sorry if anyone has already done something like that!!

Out of Curiosity

Sorry Im completely new to the zine world and such so I apologize if this has already been done or anything

But would anyone be interested in a Disney x BnHA zine? So like either the characters doing something Disney related or having an AU of Disney? 

Or if Disney doesn’t work out, maybe having a costume zine? So like the characters dressed up in costumes and such like that?

Would anyone be interested in it? It would be artists/writers/editors included and if its Disney, we could even get a fanmade CD in the there. 

Let me know! Ive been thinking about it for a while and I think it would be fun ideas to do into a zine! And if it’s already been done, if you can link my way, that would be awesome too!

Has anyone done the “immortal and time traveler” au for davekat yet because if not please imagine it, and if it’s already been done, I’m sorry!

But there’s so much that can be done with this AU, I’m surprised it’s not already popular. With Dave as the time traveler and Karkat as the immortal. 

Imagine all the different time periods Dave and Karkat could ensue their antics in. Watching Shakespearean romcoms but its ACTUAL Shakespeare, being real life knights, finding out Jack Noir is actually Jack The Ripper or something stupid like that, making money off predicting historical events. Not to mention all the different time periods, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Edo Japan, Renascence Rome, Industrial England, 50′s/60′s/70′s America. ANYWHERE and ANYTIME. (assuming Karkat moves around)

Imagine Dave bring Karkat col future things while Karkat just calls the future stupid but he sure does like the “Dane Cook” fella. 

Imagine Dave staying for a couple of months and the whole time he and Karkat would do nothing but talk and cuddle because Karkat missed him so much.

Imagine Dave feeling guilty for making Karkat wait so long, and Karkat feeling worried when it’s been a very long time since he’s seen Dave.

Imagine Karkat getting upset when he noticed Dave is aging, and he isn’t.

Imagine Dave never wanting to leave, and promising Karkat that one day in the future they can get married. 

Imagine them both being there for historical events, totally fucking shit up in the background. 

Imagine each of them giving the other something to remember them by.

Optional, imagine that Dave is from the 2000′s and can’t travel beyond that point, meanwhile Karkat will only be able to say “immortal” until the 21st century (I guess temporary immortality isn’t quite immortality but you can’t die) so after them waiting until the year 2000 to see each other a minute before new years, and then finally being able to lead out the rest of their lives together, normally, while being able to age, linearly, after so many years of waiting and worrying.

Imagine Dave dabbing in historical photos and Karkat doesn’t get it until many years later. 

Black Veil Sister

TITLE: Black Veil Sister

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine winning a trip touring with the guys and becoming like their little sister

PAIRING: No Pairing


SUMMARY: Thea wins an experience of a lifetime.

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anonymous asked:

Hello, I've been scrolling through your blog all day and I absolutely love it!! Could you do some headcanons for the Paladins with a very smol s/o?? Like,, a few inches smaller than Pidge short. I didn't make it to the bottom so sorry if this has already been done! Thank you so much! ^o^

I feel like I’ve written something for this before but I couldn’t find it, so I’m just gonna write this anyways! Thank you so much for the compliment, you’re so sweet!!


  • Be prepared for short jokes… He says them lovingly, and he finds your height adorable, but he will use you as an armrest and he is definitely prepared for you to yell at him for it.
  • If anyone else makes fun of your height, then he will give them a list of reasons as to why your height is perfect and that they should shut their mouth. It’s kind of embarrassing sometimes, but at least it usually gets people to stop.
  • He’ll tease you a bit if you ask him to grab something off a high shelf but he’ll still do it for you without complaint every time.


  • He doesn’t mind your shortness, if anything it makes you more adorable to him and he likes holding you.
  • He doesn’t make fun of your height a lot, but every once in a while he’ll make a comment on it, but he does apologize if you find it offensive.
  • He used to get frustrated when you’d always ask him to grab stuff for you that was out of your reach, but then you tried to climb the shelves and it nearly gave him a heart attack, so he doesn’t mind getting things for you anymore.


  • He’ll tease you from time to time about your height unless it’s a sensitive topic for you, if it is then he’ll never say another word about it.
  • He enjoys carrying you around on his shoulders and letting you feel tall, that and he just really likes carrying you or holding you and will always let you sit on his shoulders.
  • If he sees you starting at something up high then he’ll usually ask you if you need him to get it for you. He won’t tease you at all about it since you can’t really help you height, and he never complains about it either.


  • If you sat on her shoulders then you might be as tall as Shiro? Maybe? She’s actually surprised that you’re shorter than her and she loves it when you stand next to her because she feels tall for once.
  • You two enjoy kicking people’s shins when they make short jokes about you. It usually doesn’t stop them, but it deters them for a while until their legs are no longer bruised.
  • You both have mastered the art of climbing up the shelves. It scares everyone to death when they find you on the counter trying to reach things off the top shelf and they usually encourage you to ask them for help, but that isn’t really fun. Pidge will climb the shelves anyways.


