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How do you think Isis and Rishid would react to Malik potentially being in a relationship with Ryou? (Since you seem to like angstshipping)

I think there’s a good chance, in canon, that the Ishtars would have been raised with some level of homophobia. It’s common in groups who know they have to keep having a decent number of children to survive. So that might cause a problem with any m/m Malik ship. But hopefully not, or only low-key raised-conservatively-but-gets-over-it kind of homophobia. 

Rishid will support Malik in whatever choice he makes, no matter how murderously terrible, so on paper, Rishid will be on board from the start, but it will be a paper-thin ship he’ll have boarded. Rishid will be anxious about the effect of a break-up on Malik and it’ll take a while for Ryou to earn his trust. If the relationship gets serious, if they get engaged or Ryou comes to live with them, there will be moments in the dead of night that Rishid will think bitter, hateful thoughts, that this soft, foreign boy can find a place so easily in this family, when Rishid had to pay for his place over and over in pain and blood and unwavering obedience. But Malik’s face lights up when Ryou smiles, Malik’s body relaxes with Ryou’s hand on his tortured back, Malik’s wilder plans are softened by Ryou’s willing enthusiasm with a core of steel. Rishid can’t hate anything that brings Malik joy and he eventually becomes as protective of Malik’s lover as he is of Malik himself.

Isis takes time to trust him too, suspicious from the start that the spirit of the Ring was aided and abetted by his oh-so-innocent “landlord”. Ryou’s morbid sense of humour and near-total lack of regard for his own and Malik’s health don’t exactly endear him to her either. His dark jokes and morbid interests chill her and she tries to see if she can make out the Ring, somehow returned, under his clothes, until she eventually comes to accept that Ryou is just a weird, creepy kid all on his own merits and always has been. His absolutely terrible influence on Malik’s diet, sleep-cycle and propensity to leave the house take longer for her to become accustomed to. She initially unplugs their game console and chivvies them out for a walk; confiscates their bags of sweets until they eat at least one vegetable; disconnects their TV and overhead light so they’ll at least be tempted to go to sleep. But she’s not their mother and anyway, Malik does love cooking and being outdoors, and she starts to see his influence on Ryou and not just Ryou’s on him. And the occasional all-nighter or whole bag of jelly babies won’t hurt. And then she sees that Malik’s fear of the dark ebbs away when nighttime means a movie marathon with Ryou, that Malik’s troubled relationship with his own body doesn’t seem to bother him when he’s playfully wrestling Ryou for the last éclair, that Malik’s anxious, destructive need to always be out and doing something calms when Ryou suggests staying in and playing Zelda again. Ryou is quiet, reserved and has more common sense than she initially gave him credit for, and Isis and Ryou eventually become such close friends that Malik occasionally gets jealous and sulky, especially when Ryou and Isis double duel Malik and Rishid, and win.

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Hello, I'm wondering if I could get some advice? Your art is so lovely and fantastic and it always looks so gorgeous, so I'm just wondering if you have any tips for coloring or making the coloring work with the lineart? I often find that after I manage to make a less than decent sketch, I'll line it and color it and it looks absolutely awful, and I'm always terrible at making the coloring look nice and easy on the eyes. If you have any advice that would be great. Thank you so much.

It’ll be a long explanation if I explain here kjsfs but I learned a lot from this tutorial, please watch till the end because it’s so helpful (also aaaaa I’m so sorry for the late reply ;;;;;;)

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Can you recommend any blogs?

