle.

Peter trailed his eyes back and forth across your face uncertainly. Ever so slowly he took a step towards you, and then another, and another. Now he was inches from your body, his eyes much more sad than they had once been. His breath tickled your skin, the gap between you closing as he bent forward suddenly, pulling you into a tight hug. 

You laughed and sobbed into his shoulder, your arms slung perfectly around his waist, his arms comforting and familiar around yours. He brought a hand to your head, holding the back of it to his chest, his hands tugging gently through your hair as he too cried tears of joy. He held you like that for a long time, whispering into your ear.

“Love, you had no idea how much I missed you.”

You released him, pulling back with a stupid grin spread wide on your cheeks.

“And you have no idea how much I’ve missed you.”

Peters smile faltered momentarily as he spoke up, “But, what are you doing down here, why would you come?”

“Emma and the others came down here to find Hook, he sacrificed himself to save us. He was the dark one, well Emma was the dark one before that-” you stumbled along, trying to catch Peter up.

“Hold on love,” Peter chuckled, taking your hands and seating you down on a chair. “I’ve been dead awhile, I could use some catching up.”

You smiled warmly into his patient eyes, “Okay.”

And so you told him everything from the moment that dagger had gone through his heart, up until the present. Peter nodded along silently, never interrupting. Only speaking when you were done.


“Alright is a good answer,” you said to him.

“Well, that pirate may be down here, but something gives me the feeling that’s not why you came,” Peter said, raising a brow.

Your cheeks flushed pink, your eyes scanning the floor, “I wanted to find you.”

Peter took in a deep sigh, his brows furrowing as he bent forward, his head in his palms.

“And why would you do that if you knew you couldn’t save me?”

You reached forward, taking his palms lightly in yours, “Because I can.”

His eyes met yours again curiously, “But you need a passenger, a living soul for me to exchange with.”

Your eyes grew dark, your nails tracing patterns across Peter’s palms, “I have one.”

Peter tilted his head, lips pursed.

“Your son.”

“Love-” he began.

“No,” you said firmly. “Don’t you dare defend him, don’t you even dare.”

Peters voice was filled with deep sadness, “I was a coward when I chose my fate, I didn’t regret it once, not until the moment he killed me.”

“You changed. He didn’t. That man is still a coward, and one with a filthy secret. What Killian did to save us was a lie. Belle returned to Rumple, and that horrible excuse for a man still has the dagger, making Hook’s sacrifice completely in vain.”

Peter didn’t respond.

“Please Peter,” you begged helplessly.

His mesmerizing face filled with sadness, he shook his head, “There has to be another way.”

Your face tightened up, and you tossed Peter’s hands out of yours, “Well there isn’t. And I thought that you of all people would understand. They still don’t know how I feel about you, they never did, and they never will. They didn’t know the pain that stabbed me through the heart when you were stabbed through yours. They’ll never understand that the only thing worth living for was stolen right from my grasp. I had to live each and every day a secret, pretending that I was actually glad to have you gone,” you laughed bitterly. “They never knew Peter. They never knew how much I loved you.”

Peter’s eyes shone with crystal water, “I’m so sorry my love.” He bent forward, planting a single kiss to your forehead. “We will find a way out together, I promise.”

You hiccuped sadly and nodded in lame defeat.

“After all,” he smiled.

“Peter Pan never fails,” you finished with a weak laugh,

Peter smiled, “You’d better get going before things seem suspicious.”

You nodded and stood, turning to leave.

“ thing,” you said.

You whirled around, bringing Peter’s body flush to yours, your lips finding his, locking in place perfectly against his smooth & round ones. You held him close, tasting his mouth whilst he caressed your cheek gently. Even in the underworld, he had that same fresh smell of the pines and forest. It took everything you had to pull away from the oh so familiar boy you’d loved once upon a time.

“I’ll see you soon, Lost Girl.”

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