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Alright, HERE we go! Awhile ago I had an idea for a MP100/Voltron crossover, and after mentioning it to @x-i-l-verify​ and loooots of brainstorming later, we have…*gestures vaguely* this. These are more or less screenshot redraws just to kind of get across who is who. :) More info, reasonings and musings under the cut, because well…it got long…

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Don’t Break This Deal AU comic, where Wirt tried to trick Bill, the demon underestimated Wirt, and both of them ended up sharing one body! Part 6, where Bill pokes around in Wirt’s mind and opens something he shouldn’t have, resulting in Wirt passing out and meeting The Beast

Comic parts: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

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betty in hospital, sorta loopy on all the pain medications they give you and jughead comes to visit her, and she's connected to a heart monitor. he inches near her and the monitor beeps a little faster, the closer he gets the faster the monitor seems to be until jughead finally realizes why. idk why this came to mind but i love your writing and i'm sure you'd do this fabulously. thank you xxx

Hey! Of course this is an awesome prompt, I hope I did it justice! I may change it a bit, but I hope you like it! I also have never been in the hospital before, so if there’s anything that’s wrong with it please tell me :) Thank you for all the kindness!! 

- Bella xxx


Betty just got her wisdom teeth out and was lying in the recovery room with a heart monitor attached to her. Jughead was currently on his way to the hospital to meet his loopy girlfriend. He did some research and figured out that there were three ways that people reacted to the medicine. They either go back to sleep, become a chatty Cathy, or cry at everything. Jug was really hoping it wasn’t the last one. 

As he made his way through the sliding glass doors he adjusted his beanie so one curl was hanging in front of his face. He made his way up to the front desk twiddling his thumbs. He was actually nervous to see Betty, even though she is the one who makes his the most calm when he’s nervous. He just hoped that she wouldn’t be all lovey-dovey with him. 

“Um… excuse me, I’m here for Betty Cooper. Can you tell me what room she’s in?” he asked, cracking his knuckles. 

The lady behind the desk just glanced at him up and down and then turned to her computer. “Sorry sir. There’s no one named Betty Cooper here.” she said, turning her wheeled chair to face him. 

“Ok, could you try Elizabeth Cooper?” he asked, obviously nervous that his girlfriend wasn’t here. 

The lady behind the desk looked at him again, eyes landing on his beanie. “Sure,” she said, turning back to face his computer, “Ah… yes. Elizabeth Cooper. Room 293 on the second floor.” He gave her a nod and a small thank you. 

He made his way to the elevator and then up to the second floor. He walked down the hallway and looked at each of the door numbers. 288, 289, 290, 291, 292… finally, 293. He knocked on the door and listened for anything coming from the inside.

He heard a few giggles and a small ‘come in’ before he opened the door to a drunk looking Betty lying all over the bed with the sheets rumbled by her feet. She was hooked up to a heart monitor and was giggling like theres no tomorrow. 

She stopped giggling long enough to meet her boyfriends eyes and a huge cheshire cat smile formed on her beautiful face.

“Hey Juggie! Come here Juggie.” she said, still giggling and moving around her bed. Jug just rolled his eyes and started moving forward.

“Bets, you are so loopy. I doubt you’ll ever remember this.” he said, walking towards her. He noticed something weird though. The closer he got to her, the faster the line went on the screen that was connected to her heart monitor. 

“Bets, are you sure this monitor is working? It’s getting faster.” he said, while he stopped walking towards his blonde beauty. He also noticed that when he stopped walking the heart rate monitor stopped speeding up. He then started walking backwards, and the monitor started to slow down. 

He was snapped out of his trance by the sound of light giggles coming from his girlfriend. “Juggie, come here… why are you walking backwards? Come here! When I get out of here can we go to chick-fil-a? Or In and Out?” she pled, holding out her hand for her beanie baby to grab a hold of. He went forward and grabbed her hand as the heart rate monitor sped up like crazy. 

