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its just past four am and your hearts been in your throat for the past twelve hours and youre not sure if youd rather cut it out or just got the fuck to sleep for once

evak. final ep of season 3

well, i have no words. literally.

i still remember the day i decided to watch skam. you know, it was one of the best days in my life. this tv show tought me so many things. i will forever be grateful to everyone who is concerned in creating it.

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to be honest, i thought that there’s gonna be something really bad in final episode. i even thought even’s gonna die (wtf is wrong with me). but thanks god evak got a happy end. even though i didn’t completely understand the ending of this ep, i still think that it was one of the best episodes of this season. 

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and god, eva and chris? yes, please 

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i probably have hundreds of mistakes and im sorry for them. english is not my first language and yeah my hands are still shaking and i can’t think properly. love you all, guys

A Dirty Little Secret

Theo Raeken x Reader

Word count: 1802

Request:  Hey I was wondering if I could request an imagine where the reader is Lauras daughter, but was taken by the ghost riders around the time Peter killed her, which is why no one in the Hale family has mentioned her, and when the pack saves Stiles she’s also saved and since she’s a werewolf without a pack she joins Scotts pack after explaining who she is. And she’s got the typical Hale sass you know? And maybe she falls in love with Theo and actually manages to keep him on the good side? Thanks!

A/N: Hey, here it is! Hope you like it. I made a few changes, hope you don’t mind. Sorry for any wrong word, English is not my fisrt language. Anyways, enjoy!!

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Prompt: My neighbour’s sibling got the wrong house number and barged into my apartment on accident.

Word Count: 850

Warnings: brief mentions of nudity (v v PG), brief mention of totally letting Bucky feel you up (v v NOT PG), brief mention of alcohol, language,

Author’s Note: Okay, so I couldn’t pass this one up. It was too great in my mind. I, I could just see it happening. The gif has Steve in it for reasons you’ve probably figured out.


Hmmm, hot water. You loved it after a long run. You came out feeling nice and cool. It was a daily routine. Running water brought your mind to this morning, actually just twenty minutes ago.

The weather was fairly cool in this October air. Hence orange leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and Halloween ads. Maybe you’d dress up this year. Or get drunk. Yup, totally getting drunk. It was a good time of year, in your opinion.

You ran the stairs to your apartment. The damn elevator was still out. You just thought of it as more exercise.

As you reached your apartment, you saw your neighbor, Bucky, struggling with all his groceries. He was obviously strong enough to hold them, but there were so many bags. You carefully approached him.

“I’ll unlock it for you if you want.” You offered. Bucky’s head turned to see you covered in sweat but softly smiling. Something in him, rationality mostly, told him you weren’t threat. Also, you two talked often enough.

“I’d really appreciate it.” He said. You were grabbing his keys in seconds, easily unlocking it. He kicked the door open gently to get in. He put the groceries on the counter before heading back to talk to you.

“Why so many groceries if there’s only one of you?” You asked lightheartedly. You were always the joking type, especially with you neighbors. He’d been pretty nice after he got used to you bothering him.

“My friend is coming over for the first time. I thought it would be nice to cook him something.” Bucky said with a soft, nostalgic smile on his face. The smile on your face got cheesy.

“Is he your boyfriend?” You joked. Bucky rolled his eyes but laughed.

“With how he bosses me around, you’d think so. But no, Steve is not my boyfriend. It would be awkward.” Bucky said. You nodded with pursed lips. He raised an eyebrow at your expression.

“Nice to know. I’ll have to meet this Steve…if you’re willing to let him around these hot bods.” You winked before pointing to his and your body. Bucky groaned loudly.

“Go take a shower. We can’t be friends for the next…hour.” Bucky said. You fake pouted before walking away. You both knew it was all out of humor. That’s why you liked him so much. He was a pretty funny guy under all the glares and long hair.

The memory left you smiling. These last few run-ins left you with a warm feeling in your chest. Bucky was very attractive, so it was a-okay to pine over him.

Bucky’s face popped up next. His strong muscles that were defined in his shirt. Those thighs of his. What you wouldn’t give to let him run his hands all over you and let him tou-

The sound of your apartment door opening startled you bad. You highly doubted it was Bucky coming to carry out those fantasies for you. You shut off the water, nervously grabbing a towel. It was quickly wrapped around you. There was no time for clothes at this point. You could hear the person messing with your electric keyboard.

