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I’ve been thinking a bit lately about my 100 inquisitor giveaway challenge thing and like…i feel like it might be time to quietly just kind of call it a failure. The idea of starting it up again and doing ten more portraits at a time five times over is just so overwhelming, considering that when I started it over a year ago, a portrait took between 20-30 minutes, and now i take upwards of several hours per piece. 

It’s hard to justify the time spent when I could be putting that towards paying work or working on my own artwork and fanfics. I ended up with 46 portraits, which is still a lot of free artwork. 

I do want to host another giveaway, since next month is my birthday I might time that to coincide with it! I feel like dropping the project will give me more freedom to host other fun stuff more often. 

i haven’t finished me:a yet - and i will! i want to know the rest of the story. but this game has already burned me way too many times. i’m sorry i can’t be more positive - trust me, i tried, i have been holding out hope despite every shitty thing that happens and all the garbage i see, but… i just can’t do it anymore.

bioware is supposed to care about this. this is what they’re known for.

Fun fact about me:

I don’t actually ship Shockwave and Blurr in TFA. Sure I think they could be friends so long as Shockwave stayed as Longarm and Blurr didn’t have a clue about the whole double agent thing but like other than that I just… don’t, I guess???

I don’t hate people for shipping them, like, it doesn’t really bother me. But if you see me liking ship stuff (and that includes shockblurr) I either ship it with a passion or just like the way the artist drew it. Shockblurr is not something I ship, I just like the art that’s out there in case people were wondering.

Also, if anyone has any ships they’d like to ask me about then just ask. I don’t bite. I’m not going to hate people who ship people I don’t. That’s just rude.

Anyways, just thought I’d share to avoid any confusion some may have. And please ask if you don’t know what I ship. I’d prefer that. Thanks

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Have you ever thought about Fakes origin where Geoff kinda was the little brother of the roosters and hey let him do his thing and by the time they thought to look he was already setting up his court in Los SAntos, and by the time they thought to worry he was alreadt setting his sights on something bigger.

What if Gavin was already the golden boy in los santos before Geoff even got there?

When the Roosters branched out everyone was moving with purpose; they were so successful at such a young age that no one even considered getting out of the game, were just expanding to focus on their own specialities, to grow and improve without murdering each other in the process. Gus set up a terrifying web of covert intelligence and stolen secrets, Joel transitioned full time into the absurdly lucrative domain of white collar crime, Matt spent his days schmoozing impossibly high level contacts, Griffon took her roving gang of assassins on the move and Burnie still orchestrates the whole thing from back in Liberty City. Geoff was the odd one out, really, sort of adrift in the world, still playing, getting by on his wealth and reputation, simply chasing entertainment across the country with no real direction or responsibilities.

So when Geoff first started making noise about getting his own crew together, a proper full time affair, the other Rooster’s thought he was kidding. It’s not that they’d thought he couldn’t, exactly, it’s just that he’d never really had that drive. Never really exhibited any lust for control, for personal power over his own domain. For Geoff, who liked to drink and coast and party, who’d always suggested the most outlandish laughable ideas, who’d always shrugged and gone along with whatever everyone else decided like the little brother happy just to be involved, to run his own crew all alone seemed ridiculous. They weren’t laughing at him, really, not for the most part anyway, it’s just that they never really considered Geoff to be a leader.

Geoff, of course, goes off in a huff, utterly offended, but that’s not terribly alarming. They’ve all been in each other’s pockets for so long they are more than used to weathering the storm of tempers, have all had their share of petty tantrums, and everyone comes back eventually. Worst comes to worst Geoff will play with his idea long enough to tire of it, possibly call for some help if it all goes to shit, then everything will be back to normal. In the meantime everyone’s got too much on their own plates to bother chasing him down.

Burnie keeps track of him, of course, keeps an ear out for any rumours of a Rooster getting into trouble, keeps in contact even if the updates aren’t as regular as they could be. It’s how he knows where Geoff is, finally stationary in the strangest of places, knows something’s caught his eye even if the contrary bastard isn’t ready to share exactly what it is yet. Burnie knows Geoff’s holed himself up in Los Santos, and isn’t that so typically him, finding some kind of hidden treasure in the worst city in the country.

Curiosity gets the best of Burnie and, when a month or two pass and Geoff still hasn’t moved on, he can’t help himself from trying to dig a little, calling on various contacts to send their feelers out and work out what could have possibly captured Geoff’s interest so thoroughly. The results are somewhat unexpected.

