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CALLOUT POST FOR @mystical-imagine

What you’ve all been waiting for, except it was only @mystical-imagine who was waiting for it 😂 😂 

-Go for a car ride with @mystical-imagine they said, it’ll be fun they said. If yOU LIKE LISTENING TO HAMILTON AND ONLY HAMILTON.

-She has a nice singing voice, except it isn’t nice, it’s just screaming. They literally SCREAm along to songs. 😂

-Will fight anyone. Don’t even try them. Seriously.

-Is a hoe for highlighter. Also make up in general.

-Whispers “I love you so much” to the characters from Mystic Messenger. You weirdo.


-That said, I love you so much, even if I sometimes dissociate when you scream along to those Hamilton songs 😂 😂 😂 ❤️‍ ❤️‍

-And also, you always look adorable. How????


1212; the most beautiful book

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And yet here I am, bored… Any requests? Gif imagines, preferences, moodboards and Fluff headcanons (prompt list here) are all open!!

  • Levi: Did you fall asleep again?
  • Hanji: Ugh, 'cause popcorn's gone and the movie's so dull, they only escape and scream. Boooring...
  • Levi: Hold on, four-eyes, the best part is about to begin.
  • Hanji: You mean the torture part?
  • Levi: Yep.
  • Hanji: *livens up and goes to the kitchen*
  • Levi: The fuck are you doing?
  • Hanji: We need more popcorn for the highlight.

clarke draws while she’s on her own because she has nothing else to do, and while at first she draws nature and landscape it eventually becomes the 100 and all the people they’ve lost. finn, wells, anya, maya, fox, sterling, and everyone else. she just draws them one by one. and then she draws the mount weather massacre. she puts all of her time and energy into drawing them, the kids and the adults, all of those who lost their lives, innocent or not. she releases all of her pent up emotion, fear and sorrow, and eventually, one day, she has drawn all the faces from that night that she remembers. so she starts drawing those who survived. she draws raven, jasper, her mom, octavia, monty, kane, wick, and bellamy. she draws them laughing, smiling, and she realizes all the people she left behind. she has so many people there for her and she just left them. she returns eventually, having forgiven herself without even realizing it. she isn’t whole again, but she has started picking up the pieces of herself, one by one, bit by bit. she is clarke griffin, co-leader of first 100 people from space to step foot on the ground in 97 years. she is strong. she has survived bombings and massacre after massacre. and she will survive this. with the help of her people. together.

.:My Gush Post:.

This is me just POURING my heart out about those cuties I adore and lovingly called as my kids! This is extremely long so be careful!

You all have been warned, under the cut as always <3

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