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Don't use main fandom tags for your nsfw Eddsworld art, thanks. I know I can just blacklist sinsworld but 90% of the time I'm on mobile so if I look up something like "monster tom" or "ew tom" with safe search on, I expect the people in those tags to be decent enough to not shove their porn art in my minor face.

oh, shit! I’m sorry, I’ll retag what I can. From what I know, anything I tag with “sw” at the front should only show up there, but I could be wrong (I’ve only had this blog for four days and all ;;;) Thank you so much for letting me know, and if anyone has any tips on how to help, please send them in!



i think the main reason skam has become so internationally popular is bc it’s such a universal story. like it’s about teens. it’s about drama. it’s about relationships. and it’s so real.

and i think it’s telling when they reference gossip girl or w/e when something dramatic happens. bc those, usually american, shows are so unreal in their presentation of youth.

in skam, we don’t see young people who are entirely in control of their own lives. we see teenagers reacting believably to the situations they’re in. and even though it’s universal, it’s so different from what we as consumers of primarily american media are used to. because it has girls without makeup. because it has “perfect” relationships that end up broken up. bc it is based on the writers’ talking to actual teenagers, talking to the actors, and not just casting big-name 28 y/os for the roles of teens.

and it promotes so many positive things. body image. sexuality. friendship. feminism. standing up against discrimination. it’s a show that has listened to what the youth wants in a show about them and given it exactly that. and i’m so, so happy it exists.


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that guy: “someone serves to save the main character at the end” is suppose to say “somehow survives to save the main character at the end”

Ashes. (Johnny and Dally.)

Orange. At the end of Johnny’s lips, once hung a cigarette with a bright orange tip that dimmed when he exhaled. Dally wrapped his calloused hands around a beer bottle lid and tried opening it, but couldn’t. His vision was hazy enough, so he ended up smashing the cap off of the bottle on the edge of a concrete step. Not a good idea on his part, but it worked fine.

The lot’s fence lining was lined with orange flowers. A muted orange color that was almost too dark to see in the night time, but Dallas had seen the flowers so many times, he could tell you exactly what they looked like.

Orange. Not too dark of an orange, but maybe a pumpkin orange or a bright orange. That color had a lot of meaning. More than a measly cigarette tip.

Orange was the color of the shirt Johnny wore when dally met him. Orange was the color of Johnny’s favorite bubble gum. He slowly got to his feet and began walking along the side of the road and looked at the street lamps.

Orange. Not a bright orange. Maybe at one point, but not now. The bulbs were dimmed with dirt and surrounded by moths. He kept waking. Johnny promised to meet him at the lot, but never showed. How stupid. Dallas hiked his coat over his shoulders and kept walking. He often stopped and looked around hoping he’d be there, but he wasn’t. Johnny was the kid who made life a little less terrible. Johnny was the one who made Dally crack a laugh every once in awhile. Yeah sure, he was a pain in the ass, but he was dally’s pain in the ass.

Dally was all about being tough and slick, but when Cade was around, he didn’t feel like he had to keep his reputation up. He could let his walls down. He refuses to admit it, but.. He loves Johnny.

He loved the color of his eyes, the way making Johnny smile could make his whole day better, and the way he made dally feel..well..loved! Nobody else but him could do that. He loved everything about him. He knew he was too good for him. Everything Johnny did was good. He loved Johnny so much, when he was around, Dally nearly forgot what it felt like to not love himself.


He knew that voice. He could never not recognize it.

“I’m sorry.”

Dally flipped his body around. “Johnny?!” Nothing was there. He kept walking.

“You deserved better.”

Dally shook his head. That’s not true. Johnny was the best damn thing that has ever happened to him.

You’re drunk. He’s not there. You’re imagining it. Keep walking.

“I miss you.”

Shut up. Leave me alone. You’re not here.

“I still love you.”

That’s it. “Shut up!! Shut up, shut up, shut up!!!” He screamed and threw his 5th bottle of beer into the street and let it shatter. Hot tears started streaming down his face. He slid down a street lamp and clutched his knees to his chest. He angrily wiped his face and let a leg fall and propped his elbow on his knee. He sighed and looked up at the orange street light and pulled out a cigarette.

Lighting his bic lighter, he looked at the flame. A simple flame. Small and contained. So much destruction could come from this. It’s orange. That color. That stupid, stupid color that had so much meaning to him. The color of the gum johnny always chewed. The color of the sunset that Johnny forced him to watch. The color of the first flower Johnny ever picked for Dally. The only color that reminded him of his boy.

Orange. The color that looked best on his boy. The color of warmth and happiness.

Orange. The worst color. The color that made him happier than anything of this damn earth, but more depressed than you could ever imagine.

Orange was the only memory he had left of his boy. Orange also happened to be the last color Johnny truly saw.

Orange was the color of Johnny’s destruction.

Orange was the color of Dally’s biggest loss.

His bic lighter had gone out.

That familiar orange flame looked just as orange as the flames that destroyed them both.

Orange was the color of the flames that took his boy away from him.

the idea for this was better than how it came out. this was really shittily written and probably has typos because it was done at 4am and for that I’m sorry, but I’m gonna post it anyways because as shitty as it is, it’s not so shitty where I’m gonna gonna destroy the Internet by posting it.