She looked at him with a puzzled look and then her eyes went towards the screen with her heart rate on it. She giggled again and looked back at her boyfriend.

“Why is it so fast? I feel fine.” she said, gripping onto Jughead’s hand tighter.

Jughead let out a small chuckle and sat down next to her on her bed. “Bets, that’s your heart rate. It basically means that your like excited.” he said, grabbing both her hands and looking at her into the eyes. 

“Well why am I excited?” she asked, with an innocent look in her eye.

Jughead let out a small chuckle while Betty giggled, not really sure why. “Betty, it went up when I came towards your bed.” she still looked puzzled so he just sighed and kept on talking. “Bets, your excited because I’m here. That’s why your heart monitor went up.”

She giggled as the line on the screen slowed down. “Come lie down Juggie. I’m calm now.” she said, moving over on her bed so he had a comfortable spot to lie down.

“Are you sure? What if your mom walks in?” he asks, starting to take his shoes off so he could keep the dirt off of the bed.

Betty just sighed and lied her head back down on one of the un fluffed pillows. “Jug, you said that I won’t remember this tomorrow. Which is true. So I might as well enjoy it while I can” 


This is what happens when I actually kick my butt into writing - I write a short fic in half an hour to break some hearts with. Idea from last night that became reality thanks to @sunkistjello‘s enthusiasm and my being a sucker for pain apparently.

Characters: Marvin and Jackie

Word count: 1.2k

Warnings: swearing, angst. I do not take responsibility for any broken feels. Also, lowkey shippy

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The New Trainee//Im Jaebum

Pairing:Jaebum x reader

Genre: Fluffy fluff fluff

Summary:You’re a new trainee at JYP, and you catch someone’s eye.

Author’s Note: I wrote this for the cutest, loveliest Jaebum stan I know, who is currently sleeping bUT I wanted to make her smile and I know Jaebum makes her smile more than anything, so here you go @imsarabum , I love you~

Queue’s for scenario:

(Y/BF/N)- Your best friend’s name. (And Sara when you read this istg if my name is not in this queue you will be murdered jUST SAYING)

xoxo Sara

You had been a new Trainee at JYP, along with your best friend, (Y/BF/N), for only a few months now. You were a foreigner, recruited to JYP for your voice, something you never really showcased unless it was through Soundcloud. You were recruited by other companies as well, such as BigHit, but you chose JYP for one certain reason.

And of course, if you were going to move to a new country, you were bringing your best friend with you. JYP let her try out, too; her also being a foreigner, her being able to rap very well in Korean was something that JYP loved.

They weaved in and out of new trainees for months, looking for girls to complete the girl band they were planning to set up. You and (Y/BF/N) went to the studio everyday regardless, practicing dances for other bands that you were going to cover until you had made your own mini album, or a song or two at least.

“(Y/N),” (Y/BF/N) yelled to you over the music that you were blasting in your small practice room, “mind turning that down? I can barely hear myself think.”

“You think?” you gasped, putting your hand over your mouth, “That’s a shocker.”

“Yeah yeah yeah,” she hushed you, throwing her hand up as she looked down at her book, “I’m trying to study more Korean terms, as you should too. Wouldn’t want you getting lost in Seoul by yourself again, now would we?”

“That was once, (Y/BF/N),” You groaned, picking up the remote to the stereo and pausing the song you were currently practicing to, grabbing your waterbottle from off of the floor and squatting down in front of her.

“Once too many, if you ask me,” she giggled, pushing your shoulder gently as her eyes widened.

“Yah, (Y/N), it’s Jaebum-Sunbaenim!”

Your head whipped towards the direction she was looking at, to find that there was no Jaebum there.

“That was a dirty trick,(Y/BF/N),” you scolded her as she laughed, taking the opportunity to push her over so she fell against the cold wooden floor.

Your best friend knew that you had a thing for Jaebum of GOT7, as she had a thing for one of their members as well. She never let you live it down that he was the only reason that you were at JYP, and not at some place like BigHit. You hadn’t loved Jaebum since you started listening to GOT7, but somehow, he caught your eye and he kept your focus on him and on him only after that. With his killer smile, soft laugh, gentle and caring but comedic nature, you couldn’t help but fall for the leader.