You held the towel extra close as you tiptoed to the living room. A tall blonde looked all around at the pictures you had hanging. It was just some family and friend pictures. Bucky was actually on the wall. You managed to coerce him into taking a selfie with you. That was for another time to reminisce about.

“Wh-what are you doing in my apartment?” You asked with a shaking voice, moving so he could see you. You wet hair was moved to see him. The man looked back to you, then his eyes widened when he saw just a towel. Bucky definitely didn’t look like that.

“Is Bucky Barnes here?” The man asked. Your face conveyed how uncomfortable you were. There was a shake of the head.

“He’s across the way, 308. This is 307. You must be Steve.” You said. The man nodded, then began apologizing. You took in a deep breath before having him follow you.

You hugged yourself with the towel to block out the chill. Damn October air. Your knuckles rapped on the door.

Bucky opened the door with a smile, but seeing your towel clad body shocked him. Though to your surprise, it was not a look of disgust. More like he wanted to know what was underneath. You blushed before moving to show a very blushing Steve.

“Give clear instructions on where you live next time. Please.” Bucky glared at Steve, pulling him in by the shirt.

“I’m so sorry. It won’t happen again.” Bucky apologized while Steve slinked further into the apartment. You nervously giggled. Why was it so damn cold?

“It’s…not okay, but I’ll live. You owe me a warm shower.” You winked before going back to your place. You stayed out just long enough to hear Bucky yell at Steve about the hot girl across the way, and also thank him for it. You smirked to yourself. Some fantasies do come true…

(if you want a smutty part two, let me know)

Ultimate Chicken Horse
  • Aphex: I think that's a win
  • Chilled: Oh, I'm not sure
  • Galm: Not yet. We're getting there.
  • Chilled: "We're getting there". *Italian mumbling*
  • Galm: What the- what the fuck did you just say Chilled?
  • Chilled: Oh. Sorry, that was a different language.
  • *laughing*
  • Galm: I just got insulted in Italian.
Misha? Really?

Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2,198

Warnings: Language, Gabe nonsense, jealousy?, AU for a little bit, if there’s anything else let me know :)

Request: Could you do a Sam x Reader one-shot where Reader, Sam, & Dean get transported to our world like in the French Mistake, but here, the Reader is with Misha? & she pretends to go along with it to not raise suspicion? Also, just lots & lots of jealous Sam?

A/N: Okay so this one was super fun to write, I feel like I didn’t do a good job at capturing Misha’s personality but I tried my best!! I gave the actress that supposed to play the reader a name (Scarlet or Scar) just fyi. Love you all and thanks for reading!!

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UNIQ REACTION to them trying to flirt with you in Korean but you just talk to them in Chinese (Chinese members) and the opposite, they flirt in Chinese but you reply in Korean (Korean members)

Oh my! I went to my dad’s house this weekend so I couldn’t post anything, but today I’ll post everything I have! Go check it out!



“This isn’t working out Y/N” he’d laugh cuz everything just got to awkward for you two.


“But.. I thought you spoke chinese! OMG sorry! I’ll try again in korean now”


“Wait what? You didn’t understand?… Oh.. That is awkward”


“Let me rephrase that then haha Forget I just tried flirting in the wrong language okay?”


“… what do you mean you didn’t understand a thing I just said?” Embarrassed af here!


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Gif Credit To Their Original Owners!

~ADM Pandacchi


GOT7 when you speak another language~

I only speak French and a little Spanish, so I apologize if some of them are wrong or if the spelling is off~
Mark: Polish - Cześć = Hello | Kocham cię = I love you
Jaebum: Spanish - Déjeme en paz! = Leave me alone |Qué coño hacías mirando a esa tía? = What the hell were you doing looking at that girl? | No puedo más! = I can’t take any more
Jackson: Italian - Mi dispiace = I’m sorry | Aiutami = Help me
Jinyoung: French - Salut, mon chere = Hello, my dear | Je t'adore = I love you
Youngjae: German - Ja, ich liebe ihn sehr = Yes, I love him a lot
BamBam: Nepalese - Namaste = Hello | Kasto cha? = How are you? |Ke tapain nepali bolnuhunchha? = Do you speak Nepalese?
Yugyeom: Indonesian (Bahasa) - Semoga sukses = Good luck | Terima kasih= Thank you

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Hi! Sorry! I got confused on some of your wording and didnt know if you minded explaining it more? It might be because English isn't my first language so sometimes wording tricks me up. When you said "That said, I’m still not convinced that Louis’ stuff isn’t temporary." Do you mean that as in you think him signing with Simon jones is for like a long time? Or did I read that wrong?

