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hey! could you recommend some other gifmakers? thank you! :)

yeah sure thing :D 

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Oh it's a blog on here for someone who voices different characters from YOI lmao I forgot the url (it's like dj-otabek or some shit like that) BUT IT'S SO ADORABLE AND????? yeah sorry to disappoint I think

oops I thought you meant the actual yoi VA’s lol.
Now you got me all wound up I’m gonna have to read fanfics now.

  • Someone: Sometimes I wonder if Max ever gets lonely then I remember he has Will
  • Me: You did not just do that
  • Someone: Oops. Sorry I forgot CeCe, Sophie, Gabe, Gideon, Henry and Charlotte
  • Me: Oh my God. Why would you do this to me?
  • Someone: Because to love is to be destroyed and I love this fandom

im sorry did someone ask for captain halloween headcanons???? no???? OOPS HERE U GO 

- bokuto: LOVES halloween. he loves going all out on parties, but ends up only half-assing it because he forgot to order everything in time. he loves dressing up and ends up trick or treating every year despite everyone telling him hes too old. hes also the most easily scared - ghost stories send him screaming and horrified into someone elses lap. costumes include: superheroes, zombie killer, rocky from rocky horror (from that one year they did rocky horror) 

- kuroo: also a big fan of halloween. usually the one to indulge bokuto in his party plans. usually ends up planning the parties for bokuto instead of with him. loves creating spooky halloween cocktails and food for parties. not so easily scared, unless its daichi telling the ghost story. costumes include: sexy cat, sexy tiger, sexy panther, sexy nyan cat (why), magenta (rocky horror) 

- oikawa: this boy loves halloween because of all the conspiracy documentaries that start airing around that time. he also ends up being forced into going trick or treating with his nephew. refuses to go to more than one halloween party every year - he pretends its so people think hes hard to get, but really its because he loves spending all his time watching scary movies on halloween night with the seijoh 3rd years. costumes include: sherlock holmes, himself, vampire, frankenfurter (from rocky horror) 

- sawamura: does not like halloween, since hes forced to care for a bundle of children who pretend to be teenagers. he prefers the quiet nights in, but does end up getting dragged to a party or two, especially if its with his team. costumes include: brad from rocky horror. thats the only time he dressed up. every other time he came as various versions of himself

- moniwa: hates halloween. hes scared of ghosts, hes scared of paranormal, hes scared of things that go bump in the night. but his little sister loves it, so he begrudgingly takes her trick or treating every year. he also loves handing out candy to kids that show up in handmade costumes. he stays at halloween parties for as little time as possible unless he gets found out while putting his coat on. costumes include: a cowboy, a crayon, a handmade transformer costume (he was practicing making one for his sister okay guys seriously let it go) and columbia (much to his reluctance)

- ushiwaka: doesn’t really care about it, but he loves hearing tendou talk about it all the time. he’ll usually go along with whatever plans tendou drags him into, especially costume wise. ushiwaka also likes handing out candy to kids, but they aren’t so fond of taking it from him, much to his disappointment. costumes include: the back end of a horse, a pepper shaker, rick astley, riff raff (rocky horror) 

- terushima: unsurprisingly, this kid LOVES halloween. he has a remarkably sweet tooth and will not rise above stealing candy from a baby. he loves taking his pick of his siblings trick of treat findings almost as much as he loves tricking people with flying loo roll and egging houses. he also loves the parties too, although his costumes are never that impressive. costumes include: a famous sports player, a famous rich guy, a hot famous rich guy, a penis (yes, he actually got one of those penis costumes), a banana and eddie (rocky horror) 

 - daishou: ah my little trickster son, of course he loves halloween. he spends all year creating his flawless pranks, ready to set them off on the 31st. his teammates and friends hate his pranks because theyre too damn good and they can never get him back properly. kuroo has often been the victim of these pranks. costumes include: kuroo (yes, one year he actually went as kuroo just to piss him off with his impressions), a sexy zombie (dont ask), the grudge, and janet (rocky horror) 

- michimiya: this sweet gal has got plans every halloween. whats she doing? why, shes going round to all her friends empty houses while theyre out partying and pranking the absolute shit out of them. not to mention her enemies houses. whats the harm in placing a misplaced pregnancy test box on top of the trash? michimiya doesnt know, she didn’t put it there. do not prank her. you will regret it. costumes include: buffy, velma, burglar, the narrator (rocky horror) 

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If you love someone yet you’re able to go out and cheat on your girlfriend of nine years, who gave birth to your three children and get drunk instead of taking care of your babies then you’re a cold, heart-less bastard. I’m sorry, but if I were Kourt right now, I think everyone can agree with me that forgiving someone for doing that shouldn’t even be an option.  I couldn’t even imagine having to go through that, I’d be murderous. Other than that, I was voted worst texter by my friends’ group chat because I forgot to answer messages from last week, oops.  Am I that bad at texting? But, good afternoon.