sorry if i end up posting this multiple times

HEYYYYY so this is just a preview, but for Phichit’s birthday I ended up doing a full comic with fluffy PhichiYuu that turned out WAY more sparkly and shoujo than my usual style >.>;;; I’ll probably self-reblog it a few times tomorrow since it’s day-specific, sorry in advance for the multiple posts! >.<;;

I’d also like to make the initial post earlier than I usually post to get the people on the other side of the world while it’s still the 30th ^ ^;

So the question is, would you guys prefer I upload it at midnight EST (in 4 hours), or make the first post sometime tomorrow morning like 10 AM? Answer below if you have a preference! Thanks! <3

What’s it been? 3 solid years since I have actually posted something on my Tumblr blog? I almost forgot about my fitblr family *cries* SORRY TEAM! xx

Life has definitely been an interesting roller coaster these last couple years, I fell off the health wagon for a while there and somehow ended up being the girl who went out multiple times a week and indulging in all the heavy greasy foods more often than not. But hey, I’m human. It’s normal. I don’t feel guilt at all, if anything, I feel more motivated than ever to push my body further than ever. Starting over is never easy but it’s ALWAYS worth it, and I’m back baby!

I’m excited to connect with you all again and have a space where I can share my thoughts, progress and hopefully some inspiration for some of you.

Stay happy and stay healthy! Peace and love y’all xxxx

Look At What I Bought You

Prompt from phanfic - Shy!Dan in panties. ily.

yesssssss (i love shy!dan doing sexual stuff oh my)

you guys can imagine this in 2009 or now depends on what you like (i see it in 2009 lololol)

ALSO sorry i havent posted for a long ass time omfg im so sorry omgomg k go tell ur friends about this smut lmao (the end gets sappy oops)

Contains: fingering (bc lmao why not), phil calling dan princess, shy!dan, multiple orgasms (like 2), crossdressing slightly, phil calls dan a slut!!!, dirty talk woo, fucking with the panties on!!!


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I recently hit 15,000 followers and to celebrate this milestone I’m doing an art giveaway!

Here’s how to enter:
-reblog this post (likes do not count)
-must be following me (I will be checking)
-you can reblog multiple times but please be considerate of your followers and don’t spam
-no blogs solely dedicated to giveaways

Winner’s prize:
Full body finished work with color and shading, up to two characters (they don’t have to be from gravity falls) with simple background

Thank you guys all so much!

Edit: sorry guys! I forgot to mention when the giveaway ends! I will be randomly selecting the winner on October 26th at 11:59pm PST

So I just finished Jessica Jones earlier today and I gotta say (and I hope this doesn’t come across as being too DT biased lol), David Tennant NEVER ceases to amaze me in all of the roles that he has played. His portrayal of Kilgrave was SO SO unbelievably good. His performance seriously blew me away.

There were many times throughout the show that I legitimately felt conflicted and I know that there are people on here that would attack me for saying that I did feel a bit sorry for the bastard and I really get where David is coming from in all of the interviews he’s done in sympathy of Kilgrave. THIS DOES NOT MEAN I AGREE WITH WHAT KILGRAVE MADE OTHERS DO. Of course rape is terrible, of course murder is terrible, but I don’t believe heroes and villains are black and white. They are complex and both of them have their own background, motivations, and justifications for what they do good or bad (of which there are certainly shades of grey).


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Frozen in Time - In Her Own World

While I was taking pictures at the beach I decided to make a GIF/cinemagraph series so I ended up shooting video footage as well. I’ll be posting a couple of these as I process them.

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil

I hope everyone is doing great! I’m sorry for the lack of posts for multiple days at a time, it’s just tough to try and squeeze in internet time when working 12 hour shifts. I pretty much just shower, eat, and go straight to bed when I get home during my work days. Can’t complain about having 3 to 4 days off a week though!