No, the opposite. I think it could be temporary, so that they can finish off babygate. And then he’ll choose other PR for his next project. But that’s just a theory. We’ll have to see what happens.

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Do you think metahumans receive as much hate as mutants do?

(in my point of view) metahumans are almost always praised by everyone and only hated (not really hated tho, they’re feared) when they do something stupid/wrong, while mutants are hated by only existing. human beings hate everything that is different, and since most metahumans were “normal” once and mutants were born like this, they choose to hate the second ones.

i’m sorry if it got a bit long and confused (english isn’t my first language). i could totally be wrong since i’m talking about something i don’t know much about, also i don’t read marvel comics, only dc, so i answered this based on x-men and mcu movies and killer croc (that is the closest thing we have of a mutant in the dc universe)

Sorry I picked you to cry to, but I feel like the majority of people aren’t upset enough about s3&s4

They invented a fucking sect just to stop being upset of their favourite show turning into nothing. :D They live in denial.

But ratings started to drop, critics finally understood that something went wrong in s3. Moffat still manages to fool people with nonsense and pretty pictures, but I see more and more people finally get that king is naked.


Bad grammar. Sorry, I’m playing sims because I’m trash and didn’t pay attention to my typing lol

Don’t worry English is not my native language I hardly know it’s grammer :D

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Old English, Iced Café Mocha, Early Grey Tea (sorry if I got them wrong, I tried repeating them to myself really fast to remember lol)

Old English : You’re stranded on an island, who do you bring with you?

Someone with a boat.

Um, the Doctor?

Now, if I had to be stranded and live there, I would want my family along. Um, maybe an interpreter if the people who live on the island (cause I don’t know if it’s inhabited or not) speak a different language than I do.

Iced Cafe Mocha : Favorite thing to do on rainy days?

Stay at home, curled in blankets, reading or watching Netflix.

(If it’s a warm rain, and I’m not carrying anything that can’t get wet, then going out in it without an umbrella and puddle-jumping is also a great option.)

Early Grey Tea : The inevitable Zombie Apocalypse is upon us! What’s your plan of action?

Get to a place where I have food, water, shelter, and protection from the zombies. Long-term plan would be to find out what happened to my family, assuming that all forms of communication are down as well, and eventually meet up with them if at all possible.

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why don't you like person first? I think people with disabilities is better because that means I see you as a person before I see your disability? also what's wrong with special needs? some people with disabilities need more help than others? sorry if this is rude but I don't understand.

i mean, if you need to remind yourself to see me as a person before a disability, it’s not the language you’re using that’s the problem–it’s the way you’re thinking. 

on top of that, my disabilities and i aren’t separable. that’s the easiest way for me to put it. like… if i go on a plane, it’s not some luggage i carry with me. “whoops! lost my disability in baggage claims! guess that’s gone! buh-bye!” 

not quite the way things work. i am blind, i don’t have blindness. i am hoh/deaf, i don’t have hoh/deaf-ness. i am Autistic–i do not have Autism. (i feel like one of the biggest advocates for person-first language is A$, which is just another reason for me to hate it tbh.) 

as for the term “special needs” (and it’s the term i have a problem with, not the idea of one person needing more accommodations than another), i hate it because my needs aren’t “special”. like i said in my tags, accommodations aren’t some “special” thing we (as disabled people) are asking for. they’re necessities only thought of as extra because disabled people aren’t thought about in the first place. 

interpreters at events and in classrooms are thought of as extra because hoh/d/Deaf people aren’t thought of to begin with. 

audio transcriptions are thought of as extra because hoh/d/Deaf people and people with audio processing disorders aren’t thought of to begin with. 

image and video descriptions are thought of as extra because blind/visually impaired people, people with visual processing disorders, or people with things like photosensitive epilepsy that could be sensitive to flashing in some content aren’t thought of to begin with. 

