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【羽・WINGS・Park Jimin】


“Hey, vampires! Was all that human blood you drank today tasty? Sure hope so…because that was your last supper.”

What I feel like some people don’t understand is that the angsty Mike of season 2 is going to be much more than just missing Eleven.  Of course he’ll miss her and wish she was with them in the year that she’s gone, but it goes much deeper than that.  He’ll feel guilty because he was the person hiding Eleven and promising to keep her safe from the Bad Men, only for her to die both under his watch and for his protection.  He’ll be traumatized because he literally watched a girl his age die right in front of him after facing off an otherworldly monster and a bunch of abusive and manipulative agents.  He’ll be anxious over losing other people in his life, because if Eleven could disappear so suddenly then so could his parents, his sisters, his friends…

Mike is going into season 2 with a lot on his plate; more than just missing Eleven, and more than wishing she was there.