sorry if i didn't understand well what he was saying

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I'm confused bout the whole Halsey thing (I'm sorry I didn't understand it)

Well let me explain, the chainfuckers dissed Lady Gaga’s single and said it was garbage. Like they have a right to say what is and isn’t good music and judge someone’s hard work and effort lmao. Then Lady Gaga shaded them back and Halsey later tweeted that Gaga was one of her idols and favorite artists. Then that girl tweeted the screenshotted tweet at Halsey and she said ‘what does that have to do with me?’ And one of the chainsuckers replied 'fuck you bald bitch.’ And at first he said the tweet was completely fake but then!!!! A girl tweeted a video of her actually physically looking at his profile and the tweet. And THEN!!!!! he tried to blame it on a hacker. He also once tweeted 'Joanne is getting raped in hell’ to Lady Gaga. Because I believe one of her singles or her album was called Joanne. So yeah they’re fucking garbage people and I’m extremely disappointed that BTS befriended/collaborated with them. :))))))))))) anyway….