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hii! i read your tags from my post (aka 7thtens) hahaha. i can tell that you really love those boys and it's so nice to see! but yes, please send me cute bap things. but i think it'll be easier if i followed you, so i'll look out for those cute (and not so cute ones too lmao 🙊) things! ahhhhh, i genuinely wanna know more about them.

OMG I truly with all my entire heart and soul adore these men and lovelovelove sharing them with new fans and it makes me very happy when people show interest in them so here I am, willing to give you any content you should ask for lol (sorry I just am very dedicated to them) 
((also I just linked a lot of info so please if you ever have the free time go through them, B.A.P is so neat and just wow lol)

I made a post a couple months ago for just my favorite reasons to stan B.A.P if you would like to go throug there?
It just points out cute moments/MV’s, songs, interviews and other variety things that I personally enjoyed and other Babys basically obsess over (truly they are the cutest weirdest bunch)

Heres a list of all their MV’s
(strap yourself in for their mvs, they’re all amazing!)

Members SNS
Yongguk: Twitter || Instagram
Himchan: Twitter || Instagram 
Daehyun: Twitter || Instagram
Youngjae: Twitter || Instagram
Jongup: Twitter || Instagram
Zelo: Twitter || Instagram || 2nd Instagram(videos) || Mochii (his pupper) instagram

Official websites: VAPP || TS.Ent Youtube || B.A.P Japanese Youtube 

B.A.P Blogs: @itsbap @mato-world

 Member wise you Got
Bang Yongguk: Leader, Rapper, composer, writes almost all of B.A.Ps music. fluffy awkward dad, tigger enthusiast , puppy cuddlier prolly, mean mugging intimidating to others but is actually a cupcake, cave voice marshmallow. holy shit Yongguk is actually so precious 

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Kim Himchan: Sub vocals, Visual, wine mom, bunny teeth smile, actually so super adorable with Babys, actual fucking nerd it’s ridiculous, softest heart with the hardest head, in love with bbang and jongup, will protect his children over anything. Took over as leader when bbang went out on hiatus for health reasons, carried B.A.P through end of the year performances/award shows + Noir comeback so bless Himchan ;;;

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Jung Daehyun: Main vocals, annoying oldest son, biggest fanboy of B.A.P, biggest fanboy of Babys, spoils all of us, is really loud and really extra, screams a lot, bounces around a lot, singing at any chance he gets, has really cute dimples and whiskers when he smiles, is actually a soft cute bun, like the softest honestly, can be a massive asshole to the other members but does it out of love, never take Daehyun srs please lol

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Yoo Youngjae: Lead vocals: sassy middle son, soooooo extra, brains of the group, MC of the group, fluffyfluffyfluffyfluffyfluffy, also super loud, gives everyone hella sass during interviews and vlives it’s actually super great. Daehyuns husband bestfriend, they are a power duo, never leave them alone together honestly. Is also rude but is just really smol can never take srsly, has a deal with his mom to never expose himself, we have yet to see any skin of Youngjae and it’s a curse. #DaehyunsMomOwesHimFood, looks really amazing in pink, Young+longcoats=gods work, actual king of aeygo.

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 Moon Jongup: Lead dancer, sub vocals, little nerd boy, “one puuunch~” is actual a pup, needs to be protected at all costs, is really shy on camera, but sometimes he lets his real self show when he’s comfortable, is actually the most hilarious man ever, loves anime, loves reading manga, likes to be naked, is Himchans lil love bug, this kids sense of humor is amazing, literally a fucking meme without trying to be. Has a really strong love connection with chocolate milk. Likes to take his shirt off a lot, no ones complaining, he’s ripped asf, flips, flips everywhere. cutest crooked teeth. someonebuyhimglassesplease.

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Choi Junhong(Zelo): Maknae, rapper, lead dancer. tall .-. only member with a stage name, goes hard asf with his verses honestly, imo one of the strongest rappers in kpop, loves his puppers, loves his hyungs, his hyungs love him so much. respects all of his brothers so much, meme lord, likes to be shirtless on instagram. huge flirt, 3am vlive adventures to waffle houses alone, drinks underage in America and we don’t understand how???????? He and Jongup help make up the choreography for B.A.P, has helped Yongguk write and compose music. is actually a very tall squish, needs to be stopped 25/8

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shit okay this got long, but if you have any questions feel free to ask me or any B.A.P blog on here, theres so many and I can give you some of the best if you feel like joining the fandom. We’re all really chill really meme-y sweet people and always welcome new babys to the fandom with open arms! 

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yknow one day i'm gonna end up buying tens of batches of your lightbulb stickers and stick em right onto people's heads so they'd be less negative with the power of light coming right at them //sorryfortherant but one day

THAT is actually really smart why didn’t I think of that!!! I’ve been sticking them onto paper like some kind of fool

(( fjdhdh I sincerely apologize for not being on here in a billion years really there’s no excuse,,, I mean I have “excuses” but what I mean is I’ve been p much ignoring this blog which I shouldn’t have done and I’m Sorry and I should get back to posting really soon, school’s almost out guys so I will do my best!!! ))

Sirius Black, 1978

‘Wizards usually smoke pipes, you know.’