There’s a kid, they say, some cocky foreign creature that has Geoff fascinated, captivated, the strangest of anchors tethering him to the city. There is no shortage of rumours about the stranger, he’s apparently a particularly talented fixer, though his age comes through in arrogant bravado, in outrageous displays of wealth and a blatant inability to look before he leaps. He’s the kind of character everyone in Los Santos seems to be aware of, everyone seems willing to bend over backwards to know, and it appears Geoff is no exception.

Which is, honestly, the strangest part of the whole deal; Geoff has loyalty in spades for those who matter, but he’s not the most open of people, is no one’s fool, he’s lived through far too much with the Roosters to be taken in by some pretty face with a sob story. There must be something else going on. Geoff might have made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t want anyone else butting in on his business, that he’s sorting out his plans all on his own thanks very much, but surely this warrants some kind of concern. Burnie settles on sending Jack down to scope it out; she was passing through anyway and Geoff might be keeping his cards close to his chest but he’s always liked Jack, it seemed like a good call at the time.

Jack doesn’t come back. Sends Burnie word that all is well, that he doesn’t need to worry, that she plans to stay and help Geoff out with whatever it is he’s working on, but she won’t say what exactly that is. In other words she piques Burnie’s interest even more then laughs in his face and keeps her mouth shut, which honestly, what was Burnie expecting? Jack’s always been loyal to a fault, but not to him. Jack and Geoff have always had each other’s backs and when you break it down her alliance with the Roosters has always come from that friendship; it stands reason that if Geoff is still cranky about their lack of faith Jack will be no more forgiving.

As far as Jack’s concerned she’s been waiting an age for Geoff to sort himself out, and if finally getting there means flipping Burns the bird and cosigning herself to some ludicrous plot in the depths of hell then so be it. When Geoff asks for her help, eyes lit up with the wild determination she remembers from their mischief back in the day she’s hardly going to say no. Perhaps Los Santos isn’t exactly the ideal location, isn’t where she necessarily wanted to end up let alone start in, but given the chance to explain himself Geoff’s ridiculousness is, as usual, based on pretty sound reasoning.

Because Geoff was, once, just passing through Los Santos, an entertaining pit stop on his journey to scout out a worthy crew, but then he found Gavin. Heard the rumours well before he actually met the kid; the Golden Boy of Los Santos, a shiny novelty amongst the grime of the city. The stories were interesting, entertaining, enough that Geoff decided to stick around for a while, enough that Geoff was perhaps drifting into the territory of a stalker, but oh boy did his curiosity pay off.

When Geoff found Gavin he saw far more than he knew he was meant to, far more than he would have if he wasn’t looking, because the kid was good. Was all flash and sparkle,  cheeky jokes and bright laughter, an endearing softness covering the sharpness of his teeth, the blood dripping from his fingers. When Geoff found Gavin he saw everything they could do, everything they could be, saw the broad strokes of the future he’d been toying with falling into place all at once.

Gavin was an interesting conundrum, the criminals of the city completely unsure as to whether or not they like him, whether or not he’s useful, whether or not the kid is a joke or a genius. They say Free is easy, full of all kinds of valuable information and simple enough to buy; offer him some pretty trinket, something pricey or showy or rare and he’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand. And yet they’re all still clamouring to talk to him, still tripping over themselves to work with him, still offering absurd bounties just to catch his fleeting interests. They say he’s controllable, vulnerably alone and far too trusting. Geoff is not convinced.

Because all the information Gavin hoards comes from somewhere, and no one else seems capable of extracting it. Because everyone’s so convinced they’ve got him worked out that they open their doors and let him bypass the usual weapon checks and security protocols. Because Gavin’s reputation of weak-stomached and harmless, useless in a fight, doesn’t add up to the practised way he twirls switchblades between his fingers, deftly flicking them up his sleeves and out of sight. Because for all that the persona of the Golden Boy has captured the city’s unwavering attention no one seems to realise how neatly they’ve been blinded by it.