“Y-You, you should have seen your face!” She giggled softly, standing up slowly and leaning her hands on her knees, “you, you were like ‘O-OH MY GOD’ mentally, but I swear that I heard it come from your mind!” She squeezed her eyes shut, now standing up and throwing her head back as she continued to giggle, “O-Oh, I can’t breathe! I need drink.” She pretended to wipe away tears as she walked towards the door.

“Hope you choke on it,” you said, taking the remote to the stereo again as you stood.

A moment of silent washed by.“Oh, H-Hi Sunbaenims,” You heard your best friend say from behind you, earning a soft laugh to escape your lips.

“Oh, I am NOT fooling for it again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice and I just look like a big blushing idiot.”

“Sorry if we interrupted anything.”

You felt yourself freeze in your spot, knowing that voice anywhere. Your eyes wandered to the mirror, looking behind you to see the boys of GOT7 standing behind you in the doorway.

“O-Oh, hi Sunbaenims,” you repeated (Y/BF/N)’s words as you bowed softly, cheeks flushing as (Y/BF/N) looked at you, blushing as well, but finding it hard to contain her laughter.

“Hi,” they all greeted simultaneously, Jaebum slowly emerging from the small crowd, “JYP told us that you two were going to be a part of an all girl group, so we wanted to stop by and welcome you to the JYP family.”

“That’s very kind of you,” you smiled gently, cheeks flushing as Jaebum continued to stare at you. You were at a loss for words; barely even able to speak, the few words that you were barely able to mutter enough to let your best friend know that you were now in full panic mode and in need of assistance.

“(Y/N) has had troubles with her throat lately, but she took off her mask because it didn’t allow her to breathe as she was practicing too hard.” your best friend said, completely saving your behind as she walked over to your bag that was sat against the mirror, opening it and grabbing the mask you had always kept in there just in case, tossing it to you as she pretended to scold you. “I told her not to work so hard. I was just going to get her a drink when you all walked in.”

“Ah,” Jaebum nodded softly as you slid on your mask, “Okay.”

“But, she was talk-“ Yugyeom began to speak, but your best friend turned around to face him, frantically signaling for him to stop talking behind Jaebum’s back, making the other boys giggle and cover his mouth.

“Well, i’m sorry you’re not feeling well,” Jaebum said, pouting softly, “We were all wondering when you were going to find out who your other band members were.”

“We find out which girls are going to join us tonight,” (Y/BF/N) said softly, walking over to stand next to you, “but even with all of the trainees we were training with, we all agreed that if we were thrown into a band with (Y/N), that she would be the leader.”

Jaebum smiled softly, taking your hand, “Well, from one leader to another, goodluck with recording and practicing. It can be frustrating, but it’s all worth it in the end when you debut.”

You felt your cheeks turn a bright crimson, thankful that your mask covered your deep blush as you nodded, bowing your head slightly.

“Well, we’ll be back again tomorrow to meet the rest of your band then!”

And back they were, greeted by two other girls; Hinimi and Hiyori. They both stood and bowed politely as the boys of GOT7 walked through the door, introducing themselves before both you or (Y/BF/N) had any time to speak.

“Oh, how rude of us yesterday, we didn’t introduce ourselves,” (Y/BF/N) Said, smiling as she bowed to the boys yet again, “I’m (Y/BF/N), i’m the lead rapper and small maknae of the group.”

“Really?” Mark smiled widely, “Can you rap for us?”

(Y/BF/N) looked at you softly, seeing that you were almost in hysterics that you had to introduce yourself to GOT7, as you had never really introduced yourself to anyone besides JYP and the girls of your group before.

“If you want. I can actually rap to Bambam’s part in most of your songs,” she smiled, feeling as you silently thanked her for yet again buying you time to breathe and calm down.

