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look im happy that tracer is canonically into girls and all but if u thought that her having a gf would make me stop shipping these two…..boi


Riverdale + characters in quotes

Aku leaned forward in his throne, bridging his fingers together so he could tap his claws against one another in vague irritation. He watched his spy portal keenly, and if anyone saw him at that moment they would know he was greatly displeased; what with how tense and unblinking he was as he stared at the screen. Not to mention the scowl of disgust that he wore.

This wasn’t the first time Aku had turned on his spy portal only to see the samurai in such lowborn company– the same young mother and her son of questionable origin– and he knew it certainly wouldn’t be the last. The young woman and her son had been in the samurai’s company too many times for Aku to recall, and both seemed to treat the samurai as one would a member of the family. There was a warmth– daresay even love– between the three that simply could not exist between mere acquaintances.

Needless to say, It made Aku SICK to witness.

The very idea that anyone would dare willingly familiarize themselves with the samurai was an affront to his Empire. A private act of defiance that sowed the seeds of rebellion.

He sighed then, and leaned back in his throne. He brought one paw up to his face, and dragged it down in tired exasperation.

The first, most obvious, solution he considered for this little problem was much too final for his tastes. Despite how satisfying it would be to personally put an end to the young woman and her son’s life, it would be far too much trouble on his part. It would be such a waste of his precious time to personally execute two measly mortals.

For him, such a thing was akin to killing two specific ants out of a colony. Not only was it impractical, but it would incite the wrath of the swarm.

No. Somewhere, there had to be a better solution.

He pulled his claws through his beard in thought, and stared hard a spot on the wall beside the portal as he went over a number of different options– each more bizarre and unnecessary than the last, but it wasn’t long before he sat up straighter in his throne and his tiredly displeased expression became one of dawning comprehension.

The demon grinned mischievously to himself and his posture relaxed somewhat as he eagerly reached for the beginnings of this young idea and pulled it close– so it solidified in his mind.

“I hope you haven’t planned for a peaceful evening at home, Oita Nariko… HAHAHAHAHA!!”


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do you ever call your mom? she prolly misses her baby boys a lot

I don’t call her too often but I try to phone her at least once a month.

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fun challenge: draw friend’s ships that you know nothing about and stick them in boring t-shirts to make it look like domestic au (for leigh)


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sometimes you’ve got to do what you think is right, and damn the consequences.