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Still Mad // Luke Hemmings


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You could be overreacting but you did feel a little hurt. For the past three hours, you had been trying to catch Luke’s attention but your boyfriend was too busy paying attention to the friend from back home. You weren’t that girl who stopped her boyfriend from talking to every or any girl, let alone his old friend.

You understood that Luke wanted to spend time with Alice and you were completely fine with it. You just wished he wouldn’t ignore your existence like he was doing right now. Maybe he could include you in the conversation he was having or ask you to sit with him or hell, even a smile in your direction would suffice. But he didn’t do any of those. Instead he spent the entire party talking to the pretty girl with bright eyes from back home. Yes, you were quite satisfied with your looks but Alice, who looked impeccable without even trying made your self confidence go a notch lower.

You sighed, tearing your eyes away from the two old friends. The party was at full swing around you. The chattering of people blended into the loud, thumping music that vibrated through the apartment. Shaking your head, you silently scolded yourself for feeling this way. You’re not going to be that girl, Y/N.

But saying you weren’t jealous or hurt would be a lie. And what better way to numb your pain than downing the cheap beer in the red cups.

You weaved your way through the crowd, making your way to the kitchen to grab yourself a drink. Or some drinks.

You were through with five cups of the cheap alcohol and very tipsy when you saw a tipsier Michael approach you.

“Y/N!!” He drawled out your name, slinging an arm around you. “Come dance with us!”

You giggled as the weight of Michael’s hand made you spill a little of the alcohol in your sixth cup. “Mikey?’ You questioned seriously.

“Hmm?” His glazed eyes looked down on you.

“Is this… Is this a dance party?” You slurred your words.

Michael looked down at the floor thoughtfully, then nodded. “Yes Y/N, I think it is.”

You smiled widely, downed the alcohol and then raced to where people were already swaying to the beat. The alcohol was buzzing through your system and you felt alive and energetic. A little too energetic.

“DANCE PARTYYY!” You yelled and several other drunk people joined the hooting. And for the first time in the night as you moved to the rhythm, you had your mind off of Luke.

You didn’t know how long it had been since your impromptu “dance party” or how much more alcohol you had drank since but here you were, doing karaoke on top of a table. Your black heels were discarded off somewhere, your hair was a mess and sweat dripped from your forehead. “YOU’RE THE REASON THE ONLY REA-”

You were abruptly cut off when your microphone- the television remote- was snatched from your hands. You looked down at your boyfriend, his blue eyes a little annoyed.

“Y/N, what are you doing?”

“Luke, I’m having fun,” you whined. “Give me back my rem- my microphone.”

Luke swatted your hand that reached out to grab the remote and gently, but firmly, pulled you down the table. “No, Y/N, you’re making  fool of yourself.”

You frowned. So now he cares. “No, Lucas, I’m having fun.” You yanked your arm out of his grip. “And these people actually pay attention to me, even though I’m not their girlfriend.”

“What are you-”

“DON’T STOP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING,” you cut him off which he reciprocated by putting his hand on your mouth.

“Let me spea-”


“Y/N, stop!” Luke said, angrily. He grabbed your hand and lead you out of that room.

“Quite a classy one you got yourself there, Hemmings.” Alice said, still seated on the couch where the two were previously sitting.

That snarky remark set you off. ”Watch what you say, you bitch!” You spat out.

“Y/N!” Luke reprimanded.

You scoffed. “Oops, sorry! Not classy enough or you, I forgot.”

Luke glared at you to be quiet. He then turned to Alice,”Sorry, but we’ve got to get going. I’ll see you around.” He moved closer to wrap his arms around her and even went as far as to peck her on the cheek. You frowned and turned away, your heart hurting at the sight of him being so affectionate with someone who wasn’t you. Someone who he had been giving all the attention instead of you.

You waited by the door as Luke returned after saying his goodbyes, your heels in his hands. As soon as he reached you, you grabbed the black stilettos out of his hand and proceeded to walk out without him towards the car. You waited as he unlocked the car and stepped in, closing the door a little too loud.

