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monsta x members + name meanings

600 special prompts set
  1. Why didn’t you lock the door?
  2. It sounds dangerous, I don’t know if I like it
  3. “What did I do? OW! Why are you hitting me?”
    “You told him? What’s wrong with you?”
  4. There’s a German guy in the bathtub. Why?
  5. I think the cleanest thing this house is that shoe right there
  6. I got three pounds seventy on me. What you got?
  7. If you drink one more cup of coffee, I’ll punch you
  8. How should I know her last name? I don’t know her first name!
  9. ”Did you say something to her again?”
    ”Other than sorry that I hit you?”
  10. ”What happened to your shirt?”
    ”I fell asleep with a cigarette.”
  11. Sure, she’s a sarcastic son of a bitch, but she doesn’t deserve this shit
  12. I really think this counts as aunt abuse
  13. Doesn’t it feel good to be in control?
  14. “Would you let me take you out for a dinner?”
    “Why are you asking?”
  15. He has shinier shoes than my life!
  16. I mean yes, she’s hot as hell and probably grade A manipulator, but you my friend… You have the cutest sneeze that I’ve ever heard.
  17. “So you’re gonna just sit on your ass while I have to make breakfast?”
    “At least it’s a cute ass.”
  18. “I really thought I was going to die”
    “I know. But you’re alive, right”
  19. She’s bit awkward, right?
  20. So what you’re saying is.. your twin owes twenty hundred pounds to the crime boss of Latvia, and you want us to kill him so you don’t have to pay it up?

I’m sick as balls, my fever is down but everything fucking hurts.. Sorry.

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Not hating on lottie or anything (she is amazing and hard working) but she had it so easy, didn't go to a make up school or anything just worked under a reputed makeup artist coz her brother is a famous millionaire artist :/ when so many talented kids still don't get opportunities they truly deserve. The rich have it way too easy,not exactly inspirational. Had a normal kid with proper degrees gone to lou ,she would have been shooed away. Anyways all the best to her on her book.

But Lottie did work for her stuff, yes she might’ve used her connections but she worked hard. She did studied all she could, she went on tour with Lou to try and learn. You guys are going to tell me that if you had connections you wouldn’t use? Just because it’s “not fair”? Hell, if I had the connections she has I’d use them for sure! She didn’t exploit anyone in the process and is not using her brother’s name to get out there. I root for every kid with a dream and I hope they have the chance she had, but saying she got it easy because she has connections like she didn’t have to work for it, it’s not right

ok so this is what i got notes on from the sjm book talk

(i’m sorry if i forgot something or got something wrong, if you were there feel free to add it or correct me)

•wrote tog because of the cinderella sound track
•was the founder of the lord of the rings club at her school
•manon was inspired by a song from fright night
•the stuff that happened on pg 666 wasn’t planned to happen on that page but she wanted to keep it like how it was because it made her LOL
•amren would get a really strong expresso from starbucks
•rhys would get a well made latte with art in like, the foam of it
•feyre would be like “i don’t drink coffee i drink tea,” and she’d have a british breakfast tea
•rhys wouldn’t handle caffeine well, he’d be jumping on the walls
•WHO WOULD WIN IN A FIGHT AELIN OR RHYS they wouldn’t fight physically because aelin would be like “you’re too pretty to fight” and rhys would be interested in her fire powers. verbally aelin would probably win in a fight, but then she would feel bad afterwards
•if amren and manon met or got stuck in an elevator they would just have a dominance contest, but then they’d get tired and use their talents (manons claws, amrens tininess) to get out
•amren needs blood like people need a redbull
•acts out almost every scene she writes and her dog is her little writing pal
•if she could go to anywhere in the world with two of her characters she would go to blue (i think thats what she said) in paris and show feyre the art and feyre would probably cry
•would love to bring aelin to the metropolitan opera house because she loves ballet
•she recommends for us to add flame in the mist to our tbrs

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Ignis & Gladio + “Is that an apology?”