If you cared to compare the crime scene in America to the one in England you’d realise the game there is played with entirely different rules. Gavin didn’t come into Los Santos swinging, probably wouldn’t have made it two days if he had, but he’s been busy chasing power all the same. Gavin knows every crew of note in Los Santos, knows names and hierarchies, knows base locations and key distribution points. Gavin has integrated himself so neatly, so desirably, that he can get an audience with just about whoever he wants to, can meander across territory lines and police tape with the same unerring charm. Geoff’s seen him play up his age in one meeting, wide eyed and painfully naïve, only to catch him mere hours later leaning into confidence, brisk and clever and entirely untouchable. He’s witnessed Gavin seemingly fall for obvious ruses only to walk out with exactly what he was after, seen him talk his way into deals and out of handcuffs, seen a thousand different ticks and quirks and personalities that shouldn’t all fit comfortably within the same person.

Geoff’s seen more than enough to recognise that familiar air of hungry ruthlessness, of vicious self interest and callous amusement. Maybe Geoff hasn’t got the past experience of being a leader but he’s always known how to help himself by using other people, how to make the most of their particular talents, fit them all together to make a bigger picture. Growing a crew from scratch is harder than it seems, growing one thats loyal from the start, strong enough to stick together and win the uphill battle of taking the most untamable city in the land seems near impossible.

Unless, of course, someone had done all that groundwork already. Unless someone had already wormed into the ecosystem, plotted all the intricacies of power, all the feuds and pressure points, the hidden weapons and unprotected weak spots. Unless someone had already made all the necessary contacts and connections, curried favour with all the best dealers, buttered up the crooked cops, identified all the individuals who might be seduced away from their current gigs into something better, something greater, the ones worth trusting, the ones who would come out on top.

Geoff is no stranger to charm himself, to subtle manipulation, and maybe you can’t kid a kidder but you can certainly enchant a kid, can sell safety in numbers, talk up comfort and protection and organised direction. Geoff might want to outgrow the ever present shadow of the Roosters but a history of royalty is a weighty bargaining chip when your adversary covets nothing more than the appearance of wealth, of power. It’s still not easy by any means, Gavin is cautious, quick witted and wily, running his own game through every conversation, but eventually they come to an understanding. Then Jack turns up and all of a sudden things are in motion, the plan is unfolding, and nothing is going to keep Geoff from forging his own crown.

By the time Geoff thinks about giving Burnie an update his inbox has been flooded by dozens of warnings about the mystery crew taking Los Santos by storm. Increasingly concerned messages telling Geoff it was time to move on, that it wasn’t worth trying mess with such a dangerously effective group all on his own, that he should reach out if he was in trouble. By the time Geoff gets around to giving Burnie a call the old rules of Los Santos have already fallen, the city is running scared and those surrounding it are following suit. Even as the phone rings Geoff knows Gavin’s combining the termination of a problem with teasing the Vagabond away from his current employers, knows Jones and Dooley are having a crashing good time clearing the last of the warehouses down near the docks, knows Tuggey’s pulling some new blood into the support crew and Jack’s off to see a man about a sniper.

By the time Burnie finally hears back from Geoff the writing is well and truly on the wall, the days of being underestimated and overlooked are over, and not even all the grudging apologies in the world will save the Roosters from a lifetime of Geoff’s smug vindication. Geoff isn’t just an ex-Rooster anymore, he isn’t a follower, a drifter, a little brother or a side thought. He is Geoff Ramsey; leader of the FAHC, king of Los Santos, ruler of the worst of the worst, unrelenting and horrifically creative. He is a feared man, he runs an unquestionably dangerous crew, the city shivers in his shadow and they say nothing can stop his reign.

All this over stubborn determination, over hurt feelings, all this in mere months; not even his own crew are ready for what is to come, for the highs and lows of Geoff’s depravity, but he knows they’ll be here with him, will rise to every occasion, and together they’ll set the world alight.

re-reading the X-Wing books, my main takeaway from Solo Command is that someone really needs to make Wedge/Han like… a thing.

After all, you get such gems as the following:

“Well, you’re not the only member of the crew who could benefit from some blissful irresponsibility right now. So I’m going to stage an insurrection and seize control of Mon Remonda.”

Solo gave a curt laugh. “Wedge Antilles, mutineer. That I have to see.”

which follows a long, emotionally charged conversation of Han admitting his insecurities about his and Leia’s relationship,

Rogue One was among the pilots returning. Solo breathed a sigh of relief. He had few enough friends. Win or lose, he didn’t want to lose any more in this engagement.

… Han I can’t believe you care this much? and then there’s this whole scene:

Han Solo and Wedge Antilles sat in the cockpit of the Millennium Falsehood, their feet up on the control boards.

