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i, a trans aro-ace, made a personal, untagged rant about an example of aphobe rethoric recycling terf rethoric. within two minutes a bunch of exclusionists found the post, my blacklist, and my inbox which they spammed with things from aforementioned blacklist. several cis people lectured me on how i was being transphobic for comparing the discourse surrounding "cis" to that around "allosexual" - idek why i'm telling u but i'm just... upset and my blog isn't safe to post to now so

god, I’m so sorry that happened to you. Sometimes they get so very nasty and the only sad, minor, consolation is it just proves that they are trying to silence you. I know that’s really shit comfort at times but keep being you, keep saying things you want to say, and there’s also no shame in not talking about things if it makes you happier. I do highly suggest you turn off anon, or turn it off long enough for them to lose your number, so to speak

//to put into perspective what i meant: i, as a young jewish girl, felt obligated to laugh at jokes where the punch line involved a jewish person in an oven. or getting gassed. i, as a 11-15 year old, felt conditioned to laugh about the slaughter of my own people, even when it made me sick to my stomach.

because the repercussions were social isolation and ostracization.

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Yes hello dear, can you post a few of your favorite pictures of Jr.'s thighs?? I have a friend who says he doesn't have nice thighs and I was like....... Gotta prove her wrong

this is why i’m here *cracks knuckles*

this is gonna take me a while so u guys better just prepare yourselves i got closeups and everything

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Getting stuff off my chest ok

I’m so grateful for having a platform like YouTube and I’m lucky to have an audience and influence and stuff. But sometimes shit gets to me.

I’ve been on tumblr for so many years now, I spent a good portion of that time making friends on the Internet, trying not to feel lonely etc etc. But these days making friends online - and sometimes even irl - can be a fucking nightmare.

It feels like, at some point or another most people these days will ask me for something. Friendship is about support and love and mutual gain (emotional support, companionship etc) but you don’t ask someone you met at a party two hours ago if you can stay on their couch for a week. Why is it that I make friends with people only for them to ask me to retweet something or give them a shout out or do something for them. Sometimes it’s for a friend, sometimes it’s YouTube related, other times it’s literally just retweeting something irrelevant to me or my followers? And I don’t understand.

I’m not here for people to gain from. I make friends with people in the hopes that we both benefit from talking to each other or hanging out. I don’t want to fucking promote your brothers band or be ‘your best friend’ online so you can tell everyone how impressive it is that you know a YouTuber with more than 100 subscribers.

Ugh, I don’t know. I’m just a person and I’m sick of people asking for favours when I’ve barely known them 3 months. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like to say no to people as well, so it makes me feel awful when I know I don’t have the time or energy to help.

But lol fuck those people who don’t even realise they’re using me for like, what, 10 more likes on a picture? 5 more followers on Twitter? It’s a number, why are people so consumed by that. There’s a reason I stay away from the analytics page in YouTube. I don’t care about the number because relatively it means jack shit. It’s about the message you’re putting out there.

I don’t randomly follow people on Twitter because I’m not interested in what their posting. Meaning I’ll either end up muting them or unfollowing them later on. And when people spam me for a follow? Fuck yeah I block the shit outta them. I’m not a trophy for people to collect. Youtubers aren’t a badge or achievement. We’re people, and some of those people like their timelines to be coherent and full of things and people they’re interested in.

Wow, tangent. But still, relevant.

TL;DR : I like having friends except for when they use me for my audience.

Sorry if this sounds like privileged white boy crap.