“Yo, Iggy, wait!” Gladio barked across the courtyard, jogging over to him.

Sunset gilded the windows of the citadel, and as Ignis turned, the light flashed dangerously off his glasses.

“I didn’t mean it…” he panted as he caught up with him.

“Yes you did,” Ignis snapped. “You meant every word. And the worst part is that it’s all true. That’s why it hurt me, Gladio, because it’s true. I just never thought I’d hear it from you.”

Gladio blinked, dumbfounded. “You serious?”

“Is it that much of a shock to learn that I’m still a virgin at twenty, Gladio? It’s hardly something to be ashamed of.”

“Of course it’s not!” Gladio gabbled. “I’m not saying it is. I’m just surprised, that’s all. I mean… look at you!”

“Yes, well, we can’t all have your stature and bearing, Amicitia.”

Gladio took a step back. “You haven’t called me by my last name since we were, like, fourteen and I ruined your dress shirt with one of my energy drinks… Did I screw up that bad?”

Ignis sighed, reflexively pushing his specs back up his nose, closing his eyes.

Gladio watched him softening and made his move. “Iggy, I embarrassed you back there in front of them… and it was wrong of me. I got carried away, you know? Took it all too far.”

Ignis’ sharp eyebrow went up. “Is that an apology?”


“It’s missing a word or two…”

“I’m sorry,” he said, eyes big and earnest. “Really, I am. You’re gorgeous, and you could have anyone you wanted, man or woman.”

His expression softened the last of the way into something more recognisably ‘Ignis’. “I can think of one way you can make it up to me.”

“Oh?” Gladio frowned. And then behind the flashing sun on his lenses, he caught the light in Ignis’ eyes. “Oh,” he said, in a very different tone. “You serious?”

His lips twitched on one side, and he turned on his heel and walked away from Gladio, calling over his shoulder, “You’ve got some work to do first, Amicitia.”

Gladio bit his lip and felt a rush of blood leave his head and pool somewhere else. He shook his head, watching Ignis go. “What have you got yourself into, ‘Amicitia’?” he muttered aloud. Then he smirked and added, “Well, let the games begin, Iggy.”

drunk texts ;  josh dun imagine


unknown number: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

@msbeliever: I think you’ve got the wrong number.


@msbeliever: I guess you’ve had a rough night?

unknown number: My head hurts

unknown number: too many beers

unknown number: my name is jishiwishi

@msbeliever: take some aspirin and go to bed

@msbeliever: I can’t believe I’m babying a stranger.

unknown number: i’m not a stranger i’m jishiwishi :(

@msbeliever: goodnight extremely wasted jishiwishi

@msbeliever logged off

unknown number: NO

unknown number: PLEASE COME BACK

unknown number: I NEED SOMEBODY TO LOVE </3


unknown number: Hey, uh, sorry for last night. I got really drunk with my friend, it didn’t turn out too great as you can tell.

@msbeliever: All good, I hope you sort things out with this so called ‘Debby.’

unknown number: Yeah, nothing is really going to progress in that relationship. Let’s just pretend this didn’t happen.

@msbeliever: Nah, I think I wanna haunt you with your mistakes xD

unknown number: How rude, and to think my drunk texts would have brought us closer together D:

@msbeliever: Ah yes, I’ve fallen head over heels for the drunk Jishiwishi.

unknown number: The drunk what?

unknown  number: Oooh.. I made mistakes.

@msbeliever: Yes, indeed.

@msbeliever: I’m still going to call you Jishiwishi.

@msbeliever: In fact, I’m saving your number right now as Jishiwishi.

Jishiwishi: Oh God, did you actually? Jesus Christ.

@msbeliever: One must pay for their sins, dearest Jishiwishi.

Jishiwshi: Wait is this official?

@msbeliever: What?

Jishiwishi: Does this mean we are friends? ;)

@msbeliever: Yes Jishiwishi, this makes us best friends. ;)

Wrong Number | | G-Eazy

You leaned up on your elbows as you brushed the hair out of your face. Rubbing your eyes, you looked in the direction of your ringing phone. You didn’t recognize the number but picked it up anyways. 