“Stand by, Communications.” Solo shut off the cockpit microphone and gave Wedge an accusing look. “You said, when you overflew her X-wing, that you saw no sign she ejected.”

“That’s right.” Wedge stretched lazily. “There was no automated comm signal indicating an ejection.”

“Commander Square Corners himself, showing a streak of duplicity. Lying by omission. I can’t believe it.”

As they walked down the Falsehood’s loading ramp, Solo threw an arm over Wedge’s shoulders. “Corellian to Corellian, you know what the great thing about being a general is?”

“No, what?”

“In lots of circumstances, you can pretty much do whatever you want.” With his free hand, Solo reached over and gave Wedge’s hair a thorough mussing.

Wedge batted his hand away. “Hey, stop it.”

and who can forget the scene in Wedge’s Gamble, in which Wedge attempts to counsel Leia about her relationship with Han:

“That’s his nature, though–he’s chaos incarnate.” Wedge smiled. “Han Solo, you have to love him…”

“… or freeze him in carbonite, I know.” Leia stared wistfully off into the distance. “He’s a good man. Even with his quirks and rough edges, I don’t think I can find better in this galaxy. And I’m not really interesting in looking, either, but there are times when I wonder ‘Why him?’”

“If you ever have doubts, serious doubts, come see me. I can give you a dozen reasons to answer that question.”

in which I know what Wedge means, where he could give Leia a dozen reasons why Han is the right guy for her, but honestly it kind of sounds like Wedge has a dozen reasons why one would be in love with Han Solo, at least six of which apply to him personally.

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People are saying sh*t about jen on twitter right now. Do you think this may have an effect on her career wise?

Why am I not surprised?

Look, I get it that people are disappointed but I’m sorry … anyone who is trashing an actress from cancelling a convention appearance because she has a really exciting career opportunity available … those are not fans of hers.

It’s fine to be disappointed. I am a little … I couldn’t bid on her M&G in Vancouver so I had planned to do it in Chicago and now I won’t have that chance. 

It’s fine if people are angry in their OWN space. These cons cost a lot of money and if people had their heart set on meeting Jen this is incredibly disappointing! Jen knows how much people want to meet her. She didn’t set out to hurt people, she made a decision …  a very smart career decision.

Will this effect her career? Yes! In a positive way!

You know how many casting directors are looking for actors that prioritize conventions over actual work? ZERO. Doing too many conventions can actually be a negative thing for some stars. (Not all, there is a lot to be said for building a fanbase through conventions)

This is a play in NYC starring and written by Matthew Perry. He’s kind of a big deal. The play didn’t get great reviews in London but hopefully Jen will bring something great to her role and this will lead to so many more exciting opportunities for her - and us as fans!

She is Mine - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine

Part 2

Part 3

request: when you get the chance could you maybe write a Carl imagine taking place back at negans sanctuary and one of negans wife catches his eye (she’s around the same age as Carl) and negan is yelling at her about something and Carl gets pissed and glares at him and yeah you can think of an ending? sorry. Thank you

a/n: i know i’ve been doing this a lot lately, but sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted :-/ i know this kinda got away from carl, but i just thought it was easier to write this way, and i’m sorry if that disappointed anyone (also this is short and i suck but thanks for being nice to me anyways ily all)

let me know what you think! my messages and inbox are always open, and i respond to everything :-)

word count: 584

You raced to put on your black heels as you saw Negan enter the room. You hated how those damn shoes made your feet hurt after walking around for more than an hour, so you took them off whenever Negan left. None of his other wives seemed to care. You all looked out for each other to some degree, but you were especially guarded by them. You were the youngest of all his wives, and everyone knew it. Your age, however, did not stop Negan from taking what he wanted, and he wanted you. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Negan boomed. You looked up at him from your seat on a couch, still attempting to put on your shoe. 

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t know you were back,” you apologized, faking a smile and batting your eyelashes. If you played him right, you knew you could get away with things his other wives couldn’t. 

Negan’s face hardened, his jaw tightening as his teeth pressed into each other. “You mean to tell me you’re not happy with the shit I give you?”

You shook your head vigorously, acting as innocent as you could. “No, I-”

“You don’t appreciate all the shit I provide for you! I give you a life of no work, a place to stay, food, and protection, and this is how you thank me?” he snarled, getting closer and closer to you with each word. 