'Just one more way to make sure my parents hate me more than the muggles that live next door, mate.’

Taken by James, slipped under the door of Number 12 Grimmauld Place later that year just to show Sirius’ worthless parents the magnificence of what they were missing. 

Caged [20]

Characters: NamjoonxReader
Length: 2758 words
Genre: Mafia AU
Warnings: Violence

Part 19  Part 21

The door opened softly and allowed for the light from the hallway to fall into the darkened room. You didn’t look up, your eyes trained on Jungkook’s relaxed face on the pillow. The wound in his shoulder had stopped bleeding a while ago, and you had made him take some of the strong pain killers you had gotten from the hospital so he could find some sleep. Hoseok and you had patched him up to your best abilities when you had come back to Namjoon’s place, and then taken him into the guest room next to Jimin’s room.

Namjoon and Jimin had barely even looked at him.

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Could I request a Wammy boys+L+Light where the boys get jealous of someone flirting with s/o? Thank you! ouo

You can find jealous Matt and Mello here

Near: When Near had suggested that the two of you go out on a date, to say you were surprised would have been an understatement. Normally, the two of you were more than content with hanging out at the SPK headquarters, solving puzzles and things of that nature. However, going on a proper date together was something you were eager to experience.

The two of you were walking through the park just as the sun was beginning to set, turning the sky gentle hues of pink, yellow and orange. You felt your stomach grumble, and you looked around and saw that an ice-cream stall was just around the corner.

“Hey, do you want some ice cream?” you suggested, and Near considered your question thoughtfully before nodding.

“Certainly,” he agreed, and the two of you walked over to the stand with your fingers twined together. You ordered, exchanging friendly conversation with the guy about your age who was serving you your ice cream. He was smiling at you a little too much and his hand brushed yours for a tad too long as he was handing you the cones, and Near hastily pulled you away from the stand as soon as possible, clutching your hand tightly and shooting the man a cold glare.

You gave him a confused look, and he avoided your gaze, twirling a lock of hair between his thumb and index finger. “Near? What is it?” you asked, handing him his ice cream.

“He was being…very friendly with you,” Near mumbled, and you giggled.

“Are you… jealous?” you asked, your eyebrow quirking up. Near shook his head.

“Of course not, Y/N,” he murmured, though you could see straight through his lie. Laughing, you pressed a light kiss to his cheek.

“Don’t worry, you have no need to be,” you assured him, and you were almost certain that a brief smile of relief graced Near’s lips at your words.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

L: “Who are you talking to?” L asked, curiously peering over your shoulder as you texted an old friend, one you had dated some time ago. The two of you had broken up, feeling as though you’d be better as friends than as a couple, and had maintained contact through the years.

“An old friend,” you murmured. L rested his chin on your shoulder, frowning as he saw the name of the person you were texting.

“Didn’t you date him once?” he asked, and you nodded.

“Yeah, we were together for a while,” you affirmed casually. L hummed in disapproval at a text that your friend sent you.

“He’s very… affectionate, isn’t he?” L remarked, grumbling a little, and a small smile found its way onto your lips.

“You jealous, huh?” you smirked, putting down your phone and turning to look at your boyfriend. L remained silent, which only served to confirm your suspicions. You laughed, pulling him in for a quick kiss. “Don’t worry,” you mumbled against his mouth, still smiling, “you’re a better kisser than he is, anyway. I’d choose you ten times over.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Light: “Do you want to stay here while I go get the tickets?” Light asked, his arm around you and his hand resting on your hip as you stood outside the movie theater. 

“Sure,” you agreed, and Light pressed a quick kiss to your lips before leaving you and heading towards the queue. You stood still for a moment, glancing around before rummaging through your bag for something to do. You were just about to turn on your phone when a guy about your age approached you.

“Hey,” he greeted casually, leaning against the wall beside you and folding his arms. You gave him a tentative smile, inching away from him minimally. He didn’t seem to notice your discomfort, and instead moved closer to you. “I love your eyes,” he complimented, shooting you a grin, and you laughed nervously. “Do you want to go out sometime?” he then asked, and you winced.

“I’m actually here with my boyfriend…” you mumbled, blushing, and his eyes widened.

“Oh, sorry,” he said, and immediately left. You sighed, but smiled again when you felt Light’s arm wind around your waist and pull you close to him.

“Who was that?” he asked, his voice tense. You shrugged.

“Some guy, he tried to ask me out,” you informed him, and Light’s grip on you tightened.

“I don’t like the way he was looking at you,” he commented, and you smirked.

“What, are you jealous?” you snickered, and Light raised an eyebrow.

“Of course not. I have no reason to be, do I?” he asked, and you shook your head, smiling as he placed a brief kiss to your lips. “Thought not,” he said smugly, guiding you towards the movie theater with his hand on the small of your back. 

ok when i was reading the shadowhunter codex, jace simon and clary were talking about why all the angels have “iel” in their names, then jace said “it means of god in hebrew”, then he called her “clariel”, basically calling her an angel and i’M CRYING BECAUSE SO PURE