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STATUS: OPEN  [as of 5/3/2016]

Hey, Reed here! So I’m taking commissions to help make ends meet. Even if you can’t buy anything, please consider spreading the word!

- Please refer back to original post for up-to-date prices and slots.

Taking slots!
1. Louvain - in progress, 20% done
2. Seto - not started. 

Will draw:
OCs, FC’s, existing characters from cartoons, etc. Multiple characters are treated as if they are seperately priced, but I can have them interact in the same image no sweat.

Won’t draw
Real People (unless you want to cartoonify them), Mechs (talk to me abt it, you know what juST MAYBE I WILL), Anthro (this is a big maybe. I can do basic stuff like ears tails and wings but beyond that my anatomy is spotty, message me and we’ll discuss it!)
-No complicated backgrounds
- I reserve the right to refuse a commission on any grounds.

- It is first come first serve.
- I won’t start until I receive full payment.
- Time needed to complete: roughly a week, though usually faster.
- I use paypal invoices. No, I do not charge any additional invoice fee, that’s on me.
- Please include references, written or visual is fine. If you want them doing something, their default facial expression and/or pose, etc etc, please let me know, otherwise I will just go with something generic.
- If you want to commission something other than whats included above…. let’s talk :^3

How to order:
- Send me an email to requesting what you draw, as well as your username/what I can call you (so I can update the slots). After confirming, I’ll send a rough sketch and invoice back, and from there we roll.
- Use this form! you don’t have to, though.
- YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL. I use invoices! All you need is a credit/debit card.