The car ride was silent, tension thick in the air. Luke’s hand were clenched around the wheel, knuckles white while you chose to stare out the window at the passing cars. Instead of dropping you off at your own place, Luke chose to drive you to his own apartment. He wasn’t going to leave your drunk ass alone. So he wasn’t a complete douche.

“What is going on with you?” Luke asked as soon as you stepped inside. You dropped the heels by the door and Luke tossed the keys on the couch. “Why have you been acting so weird today?”

You turned to face him, crossing your arms in front of your chest. “Why have I been acting weird? Why have you been acting weird the past few days?”

Luke scowled. “What are you on about?”

“Of course you don’t know,” you sighed and headed to get some water from the kitchen. Luke followed you.

“Don’t just walk out like that.”

“Well then you shouldn’t just ignore me like that,” you smiled sarcastically continuing to sip on the cold water you retrieved from the fridge.

Luke rolled his eyes,”Of course this is about you needing attention.”

You slammed the bottle on the kitchen counter. Your intoxicated brain heightened you emotions, making your eyes water.

“No, Luke, this is about you being a complete dick to me the past few days. This is about you,” you jabbed a finger on his chest, ”completely ignoring your girlfriend’s existence when your friend from back home arrived. This about you,” you jabbed a finger on his chest again as he stepped back, ”choosing to give the girl, who by the way flirts with you every chance she gets, all your attention,” a smack to his chest as he took another step back. “This about you being an absolute asshole to me.”

You were about to hit his broad chest yet again when he caught hold of your hands just in time. In a second, his strong arms had flipped the two of you around. The argument flew out of the window when your back hit the kitchen wall and his mouth was pressed to yours. His hands slipped around your waist, pinning you against the wall. Your fingers found their way into his curly blonde hair. His lips moved against yours, the soft pink flesh grinding against your own. His tongue slipped into your mouth, tangling with yours. He groaned against your mouth as you tugged lightly on his hair. You wrapped your legs around his waist, your dress riding up your thigh.

His palms were cupping your face when the two of you finally had to break apart for air and immediately after, Luke’s lips were attached to your neck. He pressed wet kisses all along the curve of your neck, nibbling and sucking gently on your soft skin.

“Lu- Luke…” He made it hard for you to speak. Luke knew you were sensitive near the neck and he took all advantage of it. You pulled his head away from your neck, smiling softly. “Lucas, I’m still mad at you.”

His blue eyes, darker under the dim light, stared into yours. “I know, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel that way.”

“It hurt.”

“I’ll heal it, I swear. I’m really, really sorry.” He smiled at you apologetically.

“I’m not sure I’m classy enough to forgive you,” you taunted, a smirk gracing your lips.

“Y/N,” Luke whined. “You called her a bitch before I could even defend you.”

“Didn’t think you’d defend me,” you answered, fingers playing with he soft curls at the back oh his neck.

“Hey, I’ll always stand up for you,” he said, meaningfully as he bumped his forehead to yours. You smiled before giving him a small peck on his forehead.

“Y/N,” he called out.

“Hmm?” You hummed in acknowledgement.

“You said you’re still mad at me right?” He questioned.

You nodded, a teasing grin on your face.

A cheeky smile came on to Luke’s face as he said, ”So does that mean we can have angry sex?”

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Name some cute bloggers I should be following?? 💖💖

okay but like,,, ,everyone’s cute?

@donthavetobebrave / @fringez / @hcwll / @springphil / @fallinghowell / @huphilpuffs / @danlands / @heckdan / @pugjumper / @masochistphil / @howellinc / @httpsdaniel / @lcssamazingphil / @dantlers / @dantea / @heartdnp / @phjlstr / @fringegaps / @frecklie / @ratinof / @doinganap / @dansucc / @danisthirsty / @danieldaily / @hazyphil / @colorlester  / @fuzzwald @leftsharklester / @theaterkidlester / @dannyhowell / @astronautdan / @asleepyphilly / @philester / @fuckinlester / @roseyboys / @oops-phan / @phiru / @hobbithair / @wispyphil / @awrfhi

aah sorry if i forgot someone i love u all :((

ff2-da-derp submitted: 

ONE OF YOU (I think it was Minty…? Idk, I’m so bad at remembering who says what somethings I’m sorry- ^^’) SAID YOU LIKED PORTAL, SO, UM…. THIS HAPPENED. I am very happy that someone else likes Portal too, though! Portal is THE BEST. :D

I honestly didn’t know what to do with Chara’s design here (since I gave Frisk the test subject-outfit-uniform-thing that Chell wears in Portal), so, that’s why it looks the way it does. Also, the background and stuff is garbage because I’m not very good at backgrounds-

Anyways, here’s a fan-art I did! I hope you like it!