Your lip quivered and your entire body trembled in fear as you sat before Negan, too afraid to respond or move. You couldn’t even make eye contact with him, for you feared it would terrify you to the point of no return. 

Negan’s panting slowed into rugged, deep breaths as he bent down to your level. “Darlin’, I’m sorry I upset you.”

You slowly looked up at him, and noticed a boy with long, brown curls and a makeshift eyepatch made of gauze. He looked around your age, which both excited and scared you at the same time. He didn’t seem to notice your staring, as he was busy glaring at the back of Negan’s head. Negan noticed your eyes trailing off of him, and his face hardened again. 

“He making you uncomfortable, doll?” 

You snapped your head back to Negan, shaking your head. “No, no. I’m fine.”

Negan chuckled, shaking his head. “Well, sweetheart, I know you’re fine. That’s why you’re here, god damn it.” He closed his mouth and sighed, never taking his eyes off you. “You jealous that I’m spending all my time with Carl instead of you? Now, that’s not fair. You know you have to share me…” he whispered, his hand tracing your neck up to your jawline. “There’s plenty to go around.”

You didn’t dare flinch away from him; not like you used to. You knew that nothing good came to those who feared him, and that he was much more pleasant to you when you were unfazed by him. Carl finally looked at you, pity in his eyes. You looked at the ceiling, not used to receiving kind gestures.

Negan noticed your change, and followed your gaze over to Carl. Carl’s breathing quickened as Negan quickly marched to him and grabbed him by the neck of his shirt. “Listen up. If you so much as look at her again, you’re fucking toast. She is mine, and I will not let you take her away from me.”

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Almost Home


Summary: Steve’s life has changed drastically since the 40s, but that doesn’t mean the 21st century doesn’t have some good things to offer. Like Tony Stark and his skilled fingers, for example.

A/N: It’s your birthday for 20 more minutes here, so happy birthday @thebest-medicine! This isn’t exactly like the idea you sent me, but I did include it briefly and I hope you will like it anyway!

I’m sorry to disappoint anyone who thought my summary indicated that something smutty is about to go down. It’s really the opposite of that.

Words: 2 050

Everyday used to start the same way. He’d wake up terrified, heart racing, wondering for a moment where exactly he was. He’d watch the sun rise as he ran and ran and ran through the outskirts of the city, pretending as if he really needed the exercise when in fact he just needed the escape. He’d get breakfast at the little café downtown and watch the people around him go about their days; days that had always looked the same.

For Steve it was nothing like his days used to look.

And now, several months later, it all changed again. He no longer woke up in his little apartment, but he always woke alone and scared. He no longer started his days with a jog, but at the gym, where he punched bag after bag until he got tired of having to constantly replace them. He no longer got breakfast at a café in his lonesomeness, because the kitchen in the Avenger Tower was always stacked with whatever you would even imagine having, and he almost never ate alone. It was different, but it was a different he liked better, in a way. It wasn’t the 1940s, but it wasn’t hell either.

Maybe one day it could be home.

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Discussion of today and since no one post it I will. X-Men ‘92 #10 and the last issue that Marvel is giving us. Not only being disappointed to see this end but how Marvel treated Storm at the very end. Let me post a scan since this can prove my motivation against Marvel. Also, this is Storm-heavy, because I’m a Storm fan. Sorry to anyone disappointed by that.

Still wonder why I have so little faith in Marvel and complain so much about them trying to screw Storm over, especially when they do stuff like this…..

And here I thought Storm was a top notch fighter. I identify so strongly with Storm, like you would not believe. Allow me to highlight something I’ve said briefly before. They are trying to damage the reputation of storm. It was the basis behind my repeated complaints about Marvel undermining and segregating Storm. Out of so many characters in this issue, Storm is the only one who gets beat down badly. Heh, even Polaris ended up being the bad-ass in this issue. You wanna see the next page after Storm got defeated by Domino?

But that’s not it. Marvel was making Polaris such a really bad-ass while undermining Storm.

So who Marvel undermining who? Unlike Wolverine, Polaris or Cyclops, Storm is at great risk of losing her respect. Marvel has so little respect for her that there’s a good chance Marvel would keep putting Storm at the bottom if necessary just to fuck with Fox. Not that in the Fox universe she’s doing any better since she’s treated so poorly in those films. People see her so lowly that they think Storm is not as popular as people from CV, CBR and even here on Tumblr are declaring. I also hate how the drew Storm throughout all the issues.