Braille and/or large print/high contrast copies of documents are thought of as extra because blind/visually impaired people aren’t thought of to begin with. 

tl;dr i dislike person-first language because you can’t separate me from my disabilities, and i hate the term “special needs” because my needs shouldn’t be considered special. 

Things you may have missed in the new Steven Universe promo

So, the new promo has LOTS of interesting stuff and I haven’t seen anyone point out most of them so there goes what I’ve got from Tumblr and Facebook! Feel free to add anything new you see!

Also, sorry if my english is crappy, as it’s not my first language and I’m not very good at writing anyway.

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Memories (CS one shot)

Just a little thing I wrote a couple of days ago. I already posted it to AO3 and to and i would have posted it on here earlier but couldn’t find the time.

This is basically an Emma and Killian are back from the underworld and have a moment to themselves kind of one shot.

It’s another attempt at writing. I’m awful at this and at summaries and everything so sorry. English isn’t my first language, so I would highly appreciate if you could point if there’s anything wrong.

They laid tangled in bed, naked under the covers with drops of sweat still sticking to their bodies. The afterglow of sex -or rather love making- was still present in both of their faces, Emma’s nose nuzzled against Killian’s neck, breathing him in. Killian’s lips were ghosting over her hair, leaving soft kisses every couple of seconds, just taking in this quiet moment with his Swan.

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As Slow as You Like It

Author: slytherinspen
Warnings: Mild language (swearing), angst (but a happy ending), drugging, drugs (love potion)
Length: 2,236

Based on: Imagine Fred secretly giving you love potion as a prank, but not knowing what to do when you start to seduce him. 

A/N: This is my first Fred fic! Please let me know how I did, constructive criticism is always welcome as it’s been a long time since I last wrote. Sorry if it’s really long!! 

Okay, so Fred didn’t actually intend to just take you to the library today – he got you to the Great Hall just in time to show you a prank execute itself unto Crabbe and Goyle of the Slytherin house before you both had to take off running from Snape, your enchanted textbooks flapping behind you to keep up as you sprinted into the aisles of the library. For whatever reason, Madam Pince hadn’t found you both to kick you out, so the two of you just giggled obnoxiously in a remote place at the back of the library as you tried to calm down.

You laughed a little breathlessly with your best friend, your papers all over the place as you recounted the details: “their faces, oh my GOD, so orange – I’ve never seen anything so orange in my life, even more than your hair, Merlin – ” you lapsed into another giggle fit, Fred laughing along with you. He admired you for a moment in your state before bending down to pick up some of the papers that escaped from the bindings of your books. You quickly remembered that some of them had drawings of his face on it and made hasty work to gather them from under his hands.

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“Shit” ( Bucky Barnes X Reader)

This is the first imagine that I have EVER written, so please tell me if I’m doing something wrong. I was very unsure about posting this. x) hope u like xx Oh, and also my native language is not English so I’m sorry if there is any spelling mistakes. 

Warnings: None I guess…

Words: about 1,1 k

(Y/N) was a high class girl from Upper East Side. She was living basically every girls dream. She had a decent job, nice apartment and a handsome boyfriend, but she wasn’t happy, (Y/N) was more like bored. From the very start she always got everything she ever wanted, but she had always this feeling that something was missing in her life.  

Her boyfriend’s name was Josh. (Y/N)’s and Josh’s parents had set them up. At first they didn’t like each other, but they grew to like each other as they went on dates just to please their parents. They had been together for almost 5 years now. Josh was CEO in this huge firm that (Y/N) really knew nothing about it. She herself was working at Stark Tower as a scientist with Tony Stark himself and Bruce Banner, also known as the incredible hulk.  

She had been working at Stark Tower for 3 years  now. (Y/N) had a strong bond with Tony and Bruce, they were like brothers  she never had. The two men would always protect her. She was always happy when working, but after work her mood changed quickly. She would go home and be alone the whole night, Josh always came home after the midnight, claiming that he had been working at the office. Only time they saw each other was on weekends and when they were invited to party’s.  