@baekhyuntella ; @baekiya ; @grinding-on-baek ; @305heaux ; @sefuns ; @tipannies ; @yeolhighness ; @sehunoh ; @petitbaek ; @baekhyun-ah ; @littlebyuns ; @byunlucid ; @chanyoel ; @ilovebbhsomuch ; @vanillabyun ; @byunchen ; @byunspuppy ; @baekdaedream ; @beigebaek ; @mochibaeks ; @lovinthesoo ; @topfied ; @kaizzzi ; @my-bobohu ; @myeoneandonly ; @junyixinqs ; @dazzlingkai ; @jonginssoo ; @honeyjongdae ; @byunspuppy ; @sehunicorne ; @starsehun ; @galaxychen ; @slayeol ; @iluvpcy ; @sehunnified ; @ohsehons ; @ohhsenshine ; @ksooup ; @chanshine ; @chansoosluv ; @dulcetyeoll ; @baekhyuneeeee-exo ; @aquaxing ; @geminixingmi ; @1sone ; @chanyeolsabs ; @saintksoo ; @chanhyun ; @rose-byun ; @jongdae-andnight ; @dayafterdae ; @chenrrerorocher ; @majestdae ; @daenso ; @daezzling ; @porkdo-bi ; @baeksilisk ; @baekshitbyun ; @baekpeach ; @baeksupreme ; @baeksicbitch ; @suhocean ; @suavesehun ; @oohsenun ; @baehkhun ; @exotine ; @exoturnback ; @untouchabyeolman ; @angel-in-slow-motion ; @lawlliets ; @queenbyun ; @wuboxian ; @prince-chanyeol ; @royalyeol ; @co-kai-ne ; @tellmewhatislove ; @jonmyecn ; @1adyluck ; @yourbiaslikesitrough ; @loeypapi ; @smolbaekchen ; @chanyeolcide ; @chanyeollipop ; @sehurn ; @sehunsgirl ; @sebaeked ; @hydranoel ; @lullabyun ; @luhan-vevo ; @luedeer ; @laygion ; @laylord ; @xiundeer ; @xiubyuns ; @mintybaek ; @mniseokk ; @callmeminseok ; @canadianbaekhyun ; @cheolyans ; @noxarcanax ; @ethereal-baek ; @flawlessbaek ; @fyeahchanyeol ; @red-shidae ; @92-pcy ; @9209-21 ; @94-hun ; @174cents ; @angelksoo ; @velvetpcy ; @deararchimedes ; @sistarheaux ; @squishyssoo ; @squynhty ; @squishy-chanyeol ; @softseoks ; @tiny-myeon ; @blondejongin ; @sxhuns ; @absolutehun ; @wooyoung ♡♡♡

also check out: @kimjongdae-net & @baekyeolnet !!

these are the ones I could think of right now and I feel terrible because I’m forgetting so many but all are people who’ve made every day on Tumblr so much better 💗🤧

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I've been seeing so many Dean/Cas hug pics/gifs lately (squee). It kinda seems they have a special hug that's different from Sam/Cas or Dean/Sam hugs and I call it "The safety pin hug" because to me, the way their arms fold around each other resembles a safety pin *_*

Good at holding things tightly :3 

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Ok so I know it's kind your thing to make sad klance Aus all the time but honestly really truely it's bringing me down. Like a lot. Espehaly today because for some fucking reason today has been extra terrible. And honestly your a good artist and I do enjoy your worK it just. Can we have at least one nice sweet cupple thing inbetween all the Angst. Like feel free to tell me to fuck off if I'm being to unsensitive or something but just once in a while take a break please.

sorry to hear about that anon, i’m not in a very good head space myself

it’s not all too couple-y but it’s what i could manage, hope u like it

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You know, I don't think I've ever actually spoken to you directly, so here's me fixing that by saying ur super funny and a Photoshop Wizard that I admire a lot 😄😄😄 xoxo

Hi! Thank you! Always good the hear from people you see around the fandom but never really get to talk to - my askbox and IM is open :D and I’m glad my terrible sense of humour amuses someone else but me. let’s hope I can kick my brain into gear and get back to some of that “photoshop wizardry” to which you refer ;) thank you again for your kind words!

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"I like watching you enjoy things you love, passion is a good look for you." - with Rafa because I kind of love him ❤️ (I'm late but my crush is definitely there) lol

Work sucked. School sucked. Life sucked. Everything sucked.

You snarled at some asshole who bumped into you while walking, feeling like a rain cloud was looming over your head.

