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Mark woke up in the middle of the night, for the fourth time that week. Like the previous nights, Ethan had shaken Mark awake from a nightmare. Mark had insisted he didn’t have to get up from bed if he heard Mark making noises down the hallway, but in reply Ethan had simply asked if being woken up helped. It did, so Ethan continued to do it every night he noticed the muffled crying that drifted through the hall.

“Morning,” Ethan greeted, watching as Mark tried to calm himself, “Do you want me to turn on a light?” Mark exhaled loudly, feeling his heart rate starting to slow. “No,” he whispered, “I’m fine.” Ethan nodded despite the darkness, and slowly stood up. “Can I do anything?” It was the same question he’d asked the night before.

Almost a full minute of silence passed into the darkness, before Mark hoarsely whispered, “Will you stay?” Ethan stepped back from the door he was about to pass through, slowly making his way back to the bed. “Yeah,” he mumbled, “ ‘Course.” The bed dipped beneath Ethan’s tentative body as he crawled beneath the sheets.

“Thanks,” Mark said quietly, still shaken from his dream. Ethan settled quietly on the opposite side of the bed, watching the outline of Mark’s figure as he slowly settled back into an uneasy sleep. Obviously, the older man was still scared and not getting a very restful night’s sleep, but at least he wasn’t whimpering anymore.

Ethan lied awake for as long as he could, listening closely for any sign of Mark’s nightmares returning. He must’ve lulled off to sleep eventually though, because he awoke once more to Mark fitfully turning in bed. Ethan tried to tell him to wake up, but it was unsuccessful. In fact, the only thing that proved to work was when Ethan tried pulling Mark to his chest.

Mark stopped rolling around, still in Ethan’s arms. Ethan could feel Mark’s fast-paced heartbeat against his palms. “You’re alright,” he whispered, though he was certain Mark was still asleep. The heartbeat slowed, Mark’s breathing evened out, and Ethan finally felt okay falling asleep knowing Mark’s nightmares were done plaguing him. For now.

Sirius Black, 1978

‘Wizards usually smoke pipes, you know.’

'Just one more way to make sure my parents hate me more than the muggles that live next door, mate.’

Taken by James, slipped under the door of Number 12 Grimmauld Place later that year just to show Sirius’ worthless parents the magnificence of what they were missing. 

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I love my friend platonically but about a few weeks ago she kissed me on the lips and then again the next time we hanged out and then I grabbed her face and kissed her. We never talked about it tho but I wanna know what it means. Why she kissed me? And recently she's been hanging out with her ex and she kept touching her and she liked it so I think she likes her again. I'm not jealous and I'm not gonna tell her what to do about it. I just hate myself for gaining the wrong feelings towards her.

I’m so sorry sweetheart!!! That’s so frustrating. You shouldn’t hate yourself for that though, you can’t help what you feel. All you can do is learn to accept your feelings and try to move past them, or yknow pursue them if that’s what you think would be best. I definitely think you should at least try to confront her about what that stuff meant. You really just gotta do what feels best for you honey :) Good luck, I know this has gotta feel like a lot right now, but it will get better

Caged [20]

Characters: NamjoonxReader
Length: 2758 words
Genre: Mafia AU
Warnings: Violence

Part 19  Part 21

The door opened softly and allowed for the light from the hallway to fall into the darkened room. You didn’t look up, your eyes trained on Jungkook’s relaxed face on the pillow. The wound in his shoulder had stopped bleeding a while ago, and you had made him take some of the strong pain killers you had gotten from the hospital so he could find some sleep. Hoseok and you had patched him up to your best abilities when you had come back to Namjoon’s place, and then taken him into the guest room next to Jimin’s room.

Namjoon and Jimin had barely even looked at him.

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