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Augh, so I thought I must’ve just slept funny on my arm two nights ago, but I guess all the skidding around my bike was doing day before yesterday (lots of loose gravel on the trails) meant I was yanking the handlebars around to try and correct, and I guess this is an old injury flaring up, which is apparently a thing that happens now. At least it’s just the one arm.

Don’t break both arms at the elbows, kids. It’s still annoying years later.

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hey! your edits are literally life. how did you learn to use photoshop like that? any suggestions for someone like me who barely knows what a layer is? i would really like to understand how to create a gif, but i feel like guides and tutorials always leave out so much :(

hey! honestly, it took hours and hours of practice. it’s nice to start off with a canvas, and just see what each tool/feature does, and how to use it.

I highly recommend scrolling down @yeahps and @itsphotoshop and reading tutorials from there. I found this and this page to be super helpful! it explains many photoshop features + tutorials. 

check out this post to see how to make a gif. if this tutorial doesn’t help, look around the two ps blogs! they have a bunch. 

it’ll take time and practice to understand. for most people, the first (and second, and third) gifs aren’t perfect. so, don’t be too hard on yourself if it seems hard - cause it is!

you know what i trully dislike about dc fandom, is how they will make EVERYTHING about cas’s existence about dean, not only that but just try this, think about a perfect song that will fit cas’s story(like fallen angel) , i bet you whatever you want the first research results will be all dest*el, the rest will be very old edits not so professional (no offense ofc i’m not judging people my editing used to suck too at some point but you know what i mean), like why ?? isn’t cas enough on his own? isn’t he worth vidding on his own? I’m not trying to police people on what they can and can’t do but it’s extremely disappointing to see sam and dean having very nice videos ALL ABOUT THEM WITH NO SHIP INVOLVED while 90% of cas content on Youtube is dest/el ad the rest are very old not so modern edits and rare very good edits while he’s an amzing well fleshed character who deserves all the appreciation in the world, for far more than just being “with dean”

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(Oh my god, this blog is such a good idea...*mental freakout commence*...This is just so awesome!) Ok, my question is, how did you even get the idea of a Turing test (differentiating a computer from a human) when the idea of a computer itself was in its infancy? What inspired you to think of computers and their artificial intelligence in the first place?

  It’s all very complex, you see, so I will do my best to keep this brief.
  I wanted to know if a computer could pass as a human being in a conversation. Human speech is bafflingly complex if you think about it. Sarcasm, jokes, saying something and meaning something else–I never fully understood it myself. I wanted to know if there was a certain element of ‘intelligence’ that I lacked and if I could artificially recreate it in a machine. Perhaps, I had thought, I could use it to assist me in daily life.

  The Turing test, or as I called it, The Imitation Game, involves one person judging several others while speaking to them via text. The judge does not know to whom s/he is speaking. In theory, if a computer can replace one of the others and not be marked as the machine by the judge (aka if the change would go unnoticed), the computer would then win the game.

  Well, a human brain is, in essence, a machine–A programmable and reprogrammable machine. It completes a calculation and then determines what to do next all on its own.
  I needed a copper and steel machine to do the same thing because our human brains didn’t have enough computing power to crack Enigma by themselves. We needed something that could make calculations infinitely faster.

fluff game; ft. taehyung

>> “ I swear on your grandmother, if you don’t leave me alone-“

Based off @taetaetown‘s  post.

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Word Count: 287

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"If you were a booger, I’d pick you first." 

"Taehyung.” Your voice wavers slightly, and you shift in your seat. “I swear on your grandmother, if you don’t leave me alone-”

"You’re my religion, can I call you She-sus?” He presses on anyway, and you can practically hear his flirtatious grin. 

He would be the death of you, you swore mentally, then spun around, pushing a finger to his chest. “Tae, I need to study.”

“Why do math when you could do me?” He counters, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Oh, my God, please stop.” You bite your lip, trying to contain your laughter. “I-" 

Suddenly, he presses his forehead to yours, and you stop, breath hitching under his intense gaze. 

"I..” Your cheeks flush lightly as his dark eyes bear straight into your soul. 

“You were saying?” He murmurs quietly, the air between you electric, before closing the gap and giving you a light kiss. He pulls away with a smirk. “Lips of an angel. Say, did it hurt when you-" 

"Is your dad a baker, because you have nice buns.” You blurt, watching his eyes go wide. “You… Um…" 

It takes you a full minute to realize what’s going on. 

"Wait- pause! I forgot my line!” He whines as you gape at him, the one with the flawless gaze and steady voice. “You’re supposed to be the actor!” You sputter as he grabs his phone, scanning the last lines of the story you had picked.

“Whatever, we’re starting over- what?!” He glares as you giggle at him, covering your smile with a shaking hand.“Nothing! Nothing, Tae, it’s fine, we can take it from the top.” You coo soothingly, reading over the story one last time. 

A/n: I tweaked the plot a little, sorry xD. It’s really short, but I hope it’s enough! I haven’t been on Tumblr in like, a week, school has me so busy. Any feedback is really appreciated, so please send some in! If you didn’t read the prompt or if you’re confused, the prompt is: 

“What if you were dating one of the bts members, and whenever you guys got bored, you would go on tumblr and look up fluff scenarios of him and you two would like act it out omg but then you would just break out into laughter halfway through xD” - Alex 

Last but not least, I’d like to give a big thank you to all my followers so far, you are very appreciated. 

- Gabby

Something that I really enjoy doing is creating and being a part of very different characters and very different projects. The whole goal for me with my career is just follow good projects and good parts and challenge myself as much as I can. At the end of the day, I love to act in things I am passionate about. (collection)


“I liked Dakota instantly. She has a sort of aloofness to her, and she was thorough and just very good. I actually felt sorry for her when we auditioned. She had to do these scenes over and over with different guys, and then I came in at the end of the day, sort of asking, ‘Look, can you muster up another good performance for me?’ And she did.” - Jamie Dornan