sorry if i got the lyrics wrong

Stage - Brad

This was a really long request so hopefully I got everything you asked for in it, but sorry if I miss anything or don’t write it the way you imagined. Hopefully it’s good enough though, thanks for the request I really liked this idea! :-) 

Also, I don’t know the actual lyrics to Coming Home because let’s be honest at some bits it’s kinda hard to understand what Brad is singing haha! Anyway I googled the lyrics and this is what they came up as so, sorry if they’re wrong! It’s such a cute song though! 

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AMY  French  AY-mee  beloved.

to @sagemeryllisbanks: hello! MERRY CHRISTMAS! i’m your very klutzy, very forgetful, very awkward secret santa. at first, i was going to write a really really fluffy Christmas Snowbaz fic for you, but then I asked Rebecca (@snowflake-soup) (who I can’t tag at the moment for some reason??) and she said that you don’t really like cheesy fluffy stuff, and I’m always down for some angst. plus i’m pretty sure you really love the same exact scene i do (’we’re flying’) so i couldn’t not put that in there. here you go, I hope you like it - may your Christmas be filled with laughter and joy <3

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Seventeen Reacting to you listening to Bullet by Hollywood Undead - Request

A/N: Hello there! I’m so sorry for the late posting because I was kind of busy today and I finally got to this post and watched the song itself. Thank you so much for requesting, I hope you request again! Thanks~ 


I can see S.coups feeling slightly worried yet amused at the song since it was quite upbeat but the lyrics put him off. He would ask if anything was wrong after the video, probably causing you to say you were just fine. 

“That’s great, I’m hoping the lyrics won’t explain how you feel Y/N, I can’t lose the most important person to me second to my parents…” S.coups would reply, causing you to smile.


I can see Jeonghan just raising his brow as he watches you, someone amused by the music and lyrics. He wouldn’t go deep into curiosity to ask if you felt that way in case you feel uncomfortable talking about that, attempting to change the subject after. 

“So anyway, did you see this extremely adorable bunny video? It’s a bunny eating a strawberry– let’s watch it together actually!” 


I would see Joshua as a more worried guy seeing you watch that, seeing him as a more strongly religious guy who wouldn’t even think about lyrics like those. He would be telling you whether you were okay or not and pour out all the thoughts relating to the song lyrics that were displayed. You would say nothing was wrong and that you just really enjoyed the song. 

“I believe you but if there’s anything wrong, I’m realllllllyyyyyy hoping you tell me, okay? I’m saying this because I’m worried that I can lose you.” Joshua would say, causing you to smile at him, telling him you will if you felt something else. 

literally his face when he hears an excerpt of the lyrics


I feel like Jun would be the most chill about this situation. Like, you know when you were around Jun after awhile, he would be okay with anything, if you told him you needed help with something or if you were in a situation where you wanted to harm yourself, he always had the right words to turn you around. He’d probably be interested like you with the lyrics and upbeat song. 

“Wow Y/N, this is pretty good… the lyrics are putting me off but it’s great!” Jun would probably say, probably something you would be happy about that he liked something that was a bit extreme. 

this can also be taken as when your singing along to something from a live showcase and the idol randomly changes their voice  


I can see Hoshi being the cutest kitten asking whether you enjoyed the song or not, looking at you. 

“Yeah, it’s a pretty good song, you like it?” you would ask, causing him to nod quickly. 

“I like everything you like~” Hoshi would say, causing you to gush from his cheesiness. 

“to all the haters out there that put me down, this is for you” - Hoshi 2016


I can just see Wonwoo so calm about the song, he’d actually sit with you and watch the whole song, reading the lyrics with you. After it was over, you two would be sitting in silence until you asked whether or not he liked it. 

“Not bad. But these are one of the moments where I would hate that anyone would relate to this song.” Wonwoo would calmly say as he would stare at you. 

“I know. It’s fortunate that I just like the rhyme and upbeat music.” causing Wonwoo to smile. 

“Phew.” causing you to laugh at how you notice Wonwoo’s sweat was dripping from him. 


As a songwriter himself, he would be visibly shocked, causing you to laugh at how his face was silently disturbed from the lyrics. When the song ended, he would sit down right next to you. 

“So… you like the song right? Because it sounds nice… right…?” Woozi would ask as he would stare at you, making sure you wouldn’t lie. 

“Yeah… did you think I liked it for something else…?” you would ask, causing Woozi to lose his gaze with you as you raised your brow, causing him to deny anything that you were thinking.


As a happy virus, he would be clapping like a seal around the room until he sees you focusing on this particular song. He would be very much shocked to see you watching this genre of music. You would be finished and notice Dk standing there, shuffling around awkwardly as you would ask what was wrong. 

“Sorry! Didn’t mean to interrupt you from that… uhm… song…? I’m just asking but– youdonthaveanythingtodowiththatright?!” Dk would say, asking you what he said as he would slowly and awkwardly ask the question. 

“Ohhhhhh… No, the song’s just my style.” you would say, grinning at him as you could tell that his nervousness was disappearing slowly, causing a huge smile that he gives whenever he’s happy. 


This inoccent smol giant would be following along with the beat, even attempting to sing it, only causing you to laugh from how his face changed after reading the lyrics out loud. 

“I’m sitting on the edge with my two best friends! One’s a bottle of p-pills? And one is a bottle of… Gin?!” Mingyu would definitely be terrified at that point, causing you to pause and exit out the video. 