Once she finished, you finally felt comfortable. “I’m (Y/N). I’m a strong vocalist, as well as the leader of the group.” You smiled softly as you introduced yourself, eyes wandering over all of the boys, but staying fixed when they landed on Jaebum.

“(Y/N),” Jaebum nodded at you, smiling, “lovely name.”

You felt your cheeks flush at his comment, watching as all of the boys smiled from behind him.

“U-Uh, thank you, Sunbaenim.”

Once you were all acquainted with each other, you all sat down and decided to have a chat.

“Hey,” Mark whispered to you, handing you a napkin as the boys started to pass out drinks, “I have something to tell you. Can you talk to me outside?”

“Yeah, sure,” you nodded, standing slowly, Mark following suit.

“We’re going to get drinks!” Mark said, smiling as he walked towards the door and opening it for you.

“But we already ha-“

“OKAY BYEE~” Mark shouted as he shut the door, both of you giggling as you two made your way over to the vending machine area to talk.

“We’re going to go get drinks, while they hand out drinks?” you giggled at him, “nice excuse.”

“Well, I wasn’t going to make you say something, seeing as you get so flustered around Jaebum and all.”

Your eyes widened at his statement, cheeks flushing at even hearing Jaebum’s name. “W-What do you mean?”

“We all heard (Y/BF/N) shout about seeing Jaebum before we came in yesterday,” Mark smirked, “And we all noticed how you got really red when Jaebum stepped from the middle of us. I mean, Jaebum probably didn’t, so don’t worry. He’s quite oblivious when it comes to noticing people’s feelings for him.” You felt yourself sigh softly, but you didn’t let Mark see.

“I just find it comical. Because for the past two weeks, Jaebum has been leaving to get waters from the vending machine, although he always brings one from home.”

“Why would he do that…?” you asked softly.

“Well, he always does it early in the morning,” Mark began, “And, the vending machines are dangerously close to someone’s practice room…”

You began to put the pieces together. (Y/BF/N) never arrives at the studio early, as she wants to sleep in and would rather put her extra practice time in at night. And Mark was right; the vending machines are right outside of your practice room.

“He’s… Been doing that…”

“To see the cute new trainee,” Mark chuckled, “he thought you were really cute when JYP showed us a picture of you two before you and (Y/BF/N) were first picked. We actually kind of helped him pick you guys. Jaebum loves the sound of your voice.”

Again, your cheeks flushed a bright crimson, but this time you had no mask to cover it.

“He’s just really shy to make the first move. Not saying he won’t,” Mark smirked yet again, “Because he’s planning to. But it’s going to be very, veeery subtle, probably unnoticeable. Jaebum isn’t the best at flirting. “

“Okay…” you nodded softly, mind racing as you thought of the possibilities that could happen; What if you didn’t notice his hint? You probably wouldn’t. What if Mark’s just playing?

“We should probably get back,” Mark hummed, you nodding in agreement.

You both went back to the practice room, about to sit in the seats you sat in before, before (Y/BF/N) spoke up. “Yah, (Y/N), my back hurts. I would really appreciate it if you switched seats with me so I can lean my back against the mirror,” she groaned, rubbing the small of her back as she pouted at you.

“Alright…” You hummed, helping her up and taking her seat; right in between Jackson and Jaebum. (Y/BF/N) winked at you, you now realizing that she didn’t have back problems at all; this was her way of trying to get you closer to Jaebum.

You all took a break from practicing that day; just talking with the boys and girls of your group. Bambam , Yugyeom and (Y/BF/N) doing group dances to make everyone laugh.You truly felt like a part of the JYP family, and you loved that you already felt so comfortable with the seven boys, along with your two new bandmates.

“(Y/N),” Jaebum mumbled into your ear, startling you for a second, “I have something for you from JYP. It’s a leaders thing, but I left it in my practice room. Would you come get it with me?”

You felt your cheeks flush, knowing that this is what Mark meant as his ‘very subtle’ hint. You nodded your head softly, swallowing the lump in your throat, “Y-yeah, sure.”