“Hello?” You yawned scratching your head. 

“I need someone to talk to” The voice spoke. It was a male voice, he sounded as if he had been crying. 

“Talk to me.” You answered sitting up and crossing your legs. 

“I’m having a rough time, I just don’t know what to do. I feel like half of the people in my life are only present for the money, because of who I am.” You furrowed your brows together and leaned back against the head board, listening closely to everything he said. 

“I can’t just chill and hang out with someone, everyone makes it seem like I gotta have this big blowout. Every things gotta be crazy 24/7. It’s cool and all, but  I just wish I could settle down every once in a while. Maybe put things on pause for a second.” You pulled the blanket up over your shoulders, slightly adjusting your position, propping the phone up on your shoulder so you wouldn’t have to hold it. You listen to the him talk on and on about his life, how he’s feeling. As the hours went on, you tried to stay awake, eventually you fell asleep. 


You woke up and stared at carpet thinking about the phone call you got last night. As you replayed everything in your head your phone buzzed. You reached over and saw a text from the same number that called you. 

‘I’m so sorry about last night, I was drunk and I must’ve called the wrong number, I apologize I probably woke you.’ 

You smiled to yourself before replying to the stranger. 

‘It’s all good, You did wake me but it’s not a big deal. Would it be weird to ask for your name?’

You layed your phone on your stomach, waiting for him to reply. 


You read his name aloud.

‘Well Gerald, I’m Y/N.’

You quickly went and saved the unknown number to your phone under the name Gerald. You picked up your phone and walked into the kitchen starting a pot of coffee. As you reached up to grab a mug out of the cupboard your phone starting ringing. You turned around and placed the mug down, staring at the caller ID. It was him. He was calling. You slid your thumb across the screen and put the phone up to your ear.

“Hey there.” You answered. 

“Hey, quick question?” You smiled to yourself as his voice filled your ears. 

“Ask away.” You said twirling your finger around the rim of the cup. 

“Why’d you stay on the phone last night? Like when I called? I was just some drunk stranger rambling on about nothing. You talked to me for a full four hours.” You bit your lip as you thought about it. To be completely honest, you didn’t really know why you answered or why you stayed on the call as long as you did. 

“I’m actually not sure.” You admitted. 

“Either way I’m glad you did. I really needed someone to talk to, thanks for listening to my nonsense, Y/N. I’ve gotta get going but I hope I get to talk to you again.” Before you could reply he’d already hung up. You set your phone down and let out a deep breath before turning your attention back to your coffee. 


Hold On - Ray Palmer

- Y/n = Your Name

- Y/L/N = Your Last Name

Prompt- Ray Palmer imagine where he and the reader are madly in love in the future, and he has to come back in time but don’t want to leave her, even knowing you will meet again in two years -anon  //  "Ray Palmer imagine. I don’t have a prompt exactly, but fluff. A lot of fluff because Ray is a little ball of cuteness. Please. Sorry if there is anything wrong with the request, i’m not a native speaker.-anon

Word count - 1,245


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Okay but then we knew he was "Levi Ackerman" wayy before he met kenny again right. Like we knew he was "Humanity's strongest Levi Ackerman" Also I think he knew that his mom's name was "Kuchel Ackerman" so maybe he just took his mother's last name?

I actually just got a revision from @shingeki-no-dead-otp about that last ask as well, so lemme try to find some middle ground here. I may be wrong, but I don’t remember Levi Ackerman being established before the Uprising arc. I always remembered it as just “Captain Levi,” or by some translations, “Lance Corporal.” He may have actually known beforehand, like @shingeki-no-dead-otp mentioned, and you make a good point that Kuchel may have told him. Ultimately I’m not sure, so I’m gonna invoke the Ackerknowledge of @falcon94ssy. FALCON WHEN DID LEVI FIND OUT HE WAS AN ACKERMAN THANKS


ok first, star vs the forces of evil. Little fact about me, My middle name is star :)

the homestuck one… I’m not really into that fandom, so sorry if I got the characters totally wrong xDD

and for the last one, I love vocaloid and all most of their songs :)

I’ll do the rest tomorrow…i’m so darn tired and I have school.