I repeat… Lorna’s proportions seem perfect and love how Alti Firmansyah drew her hair. But just one look at Storm, she looks like a played-out old hippie with that wild hair. Storm lookalike a hag, period. What Alti was thinking? I don’t know. And yes, I’m so mad for what Marvel has been doing to Storm.

Marvel is giving Storm an incredibly poorly depicted role whereas Lorna seems to be the bad-ass without getting her ass (or any other asses) kicked, Storm gets her ass kicked so easily by Domino, UGH. This is so evident that Marvel is treating all the X-men like crap and putting Storm in the worst line to be treated poorly. I’m trusting the evidence because evidently we have Extraordinary X-Men where Storm is being written as incompetent. The implication here is obvious. Marvel has respect for Havok, Wolverine, Polaris, Emma Frost, etc, but not for Storm. They care so little about Storm and the X-Men right now. All they do care about are the Inhumans since Fox doesn’t own them.

This is why I KNOW, for a fact, that Marvel is trying to undermine and ruin the X-Men franchise (not just Storm). Heh, they already cancelled Fantastic Four and that’s their future plan, to cancel the X-Men as a whole.

So I watched the video on the new Yandere Simulator update and I’m not very happy. I can’t be the only one who feels like the teachers pets/social butterflies wouldn’t immediately move in to apprehend Ayano if she killed someone. If a heroic was there and was moving in to apprehend her I could see them helping yes but I can’t see them going in on their own. They prefer to get others to deal with it - the police and teachers - instead of going after the killer themselves. The social butterflies hide in terror they don’t try to stop Ayano from what we see before. And Yui is evil and doesn’t care what Ayano does. I honestly feel somewhat let down. The characters personalities no longer make sense in my opinion. Hopefully I’m not the only one who feels like this.

Bad Advice- Paul ‘Jesus’ Rovia

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “A Paul request! Paul gets all nervous are the reader so he goes to rick for advice and rick (who doesn’t want him anywhere near the reader) gave him advice that make a fool of himself, instead of scaring the reader off they fall for Paul even more 😶”

Anon requested- “Hey! could you write smut and fluff fic about Jesus/ Paul Rovia? or you don’t write about him? in any case thank you 💘”

Word count: 675

Warnings: swearing

Note: so I didn’t have LOTSSSS of ideas for this one, so it’s kinda short. which sucks cause I was still hyped for it :(((( sorry to anyone who was disappointed!!!\



You walked through Alexandra’s garden alone. Feeling the soft grass and flowers until you came upon a bush of roses.

You must have inhaled their pollen, as you sneezed hard. Your eyes slowly becoming itchy. You coughed, running in the other direction. You could barely see, which was not surprising due to the pain radiating from them.

You ran into a hard surface, falling to the ground. It must have been a person, as they winced as well.

“(Y/N)? What the fuck?” Rick asked, looking to you and quickly noticing your reaction. “Are you okay?” He asked, concerned.

“Yeah, just,” You sniffled. ‘Here comes the running nose!’ You thought. “Need some fresh air.”

“Why? What happened?” He asked again, confusion lacing his words.

“I’m allergic to roses.”

“Rick?” Paul, or ‘Jesus’ asked, drawing the man out of his daze. “What should I do?”

“Roses. (Y/N) loves roses.” Rick set the man up, feeling slightly guilty of the reaction you were sure to have. But he knew it wasn’t dangerous, it would merely make you mad.

“Okay, roses. Good, thank you.”

“God, turn that shit off please!” You all but screamed. The CD player was jammed, in it was your least favourite band and their worst song. Stuck. Forever.

“Okay, okay. God, (Y/N), calm down a little will ya?” Glenn asked as the others all chuckled at your misery.

“It’s the worst fucking song and I fucking hate it!”

“Oh! And take this.” Rick piped up as Paul was leaving. He quickly dashed to the back of the door, grabbing the jammed CD player and handing it to him. “(Y/N) loves this song.”

Paul smiled, looking up to Rick. “Thank you, honestly.”

Rick nodded, sending Paul out the door and straight to your house. Where he was doomed to fail.

Paul picked up the roses, pricking himself a few times. He winced, deciding to remove them with his knife. He spent a good half an hour, picking the roses, being pricked by them and then removing their thorns. After his work, he placed them in a bundle, hoping they were perfect enough for you.