You two snuck out of the room, avoiding all attention besides of (Y/BF/N)’s, who was giving you a thumbs up as you walked away.

“Alright,” Jaebum said as he opened the door to his practice room, “I have a confession.”

“There isn’t a  leaders present.” You stated.

“There isn’t a—wait, you knew?” Jaebum asked, raising an eyebrow at you as you nodded. “Then why did you come with me?”

“A little birdie told me that something like this may happen,” you smiled nervously, feeling your cheeks heat up as you stared at your feet.

“Was that little birdie Mark-Hyung?”

You shrugged softly, “Just a birdie, really.”

Jaebum looked at his feet as well, feeling flustered as he knew that you knew what he was going to do next. “Well… Then you probably know, that I’ve been, uh…”

“Watching me practice?”

“You make it sound creepy, but I swear it isn’t,” Jaebum said frantically, “I could tell you were going to be the leader. You put so much effort into your group, and you have just met half of the girls and haven’t even started recording yet. It’s very admirable.”

You felt yourself blush, unable to contain your smiles as he continued to speak. “I wanted to tell you that. And also…That I think that you’re very pretty…And Mark-Hyung told me that he could tell that you also liked me…” He looked up at you with a slight smile, your eyes widening as you began to feel flustered again.

“And I know we have only really spoken once or twice, but, I’ve heard you sing, and you’re very talented. I want to get to know you more. I was wondering if you would allow me to take you to see a movie, maybe? Or is that too cliche?”

“Well, how are you going to get to know me if there’s a movie playing?” you giggled, making him feel flustered now. “But that sounds very nice.”

“YES, GO HYUNG!” You heard from behind you, Bambam and Marks face pressed to the walls of the practice room, while (Y/BF/N) and Hinimi stood in front of the opened door.

“How did you find us?” Jaebum asked, genuinely confused.

“The walls are glass, my dear,” (Y/BF/N) giggled, gesturing around her to the glass walls of the practice room, as all practice rooms were. (Y/BF/N) walked in with Mark, giving him a high five as they stood in front of you and Jaebum.

“Don’t tell me you had a hand in this?” you pointed at (Y/BF/N), who was now in a full fit of giggles with Mark.

“I met Mark when I was practicing late one night,” she giggled as Mark slung an arm over her shoulder, Jaebum also surprised at this new information. “I just didn’t tell you, and I know you’re probably like ‘what the hell (Y/BF/N), why didn’t you tell me?’”(Y/BF/N) said, trying to imitate your voice, “but look what happened! You should be thanking me.” She said, waving to a fake audience and taking a bow, which made everyone chuckle a little.

“How did you plan this?” You asked softly.

“A magician never reveals her secrets, now does she?”

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Hnnnnnnn I'm tired also if you're still doing requests could we get a fic with Danny Phantom and Spiderman to celebrate Spiderman Homecoming and if you're not doing requests sorry for being rude lol okay bye

Requests are always open, my friend!

Also, I haven’t seen Homecoming yet so it’s not really gonna follow any plot points from it.


Spider-Man was doing pretty good, he thought. He aced his chem test and got a decent grade on his book report, which was always nice. And his Aunt May was out of town, leaving him to come and go as Spidey all he wanted until she got back. It was going fantastic.

Until he turned a corner and slammed into something, making him fall a good fifteen stories before he regained his composure and latched onto the wall. 

“Holy shit, dude, are you okay?”

Spidey looked up to see a white haired figure floating above him, nothing but concern in his acidic green eyes. 

“Yeah. I’m, uh, I’m fine. Who are you?” he asked, still trying to wrap his head around the fact that this floating guy was glowing. Why was he glowing?

“Oh name’s Phantom, dude. You’re that Spider-dude, right?”

Spidey noted how Phantom was borderline excited to meet him. Usually he didn’t get that from superheroes. He got the You’re just a kid! You shouldn’t be saving the world on a school night! Stick. It was weird but refreshing to have someone other than a five year old be excited to meet him. 

