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Knock knock. Get the door, it’s demons. Jonathan Shadowhunter wants everyone to drink from this cup he got from the Angel Raziel. ‘Please drink from this cup,’ he said. ‘No,’ said everybody. ‘Try it,’ he said. ‘No,’ said everybody again, quieter this time. And so the Shadowhunter race began, and all the rules that came with it.
—  history of idris

// morningstar

or better known as; im so in love with this show literally what the fuck everyones so beautiful

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Lmao I've also been rejected to colleges that I applied to and this feels so similar aaAgh I feel so sad I didn't make it in,, like I don't think I'll ever be good enough for anyone and just yoikes can we know any like honorable mentions like people who almost were chosen?? I just feel so shitty and like a terrible human like I keep doing something wrong I just wanted to be good enough

sdklfjsd no no please don’t worry about that

an online network created by 3 Sad Teens to protect a fully grown man does not define your worth or personality at all?? like please don’t think of it that way. there was no way in which we could have pleased everyone, there were 650 applications and we’re all really sorry about the backlash !!

- idris

What actually happened during The Doctor's Wife....
  • Amy: She's the TARDIS!
  • Eleven: And she's a woman. She's a woman, and she's the TARDIS.
  • Rory: So she's...
  • *TARDIS materializes, Twelve jumps out*
  • Clara: Doctor, no!
  • Twelve: LIKE A HYBRID!

this is super late! but it’s my babe @sauciness ‘s birthday today and i just wanted to do a lil thing for him because he deserves so so much. anyway, happy birthday idris, i love u a lot. here is a cover of war of hearts for you x

Some guy on Twitter is criticizing me for supporting Idris Elba as Roland Deschain, apparently NOT EVEN NOTICING that I cast Mike Wazowski as Eddie.

Idris Elba will make a fine Roland. Literally the only time his race is relevant in the books is when interacting with Susannah early on…. which is poorly written, badly done, super uncomfortable, and something that I really hope they can do more gracefully in the movies. After that, the specifics of his appearance are only that he has blue eyes (barely a plot point, and Elba looks great in colored contacts anyway) and looks like Stephen King while still being ruggedly handsome. Stephen King is… just not a handsome dude, I’m sorry. Idris Elba looks far more like a gunslinger anyway and I’m glad he’s been cast.