“I still don’t know how I’m younger than you.” you would say, rolling your eyes at his still frozen face that was filled with shock. 

omg what even is this gif i can’t


Seeing that The8 is definitely much much much far from that kind of genre, he would be surprised to how much he enjoyed it. Though he didn’t like the fact you knew clearly what the lyrics were talking about, he enjoyed the catchy upbeat rhythm. 

“Yah, how can such a violent song be so catchy?” The8 would say, something you would be happy about since he at least liked the music itself. 


This guy would probably be overreacting about the lyrics, enunciating some of the lyrics, looking at you with an odd look. 

“Woah woah woah, NOT ENOUGH PILLS? ARE YOU KIMBAP KIDDING ME?” Seungkwan would be yelling at that point, causing you to stop listening to the song as you didn’t want Seungkwan raising his voice discussing the lyrics. 

“Yah, it’s just that it sounds nice okay?” 

“You know what sounds nice? My mixtape I’m going to create with Vernon, you’re mind will be blown compared to that song.” 


From what I noticed, I can see him being uncomfortable at first, his brow raised from such bizarre lyrics but then start getting into the music. He’d probably be more into it than he should be, causing you to regret letting him see it as he would normally be saying the lyrics out loud. 

“Hey, didn’t I tell you it was bad to say those lyrics?” 

“Sorry~ it’s just really catchy, I should totally make something inspired by that.”

“Please don’t.” 



This young kiddo would be terrified of this new music genre that you introduced him just now. He would be quiet but very much disturbed to hear the lyrics both out loud and written down. His face would were much show how he was feeling, creeped out.

“Y/N-ah turn it off~ That’s scaring me~” 

“What do you mean? You’re older than me how does it scare you– whatever.” you would say, teasing him after that nonstop. 

My Feels Just Took A Tour Down Dreamland.... -QH 4th April

^^^Btw, this is the only way I remember what date it is….

Razia…. My advice to you:

  1. Be quieter and more secretive with this sort of stuff!
  2. Don’t anger some clever clog like TKB…
  3. And don’t mess with your daughter’s life…

Phoppi, don’t let her leave!!! Don’t!

Go Najma! Stop her with that cute attitude! 

Zoya! I’m so proud of you! I just am! You told Asad what he needed to be told! Indirectly! I dunno why I’m so happy! But I ammmmmmm!

ASAD! No Don’t walk away!!!!

No Tanveer! SHUSHIMUSH!!! 

Your “dupatta” trick didn’t work last time! I mean you came off as extremely desperate! And I think Asad might get rashes from your dupatta! SO STAY AWWAY AND SHUSHIMUSH!

And for your information…. Your words make me want to jump out of a window! Screaming ASYA4EVAAAAAAA! 

Dude, when you talk about replacing Zoya, you insult my url!

Ayaan! Just dil karta hai chomiya karoon apko! Just amazing!You stand up to Kruella like a boss!!! 

No Kruella, bad girl! You do not blackmail people! Bad girl! Go to your naughty corner ;)

Oh, if only your naughty corner was out of a seven story high building….

My life would be amazing! And so would everyone elses… Now I could make a list….but I’d run out of paper…And I have a ton of paper in my house… That’s saying something!!!

Asad! Your'e dreams…..are amazing! The only thing sad about them is that… they are…. dreaaaaammmms!

(Okay, time for some pep talk) Damn man! You gotta get your stuff together! You gotta pull yourself together! Be the man! Not the wussy! BE THE MAN! More talking, less daydreaming! Daydreaming is for girls! Men,do! Are a girl?! ARE YOU?! (Well, I’m never gonna say he is! Damn have you seen that six pack? Hehe) No?! Right?! Then go up to your woman! And STOP HERRRR!

On a more serious note though, I think Asad is scared of rejection from Zoya…. 

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Hunter Hayes ft. Lady Antebellum - Where It All Begins

Verse 1:

Well I didn’t know me, like I know me now,

Sometimes you gotta get lost, so you can get found.

I’ve been scared of the dark, and I’ve been scared of the light.

If you never get knocked down, you never learn how to fly.

That’s right. Ohh.

Imagine all of the dreams, you were too scared to chase.

You spend every last tomorrow looking back on yesterday.

I’ve been where you are, so many times before.

These are moments when you find what you’ve been living for.


This is where you fall, this is when you get up

This is where it all begins.

This where it hurts, this is when you learn that

This is where it all begins, where it all begins.

Verse 2:


My mama used to say, when I was just a child, 

‘life’s little ups and downs make it all worthwhile’

Oh, don’t worry bout nobody, cause nobody’s keeping score.

Yeah, your hardest days are a part of something so much more


This is where you fall, this is when you get up

This is where it all begins (where it all begins).

And this is where it hurts, this is when you learn that

This is where it all begins, where it all begins.


Starting over, is a beautiful thing.

You find out who you are through the pain.


This is where you fall, this is when you get up

It’s where it all begins, where it all begins

It’s where it hurts, this is when you learn that

This is where it all begins, where it all begins.

Cause’ when you learn, it’s where it all begins

Where it all begins.

Wrong Number Song (Undertale Cover)
Wrong Number Song (Undertale Cover)

Sung by: Perfectlyvindictive

Lyrics Written By: Toby Fox 


Oh, it’s the wrong number?
The wrong number song
We’re very very sorry that we got it wrong
Oh it’s the wrong number!
The wrong number song
We’re very very sorry that we got it wrong

(i’m sorry but this song was too cute and this game is awesome!)

So I got a request from epicface3609 to draw pictures for some lyrics, and sorry the first picture took so long! I kept having to leave in the middle of drawing Foxy. I’ll start working on the rest of the pictures now! I wasn’t sure what type of pictures you wanted either, so…sorry if I did it wrong ^-^;;