“So, are you like a ghost or something?” Spidey asked. Phantom thought for a moment before shrugging.

“Or something, I guess. Hey, do you wanna get a pizza?” He asked. “The one I had kind of fell fifty stories.”

“Ghosts eat pizza?“ the words were out before he could stop them. Phantom didn’t seem to care. In fact, he looked almost amused by the statement. 

“Well, some ghosts do. So, what do you say?”

Spider-Man’s stomach growled at the thought of pizza, answering the ghost’s question for him. Phantom chuckled. 

“Yeah, sure,” Spidey finally said. “What could go wrong?”


Spider-Man had to remind himself not to ask what could go wrong. Because if you ask that, the universe apparently takes it as a challenge. 

All they did was go in for a pizza. But then some sort of ghost came and everything went to shit. Now his favorite pizza place was in shambles and his sit smelled like that green stuff Phantom shot out of his hands. He didn’t know what it was but he really hoped it would wash out of his suit. 

“Sorry about that,” Danny said, not able to look him in the eye as he held the thermos close to him. “Skulker is a bit…Well, let’s just say he could probably use a lonely guy cat or something.”

“No biggy,” Spidey said, making a disgusted face under his mask as he stepped in a pile of green ooze.

“What is this stuff?” He groaned, trying to wipe his boot off.

“That’s ectoplasm, dude,” Phantom said. “It’s what ghosts are made of/ Check it out.”

He turned and lifted his arm so that Spider-Man could see the large gashes right below his ribs, oozing the same green substance, now with flecks of red in it.

“Dude, are you okay?” Spidey asked, concerned.

“Yeah, it’ll be closed up by tomorrow. Healing factor and all that,” he said with a wince. 

“Does he always call you a whelp when you fight?”

“Yeah. Dude’s been hunting me since I was fourteen,” Danny let out a laugh. “He calls himself the Ghost Zone‘s greatest hunter, but he still doesn’t have my pelt on his wall.”


“I know, right? Anyway…I think pizza is off the table, now.”

They both looked back at the charred building that once brought happiness with its circular masterpieces.

“I know a sweet sandwich shop a couple blocks from here,” Spider-man suggested. 

“Sounds good to me, dude,” Phantom grinned at him.


“So you’re a halfa?” Spider-man asked through a mouthful of food. They were sitting on the edge of some tall skyscraper or another. “How does that work?”

“Well, when you get electrocuted with about 10,000 volts of ectoplasmic electricity it changes your physiology.”


“Yeah, it was. What about you? How’d you get yours?”

“Radioactive spider bite.”

“Should have guessed that,” Phantom laughed. “What if it had been like, a radioactive fly or something? Then you’d be screwed.”

“I’d have those giant compound eyes and some gnarly wings,” Spider-Man laughed, gesturing to his face. 

“They’d write comics about you! The Amazing Fly-Boy!”

“Uh, that’s Fly-Man to you, Phantom,” Spidey asked. 

“Ability to gross everyone out without even trying!” Phantom continued, leaning against the gargoyle as he held his sides from laughing so hard.

“Fear me!” Spider-Man laughed, tears forming in his eyes. Phantom chuckled some more before finally settling down.

“We should do this more often, dude,” Phantom said. Spider-Man nodded.

“I agree.”


Clockwork couldn’t help but smile as he saw Daniel and Peter laugh along side each other. Even though it was just beginning, he knew this friendship between the two would last lifetimes. One of the greatest friendships to ever go down in history was happening right before his eyes. It could have began in so many different ways, but knowing Daniel he knew this way was probably the best.

Who knew pizza had so much power.