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        “ i was gonna walk home with my friend james.  the piper’s blue glimmers in a skull not his own, alight with a curiosity he daren’t have — jezebel is not like her father. hostility instead becomes naiveté, a loud mouth  p r e s s e s  shut ;  the girl toys with the cross on her necklace and doesn’t seem to feel burned. then again, perhaps she is good at playing. there are marks on her hands alreadybut daddy says it ain’t right. neither is asking your child - killing friend to pick up your young daughter, but what does harlan know about logic

        the girl kicks her legs idly in the passenger seat, unaware of the danger she sits next to. a question hovers in the air, unspoken : DOES SHE KNOW ? what of harlan’s world is known to her when she, herself, is a secret? what does she know about francis? she frowns. studies the window instead of francis’s face, watching the world as it passed. this does not stop her from talking. daddy says  l o t s  of things ain’t right, though. her fingers tap on the window, counting faces as they pass — the angels grow in number every day. she peers at faces unseen, white && hungry. at length, she looks back. d'you think walkin’ with james makes me a gutter slut, mr. francis?


“Did you know they [the flowers] all have symbolic meanings?”

If there was a word capable of describing your day, it would be weird. Not because something necessarily weird happened, but because people around you kept acting this way - like they knew something you had absolutely no clue about and they were trying to hide it. You noticed something was kinda strange, but once you actually managed to question your coworkers about it, everybody was quick to deny, saying that everything was normal and you were getting the wrong impression.

You simply shrugged at the response. I mean, sometimes it happens, right? Sometimes your mind goes a little crazy and you end up seeing things a little twisted - it was not a big deal, so you kept doing what you did best: your job.

A few hours passed by until it was finally lunch time and you were able to check your phone. After answering some texts and checking your emails, you tapped on the Twitter App icon and decided to scroll through your timeline. And although you barely had time to do this, whenever you took a few moments of your day to read all kinds of things from all kinds of people you followed, it was always a surprise. So it was no different when you saw a tweet and almost choked on your food. You just didn’t know if it was from the surprising news or from laughing at the fan’s reaction. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN CALUM WAS SPOTTED ON Y/N’S MOVIE SET A FEW MINUTES AGO DON’T YOU DARE PLAY WITH MY HEART LIKE THIS”, it read. Suddenly it all started making sense in your head, and you couldn’t contain yourself.

“I knew it! I knew you were hiding something from me!”, you yelled, earning a strange look from your make-up artist.

“What are you talking about?” she questioned, serious features slowly turning into smiling ones.

You rolled your eyes at her question, muttering a “I know Calum’s here, I saw on Twitter. Let me see him!” which only made her laugh and make her way towards your trailer door, putting her head out and murmuring something to someone outside.

“I’m sorry, social media spoiled everything.” Was all you heard coming out from her mouth before your eyes met the pair of brown ones that you loved most.

You couldn’t fight the urge of getting up from the chair and embracing him in the tightest hug you could give, and that’s exactly what you did. You wrapped yourself around him like a koala bear as he laughed softly, letting out a “Well, hello to you too, babe” while you cupped his face on your hands and started kissing every inch you could reach; from his chin to his forehead and from his nose to his jaw.

“Fuck, I missed you so much,” you sighed, the smile on your face never seeming to fade away. “Why didn’t you tell me you had plans to come here?”

The brunette boy simply chuckled at your question, the answer leaving his mouth smoothly as he placed you on the chair you were sitting once again. “Because I was trying to surprise you, babe”

Playfully, you retorted, “You should’ve tried a little harder then,” with a laugh leaving your lips right after, Calum’s fake offended expression making it even louder.

“Excuse me, it’s not like I didn’t try,” he pouted. “your fans just happen to see everything.”

And by seeing him, you made your bottom lip slightly roll over your top one, leaving you with a pouty expression too. “Awh,” You got up from the chair and walked towards him, putting your arms around his neck, “I’m sorry they kinda ruined your surprise.”

“It’s okay though,” his arms found their place around your waist as he happily spoke, “I’m just glad to be home.”

And happiness was all you could feel when you came to realize that by “home” he didn’t mean an actual place, but you. Because even though your careers made things shitty and sometimes it drained your lives, putting even your relationship in risk, it was a good thing being aware that no matter where you were or what you were going through, the fact that you were able to find home in each other was something you could always count on at the end of the day. And as long as you had this, you knew everything was going to be fine.

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Happy birthday, Gokudera!!

(September 9th)

  • Jimmy Fallon: Fans want you to be with Carol.
  • Norman: (Goddamn not this again)
  • Norman: Yeah...
  • Norman: And also BETH.
  • Norman: (*heart eyes emojis*)
  • Norman: (shit wait)
  • Norman: (deflect deflect!)
  • Norman: And also Michonne! And also Rick! And also Steven!
  • Norman: (Nailed it, yeeeah.)

Fic: “Salvaged” - Chapter 5

Fandom: One Punch Man
Pairing: Saitama & Genos
Word Count: 13k (total so far)
Tags: Alternate Universe, Light Angst, Animal Rehabilitation, Cyborg Rehabilitation

Saitama’s index finger traces over the spot where the cyborg’s serial number used to be, now blank, and covered with plain white fabric. 

The cyborg can’t help but wonder if his memory banks will be cleared as well, and whether or not that makes him afraid. 

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