  • He won’t say much about your height, but he does find it adorable. It also makes him feel the need to wrap his arm around you and hold you close because you’re so short and cute.
  • If people make fun of your height, he won’t really step in unless they’re being offensive about it or he knows it really bothers you. If it does then he’ll pull them aside and afterwards they never make fun of your height again.
  • He tries to keep things you need on lower shelves and if you’re reaching for something then he’ll always ask if you need help. If you’re cooking or baking, then he’ll always pull down the things you need without being asked.
Kitten - D.S.

Summary: Meeting the love of your life at an animal shelter is not something you would have expected

Requested by anon 

A/N: LOL i have no idea how animal shelters work and I realized that half way through :)

You volunteered at an animal shelter every Friday, preferring to help take care of animals than go out, or stay home all by yourself. You were currently taking care of a baby kitten. 

“Oh I’m sorry!” A random boy bumped into you. “I didn’t see you there!” He exclaimed, his hands going to steady you. 

“It’s alright.” You glanced at what he was wearing, a black long sleeve with a red ‘D’ below the left shoulder and black ripped skinny jeans. 

“I’m guessing the ‘D’ stands for either a brand you love or your name?” You asked, holding up the baby kitten in your hands to point at the letter. 

“Yeah, it actually stands for Daniel. Unless, you know, you want it to stand for something else.” He chuckled awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. “That was so bad and weird, I’m so sorry.” He rushed out, blushing. 

You laughed, finding it cute how awkward he was being. “It’s alright, I’m (Y/N).” You smiled at him and he smiled at you. 

“Lovely name for a lovely person.” He grinned at you. He extended his arm, silently asking if he could pet the kitten. 

“Go ahead, but be careful, she bites sometimes.” You slowly moved the kitten towards him, holding her out so he could pet her. 

“Ow!” Daniel pulled his hand back almost immediately. 

“Are you okay!” You quickly put the kitten back in her cage, turning towards Daniel to inspect his wound. 

“I’m fine, just a little scratch. I didn’t expect it, that’s all.” He grinned at you, making you melt. God that smile, it’s so beautiful. I could stare at all day.

“I did warn you.” You teased, walking him towards a the sink so he could wash the scratch. 

“I know, but animals love me! And people too.” He joked, washing his hands and drying them. 

You washed your hands, drying them off before turning towards him. 

“Well, I can’t say I’m surprised.” You blushed when he winked at you, biting your lip. 

“Oh! I almost forgot, do you mind taking a survey?” He asked as he reached for something in his back pocket. 

You felt slightly… offended? You thought he was flirting with you, but it turns out all he wanted was for you to take a survey. 

“Uh, no. Not at all.” You smiled tightly at him. He grinned back at you, opening his phone and handing it to you. 

When you looked down at the phone you saw a the ‘new contact’ screen opened. You glanced at him, seeing him bite his lip. 

With a sudden boost of confidence, you typed in your number and put in a nickname. You handed it back to him, already blushing at the nickname you put. 

“Kitten.” He grinned, sending you another wink, making you blush even harder. 

“Well, I thought you might need a little reminder of today.” You glanced around, spotting the kitten you had earlier running around. “Oh no, not again!” You ran after the kitten, chasing it around the whole shelter. 

Daniel tried to help, but the kitten ended up scratching him again. “Ow, son of a-” He cut himself off, putting pressure on the scratch that ended up going slightly deeper than the last one. 

“I’m so sor- ah!” You yelped in pain when you felt tiny claws on the back of your legs. “Hey you, get over here.” You picked up the kitten, walking over and putting her back in the cage. You made sure to close the cage before walking over to Daniel. “Are you okay?” 

“I’m fine.” He mumbled, checking out the scratch. 

“Here, let me clean you up.” You grabbed his hand and lead him to an office like room. You grabbed his arm, seeing a small amount of blood. “Let me clean you up.” 

You grabbed a small disinfecting wipe, softly wiping the scratch. When you were done, you put small hello kitty band-aids on him. “Sorry, it’s the only ones we have.” You apologize, looking at him to see him already starring at you. 

“What, is there something on my face?” You asked embarrassed, wiping your face. 

Daniel grabbed your arms softly, smiling up at you. “Has anyone ever told you what’s wrong with you?” 

You furrowed your eyebrows confused as to what you did. “No?” 

“Good, because it’s not a damn thing.” He whispered, leaning in to kiss you. 

*1 year later* 

“Babe?” You heard Daniel call out from the living room. 