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Can I please get a angst/fluffy scenario with Jungkook where you're his best friend, but he starts to go around with another girl and you get really sad and distant, so he starts to miss you and tries to talk to you, but you're still kinda mad and ignores him, and he ends up realizing he likes you, so he confesses and there's a FREAKING FLUFFY END? Pretty pleeeeeeease <333333 Oh, and if you can add something like a soundtrack, that'd be perfect. Hope I'm not being abusive D: Anyway, thanks <3333

Anon this isn’t abusive at all! Don’t you worry~~ Also Admin A will make the soundtrack/Playlist and post it tomorrow, I’ll link it in tomorrow ♥ Also this is totally the plot to a music video tbh <3  I’m putting this in first person, I can re-write it if you don’t like the style this way [Admin O and A have different scenario styles]

OMG This Jungkook one got so long,I’m so sorry
Words: 1,718
-Admin O

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mikayuu 27 ^w^

Really? Two of you want this? Well…who am I to refuse? 

27. “I’m pregnant.”

It wasn’t supposed to happen. Not like this.

Yuu looked down at the stick again. The two pinks lines shone in the neon light of the bathroom. No matter how many times he blinked or shook it, the lines remained, taunting him with their conviction.

Yuu’s heart sank.

He’d known this day would come. As on omega, it was not only inevitable, but it was also his duty to help rebuild the human population. Once he reached a certain age he’d be required to retire, hang up his uniform and focus on procreating.

But that day wasn’t meant to be today.

Yuu thought he had years left in the JIDA. He had missions to complete, his squad needed him! He took all the precautions he could afford- a shot before his heat, a birth control patch on his arm. They were hard to get, too. Omegas weren’t usually trying to prevent conception.

Which made sense, as omegas didn’t usually serve in the military. But Yuu had a family to avenge and was already far too messed up with seraph genes and a demon latched to his soul for anyone to care. He was a valuable tool and Yuu was grateful for it. After all, if he hadn’t convinced Guren to take him under his wing, how would he have reunited with Mika? How could he have convinced his friend to return with him to the city if he’d stayed there and waited for some alpha to breed him?

Omegas were treated no differently by humans than they were by vampires. They were livestock either way: one desired their blood, the other wanted their bodies. Yuu rejected both.

Yet Mika’s reappearance in his life made Yuu question and do things he’d never thought he’d voluntarily do. Not only was Mika a vampire- he’d presented as an alpha as well. A stubborn one at that. He’d refused to drink human blood, no matter where it came from, and Yuu panicked at the possibility of seeing his friend die in front of him. Again.

So when Mika threw away the bag of blood Guren had given Yuu from a lab, Yuu slit his wrist. His blood never made it to the floor. Mika, panting and trembling, had pressed him up against the wall and grabbed his hand, not letting a single drop go to waste.

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ice cream


Youngjae | 842 words
inspired by: summer walks to the convenience store for ice cream (xx)

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Blurryface And Video Games

Title: Blurryface and Video Games 

Drabbler: skywalkerswift 

Doodler: kiroujiswonderland (v v cool) 

Beta: phandomwriter (v v cool too) 

Summary: "You live in a flat next to me and is blasting twenty one pilots at 2 in the morning and I’m trying to sleep so I came over to yell at you but you look gorgeous and I didn’t think this through and I forgot what I was about to say" 

Warnings: None! 

Word Count: ~800


The sound of Blurryface was heard throughout Dan’s room. It’s not that he didn’t like Twenty One Pilots, he did, but not when it’s 2 in the morning and he’s desperately trying to sleep. Although it’s quite unusual of Dan to not stay up until 4am endlessly scrolling through his Tumblr dashboard, he had an interview for a new job early in the morning, therefore him needing his sleep but not being able to get it due to his neighbour Phil currently listening to Tear In My Heart.

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Why I Love Captain Marvel

There are tons of essays, all better written, than mine. Feel free to read or not, it’s not a big deal. 

“I am Captain Marvel.” In issue seventeen, all of New York City stands with their hero. She is them. They are her. I identified so strongly with this scene I cried. I can’t fly, I don’t have super strength. I can’t save people from burning buildings or speeding cars or alien invasions. I don’t have super powers. 

