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When you’re reading a really good fic with a good plot, the right amount of smut with a little bit of angst and just enough fluff… but there’s so much grammatical errors that you have to subconsciously re read it in your head for it to sound right.


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1. Where is your phone? Desk

2. Your hair? Brunette

3. Your dad? Complicated

4. Your other half? Non-existent

5. Your dream last night? Dryan!!! 

6.  Your favorite drink?  Coffee

7.  Your favorite food?  Italian

8. Fear?  Alone

9. Favorite Shoes?  Trainers

10.  Favorite way to relax? Tumblr

11. Your mood? Sad

12. I love? Robron

13.  Where were you last night? Home

14. Something that you aren’t? Living

15. Muffins? Blueberry 

16. Wish list item? Self-esteem

17. Where you grew up? Manchester 

18. Last thing you did? Cried

19. What are you wearing right now? Trousersuit

20. Something you hate?  Knots

21. Your pets? Dogs

22. Friends? Amazing

23. Life? Passing

24. Regrets? Many

25. Missing someone? No

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I love your teddy Arthur! May I ask you how did Alfred and Arthur looked during the 60 (the British Invasion and the hippie movement) and in the 70 (with the born of punk)? I'm sorry, I'm such a music weirdo. Thank you!

So I’ve drawn Punk England and Mod England a long time ago  Though I don’t think he would dress as either (mainly because I’m bais and not a big fan of either style that and I tend to  headcanon England having an old soul and has older person’s tastes than a younger)  


1212; the most beautiful book

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  Tim backed up slightly, his boots making a light click noise when they hit the floor. 
He was pretty terrified of the woman, his expression said it all and well… Timothy—- ( cough ) Jack wasn’t able to speak for himself when he was scared.. which… in this situation– was kinda bad… 
 ‘’ R-Right.. sorry– sorry, Ma’am—- I’ll Just… stay Right here until you lock everything up.. so I don’t– uhh.. so I don’t DIE! ‘’  at the beginning, he spoke in a very quiet whisper, maybe to not be so loud… maybe to hide the fact that no matter how sexy he sounded with this Jackass’s voice, HIS voice still cracked and squeaked.. which meant he never actually sounded as badass as he wanted too… but once he spoke about his inevitable doom that would come if he made any loud noises, he accidentally yelped the last part..

    the young man slammed his palm over his mouth, his eyes widening even more than they had been previously.
 ‘’ ahh.. crap… sor— !!! ‘’ Just as he was apologising for the noise he had Just caused, the doppelganger had backed up way too far and fallen over a chair that had hit the ground ( along with him ) with a THUD.

‘’ Oh crap… Oh crap.. I’m so sorry— this is Just.. ugh…. I’ll stop talkin’ now ‘’
Timothy sputtered. Oh BOY! That was embarrassing.

Hi I’m sorry if I come off too strong if we ever communicate. I have no idea how to interact with people and I get very excited.

clarke draws while she’s on her own because she has nothing else to do, and while at first she draws nature and landscape it eventually becomes the 100 and all the people they’ve lost. finn, wells, anya, maya, fox, sterling, and everyone else. she just draws them one by one. and then she draws the mount weather massacre. she puts all of her time and energy into drawing them, the kids and the adults, all of those who lost their lives, innocent or not. she releases all of her pent up emotion, fear and sorrow, and eventually, one day, she has drawn all the faces from that night that she remembers. so she starts drawing those who survived. she draws raven, jasper, her mom, octavia, monty, kane, wick, and bellamy. she draws them laughing, smiling, and she realizes all the people she left behind. she has so many people there for her and she just left them. she returns eventually, having forgiven herself without even realizing it. she isn’t whole again, but she has started picking up the pieces of herself, one by one, bit by bit. she is clarke griffin, co-leader of first 100 people from space to step foot on the ground in 97 years. she is strong. she has survived bombings and massacre after massacre. and she will survive this. with the help of her people. together.