“Fucking city, fucking weather, fucking people, fuck, fuck, fuck,” you muttered as you marched towards your apartment.

You still had to decide on the classes you wanted to take next semester, your boss had bitched you out for mistaking a customer’s order which HE had caused, your apartment was a mess, your clothes weren’t fitting right, your eyes itched, head hurt, legs were sore, basically everything felt awful today.

Slamming your door open, you threw the keys onto the counter and flopped onto the sofa, hoping you could just sleep for the next 48 hours.


Someone was shaking you and you grumbled in annoyance.

“Go…away,” you grouched.

“Nope. Come on, get up,” a voice said determinedly.

“Fuck off.”


“Piss off.”


“Get dicked.”


“OH FOR FUCKS SAKE!” You cried, sitting up with a flourish, ready to pound whoever it was.

One Rafael Casal sat on the edge of the sofa, grinning at you.

“Good morning,” he greeted cheerfully.

“Eat ass, Casal,” you grumbled.

He laughed and brushed a hand through your hair.

“Did you forget we were supposed to meet for breakfast?”

You blinked and looked over to the clock on the wall. It was already 11 am, you had slept through the night and apparently most of the morning too.

“HOLY FUCK!!!” You yelped, trying to get up quickly.

The man grabbed you and pressed you down against the sofa.

“Whoa there! Breakfast is long over, but we can go for lunch?”

Calming down a little, you rubbed the back of your head and gave him an apologetic look.

“Would…that be ok? Holy shit, I’m so sorry, Rafa. Just, totally slept right through. Look, I’ll make it up to you, I’ll cook us lunch. Whatever you want.”

He lit up at your offer, knowing you were one of the best cooks in his group of friends.

“Seriously? Y/N I think I fucking love you right now.”

You laughed and got up, heading for the bedroom to get changed and wash up.

“You better, Casal. I’m going to make you the best motherfucking lunch you’ve ever tasted.”


With your playlist booming and Rafael watching, you practically danced around the kitchen, washing, chopping, frying, stirring. It came naturally to you, borne from years of practice. You loved to cook, preparing the ingredients, testing out new things, creating new items, it was something that made you calm, happy, and relaxed.

“Can I help?” Rafael asked, looking around.

You tossed him a cucumber.

“Sure, cut that. Tiny pieces, small as you can make them.”

He gave you an unimpressed look, “You’re just trying to keep me out of your way, aren’t you?”

You laughed but nodded, “Yep. I remember the last time you tried to ‘help’.”

He whined and took a bite out of the cucumber, “But I’ve gotten better! I promise, no flooding your kitchen this time!”

“First, stop eating my cucumber. Second, if you really want to help that badly, wash up and…can you stir this sauce? I need it creamy.”

Rafael happily bounded off his chair and came to your aid. The two of you establishing an easy flow with you acting as mentor and he like an apprentice.

“Huh, not bad Casal. You might earn your chef’s hat someday.”

He laughed and drained the pasta, putting it onto a plate.

“I like watching you enjoy things you love, passion is a good look for you.”

The heat in the kitchen was already warm but your cheeks flushed even hotter at his words.

“I…I just…really like cooking,” you admitted.

He smirked and came over to you, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek.

“I know. And you’re amazing at it. I’m already jealous of whoever’s lucky enough to get you as their girlfriend.”

You rolled your eyes, laughing awkwardly.

“Stop it, Rafa. It’s just food.”

He paused and gave you a look, tugging gently on your waist until you were leaning back against the counter with him cornering you in place.

“No…no, it’s not just food, baby girl. It’s you…your passion, and drive, and energy, everything.”

You gulped, looking up and meeting his eyes. He bent down slowly, giving you plenty of time to back away if you wanted to, but you stayed still, too nervous to move. Was he going to..? Maybe he would…? You whimpered at the first brush of his lips against your own, eyes fluttering shut as he gently deepened the kiss.

Your arms wrapped around his neck to pull him closer as you sighed against his mouth, heart thumping loudly in your chest. The kiss went on for what felt like ages, but you quickly pulled away when the air became heavy with the scent of burnt sauce.