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So whenever Maggie has to stay late and do paperwork, she'll go into a quiet room and FaceTime Alex as she does it until either Alex falls asleep or Maggie's done.

One of my favorites headcanons is sanvers FaceTimeing cus it’s SO domestic and it also reminds me that they love each other so much and it’s hard for them when they’re apart so they’re FaceTimeing whenever they can 

and also about this headcanon specifically the thing that they can be one with the presence of the other without really talking because they feel so comfortable with each other and like they both found their safe place with each other
and in this headcanon i imagine them like
maggie is probably on the floor, surrounded by papers, her phone set at this kind of angle so that Alex’s face will be toward her and Alex sits on the couch reading something and sets her phone on the coffee table, also at some odd angle, and both are just minding with their business and occasionally someone makes a comment like “i can’t believes that Johnson forgot to sign the witness” or “the writer just described the manor for like three pages where’s my plot you jackass” and it’s so ordinary and domestic i just love it

~Send me some sanvers headcanons!~

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NMD have parents right? If so, how do NMD parents raise their young? From what you have provided Luca and Vance know that their cousins which implies that there are some form of family, not only that but who raised Papaya and Enoch if one of their parents are NMD? How to NMD act around their young? What are Papaya and Enoch's relationship with their NMD parent? Just NMD and parenthood. (lol I can imagine the NMD in their teens.)

They technically have parents but they have more of a….uh…like the parents…how do I explain this I know theres a term for it. I know there were these types of families way way back then.

But NMDs arent really raised by 2 parents theyre raised like…a family? Like any “adult” with raise a kid….FUCK WHATS THE TERM?

Lets say youre born. In youre house there are your paents but also a bunch of uncles and aunts and granparents. You would be raise by all of them equally. Parent arent really THAT special? They dont take on a major role besides creating you haha.

And any kid in that household is considered a cousin even if they arent directly related to you in any way. HMMM. 


NMD FAMILIES ARENT THAT STRONG tbh. NMD “kids” learn a lot on their own with occasional guidance from adults. 

I WAS GONNA TYPE MORE BUT SOMEONE DISTRACTED ME AND NOW I FORGOT WHAT I WAS GONNA SAY OOPS SORRY but i def have to add this information to my documents haha 

sooooo, i’ve reached my first ever goal on tumblr after only eight months wohoooo!!!!!! three thousand thank yous to the 500 people who follow me (honestly why tho i’m trash my blog is trash my tags are mostly me crying and screaming and being sad and lusting over unreachable people, i really don’t deserve yall 💗💕💞💖) and now i’m going to start the process of mentioning every single person i follow (fyeah tumblrs not included)

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Absolutely Smitten

Stealing this off of my wattpad cos I really love it ! (I did write it tho and  I am v proud) 

I present cute Dan Howell fluff!

Inspired by the dodie song obviously 

Your POV:
You cautiously took a sip of your burning hot cinnamon chocolate drink which you and Y/F/N had ordered at your local Starbucks.
For some reason today seemed to be quite popular, crowds of people occupied the tables with their headphones in sipping their coffees. You and Y/F/N we’re lucky enough to find this table even though you had to chuck away someone’s latte that they had left there, but hey you weren’t complaining. You got out your laptop mirroring your friend who was working on an important essay for university, you didn’t really have anything to do but you came to keep her company and scroll through tumblr using the free Starbucks wifi.

“Um hi, so is it okay if me and my friend share your table because there’s no room here? an awkward voice asked me and my friend, I paused my music to answer the man and bloody hell was he gorgeous.
His hazel eyes seemed golden in the dim lighting, his fringe lazily flopped over his forehead as he looked down at me and he bit his lip as soon as I looked up making me want to scream from how adorable he looked.
My subconscious rolled her eyes from how cheesy and predictable I was, any good looking man that would talk to me would cause me to have instant butterflies.