Since she spent a lot of time at the tower, (Y/N) had became a good friend of the avengers, especially with a man named James “Bucky” Barnes, also known as The Winter Soldier.  Bucky was always keeping her company, while she was working. There was something about James, that made (Y/N) forget about her boring life. With no time (Y/N) found  herself falling for the soldier. She knew it was wrong in so many reasons, the main reason was that she had already a boyfriend. A boyfriend she wasn’t in love with anymore. Still would find herself dreaming about Bucky. She was always lost in his blue eye’s  when he was explaining about something. Bucky Barnes was her escape of from the reality.  

Little did (Y/N) know, that Bucky was feeling the same way towards her, since the day one. He remembers it very clearly that when he first saw her, his heart skipped a beat. This (Y/H/C) haired woman had stole his hear immediately. The thing that bothered him most , was that he could not show his feelings to her. How could he? She was a taken woman and he didn’t need any trouble in his life while he was still recovering from being The Winter Soldier.

It was another Tony Stark’s party on this beautiful Friday evening. The Stark Tower was filled with important people and people that worked for Tony, that was how (Y/N) got invited to the party. She was wearing a tight black dress , that hugged her curves perfectly. Her (Y/H/C) (Y/H/L) hair was curled and she had a little flower , that matched Josh’s tie, in her hair. Tony knew that Josh and (Y/N) were together, so he invited them both to the party.  

“Hey (Y/N)” Tony greeted her and Josh when they arrived at the party.

“ Tony” (Y/N) gave Tony a hug. “ This is Josh, he’s my…”

“ Her boyfriend” Josh didn’t let her finish her sentence. “ Mister Stark I am a huge fan of yours. ” He raised his arm to shake Tony’s arm, but he just said “ Well have nice party you two” and left to chat with other people.

Bucky was standing at the bar with a empty glass in his hand. When he saw that (Y/N) and her boyfriend had arrived he refilled his glass. “Hey Bucky” (Y/N) approached him.  

“ Hey (Y/N)” Bucky said with a fake smile on his lips.  

“Josh this is Bucky, he’s ….a good friend of mine” Josh shook Bucky’s hand. “ It’s nice to know that my (Y/N/N) has friends other than me” Josh said while staring at Bucky with a smirk. Bucky felt an anger rising in him, but he didn’t show it. Suddenly Josh saw someone across the room. “ Exuse me, I’m going to chat with Harry, apparently he’s invited too.” And then he  was gone, leaving her alone with Bucky.  

“You look beautiful (Y/N)”  He looked at her like she wasn’t real and this all would be a dream.  

“ Thanks Buck, you look nice too.”  She gave him a small smile.  " Do you…uhm.. Do you want a drink?“ He asked her very shyly. (Y/N) nodded and he ordered drinks for them.  

As the party was reaching its end, (Y/N) was very Drunk. She had too many drinks with Bucky and they were now at the balcony just laughing at each other. Bucky knew that normal alcohol  doesn’t make him drunk, so he asked if Thor had some Asgardian drink with him. So here they were, sitting at the balcony.  They had been there for hours, just talking about everything that came into their minds.  

“I think I’m going to lady’s room now” (Y/N) said as she stood up. Of course she lost her balance and was now falling to the ground, suddenly she felt a pair of strong arms around her. She felt how her cheeks were now blushing.  

“ Wow, careful there doll, don’t want  to ruin that pretty dress of yours” Bucky said as he pulled (Y/N) up. Their faces were now inches away from each other’s. As he felt (Y/N)’s breathing at his face, he couldn’t fight the urge to kiss her anymore. He crashed his lips into (Y/N)’s and she immediately responded to the kiss. They were kissing each other like the world was going to end. They have both waited for that moment to happened for so long, and all it needed just some alcohol to make that moment possible.  

When (Y/N) pulled away just to get some air after that amazing kiss, she saw that Josh was staring at them  from the balcony door. “Shit”  

I’m sorry, DC fans, but you’re kinda hilarious

“Since when does Batman brand people, shoot people, kill people, and plot to murder an innocent person just because he might do something wrong? Since when does Wonder Woman sit out a hundred years of human misery because her feelings were hurt? Since when is Lex Luthor Max Landis?”

“Yeah, well, uh… since when does Captain America say ‘language’!?”