“SHIT!” You cried, pushing past the rapper and racing to the stove, “Rafa!”

He couldn’t help laughing as you looked miserably at the ruined sauce, giving him pouty looks.

“Sorry love, um…order some delivery maybe?”

You sighed and shot him a glare.

“You are forever forbidden from my kitchen, Rafael Casal.”

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i'm not trying to be rude, but if an asexual enjoys sex doesn't that make them not asexual? i'm just trying to understand, i'm sorry if i seem confrontational.

hey I’m so sorry I’m terrible at keeping up with my messages so this is pretty old, BUT

you’re fine! it’s obvious you just want some clarification and this is a very polite way to ask. I’ll try to do my best to explain and tag the other people from the replies on my post that had the same (if somewhat less polite) question.

Just to preface, I’m not ace myself, so what I’m going to say is from what I’ve experienced as an allo person, as well as things I’ve heard from ace friends and the ace community online. It’s also gonna be a little NSFW b/c, you know, sex.

Keep reading

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omg your artwork is sooo lovely! will you ever consider doing art tutorials/streaming? I would love to see your process ^^

thank you! streaming might not be a good idea… i’ll get way too nervous and really it’s no fun watching me hit ctrl+z twenty times in a row, so here have a process gif instead

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My birthday is tomorrow (11.July) could you please draw a Acno with Wendy doing his hair? Oh ok that sounds really bossy. Sorry sorry, You don't have to :D

Happy Birthday then! I wanted to draw this anyway so here it is :D

(btw sorry for replying to asks so randomly! I’ll try to answer all of them sooner or later!)

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you should totally write some lefou and gaston adopting a kid fic for.. reasons..

awgdfodh what about a pet. I’d be terrible at writing that so what about a pet.

actually I have this tiny thing I’ve never finished

“Wait—you’re jealous?”


“You are!” LeFou exclaimed, clapping his hands to his mouth. “You’re jealous of the cat!”

“Shut up, LeFou,” Gaston groaned. “I’m not jealous of a cat, and especially not that one.”

I’m sorry that’s all I have but maybe it’s for the better

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I'm sorry that people aren't being nice. So, I response to that, can you write a NSFW scenario (When the [S/O] of the Diaboy is having a terrible day, and the boy comforts them, sexually?) about your favorite DiaBoy? Or DiaFamily? Please?

gOD I’M SO SORRY THAT I DIDNT REPLY EARLIER ! this request has been in the bottom of the list and every time I forget about it and result, it’s been a while since you asked this! I want to thank you for the concern in regards to the previous issue I had with some people, and for this request I chose Yuma if that’s okay!

It was awful. You couldn’t take it. School had been terrible, your brain felt like lettuce and you couldn’t focus at all. You were now in the Mukami mansion and supposed to do some homework. 

It was impossible. All day you had struggled with exams and classes that you really didn’t enjoy, resulting in an extremely bad day. Your head was pounding from the amount of knowledge that was forced to  be engraved in your brain and you were exhausted. Out of frustration, tears burned your eyes and ran down your cheeks.

“God I can’t cry now, I’m supposed to prepare this assignment, I don’t have time for this…” You mumbled to yourself, before taking out all the documents you needed. Pens, files and textbooks were scattered all over your desk and you had an incredibly hard time focusing on every word. That’s when you heard the door open with a lingering squeeze.

Turning your head in an instant, you observed the tall and imposing vampire enter your bedroom with a frown. 

“Yuma…I can’t help out with the garden, I have too much work I’m sorry” You said, turning back to your paper. 

“The fuck are you crying for?” The vampire interrogated. He hadn’t moved from this position right by the door. Christ, you really didn’t have time for this.

“Nothing at all, please Yuma, I need to concentrate.” The words were stern yet weak at the same time. Stress had entirely taken over you, even your voice.