 Please, keep sending me AU’s!!

that is all

Grool - Lance Sweets x Reader

@snowbubby1′s request from the Bones quote prompts.

Lance, #1&6

1 - “He touched me with his creepy serial killer hands.”

6 - “I clicked on a pop-up and got caught in a pornado.”

Y/N - Your Name

L/N - Your Last Name.

Sorry it’s sorta short, I haven’t watched a lot of Sweets-involved episodes recently (even though he’s one of the best characters and my sweet angelic son) and I was scared I was gonna write him wrong. Hope you enjoy it anyways!

Also, please request or I’ll die. Dialogue Prompts: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Quotes, Bones Quotes. Guidelines to ensure you get the most out of your request: Here. Masterlist: Here.

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Stormy Night Fight

Requested By- Anon

Request- can i please request one where the reader and Derek are fighting for something stupid and he decides to sleep in the guest room (they live together) and it starts storming really hard and the reader is scared of storms and Derek can tell something is wrong so he goes to check on her and shes having a panic attack so they make up and fall asleep together (sorry its so long! love your blog so much!!)

Person- Derek (Hale or Morgan)

Warnings- Verbal Fighting, Panic Attack

A/N- I didn’t know who this was for so I’ll try and keep it general and no last names but yeah sorry but I don’t know who you mean.

I step inside with Derek close behind me just waiting for the shouting to begin. “Y/n, you enjoy that hospital visit? You glad you got hurt, yet again!” He starts up. “Oh I’m sorry I wanted to do something nice and got hurt in the process!” I reply loudly. “You were standing on the railing of the stairs, what if you fell down the other way and hit the hardwood floor, maybe you’d regret it a bit more!” He shouts. I sit down on the couch and start flinging my shoes off. “Yeah yeah, but I didn’t so be glad of that at least!” “Fine, you got lucky! But what if next time you don’t get lucky!” “Then next time I don’t get lucky, is that what you want me to say!” “I’m not expecting you to say anything! You know what this is pointless. I’m going to sleep in the guest room, maybe you need to sleep on the decision you made and think how stupid you’re being right now.” He then storms off to the guest room and I let out a sigh and lean back on the couch. I fight back the tears that threaten to come out. I finally get up and move to the bedroom throwing on my pajamas. I crawl into bed and try my best to sleep. After a few moments a loud crash rings out, thunder, and a bright light flashes, lightning. The rain is slamming against the roof of the house and every so often the lightning would crash down accompanied by the thunder. Great, there is no way I’m sleeping now. I sit up and try to calm myself down but to no avail I can’t. Quickly I feel a shortness of breathe and my heartbeat picking up. I close my eyes and cover my ears trying to block it out and calm myself down but the thunder seeps through and I just can’t. I suck in as much air as I can and try to get my heart back to normal but it just makes it worse. I start hyperventilating and next thing I know I feel arms wrapping around me and rocking me. Derek starts whispering in my ear, calming me down how he always does. My heart finally goes down to a normal pace and I wrap my arms around Derek in a hug. “I-I’m so-” I start but he cuts me off, “Shh, it doesn’t matter, just sleep and we can worry about that tomorrow. It’s okay.” We lay down and I pull myself as close as I can to him and slowly but surely I get to sleep.

Love Lost

Hi can I request one where the reader and Spence are best friends and she starts to think that he has a girlfriend ‘cause the way he’s acting but she has feelings for him and is sad. I leave the ending to you :). Thanks

I’M SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I hope you enjoy it!xx-Ash

Part 2 Part 3

for @ ijspn x

“Spenny are you free tonight? because I’ve got a huge bowl of popcorn calling our name and the last series of Doctor Who on DVD!” you winked at him and laughed expecting him to jump at the offer but was met with an excuse you’d heard far to often recently. 