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hello what's your favourite blogs atm

hi ,, hello :)) I have so many fave blogs, I love every single blog I follow tbh. But yea, this is random and of the top of my head,, so I’m very sorry if I forget someone 

@snugglyhowell / @pugjumper / @lsterr / @interstellarphil / @astronautdan / @formsprings / @wispyphil / @doggodanny / @phiru / @phursonas / @danhowellgifs / @getadog / @gloaminghowell / @heckdan / @heckphil / @prettydan / @dimplydan / @sadimples / @princessdan / @forphil / @howelljesus / @softdnp / @dansucc / @dantea / @dandromedas / @hobbithair / @crescendohowell / @articulatehowell / @arcticlester / @heartdnp / @crabzstick / @goincrazyfast / @dannyhowell / @fuckinlester / @neonlester / @dantlers / @dantichrist / @constellationphil / @nostalgicdan / @ratinof / @oops-phan / @philester / @dawniel / @pliquori / @treephil / @wafflydan / @warmestdan

I’m very aware that I’m not mutuals with some of these blogs,,, pls don’t hate me,, also I’m sure I forgot a lot of people,, again pls don’t hate me 

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Who are your favorite people on tumblr?

I like a lot of people on tumblr, but I think out of all of them I like my mutuals the best. Not because they follow me, but because we all interact with each other all the time, and we’re kinda like a group of friends in a way. It’s really cool. I’ve never really fit into any sort of group before, so my mutuals are very special to me.

Those lovely people are: @babybittersweet, @melsoap, @melanie-daily, @yungmoneymels, @cottoncandymelanie, @milkandcookiesmadness, and @crybabyslut69, even though he/she isn’t active anymore. If I left someone out, I’m sorry, I just woke up 😂

Edit: oops, forgot @melaniemartinezislife. Sorry. I still love you tho ♡

  • Someone: Sometimes I wonder if Max ever gets lonely then I remember he has Will
  • Me: You did not just do that
  • Someone: Oops. Sorry I forgot CeCe, Sophie, Gabe, Gideon, Henry and Charlotte
  • Me: Oh my God. Why would you do this to me?
  • Someone: Because to love is to be destroyed and I love this fandom

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"accidentally forget we have a partner in the first place" omg this sounds so legit, you are amazing Mari ily 😂😂 If it's of any help, I totally ship you with Tae!! (extrovert and caring, would take you out of your shy box?) and Joon!!! Lmao you can be smart together (also he's very mature and seems to be able to handle his partner's downs if needed) ;)

Also!!! Would you ever hurt someone back if they betrayed you first? (sorry if it’s an angsty question ^^“)

AHAH yes I know!! we both like to focus a lot on our own thing so it’d be useless really 😂 I’m more introverted than shy, and tae is very extroverted which really draws me in *heart eyes* and dude namjoon would be a dream, he’s the whole package I swear. I can’t see him being less than perfect as a romantic partner :’) 

oops I almost forgot the question! tbh I’m the kind of person who forgives but never forgets. I wouldn’t deliberately do anything, but I think a part of me would still be a little wary of them, though that can’t be helped ;; 

i just hit 400 so here’s a forever follow

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Dear maxer64,

What? Don’t tell me… You guys too? Seriously?

Noooooooo!! Why must you bring back that memory of endless shame to my life!? It hurts my heart and soul to just consider!!

We really gotta talk about that? I ain’t feeling it, man…

I’m trying to remembear, but when I do, my head is just having ouchies…

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john takes a part time position at a clinic in sussex for the first few years of sherlock’s retirement he only works a few hours each week and his schedule is set and soon his coworkers notice that every wednesday at noon someone comes into john’s office and gives him a sandwich and a kiss and heads out and when they ask who it is john shrugs and says “just my husband” and smiles at the dumb stickynote on his brown paper (and puts it in his drawer along with all the others)

Helloooo everyone c: I recently hit and surpassed my 1k followers goal and decided to make my first follow forever to thank you all ♡
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