What I have is a TBI; a Traumatic Brain Injury. When I was eighteen, I was schooling a young horse.. He spooked at something, reared up and fell backwards. I wasn’t able to get free and he landed on top of me. I broke a few vertebrae, a couple ribs. My ASTM approved helmet was cracked in half. I ended up with a loss of feeling and a significant loss of use in both legs. I also ended up with a TBI. 

Much of my senior year in high school was spent remembering who I was. Friends came over with videos and pictures and told me stories. To this day I don’t know if I actually remember some events or if I only remember the stories and videos of those events. I’ll never know. That TBI stole some of my memories. It stole almost my entire sense of self. It stole who I was. 

Bit by bit I clawed my way back. I learned to walk again. I learned to read and write again. It just took time to remember and more, it took me trusting my muscle memory for things like writing and walking, even bathing. I had to trust my body could walk, that it would walk without me thinking of each step, micromanaging every step. 

Carol’s struggle resonated deeply with me. I have read so many fictional accounts of women with TBIs. They always end happily ever after with the victim recovering their full memories and zero physical issues. Everyone always lived happily ever after. And frankly, that is bullshit. Not every person who has a TBI recovers one hundred percent. Not everyone is the same as they were before the accident or incident that caused or was responsible for the TBI. 

The struggle Carol is undergoing is very real to me. And it’s probably very real to hundreds, if not thousands of TBI victims. Carol didn’t get a magic fix. There’s no instant resolution, no happily ever after. The end of that arc is hopeful but grounded in our reality; TBI sufferers don’t always get a happy ever after. We get to hope and strive and reach for our own new normalcy. Just like Carol is doing. 

And this is why I am so damn grateful to Kelly Sue DeConnick for writing her. I have never seen anyone handle an injury/illness like this with such compassion and understanding. There’s no instant fix. There’s no miracle cure. There’s hard work and tears and suffering and “Why me?” In place of the fantasy and miracles we so often see in comics, we get a hard dose of reality. 

More than any therapy or support group I’ve been involved in, THIS is what gave me a feeling of closure. Twenty years out from the original injury I was finally able to make peace with it. There is so much to be said for representation in comics. How empowering it is to see someone like yourself in media. Someone like you who is triumphant. Someone like you who is a better, less flawed version of you. Or someone who is flawed in different ways than you. 

I am Captain Marvel. I am struggling to remember who I used to be. How I used to do things. I am struggling to figure out who I am again. I probably always will struggle, in some sense. I’ll always wonder “what could have been” if I didn’t have this injury. I’ll always wonder who I really was. Who the woman is, the one I don’t remember.

I am Captain Marvel. I have so many bad days. I battle major depressive disorder. On days I want to give up because it’s too hard or too rough or no one understands why I act the way I do, I want to just give up. Then I think of Carol and how she makes herself go on. How she’s struggling with the very same things I am. Then I think of how determined she is to overcome those things and triumph. 

And that is when I’m able to tell myself that tomorrow will be better. If Carol can keep going, so can I. I am a member of the Carol Corps. 

The Corps never give up. So neither will I. 

anonymous asked:

thanks for weathering the internet's crap just to bring us great art!

but the thing is i am not weathering it to bring you art, and i shouldn’t have to weather it.

i’m still just a singular person. i’m not a special person either, just a person, who likes to do something that other people like to partake in. i’m not in this situation out of any desire to be in this situation, it just sort of happened, which is why i’m kinda??? Stressed? Confused?

a majority of folks who talk to me are very nice and sweet and usually are just giving well-wishes and saying they have had fun reading the comics i make. what i don’t get are the errant few who say really weird shizz, or how there’s this swiftly developing group logic that i’m somehow very knowledgeable about how to get popular or make good things.

i don’t have very good advice to give outside of “try to be a good person and don’t hurt people”. i’m still working on my own self care. i’m not really in a position to be other peoples’ moral compass, and it’s not really fair to me to put me in that spot.

i don’t want to be the deciding factor for many peoples’ decisions and i don’t want to have to deal with the ill-decided choices of others.