“I’m busy tonight, sorry Y/N.”

“Oh, How about tomorrow?” you’re energy was depleted.

“No I don’t think I should.” his words confused you, who would he upset? What is wrong with him spending time with you? It was just Doctor Who and popcorn, you’d had nights in like that all the time so what was wrong with this time. 5 times in the past 3 weeks had this happened, when you’d asked him to come to your cousins wedding, 2 movie nights, a night out drinking and a ‘family’ dinner with the rest of the team.

“oh…ok. Another time maybe…” you dropped your eyes back down to the files in front of you and tried not to feel upset. Normally you weren’t overly emotional, you always managed to compartmentalise everything and avoid the team figuring out how you were feeling or that you had a huge crush on the resident genius. It was something that surprised you, falling for him, you’d been friends for so long that you thought it was out of the question, that there was nothing he could possibly do to surprise you and make you look at him as more than a friend, but then he took a bullet for you. It only scraped the side of his stomach but it would’ve killed you. Something about that moment changed the way you felt about him, flicked the switch to something more.


Spencer was distant; he didn’t talk to you like he used to, didn’t call you late at night when he had a nightmare or pick up a coffee for you on the way in. Since the offer of popcorn and Doctor Who had been shot down your notions of spending time together were becoming few and far between. Your friendship had almost completely disappeared and for the first time since you met, 5 years ago, being around each other had become uncomfortable and silent. You weren’t the only one who noticed, JJ and Garcia had watched him blatantly ignore you on many occasions and had asked you about the strange way he’d been acting, none of those questions you could answer. 

There was a particularly bad case. A case that Spencer knew would affect you greatly; it involved children and, knowing what had happened when you were younger, normally you could count on him being there for you, making sure you were coping. But this time he wasn’t.

You felt yourself becoming flustered, the undeniable feeling of heartbreak coupled with the emotions brought on by the case, had broken through the many layers of protection you always kept up. 



“I think…I thin…” you felt the ability to breath being torn away from you, you hadn’t had a panic attack this bad in a long time. Spencer sat you down and handed you a paper bag before leaving the room. Your eyes focused on the door he had walked out of, hoping he would return with a bottle of water or a cold compress and he hadn’t just left you here to deal with it.

“Y/N!” JJ burst into the room and was quickly by your side “Reid told me you needed my help, I’m so sorry!” 

How could he just leave you like this? 

You had managed to calm yourself down physically but now you were angry, so angry. In a moment of pure red you had marched out into the bull pen and right up to Spencer.

“What the fuck is wrong with you Reid!?” you didn’t care who was around, who heard your melt down, you needed answers “You know exactly why this case is hard for me and you leave! Fine you don’t want to be near me outside of work but when one of your team is having a panic attack you don’t just fuck off and get someone else to deal with it! You don’t like me, fine, but I still don’t know why and I’ve had enough!”

“My girlfriend doesn’t want you and I to be alone together!” his words stream out of his mouth as one continuous sound.

“Girlfriend!? What!?” fuck, now you were crying.

“Yes my girlfriend.”

“And she doesn’t want you so much as talk to me because even in a room full of people you won’t do that.”

“She doesn’t think you can control yourself.” and with that you were done. All respect and love for him was gone.

“Fuck you Reid.” you stormed out of office, out of the building and out of his life.

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: domestic!au: phone calls

Shizuo didn’t call him often.

He didn’t like talking on the phone, he explained. He just didn’t like it, and Izaya left it at that, though he did hear Shizuo mumbling about phones being ridiculously complicated under his breath and sending waves to his brain through his ear.

So when he did call, it was usually because of something bad.

One time, Shizuo called because he’d forgotten an important document at home.

Another time, Shizuo called because he’d locked himself out of the apartment.

And there was a time where Shizuo had half a beer and called Izaya because he didn’t think it was safe to drive home. Izaya gently reminded him that he didn’t have a car; he’d taken the subway.