“In the kitchen!” You called out as you closed the fridge door. You set the cartoon of orange juice on the counter, opening it and then pouring juice into the cup.

“Can you come here for a second?” He called out, making you roll your eyes. 

“I’d rather not. Last time you asked me that I got attacked with silly string.” You yelled back, drinking your juice after. 

“I promise you won’t get attacked.” He poked his head into the kitchen, smiling at you. That same smile I fell in love with one year ago. “By silly string.”

“Daniel…” You warned him, slightly glaring at him. “I don’t know what you’re trying to pull, but remember I will break up with you! Even if it is our one year anniversary!” 

“Please?” He pouted, still not entering the kitchen. 

“Fine.” You sighed, pretending to be annoyed. “But I’m not kidding. I will do it.” You walked over to him, giving him a light kiss.

“I know you will, kitten.” He gave you another soft kiss, and then another one, this one longer. 

Suddenly, you heard a small ‘meow’ coming from behind your boyfriend. 

“What was that?” You asked as you pulled away, checking behind him.

“That, my love, was our baby.” He grinned at you, going over to pick it up. It looked exactly like the kitten that you were holding when you first met Daniel, from the crystal blue eyes, to the light grey hair. “Babe, I want you to meet Aphrodite, Di for short.” 

“Oh my god, Daniel! Where did you get her!” You rushed over to hold her, your heart fluttering at the somewhat familiar scenario. 

“I got her at the animal shelter that you use to volunteer at, the one where we meant.” He softly pats Di on the head, almost getting bit in the process.  

“Yup, just like her mother.” He mutters, hugging you instead.

“What do you mean?” You turn to look at him, a small smile on his lips making you grin. “No! Really!” You giggled, smiling down at the kitten. “But she was adopted?”

“She just had kittens, and the people who adopted her decided to give them to the shelter, since it was how they found her. I went yesterday to adopt a kitten, and when I heard that her kittens were in the shelter, well. I just had to, it was fate.” He kissed your head, trying once again to pet Di but she just wouldn’t let him. 

“I guess she just loves me more.” You teased, sticking your head out at him. 

“Whatever, I still have you.” He leaned down to kiss you, Di scratching him in the process some how. “Ow! That little demon, just like her mother!” He playfully scolded the kitten, only for her to swing her claw at him again.

“I love you.” You smiled up at him, kissing him. He broke away, giving you an Eskimo kiss.

“I love you, too kitten.” 

Why do I only write at 12AM? 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this! It’s pure fluff (I hope), and no angst. 

Also, shout out to @impossibly-not a>​ for giving me the idea of the ‘D’ pick up line and encouraging my crazy self to use all 3 pick up lines!!! 

Ayahina Week Day 2: Sparring

When Ayato realised he had to train her, his first reaction was nothing short of an explosion, something like a time bomb in an enclosed area because he very well can’t fire his shards towards Eto.

“Why the heck do I have to be the one to train her?!” Finger pointing towards the girl standing outside the meeting room they occupy. “I don’t have the time or patience and you very well know that.” He spits like he just ate something foul and needs to get rid of it ASAP.

“But you’re the only one near her age,” she sings, “so I thought maybe you two can get along well.”

He calls Eto’s words bullshit immediately. “I seriously think you’re blind and deaf if you think I can get along with anyone. You should be glad that ghouls heal quickly other Naki’s hospital bills would have shut us down the moment he came back.”

A tick appeared on Eto’s face, not that Ayato can see it and she really has better, more important stuff that actually requires her attention instead of dealing with Ayato’s feeble complaints. And she’s going to show who the boss around here is. “Like it or not, you’re in charge of her from now on. Whether she dies or survives on her first mission, it’s up to you and your childish decisions. You can throw her to the ghetto if you want to,” Eto shrugs, “Not like anyone significant to her will miss her terribly.”

He turns before his face gives away the slightest hint of his stomach churning.

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So I decided to make a bigger, cleaner version of Rachel Amber’s missing poster if anyone wants to use it for some reason. I sharpened the image and played with the smudge tool to fix a few pixelated details on her face. I admit I got a little lazy but it’s the best I could do for now. It’s available in high resolution, 1270x1700. So feel free to use use it.

Also, my inbox is open for requests if anyone wants something else from the game. And I’m sorry if anyone else has already done something like this.

I just want to point out that Ashton isn’t even American and doesn’t want Donald Trump to be our president, that says something. This nonsense needs to end … if it comes down to it.. and it looks like it might.. young people need to get their butts to the voting booths and vote against Donald Trump in 2K16. I really don’t get how anyone has any respect for him, lets not make a mockery of our country? People already think the U.S is a joke….

Okay sorry done ranting … I’ll never ever rant about this again I promise