“Tch, I can almost hear your thoughts, Sow. I can even smell your tears. An idiot would easily understand that ya need a break” Yuma replied. He approached your figure though you were still focused on the sentence you were currently writing. Instead, you jolted in surprise when Yuma’ large hand suddenly smashed and covered your notes. “Sow, take a break.”

You frowned and grunted out before trying to remove his hand, frustrated that none of this was helping you move forward with your work. Yuma caught a hold of your chin, making you stare at his piercing gaze. “I said take a break.”

With that, the vampire lifted you from your chair only to sit down himself. You raised a brow in confusion, only to feel your waist being dragged to sit on the vampire’s lap. “Y-Yuma what are you-” 

The male did not hesitate in lifting your skirt and placing a hand in between your thighs, caressing your womanhood. You rapidly started fighting against his grip, moving from side to side to avoid having him touching you. 

It didn’t take long for you to moan in pleasure when feeling your core penetrated by his large digits. You clenched around him, your back leaning against his chest, head right by his shoulder. “A…ah…-Yuma…I c-can’t”

“Sow, you’re stressed. You need release.” With that, the vampire pumped in and out of you with one of his fingers, his palm circling your clit. 

The heat grew in between your legs while his skilled digits hit your sensitive spot every time. Your eyes rolled back and your mouth was left agape, moans easily slipping out of you. And with furious vivacity, Yuma fingered you relentlessly, your wet cavern squeezing tightly around him before feeling your orgasm reach you. Incoherent words left your mouth when feeling the heat wash over your entire self, your legs giving up to the numb sensation and the juices leaking down your hole and over the vampire’s hand. 

“Feel better Sow?” Yuma asked. He made you lick your own sweet honey, though you were still trembling against his chest from the savage orgasm he provided you. “Heh…of course you do…”

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What's your favorite episode in Inazuma eleven ?

I have mentioned this before in that 30 day thing I did a while back but I don’t mind answering it again.

Episode 36 of Go is my absolute favourite when Tenma discovered that the person who saved him and he idolised was the one that was controlling soccer and making him miserable.

From the minute Yuuka asked Tenma to meet someone and then Seitei appeared at the top of the stairs… 

To the way Ishido implied that it was Tenma who was taking soccer away from everyone and not him…

And then the hint of the real Gouenji as he stops the mugger from hitting Tenma and stealing his the lady’s bag off him…

And then Tenma’s awful realisation that the person who made him want to play soccer in the first place and come to Raimon is the one doing all these terrible things to the game he loves…

But when questioned on it, Ishido just tells Tenma to win Holy Road and then wanders off…

Before returning to the two loves of his life…

And finally meeting up with Tsurugi who knows his true identity and asks him for a favour…

Overall, everything about this episode was perfect for me. And while it’s no surprise to anyone that I favour the original characters over the Go ones, Go season 1 is still my favourite because I just love the adults so much.

hey hey i have a great idea(yes i’m sleep deprived and that’s factoring into this but shush)

lets all make an OC together 

reblog this/reply/send asks with personality and physical traits and we’ll make it a terrible terrible being

doesn’t even have to be human just like “blue eyes” or “eighteen legs” and after a few hours(maybe four) i’ll try and draw it and tag everyone :) tHIS IS A GREAT PLAN

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Thirty,sixteen, two~~

2. What book are you currently reading?

According to goodreads, I’m currently reading Brighton Rock by Graham Greene but I’m in a terrible reading slump so I haven’t touched that in weeks. I’d even go as far as to say that this book is the reason I’m in a slump.

16. What book has been on you TBR pile the longest?

Oh my gosh, so many books! Let’s just go with the super popular ones. The Brothers Karamazov, Bag of Bones, The Narrow Road to the Deep North.. I can go on.

30. Can you leave a series unfinished or do you have to own all the books and try them all??

As much as I’d like to say that I like to own all books when I start a series, that’s not true. I still haven’t gotten around to completing the Percy Jackson series and I LOVED the first two books. And that’s just one example. Someday..

Thank you so much for asking, I hope you’re having a lovely day!