He picked up the CD player and walked to your front door, placing it back down on the ground and pressing play.

An annoying pop song ran through the air and he looked down to it, almost cringing at your taste in music. But it was you, he knew it didn’t matter in the end. 

You ran down the stairs, hearing the song from your cracked-open bedroom window. Ready to scream curse words at the person standing at your door.

But when you opened the door, you inhaled a large amount of pollen, immediately sneezing in Paul’s face. You yelled and ran to the kitchen, trying to rub the pain out of your eyes. He ran inside, dropping the roses by accident and trying to help you. The pollen was all over him and you kept screaming for him to get away. 

“(Y/N)! What’s happening?” He yelled, wanting to help you.

“I’m allergic to roses, idiot!” You screamed back, trying to inhale fresh air. The annoying pop song still playing in the background. “And for god’s sake, turn that shit off!”

“Oh– Okay, I’m sorry!” Paul screamed, running to turn the CD player off. The music ceased playing and you sighed, appreciating the fresh air around you.

“God, (Y/N). I’m so unbelievably sorry.” He stayed back from you and you shook your head.

“Why on earth would you do that?” You asked, rubbing your right eye.

“I was trying to be romantic.” He confessed and you suddenly felt bad. You looked up at him, red eyes and all.

“Romantic?” You repeated in awe.

“Yeah. Rick told me you liked all his stuff.” You laughed.

“Rick was setting you up. He thinks you’re trouble.” You scoffed, finding the whole situation adorable.

“I realised.” You smiled back at him, realising yourself you liked him more than you originally thought.

Thank you everyone who has stuck with me.

Through good and bad.

Best friends and followers who I never talk to.

Really sorry for being so quiet this past week. With dad here to help me get a job I barely had time for myself, or even art I freaking owe people and am super late on.

I dropped him off at the airport before my interview, so my home is finally mine again.

I’m sorry for disappointing anyone, uhhh this post was meant to just say I love all you guys but now I feel sorta like crap ahaha

I’m sorry, love you all

Hurricane-Burn of My Story

Here you go anon! Sorry if you hate it. Also, Tonya and Jamie are my versions of Thomas and James, they are lookalikes to Hannah and Keeley. They are sorta like oc’s I created cuz I don’t need have enemies?
Some honorable mentions:
@how-late-am-i (Conn as Eliza)
@rainqueen (Abby as Aaron Burr)
@sidewomanxix (her lookalike as Tonya)
@icy-tiger (her lookalike as Jamie)
@sarcasticmath (Nina as Angelica)

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kenmaisme  asked:

yo jikook got any pets

JM: I have a Pomemranian named Hachi. It’s short for Hachiko. I cried so much when I saw that movie and I just felt like naming her that after I found her in a box as a pup after leaving work one day

JK: I have a German Shepard named Max. My parents gave them to me when I was a kid for my birthday. I love taking him on walks

((Okaaayyyy….so I said I would be doing digital,but right now I don’t have a laptop since mine broke so until May I’ll still be doing traditional….I’m sorry if I disappointed anyone! :( Lmao Jungkook will forever keep changing in my art rip me))

I’m sorry to anyone who was interested in commissioning me about a month ago, when I said I would be taking them soon. I suddenly became very busy with freelance work I had been waiting for, and mostly checked out of tumblr altogether for a bit. I’m still going to be very busy in the coming future with a move and other things, so I’m not going to be doing them any time soon either. I’m having difficulty keeping up with random requests I want to do lately, and coupling that with the obligation that comes with being paid for the drawing, it’s just an added thing on my plate that I don’t need right now.

Small Break 💛

I just want to let everyone know that I’m taking a week away from this blog. Requests aren’t closed I just want be writing or posting for a bit. This whole thing with Christina is insane and while we weren’t close she was still a part of this fandom that I knew and it just feels odd to not take a moment off.

But also, a week ago I found out my dad has cancer and today we’ve found out that there’s really not much they can do to fix it.

Writing has always been my escape from everything so I know there’s no way I can stay away for to long without losing my mind but at the same time I just feel like I can’t go on posting here as if nothing’s wrong.

I’m sorry if anyone’s disappointed, your requests will be filled at some point. I hope you all understand.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and most importantly, please remember,

Stay Gold 💛