This time, Izaya was at home. He was tapping away on his laptop, as normal, a lazy smirk as he went about his daily business. His phone went off and Izaya gave it a cursory glance, prepared to dismiss it when he saw Shizuo’s name displayed.

He typically let it ring three or four times, but with Shizuo, he picked up on the first or second.

“Shizu-chan? What’s wrong? Did you forget your keys? Forget which milk you needed? Got lost? Did you fall asleep on the train? Are you still in the Tokyo area?”

“I am, it’s just…”

“Just what?”

“…I left for work before you came home from your business trip.”

“Yes. Sorry about that. Did I wake Shizu-chan last night?”

“No… but I told you to. I missed you. I haven’t seen you for two weeks… haven’t spoken to you for four days…”

“Yeah, I was busy, sorry. Did Shizu-chan need something?”

“Oh, no. I just wanted to call because I missed your voice.”

Izaya had to pinch the bridge of his nose to hide the threatening blush Namie would’ve seen when she walked in the door.

Wrong House - Rap Mon, angst.

anon requested

You hummed your favorite song while walking up the stairs to their room; chuckling slightly, knowing their reactions would be funny when you surprised them. You knocked on one of the rooms, but it was not Namjoon’s, because you decided to surprise him later. A few seconds later, Jimin opened his door. A gasp escaped his lips. “Y/N?!” he yelled, catching V and J-Hope’s attention. 

“Y/N?” they both yelled too, walking towards you with rush. “I thought you were in Singapore?” Taehyung’s surprised voice echoed, so you hushed him. “I came without telling, I wanted to surprise Namjoon– so be a little quiet, guys. Please.” you replied, rolling your eyes. But when you mentioned his name, they looked away– as if they’re hiding something. “Hyung’s not here, Y/N, you better go home, sorry, we miss you tho!” you furrowed your eye-brows, “not here?”

“He’s going out for awhile, I’m– We’re sorry.” J-Hope continued, sighing heavily. You knew something was not right, that tone Hoseok used– it was not usual, the last time you heard that was like a year ago, when Namjoon got really sick and Hoseok got worried. “Someone’s wrong,” you muttered, taking out your phone. You dialed Namjoon’s number as the three guys gulped. 

You heard a ring at his room. “He’s away, huh?” you questioned, mockingly. You looked at those three boys as you tried to keep negative things away– but you can’t. “Guys,” you sighed, trying to hide your disappointment, hanging up the phone. “You guys don’t like me hanging out with Namjoon, is it?” their eyes widened as they screamed, “No!” Jimin sighed, “Y/N, you’re like a sister to me, I don’t hate you– We don’t hate you. But there’s something–” 

You heard a moan from his room– but not his moan, it was a girl’s moan. You and the three boys froze. “What’s that sound coming from his room? I-Is he–?” you never finished your sentence when you heard Jungkook groaned and walked out of the room, “They did it again! Every fucking day! Every fucking–” he paused when he saw you, looking at him, as if you wanted him to continue. “Y/N-Noona?” you saw a glint of guilt in his eyes. “Wh-What are you doing here?” you chuckled forcefully, “I, myself, don’t know why too, Jungkook.”

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*whispers quietly* coughcoughLawlessLichtcoughcough about Hyde's memories about Ophelia-

*whispers back* don’t worry, I got this all in the bag

holy fuck tho, i forgot to put in the tumblr url for credit. so would you PLEASE. PLEASE CREDIT SERVAMPFACEBOOK IF YOU’RE GOING TO REPOST THIS ON ANY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA!

i also spelled Licht’s last name wrong IM SO SORRY IM ASHAMED </3

anonymous asked:

Sorry, I guess, I used the wrong word in my last ask. Of course he mentioned her name before. I just meant that it was the first time he did that after they got back together.

Oh sorry babes! I thought you were a Larry. I don’t get many on here so I get bitchy when I do lol. I FEEL TERRIBLE !! :/

But yes! That was the first time Louis said Eleanor’s name on a filmed interview in 2017. Hopefully there’s more! :)