sorry i'm still in shock

He said “when you’re away” in those notes.

…not “Gone” or “Dead” He wrote “when you’re away” like Shiro was just on some long trip, not announced dead due to a pilot error. These notes on the board were made after Keith got kicked out, after the pilot error was announced, after Keith started looking for a purpose again. …he didn’t want to think that Shiro was dead. He didn’t want to believe it

idk what possessed me to go in the ly.di.a bran.we.ll tag, but i did and the amount of ppl who were waxing poetics about how she’s a hero and how her “you deserve to be happy” line is her “”“redemption”“” arc lol As If bitch uttered those words with a fake smile on her face and two seconds after she turned alec around to ignore magnus and look at her bc she was literally 100% content and determined to marry a gay man for her own selfish interests until literally the last second when alec flat out said “i can’t do this” and her homophobic face fell like i’m sorry but she’s not a hero and she didn’t save anybody’s life that day, especially not alec’s.

((Please excuse me for a moment I just. I would like to say how incredible you all are and I’m just sitting here like “how do so many amazing people follow this blog” like I can’t even believe half of you, who are so talented and wonderful and have these KICKASS ask blogs, follow me, a lowly college student who’s way too invested in her own AUs, and I am so full of love and admiration for you and for the fandom and how I’ve been accepted so kindly, and all of the compliments I’ve gotten and just wow. I don’t know what else to do except sit here and scream like an idiot and continue to answer asks, because that’s all I feel I can do, and I can’t even begin to express my gratitude and my amazement. THANK YOU!!))


Just a few of the pictures I took yesterday at Miles’ Brooklyn show (and shout out to Nell and Katrina for being awesome!)

Best. Day. EVER!!!! Miles is the sweetest human in the world (LOOK AT HIS SMILE WHEN I HUGGED HIM!!! HE’S SO GENUINELY HAPPY AND PRECIOUS AND ASHKJFKJH!!!!!!!) Also, can confirm, Miles gives the BEST hugs, 1000000%, no contest. He had his arms out to hug me before I even got over to him, and he noticed my shirt and said “I see you went to Target”, and he thought my leg-hair-purple nails were awesome. Tbh I nearly blacked out when it was happening, but I remember honestly telling him “I can’t believe this is happening!!” (nerd alert! lol I’m so awkward omfg). Also, Miles smells like actual heaven (that 99 cent store cologne is no joke!), and is so so genuine. During the show he was just like he is in videos; mid sentence his voice cracked and without missing a beat he just went “Dat voice crack doe!” and continued on. We introduced him to Salt Bae (Miles, I’m calling you out again for NOT KNOWING A MEME HOW??), and we had a drag show on stage. Although I didn’t get to go up, it was just as much fun to watch because Miles made sure to keep everyone involved.

The biggest thing about the show was the energy. I have never been in a space where I didn’t feel judged or hesitant to be myself, whether that be my identity or my personality in general. But right there, I felt 100000% comfortable to just go nuts, cheer when someone mentioned stuff I identified with, and just be 10000% me. Miles immediately made the atmosphere one of charged, accepting fun and sillyness. It was almost like if you could step inside of a video and join in on Miles’ shenanigans.

I will never forget yesterday as long as I live, and I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to go and experience that. And Miles, if you somehow manage to find this, I hope you got my letter :)

The types as anime series
  • ISTJ: The fidget spinner anime
  • ISFJ: The fidget spinner anime
  • INFJ: The fidget spinner anime
  • INTJ: The fidget spinner anime
  • ISTP: The fidget spinner anime
  • ISFP: The fidget spinner anime
  • INFP: The fidget spinner anime
  • INTP: The fidget spinner anime
  • ESTP: The fidget spinner anime
  • ESFP: The fidget spinner anime
  • ENFP: The fidget spinner anime
  • ENTP: The fidget spinner anime
  • ESTJ: The fidget spinner anime
  • ESFJ: The fidget spinner anime
  • ENFJ: The fidget spinner anime
  • ENTJ: The fidget spinner anime

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taem used one of your gifs during answer time! YAY you deserve it! <3

aaah I know ::;;;;;; and I’m so shocked and happy! ♥ it’s something I could never have imagined! ;;;;; I still can’t believe it tbh. Thank you so very much for your sweet message ♥

P.s wrote that song like 6 months ago P.s wrote that song like 6 months ago P.s wrote that song like 6 months ago P.s wrote that song like 6 months ago P.s wrote that song like 6 months ago P.s wrote that song like 6 months ago P.s wrote that song like 6 months ago P.s wrote that song like 6 months ago P.s wrote that song like 6 months ago!!!!!!!!!!!!
The killing aside, I’m just glad that we finally get to see bits about Bum’s past. I honestly can’t wait for his uncle to appear and maybe die soon after. I’M SO SORRY

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I feel betrayed by my own family (white skinned Latinos) living on the USA, they voted for Trump, and I, as a dark skinned Latin American, have never feel comfortable there and now I'm even MORE scared. I don't feel safe and I'm still crying...

I am so so sorry. This has been such a shock for us all; I thought I can trust people around me and blindly believed in their peacefulness and willingness to make everyone feel safe, but turns out that those who are hateful and intimidated by effort to strive for peace are all around us, and it’s scary. So so scary. And the way you feel is absolutely valid. Just don’t think like this is the end of it all–it’s not. Seek comfort in those who can see that hatred will get us nowhere. Stay safe as much as you can. I’m sending my hugs and my support to you and to everyone else who needs it.

so… a Harvard admissions officer called me today (I actually missed the call so I had to call him back LOL ahhhh)

I got into Harvard 😭

I was waiting for him to finish talking so we could hang up bc all I really felt like doing was sobbing (idk, so many emotions. LOL) but he kept talking so I had to act normal and sound calm hahaha

this is honestly so insane

in b4 Caliborn smashes the claykids flat and people try to predict endgame ships based on who got squished together